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~Influence of the Night: Chapter Six – Meeting with Dumbledore~

Hadrian had just reached the front doors of Hogwarts when his mother stepped through them. She was wearing black pants and a violet long sleeved shirt beneath black robes, her dragon hide boots barely making a sound on the stone floor. She had also decided to make her hair a matching shade of violet and her eyes were a clear cerulean blue.

"Ah Hadrian." Alya smiled as she spotted her son walking towards her. "I hope your first day has been pleasant?" She phrased it as a question, a subtle enquiry about what happened with the Slytherins the night before.

"Yes it has been quite fun, Draco is surprisingly chatty for a Malfoy and I have met many possible friends, including certain Gryffindors." Hadrian replied, offering his arm for his mother and they began the trek up to the Headmaster's office, with Alya leading of course, Hadrian had wondered what the old man was thinking, requesting to meet him when Hadrian had no idea where his office was.

"Oh and who may those be?" Alya tilted her head in her son's direction, curious and proud of her son for following in her footsteps and not getting drawn into House rivalries.

"Well there is Fred and George Weasley or the Weasley twins, currently I. their third year. I met them on the train when Fred offered to help me with my trunk and from what I gathered from our brief interaction the next generation of Marauders." Hadrian smiled as his mother snickered under her breath.

His mother had told him about Potter and his gang of four going around and pranking the entire school and he could easily see the red headed twins taking up the mantle if they hadn't already.

"Then there is the Muggleborn girl, Hermione Granger, she is very intelligent, a little too enthusiastic in class and a tad bossy but pleasant company and lastly Neville Longbottom." His mother made an 'ah' sound at the name; had Hadrian grown up with the Potter's he would have known Neville from childhood, what with Neville's mother being named Harry's godmother. Hadrian on the other ha d didn't have a godmother.

"And what about the Slytherins?" Hadrian hummed thoughtfully as the climbed stairs, ignoring the stares they were receiving from the many students milling about in the hallways.

"Well there is Draco's bodyguards, Gregory Goyle and Vincent Crabbe then there is Lily Moon, Emma Vanity, Theodore Nott, Blaine Zabini, Dalphane Greengrass and Pansy Parkinson." Hadrian listed off those he had talked with during the day and all were proving to be friend material.

"That is quite the list for your first day." Alya said with a raise brow only to raise the other when her son smirked.

"What can I say, Slytherins have a terrible penchant for curiosity." Alya smiled in amusement, about to question Hadrian how long it took him to find and understand 'penchant' when a smooth silky voice she recalled from her school days interrupted them.

"Aren't you cutting it a bit close Mr Night?" Together mother and son looked up to find Severus Snape waiting at the top of the staircase they were currently climb.

"Perhaps but I had to go and collect mother first." Hadrian replied, ducking the swipe at his head from his mother who was incensed at being referred to like wayward pet.

"I should make you resort my potion supplies for your cheek." Alya muttered crossly, returning her eyes to the cerulean blue she had decided upon for this meeting, no doubt the old goat would be surprised to see her walk in after Hadrian but honestly he shouldn't; Alya may be unorthodox for a Pureblood but she knew damn well that the man couldn't met with her son without a guardian present.

"Hello Severus, it has been a while." Alya decided to ignore her son's quiet laughter and addressed the man before her, assessing him with a critical eye. He had been rather small and skinny at school thanks to some unpleasantness at his home but he had shot up to stand at the impressive height of six foot one and filled out. His raven hair was still long and hung just below his chin and was dressed in robes as black as his onyx eyes, a sharp contrast to his pale skin.

"Alya." He eyed her over as well, noting she had also gained height and finished filling out into a stunning feminine figure but he knew she was not soft as other women – not by experience you pervs but by observation – as Alya had learned hand to hand combat; She had once told him witches and wizards relied too much upon their wands and were pathetically vulnerable without it but otherwise she was mostly the same.

"I see you haven't changed much." Alya quirked a brow at that and then smirked.

"On the outside perhaps but on the inside, now that is an entirely different story." Severus inclined his head in acknowledgement, it had after all been thirteen years since they last saw each other and lots can change in such a time. "You and I should catch up when you're not teaching."

"Teaching? Surely you mean attempt to teach." Severus responded as they reached the gargoyle that was the entrance to Dumbledore's office, the group having continued up the satires as the spoke.

"A bunch of terrors are they?" Alya asked in amusement, getting a scoff in reply.

"To say the least. I'll be sure to owl you when I am available to catch up." Severus accepted the offer to catch up before turning to the gargoyle and hissing out the ridiculous password in distaste. "Sherbet lemon." The gargoyle began to move and revealed a revolving staircase.

"Then I shall see you then Severus, farewell." She gave a wave to the black clad man as she stepped on the staircase with her son and the moved up and around until they stood I front of the wooden door that lead to Dumbledore's office.

"Shall I do the honours?" Alya whispered, she knew Dumbledore had a spell to announce visitors but not who they were and didn't want him to know who exactly Hadrian had brought with him. Hadrian's reply was to reach out a lightly curled fist and knock on the door twice.

"Come in." The voice was slightly muffled but sounded cheerful. No doubt the man had been planning to try and manipulate her son and while she had every faith in Hadrian he wasn't yet prepared to face off with Dumbledore alone.

Opening the door Hadrian preceded his mother who hesitated a moment before stepping over the threshold and inwardly smirking at the surprise that flittered through those irritating twinkling eyes.

"Ha-drian, how are you my boy?" Alya could tell he had been about to say Harry but upon spotting her had rethought his first move.

Dumbledore was aware Alya Night was very intelligent and worse Slytherin so it was best to be cautious and subtly test the waters until he could talk with the boy alone. This unfortunately may prove to be a problem. He recalled Alya's protectiveness to those she held close even if she did not allow them very close to herself and with Hadrian apparently being her son… things looked rocky ahead.

"I'm fine thank you Headmaster but I'll thank you not to call me 'my boy'." Hadrian replied pleasantly, taking a seat.

"Of course, my apologises," He then turned to Alya and his smile became a touch thinner. "Alya, to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?" Alya raised an unimpressed eyebrow, she wasn't going to pussyfoot around with him, not when it came to her son.

"You requested an audience with my son, so naturally as his guardian I am obliged to be present, surely you are aware of that." Alya wasn't certain but she was sure she saw more than just a little frustration in his posture and the irritation in his eyes was telling. "That aside why, exactly, do you wish to speak to my son?"

Alya could tell he was far from happy but was determined to have his way but if Alya had a say I the matter, which she does, he was going to be sorely disappointed. She had come prepare because she was just shy of positive that it was about her not completely legal adoption of Harry Potter turned Hadrian Night.

"Well I'm afraid there are some… issues with the legality of your adoption of Harry." Dumbledore started and Alya smirked outright while Hadrian flowered at the use of that hated name.

"Yes I thought that may be the problem," Alya cut in before he could say anything else, pulling out several pieces of rolled up parchment and placing them on the desk. "These contain the adoption ritual I performed, at Gringotts as is required, a blood sample taken from Hadrian after the fact detailing myself as his sole and only parent and some certain statements of the Potter vaults I'm sure the Ministry would find of great interest."

Hadrian watched with sharp eyes as his mother played the game, noticing how the Headmaster had paled ever so slightly at the threat hinted at in his mother's last words. The best way for Hadrian to learn the dance was to witness it and he could tell his mother was a very good dancer indeed.

"Hadrian is mine." Alya declared, staring Dumbledore right in the eyes, her own eyes for once their natural green, letting the man before her read everything in her gaze. "The ritual I used was not just of blood but of soul as well, it is as if he were born of my own womb. Even if you try to take me to Court about no asking permission of his magical guardian, I'll reminded you that his real guardian is currently indisposed."

That was news to Hadrian, he had thought Dumbledore was his guardian but before anything more could be said his mother suddenly jerked back in her seat.

"WHAT?" Hadrian stared at her as did the Headmaster. "What do you mean the stasis charm was broken?" She was suddenly on her feet and pacing, Hadrian watching in confusion, becoming a little alarmed when his mother cursed in Danish.

"I can't make it back in time, you'll have to fix it yourself." Alya suddenly stopped pacing and glared at the window behind Dumbledore's head. "Enrique Michaels! Unless you want to be blown sky high with my manor you will suck it up and do as you are told!"

Okay, Hadrian was more confused than ever, enough to trade a glance with an equally clueless Headmaster before they turned back to the now get haired woman with hysterical neon green eyes.

"Good now tell me exactly what it is doing and be quick about it!" Alya asked urgently, listening carefully before replying. "Okay I need you to add ten ounces of powdered comfrey root and stir clockwise seven times then add one leaf of myrrh and stir clockwise another seven times and let it simmer, if it begins to boil remove it from the heat immediately, I'm on my way."

"Oh," Alya paused as she turned towards the door, "And tell Damien he had better find a very good place to hide, because when I get my hands on him…" She let the threat hang ominously and then turned back to Dumbledore.

"I suggest you take a good look over those documents before you try to take my son away from me, the original copies are at Gringotts and I have more copies aside and it will be only a short talk with a certain Rita Skeeter to get the fire burning. Hadrian I believe it is high time you got back to your friends."

Hadrian immediately took the hint and stood saying a farewell to the Headmaster and followed his mother out the door, having a hard time keeping up with her quick strides.

"What happened and how in Salazar's name were you talking with Enrique?" Hadrian questioned as soon as they stepped off the revolving stairs.

"Damien decided to mess around in my portions lab and managed to break my stasis charm on one of them, I currently have sixteen brewing the result of one blowing up would have sent our home to the moon." Alya explained, a scowl on her face. "When I get my hands on the little shit…" She threatened again and Hadrian couldn't help but have sympathy for the young vampire, he was the newest to the ranks and the most childish and troublesome.

"And how were you speaking with Enrique?" Hadrian reminded his mother who tossed a smirk over her shoulder.

"I'm using a very useful muggle invention, I have what is called a small 'microphone' in my ear and a speaker clipped to my collar." Hadrian eyed the mentioned objects, they were so small it was no surprise he had missed them. "Enrique also wears a set and through means I can't possibly get my mind around, we can communicate, now I have to go, be careful and notify using your journal if he plans anymore meetings okay?"

"Of course." Hadrian replied, accepting the kiss to his forehead before watching his mother storm out the doors and out of sight. Well that meeting proved…interesting, he now had some things to think about, like who his magical guardian really was and what exactly his mother had hanging over the Headmaster's head.

Hadrian also thought on the muggle contraption his mother was using. It was instant communication, like a telephone but was obviously vastly different. Having spent only five years of his life in the muggle world Hadrian didn't know much about their inventions but knew more than most Purebloods. Hadrian was also surprised the ambient magic surrounding the castle hadn't affected it.

Deep in thought Hadrian made his way to the library where the others were likely still doing their homework. The meeting had only taken about twenty minutes before it was abruptly ended so he had plenty of time to join them.

He hadn't talked much when he arrived and the others noticed he was currently occupied with his thoughts and did not question him as they worked. He hadn't come out of his thoughts at dinner either and ended up going straight to bed after showering, his last thought thanking the others for not bombarding him with questions and a promise to answer them in the morning.

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