More Title-less Drivel By Me

by Me, Tanochan... blah blah, you know


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WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, HERE IS... *trumpets sound* ...MY SECOND RIDICULOUS STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *crickets* yeah, yeah, i know...

"And then she tripped him and he fell head-first into a garbage can!"

Gerald and Arnold laughed as they headed to the boardinghouse. They were going to drop their things off and then go play baseball at Geraldfield. Little did they know that they were being watched *mwahahahaha... well get to that later*.

As soon as they turned the corner, BAM! Arnold found himself on

the ground. "Ow... what hit me?" he rubbed his head and blinked.

Something pink caught his attention. "Oh no..." he muttered and jumped to

his feet.

"Watch where you're going footballhead!" Helga screeched, as he

helped her stand up.

"Sorry, Helga." he said, looking her right in the eyes.

"You'd better be!" she trudged off.

Arnold sighed. Ever since the neighborhood had been saved, she'd

acted like even more of a pain than usual. Sometimes he wished she would

act the way she had when they were on the roof that night... Well, not

EXACTLY that way, she made him a little nervous then, but he wished she

would be nicer. And immediately after that he would smack himself for

even thinking about it.

Helga watched as the two boys walked away. She leaned up against

the wall and began to talk to herself, "Arnold. What a moron. What an

idiot. What a loser. How I despise his very being! How I wish I could

smash him to a pulp right now! And yet..." she looked around. Arnold and

Gerald were long gone and no one was around, "I wish I could take him in

my arms, embrace him and..." she stopped when she heard a familiar

wheezing sound. Brainy.

Before she could punch him, he spun her around. "What the-"

Brainy kissed her, hard, on the lips.

She pushed him off, "What are you DOING?" she screamed and

punched him in the face and he fell to the ground, his glasses smashed in


"Uh... sorry." the odd boy wheezed and fainted.

"Eww! I'M CONTAMINATED!!!!" she screeched, setting a couple

car alarms off in the distance. She ran around trying to "decontaminate"

herself for about a half hour, as Brainy lay unconscious on the ground.

They watched from above, giggling like mad. This was all too

funny. But, enough fun for now. They hopped off of the roof they had

been watching from and landed, catlike, behind the hysterical blonde.

Helga stopped, and turned around, "Who are you?"

Two girls stood before her, one blonde and still giggling, the other

with a slightly more serious expression and darker blonde. Both looked

older than Helga and stood about 5' 4". The lighter blonde girl was

giggling to much to reply, so the other girl did, "The name's Sophi, and

my slightly insane friend here, is Mira."

"Hi!" Mira squealed and hugged Helga, lifting her up a few inches *i

think theres a word for that, i don remember what it is... glomp maybe?*. Helga began to turn purple as the air was being squeezed out of her.

Sophi laughed, "Mira, let go of her, you're gonna kill her!"

Mira dropped Helga and ran to hug Sophi, who stopped her, "No."

"Aww!" Mira whined, "But..."

"No." Sophi repeated, sounding as though she was talking to a bad

puppy, reminding it too stay away from the garbage.

Helga looked at these two strange girls and began to walk away, but

she was stopped by Sophi.

"Not so fast there, sweety." Sophi grabbed her arm and held her

back, "What's the hurry? We just wanna talk!"

"Talk? About what?" Helga asked, pulling her arm away as she

moved on. She wasn't really going anywhere, just trying to get away.

"Oh come on!" Sophi whined, "Don't you want to be friends?"

'Friends? With a freak like you?' she thought and Sophi's expression

changed. Oops... had she said that aloud? Yes, she had. Crimeny, she

always did have a big mouth. The same thing had happened the other

night. She'd blurted out her secret without even thinking, but luckily

another lie had saved her from the total embarrassment that may have


The slightly hurt expression on Sophi's face soon changed to a wide

grin, "So, I am a freak, eh?"

"No! I mean... um..."

"Oh, don't worry, I've been called worse before!" she laughed and

began to skip along, "Come Mira!"

Mira snapped to attention, like a soldier, saluted to Helga and ran

after her friend, laughing. It was a game to her, "What we do now?" she


Sophi pulled her along and they walked slowly away from Helga,

"We wait." she whispered and Mira giggled.

Helga watched as they left, "Crazy weirdos..." she muttered.

Brainy moved slightly and began to wheeze again.

"You guys- wait for me!" Helga ran after them. *********************************************************** AND thats it for chapter one of my second insane story! Questions: What is she doing? Where is the plot? Who are these crazy girls? What was Brainy DOING? WHEN WILL SHE GET A LIFE???

These questions and more may be answered next time!( Then again, they may not, what do I know?) Ill try to get more of my other one posted, but keep in mind that additional chappers are gonna be posted by themselves on accounta I am technologically challenged! Happily, I should be getting a new computer some time this year... whoohoo! well, lemme know what ya think!!! ^-^