Type Multipart Fic
Characters: Damon, Elijah, OC (Stefan, Elena, Jeremy, Bonnie, Alaric in the background)
Pairing Damon/Elijah (+OC?)
Genre: Angst, Romance, Hurt/Comfort
Summary: ''Sometimes I can see visions, people who died who have unfinished business. And this man pointed me to you.''

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Note: Alaric is dead, so the setting of this story is somewhere in the beginning of the forth season which I won't touch. Damon is hurting since Elena chose Stefan and his best friend/lover is dead. Stefan is too occupied with Elena and her adjustments to being a vampire he doesn't notice anything wrong with his brother. No one, but Jeremy, knows the true relationship between Damon and Alaric since they kept it as a secret.

Chapter 1

Christiana Adams-Noel was a typical 27 year old woman. She thought of herself like nothing special. She wasn't a beauty, but she wasn't ugly either. She was of average height and weight, red hair and green eyes.

But, she was smart, she wanted to make it out in the world on her own. She declined her father's offer to go to Harvard and study business like him, instead she wanted to be a teacher. He threatened he would disown her if she continued with her ideas, and after one big fight, she took everything she owned, and without a second glance, left her home. During her school, she worked like a part-time waitress, and three months ago, she was finally done. She was now able to find herself a teaching job.

Being a daughter of a businessman, who spend most of his time in his office, she was left to the care of their housekeeper and her husband. They were more parents to her than her own father ever was. They were the only thing she missed, but they kept in touch. Her mother died giving birth to her, and she always felt he hated her for it. She had an older brother, Jack, who died in a car accident two years ago. That day was the hardest day for her. She couldn't accept her brother was gone.

The only thing that was unique about Christiana was that she had visions. Not the kind she could see the future, no. She was able to see dead people who had some unfinished business when they died. The visions she had were more like messages to the living relatives. That rarely happened, and that is why she was so surprised when she dreamed of a man she never saw in her life.

The man in her dream told her his name was Alaric Saltzman, and that the person she must find was Elijah Mikaelson. She had been looking for him for the past two weeks, calling everyone with that name. Until yesterday, she had no luck in finding him. The right one, that is. Then yesterday morning, she received a phone call.

''I heard you have been searching for me.'' A man on the other side said, and she couldn't but notice his pleasant voice.

''If your name is Elijah Mikaelson, that would be the truth.'' She answered. ''However, I don't know if you are the right Elijah I'm looking for.''

''And how can we know that for sure?'' The man asked.

''Do you know someone by the name of Alaric Saltzman or Damon Salvatore?'' She asked the question that could prove she was talking to the right Elijah.

There was a silence on the other side after she said those names, and after a long moment, when she thought that the line went dead, he answered.

''Yes. I do know of them.''

Christiana let out a breath she wasn't even aware she was holding. ''Then you are the person I'm looking for. I have a message, but I can only tell you in person.''

''Very well. Since you are in New York, a plane ticket will be waiting for you at the airport, tomorrow. I believe your flight is in 20.30.''

''How...?'' Christiana asked confused. She didn't tell him she was in New York.

''I did a research of my own, Miss Christiana. Goodbye.'' He answered her unspoken question and hang up.

Christiana was too shocked to say anything when she heard the line went dead. Sighing, she started packing. As soon as she delivers the message from a dead Alaric, she would return to her normal life, and forget about this strange situation. Little did she know how wrong she was, and how her life would change.


Upon arriving to the airport, Christiana went to the info desk. When she said her name, the receptionist gave her the ticket and she was surprised to see it was for the first class. 'So, this Elijah must be very rich.' She thought, getting comfortable in her seat. But, even if she was comfortable, she was worried. How will she ever pay him back, since she still hadn't found a job. Maybe this Elijah person will agree she pays a small amount monthly. She sure hoped so. Taking a book out of her purse, she started reading. However, after a while, she sighed. She couldn't concentrate. Her mind was too occupied with the person she will meet in a couple of hours. This was the first time that a dead person said, practically begged her, to inform a living person that he had to save someone. She wondered in what kind of trouble Damon Salvatore was.

Couple of hours later, after a good and peaceful sleep, she arrived at her destination. She was half surprised seeing a car waiting for her when she exited the airport.

''Miss Christiana Adams-Noel?'' The man, the driver as she supposed, asked, and she nodded. ''Please.'' He said, opening the car door for her, then put her suitcase in the back.

''Thank you.'' She smiled warmly at the man.

Some hour or two later, she noticed they were entering through the gate of a very big estate. Ten minutes after driving through the forest, the car stopped, and the driver opened the door once again so she could get out. Her eyes widened at the site. The house was simply breathtaking. Following the man who drove her, she entered, and was met with the most attractive man she ever saw in her life.

''Miss Cristiana.'' Elijah welcomed the newcomer. ''Please, welcome to my house. I'm Elijah. Elijah Mikaelson.'' He smiled and held out his hand.

''It is nice to meet you, Elijah.'' Christiana said, blushing.

''Come, let's not stand in the doorway. Follow me.'' Elijah said, then walked into the living room, waited for the woman to sit, then sat down himself. ''Coffee?''

''Thank you. One spoon of sugar.'' She said, and watched Elijah gracefully pouring the coffee in two cups. After taking a sip, she spoke. ''Before I say why I'm here, I want to address something else first. I hope you will allow me to pay you monthly for the plane ticket. You see, I still haven't...''

''Miss Christiana.'' Elijah stopped her. ''There is really no need for you to pay anything.'' Seeing how she was about to argue, he rushed. ''In fact, you will offend me if you continue with that absurdness.''

Elijah was surprised seeing the young woman in front of him. The man who investigated about her, showed him a picture of her, but it didn't do her justice. She was more beautiful in person. And somehow, he was drawn to her pure green eyes. He was also surprised she wanted to pay for the plane ticket. He knew everything about her. And about her family. He knew her father was rich, but she made her own way in the world, working through her schooling. He admired that about her.

When he heard from one of his contacts that someone was looking for him, he made sure to know everything before making the call. He was shocked to hear two names that no one outside of Mystic Falls knew, especially someone in New York. Someone who had nothing to do with the supernatural things.

He left that small town when his brother was killed. Rebekah, his sister, revenged his death killing Elena, and the doppelganger was now a vampire like the rest of them. In the end, it was inevitable. There was also another reason why he left. He felt something for the older Salvatore. Something he didn't want to explore. Not wanting to be in the middle of the Salvatore's and Elena triangle, he left. He wondered what Damon was doing right now. 'Probably fighting for Elena with his brother.' He thought, and that thought left a bitter taste in his mouth.

''Okay. If you are sure.'' Christiana said, breaking his train of thoughts.

''I'm positive.'' Elijah assured her. ''Now, why don't you tell me the reason why you needed to see me and then we can have some breakfast.''

''I don't know if you would believe me, but sometimes I can see visions. Visions of people who died but have some unfinished business.'' She started, looking at the man sitting casually across her.

''Continue. I assure, you I believe in lot of things.'' Elijah said, when she stopped.

He sure did, after living for so long. After all, he was a vampire.

''Great. I thought you would throw me out as soon I said that. Most people don't believe.'' Christiana smiled.

''The visions, do you have them often?'' Elijah asked, intrigued.

''Well, no. I started to get them when I was ten, and since then I get them once or twice a year. They seemed to stop a few years ago, though. They are more like messages of sorts, to the living relatives.'' She explained. ''Anyway, two weeks ago, I dreamed of a man. He told me his name was Alaric Saltzman and that I have to deliver a message to a Elijah Mikaelson. You.''

''I see.'' Elijah frowned.

He couldn't understand why would Alaric leave a message for him. Especially after everything that happened. Alaric was dead because of his family, his mother and brother.

''What was the message?'' He asked.

''The message was simple. He said you have to save him. That you are the only one. The only one who can save Damon Salvatore.'' Christiana said, and watched how Elijah's eyes went wide from shock.

It was true. Elijah was shocked, probably for the first time in his life. That wasn't what he expected. Not that he had any idea what to expect in the first place. But certainly not that he had to save Damon. He wondered in what kind of trouble the older Salvatore managed to get himself into. But, most important question was why was he the only one who could save him? The image of a black-haired, blue-eyed vampire appeared in his mind, and his heart fluttered. There was only one way to find the answers to his questions. He had to go back to Mystic Falls.

''I see.'' Elijah finally said, after clearing his throat.

''Is it something I said?'' Christiana asked in confusion.

''No. It's just...No. Nothing.'' Elijah said, returning to reality, then smiled at the woman sitting across from him. ''Come, the breakfast is served.''


During the breakfast, Elijah's mind was occupied with plans. He knew he couldn't let Christiana go, he still needed her, but she was only an innocent human. There was no other way, he will have to compel her. With a heavy heart, that was exactly what he did. He compelled her not to be afraid of him. To accept there are vampires like him very much present in the world. He took her to the room he prepared for her to take a rest before their trip, then returned back into the living room.

''Damon.'' He whispered, thinking of the older Salvatore.

He was surprised when he felt his heart started beating faster. He missed him. Now alone, forced with the reality to go back, he couldn't deny it. He missed him a lot. He cared for him. He may even love him. And that scared the hell out of Elijah.

A couple of hours later, Elijah was ready to go. Christiana came down the stairs, refreshed, one of his men carrying her suitcase. He asked the cook to make some food for the trip.

Elijah sighed, uncertain of what will he find on the end of the road. But, he knew. It was time to go back. Back to Mystic Falls. Back to Damon.


On their drive, Cristiana and Elijah talked about everything, getting to know each other. He was curious about vampirism, and he wanted to know more about her. Time went fast, and soon, they were in front of the Boarding House. They entered, and he could hear Elena and Stefan talking upstairs. He frowned hearing the clear dismiss Stefan gave Elena. Looking around the room, he noticed empty Bourbon bottles lying on the floor in front of the fireplace, immediately knowing they were Damon's. 'What in the world happened while I was gone? Where is Damon?' He asked inwardly, then heard Elena's footsteps coming down the stairs. 'I will find out soon enough.' He thought, and his calm eyes met Elena's sad and frightened ones.

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