My first story on Horseland. I love the show, I'm watching all the episodes for the tenth time and it brings back memories.

Hope you all like it!


Have you ever heard the expressions if you love something set it free? I loved you and that's why I let you go. I remember when you were just a filly, standing in the corner of the corral while the others didn't bother you. You looked lonely and I knew you needed a good friend to be with, but my parents were persistent on getting me a more suitable horse like a palomino or stallion but I knew you were the one for me.

Since our first day at Horseland we loved it, made some great friends and had adventures. I remember once when I thought the others were going to kick me out I went on a long trail ride with you and you cheered me up by doing some of the moves we learned for the competition. You were always loyal and fearless, I never knew another horse like you and I never wanted another because they just weren't you.

Sometimes I would sit under the clouds in our favorite pasture and remember the good times we had together. I would ask myself if it was my fault for what happened, but the others told me it was just your time and I cried for hours on end. Even refused to get on another horse because it just wasn't the same. You were my best friend and I'll never forget you for one moment, even if it means more crying.

I remember when we would go to different places with the others and we made so many new friends along the way. You and Sunburst got along quite well, I almost thought you'd spend your lives together but you were just good friends with him. Never had you been silent, always the talkative horse in Horseland and the one to cheer me up.

For once I want to sit under the starry night sky and just watch it instead of crying as I remembered when we used to sit under these nights and you'd watch the stars with me. I would point out the constellations and you'd whinny whenever I pointed out one you liked. It was always the same, the ones with the great horses were the ones you whinnied to.

At night I would sit in my room and stare at the pictures of you and me together in all the moments we'd have, but it only a glance before I would tear up and cry for the rest of the night. I haven't been back to Horseland since that happened, but I think it's time I do go back and face the thing I've been avoiding.

It was time I got over the loss and think of something new to help ease the pain of this. Getting back to Horseland was hard, I had trouble getting out of the car even but when I did it was a weight off my shoulders. I passed your empty stall and tears welled in my eyes, but I tried to think of something better than that. The other horses were still there but you were just the first to go and when you did all the horses were silent, even Chili and Pepper.

When I stopped at the last stall I couldn't help but smile at the sight for it was your gift to me, to keep going and that you'll always be there. A foal; a brown Kiger mustang with a black mane that had red highlights. It was my reminder that you were still there, this was your son and you wanted him for me. I love you Scarlet, I always will and your and Aztec's foal will be the reminder you're always with me forever.

Maybe one day our paths will cross, but for now we must part and I must move on.

I'll never forget you my beautiful Arabian.