Post-Chosen Spuffy quickie inspired by Taylor Swift's Holy Ground. Crosses over with Angel's "Life of the Party."

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Tonight I'm gonna dance for all that we've been through

But I don't wanna dance if I'm not dancing with you.

Buffy was kind of relieved to arrive in Los Angeles with the other new Slayers after spending several months placing slayers at other Hellmouths and training them. She found herself at a karaoke bar/nightclub called Caritas with Faith, the Scoobies, and some other Slayers. It wasn't exactly The Bronze, but she figured that she could use a good time out on the town.

The music pounded through the room as Faith and the other Slayers went out onto the dance floor. As she sat at the nightclub drinking coffee, she thought about what Spike said to her about dancing: That's all we've ever done. Funny thing was that she never got the chance to actually dance with him.

And now, I never will, she thought.

Buffy finished her coffee and joined Faith out on the dance floor. She looked at herself, dressed to impress in a short red dress that would've made Spike—

And with the thought of Spike, her mind went back to the first night they were together.

I miss him, Buffy thought I wish he knew that I meant it when I said that I loved him, she thought, dancing out all the pain she felt. As she looked out at the nightclub, she could've sworn that she saw him looking right at her. But it had to be her imagination. It's been six months. He was dead and gone.

But as she kept staring, Spike—or Spike's ghost— was walking towards her. It had to be some kind of Halloween prank. But as soon as she felt a hand hold hers, she knew.

"Spike," she whispered.

There were no more words exchanged as the two of them danced. Buffy held Spike close to her, wondering if this was all real.

"How?" she asked as the music transitioned into a slow ballad.

"The Amulet came to Angel," Spike said. "Took me a while to get a body, though."

"Doesn't matter," Buffy said. "I meant what I said in Sunnydale. I love you. And I mean it."

"I know," he said. "Love you, too, Buffy."

The two of them kept dancing even as the party turned more chaotic. Then there was a battle with a crazy version of one of Angel's friends whose powers were affecting the party atmosphere. Still, after everything was over, Buffy and Spike found time for one more dance in the Wolfram and Hart offices before deciding to pick up where they left off in Sunnydale: going towards a better relationship with each other.

Buffy and Spike haven't stopped dancing since.

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