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Rating: R.
Summary: While fighting a demon Willow and Spike become bound together. W/S pairing.
A/N: This takes place after season 5. It's during the summer, a bit AU. Nothing is season 6 happened, or will probably. Buffy was brought back in an unknown way.

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Willow spotted the demon across the clearing. There was no way she could miss its tall, thin body, bare of any hair, and teeth as tiny and sharp as razors. It was ugly and mean looking and she was ready. Ignoring Spike, who was grumbling at her to hurry up, she closed her eyes and held her hands out, releasing the magical energy she'd held inside for too long.

As soon as the magic left her body, she opened her eyes and watched as the large green ball soared through her palms and straight into... the ground beside the demon.

"Damn," she muttered. Feeling elated and humming with magic, she decided to try again, but the demon didn't let her get to the chanting stage before it shot its own magic at her.

She jumped to the right, toward Spike, trying to get out of the way of the black ball, but, unfortunately, Spike chose that moment to be heroic and pushed her out of the way. She ended up rocking slightly to her right, being pushed back to her left and getting a stomach full of magic. Spike's hand, still on her arm, attracted the magic like a lightning rod. It surged through him, and then dissipated.

They stood there, staring at themselves, and then at each other, and neither of them noticed the second ball of magic headed toward them. They both became aware of the cemetery lighting up slightly with a red light, turning everything blood red, and then they were hit. It flew through Spike first, throwing him backwards a few yards.

Willow ran over to him, checking to see if he was all right. As soon as she touched him, the magic surged through him and into her. Her back arched painfully, and then she collapsed. The light faded away, and silence fell once again.

Anya, Xander and Buffy took off toward the light show, hoping that was where the demon had fled to, and at the same time hoping Willow and Spike hadn't found the thing. They had no idea what the demon was or what it was capable of, and since unknowns were more likely to get one killed, it was usually better to fall back and do research. But Spike had been in the middle of a fight with the demon when it fled, and, being a vampire, he'd been enjoying himself, and decided to take off after it before any of the others could stop him.

Willow had been in the midst of a magical attack when the demon took off running, and the energy she'd built up to fling at the demon was still inside of her. Needing to divest herself of it, and at the same time, feeling euphoric and filled with power, she followed Spike while the others were occupied with picking themselves up off the ground.

"Over here," Anya called. She ran toward the two prone figures on the ground, Xander and Buffy right behind her.

The three of them knelt beside Willow, ignoring Spike completely. Xander leaned his ear against her chest, checking for a heartbeat. Buffy felt Willow's neck for a pulse. Anya held her hand in front of Willow's mouth, checking for breath. All three leaned back on their haunches after a few seconds with a sigh of relief.

"What happened to them?" Anya asked, looking for injuries on Willow. Finding none, she looked to Xander and Buffy.

Buffy shrugged. "I don't know. Magic? That light show we saw came from over here. They must have gotten whacked with something. There aren't any marks on Spike either, that I can see... not that I did any extensive searching. Let's get them to Giles'. We can check them out there."

"Why did she go after it?" Xander asked them. "Spike I can see, but Willow? She's not the go-getter type. Well, except that time she went after Glory, but there were circumstances then."

They all got to their feet, looking around for clues as to what had happened.

"Let's get to Giles', then figure it out," Buffy repeated. "We have to get them out of here before the demon decides to come back." The surrounding area was demon-free at the moment, but that could change at any second. "Xander, help Anya carry Willow to your car. I'll get Spike." Anya and Xander carefully lifted Willow and started toward the car. "And hurry. You guys look like an All-You-Can-Eat vamp buffet."

Half an hour, and much struggling later, they were all seated at Giles'. Neither Willow, nor Spike had moved an inch since they'd found them. It was a little unnerving, almost like they were dead. Well, dead with a finality dead for Spike, and just plain dead for Willow.

After a cursory examination of Willow, Giles straightened up from the couch. "I believe they're asleep."

"Asleep?" Buffy repeated. "That's the demon's big attack weapon? A sleep spell? I mean, sure it'd be cool if he was in a bind, but it was just Spike and Willow." Giles raised his eyebrows at her and she nodded. "Okay, right. Brute strength and magick, but... all right." She looked down at Willow, brushing a lock of hair off of the redhead's forehead. "Why aren't they waking up?"

Xander was standing over Spike, who was on the floor in front of the couch. He looked oh-so-innocently at him and 'accidentally' kicked Spike as he stepped over him. Spike's arm sprawled away from his body. "Oops." Xander put his hand to his mouth, all innocence and contrition. "I'm sorry, Spike, I didn't see you there."

The sleeping vampire didn't respond, but the others in the room did. Anya frowned at her boyfriend, Giles glared at him disapprovingly, and Buffy leaned over, putting Spike's arm back beside him. Then she glared at Xander as well.

He had the good sense to look ashamed, but she knew he was anything but. Spike may have helped them over the past two years, even helped save the world a few times, but he'd also fallen in love with Buffy, chained her up in his crypt, and been there too late to protect Dawn from Doc. And because of that, Buffy had died. Not just a few minutes died, this time, actually dead died. There was a gravestone to prove it. And though Xander and the others had grown to like the vamp somewhat, that incident had set Xander against him again. He blamed Spike for Buffy dying. She was back now, but he didn't let up. Probably never would. There was just something about Xander and dead guys. He didn't get along with them.

Willow woke up to a loud pounding. When she opened her eyes to the total darkness around her, she realized it was her head that was doing the pounding, not an external source.

"That's the last time I go out drinking," she whispered to herself. "Oh, wait. I don't drink." She sat up slowly, trying to find a wall or something nearby to lean on. She found one a few feet away, and leaned against it gratefully. Her head felt like she was inside one of those annoying cars that were all speakers and bass. "Bloody hell."

She halted her hand on the way to her head. Bloody hell? You've been hanging around British people too much.

She closed her eyes, not that it mattered, since she equally couldn't see either way, and did a small spell to ease the aching in her head. After a few seconds, the pounding lessened and the pain minimized. "Better than aspirin," she mumbled, getting to her feet.

Stemming the panic she felt, she focused on finding out where she was. There would be time enough to freak out later, after she was out of... wherever here was. Even still, she couldn't help but try to remember how she'd gotten here as she went.

Since she couldn't see, the best thing to do would be to feel along the wall and try to find a door. She held her hands out to the wall, and felt her way along it for twenty steps before finally coming to a corner. That gave way to another corner after only three short steps. Then back down to where she'd been. Apparently she was in a corridor of some sort. But where? And why? Where were the others?

Let's see... where was I? Cemetery. Big surprise. What was I doing? Well, duh, fighting demons. What else would I be doing there? Having tea with Spike?

A strangled laugh escaped her, echoing down the hallway. She shuddered, and fell silent, hoping no one had heard her.

Okay, focus. Focus. Cemetery... Spike. He was there. So were the others. No. That wasn't right. It was just her and Spike... and a demon. And some kind of magic... maybe.

Shaking herself out of her thoughts, she brought her attention back to her surroundings. There was a corner that led to another hallway similar to the one she was in, and, having no other choice, she headed down it. She came to another corner about thirty feet down this time, and turned again. She did this at least ten more times before she was forced to sit down and rest. Her head was starting to hurt again... the spell must be wearing off.

She held off on repeating the spell, not wanting to tax herself too soon, in case she was here for a long time. Wherever here was. She sighed heavily and closed her eyes.

Spike turned down another one of the endless hallways and slammed his fist against the wall when he found it empty.

"That's the last time I go out drinking," he told himself. Being a vampire, he was all for a world of darkness, but this was ridiculous.

He inhaled deeply, trying to reign in his anger, and was assaulted by a familiar scent. Closing his eyes, he breathed in again. There it was again. He wasn't imagining it. He continued down the corridor, and rounded the bend at the end.

There was a body curled up on the floor.

He could hear her heartbeat, which was near normal, so he knew she was alive. But was she hurt? Unconscious? Only one way to find out. Kneeling down, he shook her a bit.

"Witch." She didn't stir, so he shook her shoulder a little harder. "Red? Wake up, damn it." Stupid chit.

"I'm awake, Oz, geez," she mumbled.

Spike snorted and rolled his eyes. The witch still dreamed of dogboy, huh? He'd have to let it slip to the blonde witch when they got out of here.

If they got out of here.

He shook her again when she tried to fall back to sleep, and sat her up against the wall.

Her eyes fluttered open slowly. Normal set of pupils. Bright eyes. Never noticed how big they were before, he thought.

"I'm not stupid." She looked up in his general direction, squinting, as if that would help her see better. "Oz? No, not Oz, he's gone. Who's there?" She sat up straighter, blinking a few times, obviously just now remembering where she was. Spike saw the panic and fear hit her before she tamped them down.

His grin held pure evil, even though he knew she couldn't see it. "William the Bloody."

To his disappointment, and anger, the blasted girl actually calmed down. Where was the fear? The rapid pulse? The freaking heartbeat pounding in his freaking ears?

Bloody stupid chip!

"Spike?" she was saying. "Oh, boy. You have no idea how glad I am to see you. Unless you're the reason I'm here. In that case, I'm not happy to see you. But, I don't think you are... ow, stopping talking now."

"Good," he told her cruelly, "because your voice is annoying my already pounding head."

He rocked back on his heels, and stood up, waiting for her to follow suit. She stood fluidly, painting a pretty picture of grace and femininity... until she swayed and ended up leaning against the wall. Spike rolled his eyes. She couldn't even stand up without needing help. She was a pathetically weak human. The kind he hated most. The kind that made good dinners... for newly made vampires who didn't know how to hunt.

"Any clue where we are?" she asked him, her whole face hopeful.

He hated to crush that hope, but... well actually, he didn't. "Not a bloody clue."

Her face fell, and he almost felt like he could maybe feel guilty for having caused it, but, no. He enjoyed hurting her.

The witch closed her eyes, chanting something to herself. Magic spell. Uh-oh.

"Don't--" he began, then felt a tingling in his head. He grabbed her arms and shook her angrily. "Bloody bitch. Keep your bloody magic to yourself from now on. That's probably how we got into this mess in the first bloody place."

Willow shook herself free of his grip and crossed her arms over her chest, glaring at the wall beside him. "Fine then. Keep your stupid headache. Next time I won't help you... even if you're dying." She swept past him, knocking him into the wall with a shoulder to the chest. "And could you possibly say, 'bloody' any more? You'd think for a one hundred and twenty whatever old vampire you'd learn a new word once in a while."

The pain in his head started to fade and Spike realized what Willow had done. A healing spell. On him. But why? There had to be a reason behind it.

He turned and followed after her, just in time to see her slump against the wall. Must be all the magic she'd used earlier in the cemetery and just now.

Now he felt slightly bad for yelling at her. But just slightly.

"What are you doing, you dolt? If you're gonna use your powers, at least do something to help us out, light the way or something. I can live with pain. I've done it enough times. I can handle it until we get out of here."

"If," she stressed. "And darn straight you should feel guilty." Taking a deep breath, she chanted some more and suddenly a yellow light was hovering in front of them, lighting the corridor.

A long gray hallway led to a turn up ahead and behind them. Spike looked up, barely able to see a ceiling above them. Willow grabbed her head and fell to the ground.

Spike sighed heavily. If it wasn't one thing, it was another. He'd never get out of here at this rate. He glared down at her, knowing he would have to carry her, or spend the rest of his unlife here.

"Bloo-- damn."

He bent over and picked her up, hefting her small weight in his arms. Willow didn't protest, since she was barely conscious. Her head lolled over his arm, and her cheek brushed against his chest. His skin tightened at the light contact, but he ignored it. It had simply been too long since he'd had intimate contact with a living, breathing creature. Or vampire. Or anyone. Robots didn't count.

Willow giggled slightly. "Buffy bots don't count," she mumbled before passing out.

Spike nearly dropped her.

Xander sat on the arm of the couch, watching over the unconscious Willow and munching on a bag of chips. Giles and Anya were doing the research, while Buffy went home to check on Dawn. So far, not a peep had been heard from the sleeping couple. Research had turned up a name and a picture, but nothing else.

The demon was called a Litchock demon. The drawing of it on the table in front of Xander was just like it had looked in the cemetery. Tall, lanky, all tiny razor sharp teeth and bare gray skin. The thing was just icky looking. Like a Borg with really bad incisors.

Xander popped another Frito into his mouth and nearly choked on it when Willow suddenly started convulsing. The bag of chips fell forgotten to the floor as he grabbed her arms, holding her still.

"Giles! Something's wrong," he yelled. Giles and Anya rushed over.

Giles shoved Xander out of his way and held her by the waist. "Hold her arms," he ordered Xander, who had no intention of letting go of them.

Her body arched up off the couch. If they hadn't been holding her, she would have fallen to the floor. Or rather, to Spike, who was still and silent. Xander was tempted to kick him again. Why should Willow be going through all this when Spike wasn't? It was all his fault.

"What's happening to her?" Anya asked, sounding scared.

"Seizure. We may have to take her to the hospital," Giles told them, his voice letting them know how serious it was.

Willow calmed down a bit, and both men relaxed their hold on her. Xander was so busy glaring at Spike again, that her sudden resurgence of jerking took him by surprise and he let go of one of her arms. It flopped to the side, landing on Spike's chest, and suddenly she went still.

All three of them stared at her, waiting for the shaking to start again, but it didn't. Xander, not wanting Willow touching Spike in any way, shape, or form, lifted her hand off of him. Immediately, she started to convulse again.

Giles moved her hand back down until it touched Spike. She quieted again. He stood up, looking disgusted with himself, and took a deep breath, removing his glasses. "Of course," he said, "they're bonded."