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Riley knew it was going to be a bad day the moment she woke up. The dull throbbing at her temples that she knew would only intensify as the sun rose further into the sky was already sending waves of nauseating pain through her skull, and it was all she could do to roll over and pull a cool pillow over her head.

The blaring of her alarm not five minutes later just intensified the hate she had for every single thing in the world at that point in time. She aggressively smacked the button on the top of the clock and instantly regretting it, groaned and curled into a tight ball and massaged her temples. The fact that it was Sunday only made the pain a little better, but Riley had planned to finish unpacking her boxes today. After the busy few weeks since she'd moved in, there were still boxes of clothes, utensils, books and cutlery sitting around that she simply hadn't had the time to unpack.

Riley was almost considering uncurling herself briefly to hunt down some painkillers, but after deciding they were probably in one of the unpacked boxes, she decided against it, instead reaching for the phone on the bedside table, turning it to silence and hoping that she could sleep it off.

A sharp knock and someone calling her name from the direction of the front door stirred Riley from her sleep.

"Riley, you here?" She groaned. She'd forgotten Gabriel had offered to come and help her finish unpacking. "Riley?" He called again. His voice was in her apartment, so he had clearly managed to break in somehow. "Riley?" His voice was softer this time, but she could tell he was at the bedroom door. She felt the mattress dip at her knees, and the pillow covering her head began to slide away. Riley reached up to the pillow to keep it where it was, not wanting any light exposure. Gabriel seemed to understand, and he stood. Riley could hear his light footsteps move through the room before disappearing but returning shortly. The mattress dipped again, and Gabriel spoke quietly.

"The curtains are closed, and the lights are all off," he said, attempting to prise Riley's fingers off the pillow so he could remove it. Riley eventually gave in, uncurling her fingers and allowing the pillow to slide away. She rolled onto her back and cracked an eye open.

"Not unpacking today," she mumbled, her words sending a rush of dizziness through her. Gabriel laughed quietly.

"I didn't think so," he whispered in response. "Do you have any painkillers?" He asked, and Riley felt the mattress shift as he stood up again. Riley shook her head, to dizzy and nauseous to attempt to form a coherent sentence. "I'll go get some. I'll be back in twenty minutes." Riley groaned and rolled back onto her side, one arm flopping over the edge of the bed.

That was how Gabriel found her seventeen minutes later, when he returned with painkillers, ice cream and a book. Putting the ice cream in the freezer, he filled a glass with water and tipped two of the tablets onto his palm.

Stepping into Riley's room again, Gabriel placed the water on the table next to the bed, the pills next to the glass and he placed a gentle hand on Riley's shoulder. She groaned again and pulled an arm over her face.

"Riley, can you sit up for a few minutes? I have drugs." The potential for pain relief forced Riley to attempt to sit up, leaning heavily against the headboard. Gabriel pushed the pills into one hand and the water into the other. When she had swallowed them - and finished the water, at Gabriels' insistence - she immediately slumped back down.

"Try and get some more sleep," Gabriel whispered, pulling a sheet up over her shoulders. "You'll feel better when you wake up." Riley just blinked at him before moving into a comfortable position and closing her eyes. Gabriel smiled and left to read his book.

A few hours later, Gabriel heard the creaking of the bedroom door.

"Gabriel?" Riley's soft voice could be heard from the door. He looked up from his book.

"Feeling better?" He smiled as she walked into the room and planted herself onto the couch. She nodded.

"A little. Less throbbing, more nausea." Gabriel smiled again.

"Ice cream?" He asked, gesturing toward the kitchen. Riley looked confused.

"I don't have any." Her comment trailed off when Gabriel stood and walked into the kitchen, returning shortly with bowls, spoons and a container of ice cream. He set them down on the coffee table and offered the ice cream to Riley.

"It always made Amelia feel better," he shrugged at the unasked question on Riley's lips. "Figured it'd be worth a shot with you." Riley smiled sadly and reached for the ice cream. Leaning back into the couch and taking a bite of the ice cream, she smiled again.

"You're right," she said. "Ice cream works well." Gabriel winked.

"Knew it."

They sat on the couch for the rest of the day, the TV playing softly in the background. Riley dosed up on painkillers another few times, falling asleep for a few hours every time she did until finally it was 9:20, and they did have to go to work tomorrow. Gabriel stretched as he stood up, knees and shoulders cracking from long hours of inactivity.

"I'll see you tomorrow," Gabriel called as he put the ice cream back in the freezer and opened the apartment door. Riley nodded, smiling. "And call me if you need anything." She rolled her eyes.

"I'll be fine," she called. "Thanks for…helping." Gabriel nodded.


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