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Grant only gets a few more hours to stay with her because a mission comes up and sadly criminals don't get a day off. So he promises to call as soon as he's done and after one more kiss he leaves, his hands ghosting over her growing stomach, a small smile playing on his lips.

Jemma is full of questions when he gets back but he doesn't have time to talk. He briefly informs Coulson that she is alright and barely catches May's faint smirk. He smirks back because yeah, he is that proud and happy about the turn of events.


He calls Gramsy to tell her the news and gets an earful in the process. For starters she hasn't met Skye yet and how can he do something like that? And then there's the thing of giving her a great grandchild without even getting married and she needs an address because she's sending him her engagement ring and she fully expects him to use it! Grant can only laugh, he's going to use that ring, alright?

Just not yet.


"Can you see me now?" Her voice fills the small room, FitzSimmons were kind enough to let him use the lab in order to Skype with Skye. The month went by in a blink and he didn't have the time to visit her again and it's killing him. Because he really wants to be with her right now but his job won't allow it.

"Yes." He smiles as she adjusts the camera and her beautiful brown eyes meet his after so long. "You look beautiful."

"Is that a compliment, Agent Ward?" She teases laughing softly.

"Not a compliment, just the truth." He gives her a dazzling smile and the one she gives him back makes his heart race. "How have you been?"

"Fine. Both of us are good. Natasha has been feeding me more than I can take the last few days though." She grumbles.

"Natasha?" He raised a curious eyebrow. "As in Natasha Romanoff? You get to call her by her first name?"

"Well," Skye drawls, "We do live together and Agent Romanoff is kind of a mouthful!"

"It's just weird." He shrugs. " The woman barely lets people look at her and you get to call her by her first name so easily." There is a hint of surprise in his voice.

"Are you jealous, Agent Ward?" She teases making him smile.

"No, just very impressed!" He makes a mental note to never question Coulson on his recruit choices again because frankly she is the best one so far.

"You shouldn't!" She scoffs. "You know I'm awesome like that!" He does, she's more than that. She is extraordinary! "Oh I have something for you!"

"Really now?" He teases. "Another surprise?"

"A good one just give me a sec." She fumbles with her laptop for a while and finally he gets the file she sends him. "Open it!" She prompts smiling. He does and for a moment the breath is stolen from his lungs.

"Is that.." Words are lost to him as he watches the moving black and white picture.

"Yeah, isn't it amazing?" The heartbeat fills the room making Grant blink a few times. It's the first time he sees something like that and he just can't wrap his head around the fact that they made this little thing. He can see small hands and feet, tiny fingers, so fragile and yet so beautiful. "It's a boy, you know." She breaths caressing her pump, she does that a lot he notices. He loves the image of serenity she paints.

He's definitely planning on making that image a permanent thing in his life.


Simmons is knitting non stop between missions. Fitz is building, actually Grant has no idea what Fitz is building for the baby. It's either going to be something mind blowing or a complete disaster! Coulson is still giving him the stink eye and May is relatively calm. Meaning she completely ignores everyone. Though he knows that she has called Skye on multiple occasions to check that she is alright. They have a weird family type of thing going on but Grant wouldn't have it any other way.

His phone chirps and brings him out of his thoughts. He doesn't need to open the text to know who send it, Skye has taken up on texting him at random times about random things.

I'm SO frustrated!

And why's that? He types back quickly because lately she has become so emotionally unstable that one moment she might be laughing and the other she might be crying.

Because I'm horny and alone and it's all your fault! Well he didn't see this one coming, pun unintended. He can picture her, sitting crossed legged on her bed, with that cute look of resentment she always had when he forced her to do one more exercise.

Are you now, Rookie? He knows he shouldn't be teasing because frankly, Skye is a ticking bomb but he can't help it.

Don't patronise me! He laughs as the car stops moving and whispers a quick thank you to May. Their mission ended quickly which means Coulson gave him a free pass which means he could come and see her.

I'm on my way, baby. ;)


Hours later they are lying on her bed together, his arms wrapped around her securely and Grant can't remember feeling so calm and happy in his entire life. It's a funny thing how your life can change in a few months, Skye came like a hurricane in their lives and tore down every wall they ever build. She didn't change only him but the rest of the team too. "Give me your hand." Her voice is soft and he obeys instantly, it's a kind of reflex for him. She asks and he gives. She places it on her stomach and it takes him a minute to feel it but he does and it's so weird and amazing at the same time. "It's pretty cool isn't?" He nods keeping his hand in place as the baby gives another small kick.

"Thank you." He murmurs kissing her forehead. They are just two words but hold so much meaning. She'll never be able to understand just how utterly important she's to him.

"My pleasure, Agent Ward!" She smiles snuggling closer to him.


He stays with her for almost two weeks before a mission comes up and he is quite surprised with how well she's taken on the Avengers. She is in first name bases with all of them, got Romanoff to like her within the first few days they met, Stark to get her whatever she asks for without even putting up a fight, Barton even ran to the store down the road to get her gummy bears because she had a craving. She always has something to discuss with Rogers and Banner came out of his lab just to look after her while she is pregnant because Coulson wouldn't trust anyone else. She's just that amazing, wherever Skye goes love follows too, because they love her Grant can see it. They all love her almost as much as he does, so he is somewhat calm every time he leaves her. She's in good hands, his Rookie, and so is his son.


Typically they are on mission when Skye goes into labor. Banner assures him that it'll take hours so he better does his work right and come back in one piece. He can see that the whole team is worring about working but they don't have a choice. The bad guys are taken down and now Grant is free to go to her. "I'll drive!" May is grabbing the keys for the SUV before anyone else can, she's the one that's more excited and it's really weird. He hasn't seen the woman smile since he met her. Apparently the whole team is tagging along because honestly no one wants to miss the arrival of their newest member.

"Can this thing go any faster?" He growls, in his opinion this stupid car goes slower than an old lady with a cane.

"I'm already going past the speed limit, Baby Daddy!" May shoots right back without missing a bit and he is dumbfounded for a second before bursting into laughter because that's May we are talking about and the woman never says more then three words at a time and surely not words like 'baby daddy'.


By the time they reach the house Skye has already given birth, according to Romanoff his son didn't really want to wait for his father to get here. He takes the steps two at a time with the rest of the team right behind him. His heart hummers as he pushes the door open he is greeted by the most beautiful sight he has ever seen. She's sitting on her bed, back against the headboard holding a small squirmy pink thing wrapped in blue blankets. Her hair is braided away from her face and the moment their eyes meet she gives him one of the most dazzling smiles she can muster. Yeah, he is definitely in love with this woman a few feet away holding the little creature they made together. "Hi!" She whispers, her voice hoarse. Suddenly all these past months become reality to him at that one word. His world is completely changed and he couldn't be more grateful about it.

"Hi!" He whispers back smiling, taking the few steps that separate them. His eyes are glued to that tiny thing in her arms and he is so awed by it that can't even speak. He has seen so many things yet this is what makes him go silent. They created that tiny, little baby. Grant is not one to believe in God but right now he feels really blessed.

"Wanna hold him?" She asks and when he nods she places the baby in his arms carefully. He barely registers their family by the door as the baby, his son, squirms in his arms and grabs a hold of his shirt. At this moment he is filled with so much love! "He's beautiful, isn't he?"

"Just like his mother." He leans over and places a sweet kiss on her lips.

"Ten bucks he is going to look exactly like Ward!" Fizt's voice breaks the spell instantly. Leave it to your friends to ruin a perfect family moment.

"And… the moment is lost!" Skye breaths as he pulls away. "Guys! Come on, there's someone that wants to meet you." The team all but rushes inside the room crowding around the bed. "AC, do you want to do us the honour to hold little Phil first?" The older agent is smiling so widely his face looks like it's about to break in two. FiztSimmons' turn to hold the baby comes and goes quickly and they are bantering back and forth about things they are going to taught the little bundle of joy as soon as he's able to hold he's head up by himself and then it's May's turn to meet the newest member of their team.

They hold their breath as the older woman holds the baby, she takes everyone by surprise as she places a kiss on the baby's forehead. "Well," Skye breaths, "No one saw that coming." And just like that everyone erupts into laughter, because honestly the picture of May holding a baby smiling is one that you don't see often. Grant can see it now, their son is going to be the glue that will hold this weird family together and he couldn't be happier about it.

It's not going to be easy, there will be fights and rough bumps along the way but they'll make it. He knows they will!

~The End~

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