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~Influence of the Night: Chapter One – Where it Began~

The night was dark and stormy, lightning slashing violently across the sky as it rumbled in displeasure. Large droplets of rain unrelenting as they pelted the ground in evidence of the heaven's anguish. Gale force winds battered against buildings in fury, trying to shatter glass and awake those sleeping soundly within the walls, safely warm and cosy completely oblivious to the raging storm outside as the heavens mourn the blood that had been shed this night.

A lone shadow calmly walked amongst the chaos, neither wind nor rain appeared to even dare touch the figure cloaked in robes darker than the shadows, the only sign of colour being a pale starlight identified as strands of hair falling gracefully to frame the pale feminine face hidden by the robe's hood, startling golden eyes glowing brightly with each strike of lightning in the sky.

The tall woman, standing an impressive five foot and eleven inches, strode at a leisurely pace down the sidewalk, humming a cheerful tune under her breath, a mysterious little smile playing about full rosy lips. The woman was content, her golden eyes alight with triumph. After all it wasn't everyday someone earned the allegiance of Britain's coven of Vampires, let alone a single cunning witch.

However this witch was unpledged to either side of the war that was currently winding down to a temporary hiatus with the Lord of the Dark side being vanquished, at least in the public's opinion, our young intelligent witch is no fool and does not doubt the Dark Lord shall rise again, but let us digress it is not merely her status as unpledged that won her the loyalties of the vampires but rather a very interesting and persuasive potion our witch created.

It is not just any old potion but a potion every Vampire would kill to get their hands on when the word had drifted along the grapevine as our witch intended. How else would she have gotten into the coven if not by capture? Yes even the rumour of a potion to allow Vampires to once again stand in the light of the sun for several hours was very tempting to any Vampire and all our witch needed was to allow herself to be captured and taken deep in the coven to face the elders.

But our witch wasn't sorted into the house of Slytherin for no reason. Before she confirmed that the potion was real or a lie she demanded their unconditional and unwavering loyalty. This of course did not go over well however the cunning Slytherin that she is she proposed a compromise, if she could prove that the potion worked they would swear their loyalty and in return she would create a potion that would make the change permanent, they would no longer have to fear the light of day.

Needless to say her potion obviously worked and she now had the allegiance of Britain's entire population of Vampires. What a wonderful night it was, though it would still take years to create a permanent cure for them she can easily brew large quantities of the Light Elixir and provide it for her new comrades.

It was a happy night for one Alya Night and it was reflected in her golden eyes. However her triumphant mood was very soon to go downhill. For as Alya walked further up the muggle street her sharp eyes caught sight of a small lump laying before the door of an orphanage…a shivering bloody lump that gave a quiet whimper as thunder rolled overhead as if trying to comfort the small bleeding child.

For a moment Alya was frozen on the spot until wide gold eyes narrowed and quickly darkened to a stormy grey as concern shot through her. Quickly making her way to the child's side Alya knelt unheeded by the blood that began to soak her robes and gently reached out to place a hand on the child's shoulder only to startle as the body flinched violently away from her, bright jade green eyes staring fearfully at her.

"Great Salazar child how are you even conscious?" Alya breathed as with the boy's movement she discovered many wounds marring his body. The boy's response was a whimper and he curled tighter into himself whispering in a tiny voice that he was sorry that he would be good from now on.

Fury quickly darkened the starlight hair to a dark bloody red, the same shade as the fluid flowing far too freely from the boy. If he was not healed soon he would die and Alya would be damned if she sat by and allowed a child to die, muggle or not.

"Shh child, I'm not going to hurt you." Alya pitched her voice low and soothing, trying to find those startling green eyes again. Unfortunately the boy merely curled on himself tighter and when she lay a gentle hand on his shoulder he suddenly shouted.

"No!" The voice was desperate and broken, the boy had been crying for Salazar knows how long but that was not what caught Alya's attention. When the boy had spoken he had lashed out with magic and would have sent her flying had she not reflexively put up a shield. Her eyes darkened further until they were an unholy black, such was her fury. It was obvious he was a member of the orphanage and they had done this.

"Oh dear child," Alya whispered reaching out once again and ignoring the boy's magic that lashed at her and ever so gently placed her hands on either side of his blood and tear stained face, gently guiding the boy's terrified eyes to her now compassionate silver. "What have those bastards done to you?"

The boy just stared at her fearfully, making Alya's heart clench. Anyone who harmed a child earned her utmost contempt but for a muggle to harm a magical child, well words cannot describe her fury. Tenderly Alya wrapped the terrified boy in her arms and slowly stood, reaching out with her magic to soothingly twine with his chaotic magic.

"I promise that I won't hurt you child, I only wish to help," Alya told the boy quietly as she held him close. "But I'm going to have to put you into a deep sleep and the next time you wake you won't hurt anymore." Alya wasn't entirely sure if he got all that but nonetheless gave the boy a tender smile and her eyes warmed to an earthy brown before turning a soothing sky blue as she put the child to sleep.

Seconds later, after casting a glance back at the orphanage to memorise the name so she could return at a later date and mete out an appropriate punishment, Alya apparated to one of her many manors located in the wilderness of Scotland and surprisingly close to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, sitting only a few miles away separated by the vastness that is the Forbidden Forest, though her manor is of course shielded from muggles and magical humans alike, Alya liked her privacy.

As soon as Alya arrived she immediately headed to the bathroom and spelled the bathtub to fill with tepid water as she stripped the boy of the disgusting rages that were laughably called clothes. When the tub was several inches full Alya lowered the tiny bleeding body into the water, supporting his head with one hand while she carefully ceased the bleeding, the water quickly turning a sickening shade of red there was so much blood but she could not stop the bleeding if she could not see the wound.

It surprisingly didn't take that long to get all the wounds to stop bleeding, they were numerous but the boy was small and she was astonished the boy still lived, he had lost more blood then should be possible to survive but alive he was and his magic was furiously fighting to keep him that way.

Quickly spelling the dirty water away Alya picked the boy up and placed him gently on her bed before gathering the necessary potions she would need, blood replenishing potion, pain reliever, strengthening potion and nutrition potion being among them and several healing salves for the different types of wounds the boy had sustained.

Returning to the bed Alya whipped out her wand and carefully closed any open wounds she could find before first coaxing a blood replenishing potion down the boy's throat followed by a pain reliever potion, he had to be in so much pain and the salves had a tendency to burn while they healed as well, not to mention the broken bones she needed to heal.

Soon enough all of the child's wounds were tended to and were healing rapidly, all that was left was a slight cut above his left eyebrow that she had missed earlier because it was covered by the unruly black hair falling into his eyes.

Sitting on the side of the bed Alya leaned forward with a clean damp cloth to wipe the blood away however Alya got a shock when she brushed aside the black hair. There was a scar on the child's forehead but it was not just any scar, it was in the shape of a lightning bolt.

"Harry Potter, how in Salazar's name did you end up in a muggle orphanage?" Alya's voice was barely a whisper as she stared down at the boy who was apparently responsible for the Dark Lord Voldemort's demise.

Alya had gone to school with Lily and James Potter and knew them well enough that they would never send their son to a muggle orphanage, they would have specified in their wills that the child would go to his godfather Sirius Black or if he was unavailable then to Remus Lupin but never to a muggle orphanage. Fools though they were for trusting a man like Albus Dumbledore, they would never put their son intentionally in harm's way.

So that led Alya to the only conclusion possible to make – Albus Dumbledore was once again messing in other people's lives. Alya truly despised that man, she had never liked him to begin with when she had first entered the halls of Hogwarts at eleven.

Alya was not only a metamorphmagus – an ability of the Black family to change her appearance, from her ancestors marrying into the Black family – she was also able to see magic and that included a person's aura – this ability is unique to the Night family only and as luck would have it, after skipping several generations, both abilities had awakened in Alia – and Albus Dumbledore's aura was a filthy blinding white with veins the colour of blood and sickly yellow.

Dumbledore's magical core was light as the man only used light Magic but the taint upon the man's soul had discoloured the once pure white. Red was the colour of betrayal and the yellow was deception, manipulation; the man was just downright revolting in Alya's opinion and she had no doubt he was to blame for what has happened to little Harry.

Alya thought for hours and decided she would adopt the little boy by blood adoption and raise him to be an intelligent, strong, powerful and confident wizard with the cunning, deviousness and wit to match. She would have to think up a name for him as well, Harry was rather bland.

Alya will of course require the boy's consent first though, performing the ritual without his consent would only turn him away from her. Alya needed and wanted the boy to trust her no matter how long it takes. She had always wanted a child and this child she hadn't known a day had already enticed her worry, fear, desperation and her protectiveness and she had become furious for him, for the way he has been treated; she will love the child, that she knows already, but will the child love her?

But that is a thought for another time, Alya thought to herself as she watched the boy begin to stir, resisting the urge to sit on the edge of the bed and coddle the child, he was not ready for contact of the physical sort and so Alya remained in her seat beside her bed and waited for those green eyes to flicker open.

"How are you feeling Harry?" Alya asked quietly, wincing when the boy flinched and scrambled against the head board and huddled fearfully there. "I promised you I wouldn't hurt you Harry and I intended to keep my word." The boy's eyes widened before they narrowed in suspicion surprising Alya.

"How do you know my name?" His voice was still rather creaky, likely from the screaming he must have done the night before.

"That is hard to explain Harry and is quite a long story," Alya began, resting her chin in her left hand and kept her eyes on the pair that refused to be intimidated by her thoughtful viridian. "To put it simply though everyone in my world knows who you are." Harry frowned and Alya was hard pressed not to cuddle him he was so cute, no more than six with thick unruly dark hair bright green eyes and smooth flawless skin – thanks to her excellent healing skills.

"What do you mean 'your' world and why do your eyes and hair change colour?" Alya smiled at the confused twist of Harry's lips, amused by the enquiry about her hair and eyes.

"Well as I said it is along story so perhaps it would prove more useful if I showed you." Alya replied thoughtfully and pulled out her thirteen and a half inch ebony wand, inlaid with dark forest green vines and leaves upon the handle. "This, Harry, is a wand and with it I can do magic."

"Magic isn't real, you're lying." Alya wasn't sure whether to be amused by the boy's suspicion or furious that a child of only six did not believe in magic; she decide to feel amused otherwise she may end up going out and commuting homicide and Azkaban isn't all that fun to play in.

"Isn't it?" Alya countered quietly and tilted her head slightly as she regarded him. "Then how do you explain all the wounds you had only five hours ago that are now gone?" Alya watched as his eyes widened in sudden realisation; he hadn't realised he no longer hurt, having been in pain for so long he forgot what it was like to feel normal and he could feel that his ribs were no longer broken, neither were his thumb and forefinger on his left hand.

"How?" Harry whispered, his right hand splayed across his chest, his eyes wide in shock.

"Magic dear child," Alya answered the whispered question. "It is real and you, child, are magical just like me. Has anything every happened around you that wasn't explainable, when you were angry or scared?" Alya smoothly cut in before Harry could voice his denial that he was magical.

"But magic can't be real, it just can't be…" Alya stared sadly at Harry and with slow deliberate movements moved to sit on the end of the bed, never taking her gaze from the eyes that watched her every move, limbs tense in case he should need to make a quick getaway.

"It is real Harry, let me show you." Alya did not wait for a reply but gave a gentle wave of her wand and several multi-coloured birds shot out the tip of the black wood.

Harry stared amazed at the birds, they had just come out of thin air and were flying lazily around the room. One predominately green bird even flew down and perched on the head board by Harry's head and gave a sooth clothing cry.

"That is a King Parrot," Alya informed Harry as he tentatively reach a hand out to the beautiful green and orange bird, smoothing down the soft feathers. "It is a bird found in Australia and the spell I used to bring him here is called Avis."

"Avis." Harry tried the word out on his tongue, still torn between believing that he was dreaming, that the woman before him was mad or it was true. He couldn't decide.

"Perhaps it might be easier for you to understand if you held a wand." Alya interrupted Harry's thoughts making him jump slightly and his eyes jumped to her steel coloured eyes, her expression serious. "I will allow you to hold my wand Harry but know this, no witch or wizard gives their wand lightly, even if only for a few seconds, it requires a great deal of trust."

"Then why are you even suggesting it?" Harry asked quietly and was surprisingly awarded with a smile and the softening of steel eyes to silver.

"Because I trust you Harry and I hope that, with time, you will trust me to…" Harry's soft voice interrupted her.

"Why?" Alya smiled and her eyes turned the warm chocolate brown he remembered from last night.

"Because, Harry, I like you and would like to offer you a home here," Harry's eyes widened impossibly at that but narrowed again as Alya continued to speak. "But we will get to that in a little bit, first take my wand and tell me what you feel."

Harry eyed the dark wood handle being held out to him, debating with himself. Just this once he'd like for this to be true, that this smiling woman with eyes and hair that changed colour was being honest and true to him. It is with that yearning Harry reached out a shaking hand and gently grasped the handle of the wand.

He gasped at the feeling that flowed through him, it was hot and cold at the same time, painful but also amazing. He felt something inside him stir and reach out to do battle with the energy swirling around the wand. Through all this the woman he had yet to even get the name of smiled a gentle smile and asked what he felt.

"I feel…"

"Aren't you still too young to be reminiscing mother?" Alya scowled as the memory around her was disrupted by the amused voice of the eleven year old pain in the behind formerly known as Harry James Potter, now known as Hadrian Thuban Night, Alya's blood adopted son.

"It is never too soon to reminisce when the subject is you my insolent son." Alya responded as soon as she was back in her own body, casually waving her wand, sending the Pensive back where it belongs – hidden behind a portrait of Salazar Slytherin himself.

"You wound me mother!" Hadrian mocked with a dramatic hand to his chest, a smirk creeping across his lips. "After all you were the one to raise me to be what I am now." Alya huffed at her son's audacity to mock her but her eyes were a playful violet while her son's were a mischievous lilac. That was something that had transferred with the blood adoption ritual, Hadrian was now a metamorphmagus and had the ability to see magic, though that particular area developed later and still needed work.

"Insolent little swine." Alya laughed, lightly swatting the head of midnight black hair. Her Hadrian had truly grown up to be more than she could ever have hoped; he was incredibly intelligent for an eleven year old but then again Alya was a rather brutal task masker and had him learning more than he needed but with a Dark Lord soon to rise again and more than likely after the head of her son, she liked to have him prepared.

"Now I take it you interrupted me because you need to go to Dragon Alley to get your school supplies correct?" Hadrian hummed an affirmative, slightly distracted by the fingers running through his thick hair that fell just below his shoulder blades.

"And Enrique didn't come inform me himself because?" Alya prompted her son, her eyes already flashing an amused bright yellow.

"Because Enrique has the good sense to be terrified of your reaction should you be disturbed by anyone but myself." Hadrian explained, his eyes a matching yellow.

"Hmm smart Vampire that one isn't he?" Alya asked offhandedly, stepping behind Hadrian and conjuring a brush and a hair tie, she proceeded to tie her son's hair up in a low ponytail at the nape of his neck.

"Indeed." Hadrian affirmed, his eyes closing in bliss. Hadrian loved to have his hair played with and he blamed it on his mother, she always massaged his scalp and played with his hair after a rough training session, banishing the knots and loosening tense muscles like nothing else could and by the time she was finished he was usually asleep.

"Well that aside I've no doubt you are already prepared to walk out the door so if you would wait for me in the floo room I'll be down shortly after I check up on my potion." Alya said while gently guiding her son out the door.

"Alright mother, but don't take too long, you know how antsy Enrique can get." Alya merely smirked and waved him out the door. Enrique had become quite fond of Alya and Hadrian and has since become a tutor for Hadrian on the culture of Vampires and the man was always worried sick that they would end up getting accosted by some Death Eater and refused to let either of them go anywhere without either himself or one of the many Vampires that would drop by for the Light Elixir to accompany them.

It amused Alya as much as it amused Hadrian and truly they did not mind the company, the Vampires have become somewhat a very large extended family for Hadrian and even Alya.

After placing a stasis charm on what was one of her numerous attempts to a permanent solution for the Vampire's light problem, Alya met the pair in the floo room where they were debating the uses of packaged blood versus fresh.

"Alright you two break it up, we'll be here for hours if you continue." Alya said by way of greeting, scooping a pile of floo powder into her hand and throwing it into the fire causing the flames to turn green. "I'll see you on the other side." Alya said before stepping into the flames and disappearing to Dragon Alley.

"And she accuses me of being rude and impudent, she walks in, makes her demands and leaves without a backwards glance." Hadrian muttered to himself but he and Enrique dutifully followed after her.

So what do you think? I know Hadrian's mum is perhaps a little too powerful but she has to be for Hadrian to turn out as awesome as he will by the end of this but she by no means is stronger than Voldie or Stumblebum (Dumbledore) she is still defeatable.