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You've lost (too much love)

to fear, doubt, and distrust (not enough)

You just threw away the key (to your heart)

You don't get burned ('cause nothing gets through)

It makes it easier (easier on you)

That much more difficult for me

To make you see

Love ain't fair

So there you are, my love

Heart's a Mess~Gotye

Her eyes are glued on the small white stick and she can't seem to move them. This wasn't supposed to happen, not here and not like that. Not at this point in her life! Not when she had just started getting this mess into an order. Her mind races with every possible solution, she could run away. But go where? She has no one to turn to, no friends, no family and surely Miles isn't a good idea at this point. She could always tell him. But then again that isn't a good idea either! They aren't together or anything like that after all. Actually she has no fucking idea where they stand in general as it is. They are not a couple, but they are not fuck buddies either. She might have some feelings but what's is she to him? Skye should remind herself more often it's nothing more than sex.

Nothing more than sex. She repeats. Is it though? A small voice asks in her mind.

Finally a name races through her mind.


She has to find Coulson.


It all started over a fight, really. They got off on the wrong foot from the very first moment they met. He was wounded too tight to see that she could help and she was too much of a free spirit to be tied down by something like S.H.I.E.L.D. So naturally they fought all the time until she proved herself worthy of being on the Bus. And then she had to go and ruin it all by sleeping with Miles instead of turning him in. Skye would never admit it aloud but the 'I'm off the clock' thing Ward said really hit home. Yeah, she had screwed up big time and she could handle the lecture from Coulson or the cold shoulder from May but those words from him? They cut bone deep.

After three days of not talking to each other and missed training sessions they finally cross paths. She can't really recall who started it or how but they only need a spark. There are screams and curses and she is crying and he is accusing her of being a traitor. The slap echoes down the small corridor, her hand is tickling and it's the first time she has slapped someone so hard. But he is getting under her skin like no one did before. Skye barely has time to register what's happening around her as he pushes her up against the wall. The kiss is hard and angry and somehow she can't find it inside her to push him away, so her fingers find their way within his soft hair, pulling at the tresses harshly. His body is pressing tightly against hers, leaving no free space between them and she can only moan at the contact.

She has no idea how they stumble inside the small space that's his room, clothes are removed, moans, gasps, bodies becoming one, hitched breaths and she wonders how no one haven't heard them yet. She has never been taken like that before but she couldn't care less right now. She loves that side if him too, wild and possessive. They have issues the two of them, childhood ones, issues with each other and the rest of the world and this is only one way to settle them even if it's only for a few hours. Her hands are pinned above her head and he growls this and that in her ear lowly and she can only whimper as pleasure courses through her body. She can't help but compare him to Miles and at this moment Miles doesn't hold a candle in front of the God above her.

He teases her body like he's done it before and her back arches because it's just too much. Her hands now free grab onto his firm back as her hips push against his in a desperate need for release. Her nails are biting into his skin almost drawing blood but he doesn't seem to mind. In the back of her mind she knows this is wrong and that they shouldn't be doing it but at that moment something snaps inside her. The pleasure is just too much and she throws her head back gasping for air as her muscles clench. He follows a few thrusts later kissing her hard.

They fall asleep together but she is gone before he wakes up. She is too afraid to face him.


They pick up the training sessions again and things are a little less tense. No one of them talks about what happened a few days back and strangely enough the team doesn't ask either. She thanks her lucky stars and keeps playing dead until he brings it up. It's not until he returns from the suicide mission he was on with Fitz that he seeks her out.

By this time her feelings have grown from a spark to a full out flame and they are burning her. She can't refuse him anything so when he finds her on the back of the SUV she just opens her arms for him. They reenact the famous Titanic scene with the steamy windows and all. She'll make a joke about that at some point but right now she's happy he's safe and in her arms so nothing else matters.


Things between them change before either ones notices. Small touches that are barely there, flirty bickering, a small lingering kiss here and there when none is around. They are not exactly in love, well he isn't, she is head over heels. It doesn't compromise their job yet so she guesses it's fine.

She's taken aback by how harsh he is with her but quickly catches up to the fact that something is wrong since the moment he touched the staff. Everything works out in the end and she braces that behaviour off. After all everything just rolls off of her back as he likes to think. It does when it comes to him anyway. She offers him consolation but he rejects it.

My shoulder is free.

She curses at the stupidity of her words. Of course he wouldn't want to talk about it. The subject of his brother and his family in general is a sensitive one. She desperately needs a shower to relax! By the times she leaves the comforts of her hotel bathroom (she likes the showers on the Bus but there is something about privacy in here that she adores) it's past midnight. Ready to just go to sleep and end that dreadful day she is stopped by a sharp knock.

She'll admit that she is a little surprised that he came to her after all. They don't need words, one look and she can tell how he feels. So she opens her arms for him once again. If he needs someone she'll be there for him. Something passes between them that night.

His touches are gentler and so are his kisses. He worships her body, they have all night, in a private hotel room where no one can hear them. Skye surrenders herself completely to him, to do as he pleases. It's not just sex anymore, it's something so much more and it's the first time she feels fear in a long while. They fall asleep in each other's arms, this time he is the one gone come dawn.


They haven't spoke more than a few words each time in almost a month. She's too afraid to ask where they stand, he is too much of a coward to acknowledge his feelings. Her training is still going but May is the one to take over. Occasionally he'll join them too. It's a lot less awkward with Melinda there. Until her period is late and she knows. She just knows that she is screwed!


"How did you get into this mess?" Coulson is not mad and that's a relief. She looks up to him, he's the father she never had. He is disappointed though that much she knows. He is also sceptical, Skye asks way too much from him. To keep a secret like that! Because it's a given that none must know her departure reason much less him.

"Do you really want the details?" She raises an eyebrow questionably. "I just need to get out of here and as far as possible, AC." Her voice is pleading and he is about to crack. "He's not ready about this, I'm of no use anymore and if I stay here I'm endangering the rest of the team." She reasons with him and no matter how much he loves her Coulson knows that Skye is right, she is a liability right now.

"Alright." His answer is in no way or shape satisfying because she really doesn't want to give up this life, the family she found. "But," Of course there would be a 'but' in there. "There are some rules and I expect you to follow them." She can deal with that, if it means getting away she can live with what ever Coulson has in mind.

A few hours later she is out of the Bus in the hands of two of the most trusted people Coulson knows.

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