Hi, all. It's with sadness and regret that I formally inform you that Mass Effect: The New Journey is now officially on permanent hiatus. I say hiatus instead of discontinued simply because over the weekend I got an insane writing itch that I haven't felt in nearly three plus years, so who the hell knows when that'll come back for TNJ, if at all.

But, never fret! Just go on to my profile and check out my new story! It's not a Halo/ME crossover, but an original story set in the Mass Effect verse with this simple premise: What if the asari discovered the Citadel "late", coinciding with humanity's rise? This is basically my take on the question of "What if humans were there throughout the titanic events of galactic history (Krogan rebellions, Geth Uprising, Rachni Wars, etc).

Check it out! And don't forget to drop a review if possible.

Thanks for all your love and support.