So this is the first of three new fics that I'm working on. I give you guys: Dark Paradise.

Summary: Sakura wakes up in world that isn't the battlefield, or anywhere remotely like it. A world where things are entirely different. People that are long dead walk the streets of Konoha, she finds memories of Haruno Sakura that are not her own, memories of love with Sasuke. And the longer she stays, the more she forgets who she really is and the more she forgets where she's really from. And for some reason, she can't seem to remember: that this is actually the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Chapter 1: Stay

'You say, I only hear what I want to.'

Sakura's eyes snapped open. Everything around her was different. In fact, she was in her bedroom, in bed, the sheets pooled around her bloody shinobi garb. Sakura jumped out of bed, her eyes finding her face in the mirror. It was pale and dirty, but that wasn't what she was looking at. Her eyes were drawn to the shinobi alliance forehead protector. She looked around the room again, nothing was where she'd left it but everything was there. But she shouldn't have been here. She was on the battlefield last, but she couldn't remember any more. Her memories were fuzzy as if she wasn't supposed to remember.

"Sakura!" her mom's call made her jump.

"Don't come in!" Sakura cried, rushing to the door to turn the lock just as the knob turned.

"Sakura, honey, what is it? You sound scared." The door rattled as her mom tried to open it and Sakura pressed herself against it. "Nothing mom, I'm fine. Really." She tried to assure, while knowing that something was definitely wrong.

"Is this about Sasuke-kun? Did you two have another fight?"

Sakura was about to say no but then she realized what her mom had asked.

"Is he pressuring you about…you know, sex?"

Wait, WHAT?

"You can talk to me. It would be better not to mention anything to your father though, you know how he gets."

"No, mom, no." Sakura said once she'd managed to find her voice. "This isn't about that."

Why would it be? Her mom was actually insinuating that she as Sasuke were….

No. She couldn't even consider it.

"Well ok. I heard the fight last night, and if you want to talk, I'm here."

Sakura listened to her mother's footsteps disappeared before she slid down against the door. What the hell was going on? Was she in some kind of parallel universe where her mom actually thought that she and Sasuke were…together.

Some things were certain, her forehead protector, the shinobi alliance one, she needed to hide. Along with her bloody clothing. Something told her they wouldn't be well received.

With that decided, Sakura stood and stripped them off and placed them in a neat pile on her bed. She pushed it aside, revealing the floorboards where she usually hid things. The bed had always been too heavy for anyone to move, but her of course. As Sakura was bending down, something hit her. A flash of a memory. She felt surprised and above all shock in the memory, and the image she saw blinded her completely for a moment. It was Sasuke. Dressed exactly as he was the last time she'd seen him – during the war. He was on top of her – shielding her from something she couldn't remember. And then it was over. The memory faded into nothing. Sakura stood still for a long moment, her hands on the dusty floorboards. She knew instinctively that what she saw had been her own. The last thing she saw before she….fell asleep.

For a long time, Sakura recalled him above her. The way his hair fell around his face, his eyes squeezed shit, how his arms had caged her in. And then she pushed the memory aside and lifted the floorboards. And froze.

No. This wasn't what she thought it was. Impossible. Sakura swallowed, a shaky hand reaching into the hole and lifting the box out.

What the fuck?

A box of condoms.

Rough Riders? Sakura had no idea what that meant, she might be a med nin, but they usually kept the most basic condoms at the hospital. She flipped the box up and opened it. With a loud gasp she threw the contents out on the floor. All used wrappers, all except one. Sakura could feel her face pound with heat.

Who was she doing it with?

As quickly as she could, she stuffed everything back into the pack and turned it over.

Holy shit. Extra large?

She dragged a hand over her red face and threw the condoms back into the hole, and after wrapping her clothes up tightly she pushed them down into the far corner before closing the hole back up again and heading to the bathroom for a shower.

What she needed right now was a hot shower to clear her head and decide her next move. She used the scissors to cut off her bindings and took off her panties before stepping into the stream of hot water. Sakura leaned her head against the steamy glass wall of the shower. Something was really, really wrong. Did she have some kind of random memory loss? Had the war ended? Had they come home and lived their lives, with her now, suddenly having forgotten everything? Was that even possible? Probably, there had to be some kind of medical explanation. What couldn't be explained so easily was her waking up in those bloody clothes. Not to mention the forehead protector. Maybe a medical reasoning didn't apply here. Sure, she had trouble remembering the war. It scared her. So Sakura clung to the memory of Sasuke as she showered and got dressed. When she stepped out of the room, her dad was stepping out of the one her shared with her mother. His face grew shocked as he took her appearance in.

"You changed your hair?"

Startled, Sakura reached up to pat her hair, which she most certainly hadn't changed. It was a bit longer than she normally kept it thanks to the war, but that didn't warrant his reaction.

"I, uh," Sakura wasn't sure what to say exactly.

"I think it looks nice." He patted her hair as he passed her to head down the stairs. After a moment, Sakura follows. She receives the same reaction from her mother, who doesn't seem nearly as ok with it as her father, complaining how nice and long her hair had been.

Sakura sat down at the table as her mom dished up breakfast.

"You did it for Sasuke-kun, didn't you?" her mom asked with a wink and Sakura felt her cheeks heat up. Her father grumbled something about his disapproval of her boyfriend and her mother kissed his cheek to calm him down.


Sakura stared at her plate. If she wasn't mistaken, which she wasn't. Her dad just said boyfriend and Sasuke in the same sentence – regarding her.

She swallowed heavily and pushed her plate away.

"I'm not hungry." She announced, getting up.

"Don't forget your training session!" her mom called after her.

"Ok!" Sakura returned and closed the door behind her.

Konoha was alive. More so than ever. The rebuilding had gone wonderfully. Almost as if it had never been destroyed in the first place. Sakura began walking at a slow pace. Taking in everything she saw. Nothing looked extremely different. She had yet to see anyone she knew well enough to talk to, but the streets were so busy that she just moved through the crowds silently. It felt like Konoha was right in the middle of summer and the hot sun glared down on her, the crowds didn't exactly help with the heat and soon Sakura had to stop at one of the small shops to buy something to drink. She selected a bottle of cold water from the fridge and went to the counter to pay.

"Ah, Sakura-san," the girl at the counter greeted. "How are you? How's Naruto-san and Sasuke-san?"

"They're fine," Sakura said, her voice breaking, and then she cleared her throat. "We're all fine."

The girl nodded and smiled, ringing Sakura's purchase up.

"Sakura-chan, you look better than expected, considering half of Konoha heard the fight with my little brother last night." A smooth voice said from behind her.

Sakura stilled, the bottle in her hand. She swallowed heavily and turned slowly.

He was taller than she'd ever imagined and she had to look up to see his face. She paled.

"U-Uchiha Itachi." She said, her voice shaky.

He raised an eyebrow. "Haruno Sakura." He mocked, saying her full name.
"Sakura-chan, are you ok?" someone asked from beside Itachi. A dark haired man with curly hair.

She couldn't answer, she took a step back, hitting the counter behind her.

"She does look a bit pale, doesn't she, Shisui?"

Uchiha Shisui? Wasn't he dead?

Sakura ran. She rushed past them and bolted from the store, she heard Itachi call after her so familiarly and it scared her. She ran through the streets, feeling breathless and lost. All around her she began noticing them, Uchiha symbols. So many. Too many to actually be real. And all she wanted was to see a familiar face, someone she trusted, someone like…

"Naruto!" she cried, rushing towards him on the bridge and grabbing hold of him.

"S-Sakura-chan? What is it?"

"He's here! Why is he-" she cut off, noticing Sasuke next to Naruto and she took a step back, feeling the blood drain from her face.

"Uh, Sakura-chan, I was just brining Sasuke to you so he could," Naruto paused, shoving Sasuke forward, "Apologize."

Frightened, Sakura's green eyes flipped to the dark ones she'd longed to see for so, so long. There was nothing different in those black pools of darkness. Not in the way he looked at her, not in the way his eyes moved over her. He was Sasuke, just as he'd always been.

"Aren't you going to apologize?" she asked when she couldn't stand being in his gaze any longer, her voice small.

"No. I wasn't wrong." His voice rumbled through her so familiarly.

"No," she said slowly, uncertainly. "You never are."

Sasuke looked away, out to the water. "My mother wants you at lunch. Two o'clock. Can you make it, Sakura?" he said her name after a pause and Sakura watched, fascinated, as it left his lips. Smooth as melted chocolate. Like warm velvet, caressing her skin.

"Y-Yeah. Sure." She answered, startled. She was very aware that the invitation was issued to her, and her alone.

Sasuke turned on his heel and left.

Was that it? Was that his apology?

Naruto let out a breath. "Well, that went better than expected."

Sakura was still staring after Sasuke's retreating form. Were they really together?

Naruto gave a laugh. "I won't be visiting tonight, that's for sure."

"Why not?" she asked, her eyes moving to Naruto, who now seemed embarrassed.

"Well, I kind of overheard you telling Hinata that make up sex with Sasuke is the best."

Sakura choked on her own spit, coughing uncontrollably and grabbing hold of the rails on the bridge to steady herself.

Naruto shielded himself with his arms. "No! Don't hit me!"

Sakura stared at him, shocked. That was all the confirmation she needed. She and Sasuke were having sex. The pack of condoms was his. Extra large? Her face turned a bright red at the thought.

"Are you ok, Sakura-chan? You seem a little weird today."

"Yeah." She said absently. "I'm ok."

"Come on, I'll walk you to the training grounds."

She nodded, falling into step next him. "What day is it today?" Sakura asked.

"Wednesday." Naruto told her with a side-ways glance.

"Tsunade-sama is always late on a Wednesday. She waits for the lotto result-"

"Tsunade? Who is Tsunade?" Naruto asked, now coming to a full stop.

"I-" Sakura fell silent. "Just kidding…?"

Naruto shook his head. "We'll have Rin-chan check you out. You're not acting like yourself."


Rin had been on a Genin team with Kakashi-sensei, and according to Obito…Kakashi had killed her.

Sakura was sure she'd heard that.


Naruto sighed patiently. "You know Kakashi-sensei is on an extended mission with my dad and Obito. Rin-chan stayed behind because she's pregnant….again." he added with an amused shake of his head. "That Obito, ne." he laughed.

"Right." Sakura nodded in agreement.

They reached the training grounds where Rin was standing with a little boy. He looked no older than five with dark hair and eyes. Definitely of Uchiha blood. Rin was a beautiful woman, with long brown hair. She was wearing a med-nin skirt, Sakura noticed. So the chances were good that Sakura was a med-nin here too. Her chakra-enhanced strength was another story though.

"Sakura! Naruto!" Rin waved the over. "Tobi-chan, stay with Naruto, ok?" Rin told the boy, leaning down to kiss his chubby cheek.

"Hai, Kaa-chan." He told his mommy and turned to Naruto, who kneeled in front of the boy and held out his fist, which they little boy knocked with his.

"Rin-san," Naruto began, "I think there's something wrong with Sakura-chan."

Rin's eyes moved to Sakura, a slight worry in them.

"No," Sakura said, glaring at Naruto. "I'm fine."

"We'll look you over anyway." Rin said, not giving Sakura room to argue. She led Sakura a ways away from Naruto before she sat down, mentioning for Sakura to take a seat.

"Why don't you tell me what wrong?"

Sakura sighed, not sure what to tell this woman. "Sasuke-kun and I had a fight last night."

Rin smiled softly, nodding and urging Sakura to continue.

"Problem is, I have no memory of it. At all."

Rin's eyes widened. "He didn't."

"Didn't what?"

"These damn Uchiha! Did he use the Sharingan on you?"

"I-I don't know…"

"I think he did. Obito does it too. He used it on me three times, can you believe it? He was trying to propose and-" she fell silent. "Oh, Sakura." She murmured.

"What?" Sakura asked, sitting forward. "What is it?"

Rin shook her head. "I think you need to speak with him about this."

Confused, Sakura nodded.

Rin taught her some medical techniques that she already knew thanks to Tsunade, but Sakura pretended she needed some pointers. All in all Rin was impressed with her progress and let her go early. Which gave Sakura enough time for a quick shower before heading to lunch at the Uchiha's. She couldn't help but feel pissed. Sasuke used the Sharingan on her. She had to remind herself that somehow, she still wasn't supposed to be here. That she needed to be in war, and none of this really made sense. But she couldn't find any way to make sense of it.

She arrived at the Uchiha's and Sasuke's mom opened the door and pulled her into a tight hug. "Sakura-chan! I'm so glad you came." She pulled Sakura inside and closed the door behind them.

"Sasuke had been in a foul mood since he came in last night." She sighed. "Oh, won't you forgive him. I know it's a little early but it was the same with Fugaku and I, if you-"

"Mother, please." Sasuke called from the kitchen and Mikoto sighed again. "Alright, alright." She led Sakura into the kitchen where Sasuke and Itachi were already seated, their father nowhere in sight.

"My husband was caught up at work," Mikoto explains and Sakura took a seat next to the lesser evil of the two brothers. She decides that to be Sasuke. Itachi watched her, his eyes slightly calculating.
"Stop looking at her like that." Sasuke snapped, much to Sakura's surprise.

"Like what, little brother?" Itachi asked, innocently.

"Like that." Sasuke said, glaring. "It's none of your business."

Itachi raised an eyebrow.

"Itachi. Sasuke. Not at the table." Mikoto said, starting to set the dishes down in front of them. She sat down at the end of the table, next to Sakura and Itachi. "Itadakumasu."

Everyone repeated her words before digging in. Sakura hadn't realized how hungry she actually was. Not to mention how delicious everything was.

"Hmm, this is so great." She said, looking up at Mikoto with wonder in her eyes. The woman laughed warmly and patted Sakura's hand.

"I think you should join us for dinner too."

"Mother." Sasuke said, immediately catching on to what she was up to. Trying to get Sasuke and Sakura to make up, it seemed.

"Sasuke." She wasn't backing down. He gave a sigh and returned to his meal.

Mikoto and Itachi exchanged small talk while Sasuke ate in silence and Sakura couldn't help sneaking glances at him. Was this really their life? Meals with his family? Fights and great sex?

To Sakura that didn't sound all that bad.

"Thank you for the wonderful meal, mother." Itachi stood and kissed Mikoto's cheek. She murmured good luck to him on his mission and then he left.

Mikoto washed up quickly while Sasuke and Sakura sat in silence. Mikoto asked a few question to both of them and seemed to take a genuine interest in Sakura's life. Sasuke stared at the table, and Sakura noticed a slight shake in his hands. Was he really that angry at her?

"Well, I'm off to the market. Kiss and make up while I'm out, ok?" Mikoto said, giving Sasuke a half-hearted glare. She kissed Sakura's cheek before leaving out of the back door.

The silence between them was loaded and heavy and it dragged on.

"Did you use the Sharingan on me?" she asked, finally looking at him.

"It doesn't matter." He said, standing and walking from the room.

"The hell it doesn't!" Sakura was right behind him, "How could you?!"

Sasuke spun around in the living room. "Are we going to fight again, Sakura?"

Sakura wondered what she was doing. Who cared what happened the previous night? She was fighting a war before this happened, not fighting with him.

"I suppose not."

He nodded, looking away.

For a moment, Sakura wondered if she should fight. The lingering thought of 'make up sex', had her a bit skittish. Only because she was sure that she was a virgin and this was Sasuke for Kami's sake.

"Forget it, then."

"You're angry about something else. I can tell."

Sasuke appeared in front of her before she could say much else. "Sakura." There it was, the same way he'd said her name before. "Don't talk."

She opened her mouth but he was already there. Sasuke….he-he…kissed her. Sakura made a startled sound into his mouth and he pulled her closer against him. His tongue found hers and Sakura couldn't stop herself. She moaned, her hands were on his biceps for some reason and they tightened making him inhale sharply. This was insane! Sakura couldn't believe it. Completely and utterly insane. And yet, she couldn't stop. Her hand slipped into his hair, grabbing fistfuls into her palms. Sasuke growled into the kiss and something changed. It grew faster and even more intense, he pushed her down on the couch without breaking the kiss, he as on top of her. Sakura made sounds she'd normally be embarrassed about. She knew this was wrong in the worst way. Sasuke would never really be doing this to her. She was the one who'd always loved him, not the other way around. But she was weak. She was breathing heavily by the time his hand cupped her breast and she gave a surprised gasp, her eyes snapping open. His thumb brushed over her hardened peak and she whimpered softly, or maybe it was a mewl. Either way she didn't care. Sakura had never felt this feeling before. This need. She felt a throb between her legs but she wasn't embarrassed anymore. All she could focus on right now was him. Sasuke kissed down her jaw and into her neck, his tongue – wet and hot, licked over her neck and her hips rolled up. Into his. Into something hard. Sakura, running on pure instinct, moaned, her head rolling back and her back arching. Sasuke made a sound that seemed to rumble out of his chest and Sakura felt a sweet ache between her legs at the sound. Sasuke's lips slammed down onto hers and his hips met her own. And then he was moving. The friction was so delicious, and so teasingly wonderful that Sakura couldn't stand it. She moved against him, feeling him against her. But there were too many layers between where she needed him to be.

"Sasuke-kun," she whispered against his lips. A frustrated groan escaping her. Sasuke actually chuckled. His hand slipping from her breast, moving down her abdomen slowly and then his fingers brushed her bare, heated skin. Over her hip bone and even lower south. His eyes, Kami, he'd never looked at her like that. Not even in her wildest dream. Filled with such desire and passion and lust. She couldn't tell what he was thinking. Sakura squeezed her eyes shut and moaned.

"What the hell is going on here?!"

The voice wasn't her own, or Sasuke's.

Sakura turned her head. In the foyer, below the arch stood a man she'd never met in her life but she recognized him instantly.

Uchiha Fugaku.

Sasuke's father.


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