The Feasts

Disclaimer: Coraline belongs to Neil Gaiman.

How children taste?

The beldam remembers the first time she eat children. That girl was barely a child anymore, as she just recently reached adulthood and got her wings. That curious girl flew too far for her good, and attracted to her trap by the smell of flowers in her made-up garden. Too easy.

She tasted like honey in the honeysuckle flowers.

Her second meal is a little bit difficult, for he was brave and so full of pride. But his pride was his weakness, and so the beldam toyed with it to make him sew the buttons to his eyes himself. A little bit tricky, but fun indeed.

He tasted warm like a freshly cooked chicken, richly flavored, and perhaps a little bit spicy.

After the boy there was that tasteless girl, very different from the first girl that came to her. She was clearly a scaredy-cat, for she came because she was running from those rats that she sent. She saved her, promising that she will be saved here in the other world with her. She promised she will protect her from rats or anything that ever scared her. She ran straight to her mouth, ready to be devoured.

She tasted like a chocolate, sweet, with some almond to make it a bit crunchy. She made a nice snack.

After a long nap, like a snake after eating a prey, she is awake. Her button eyes are already on her new prey. She was curious like her first food, which make her easy to lure. She bet that girl tastes exotic like that food her father made her. Too bad she doesn't even eat it a bit. As she starts making her plans, she reminds herself not to drool when she came to this other house...