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The warm sunlight streaming through the house's glass windows was a stark contrast to the dark storms of rage swirling inside its occupants right now.

"How could you possibly think waiting until now to tell me this was a good idea?!" Klaus's voice boomed, seemingly echoing off the meticulously decorated walls.

"I-I'm sorry! I thought I could fix it in time, but I couldn't!" Camille screamed back, tears now falling freely down her face, dragging her charcoal colored mascara with them.

Klaus dragged a hand down his face at the sight of his wife crying, releasing a deep sigh, "Camille, you've known your business was going under for 6 months and you didn't think it was important to tell me? Why the hell would you move your business across the country if you knew it was failing?! I could have found a job in Massachusetts!"

Camille looked at him with disbelief, taking an assertive step forward, "I did it for you, Klaus! You were the one who wanted to move back to New Mexico so badly!" she screamed, another thought coming to the forefront of her mind as she did,

"And it's not like this will effect us that much, you make enough money at the law firm, and I can always just find a job in town until I get my business up and running again. Why are you overreacting so much?! I should be the one who's upset, it's my business!" Camille sucked in a breath of air; replacing the oxygen her enraged voice stole from her lungs, and quickly swiped a few salty tears from under her eyes.

Klaus's eyes softened a bit, and he lowered his tone a few notches, "Camille, it's not that. I'm mad because you felt the need to lie to me for so long. I've had experience with girls who lie all the time, and I really don't want to be married to one. You could have just told me the truth."

"Oh." Was all Camille could manage to say, secretly wondering how she could be so superficial at times. "I think I just need some air." She concluded, grabbing her keys and running outside to her car. Klaus sighed once again, allowing her to go cool off.

Camille sat outside of the diner for a few minutes, attempting to clean up her makeup with a few tissues she found in her car. But, all they succeeded in doing was leaving behind patches of red skin and dulled makeup. She grimaced at her reflection, thinking she looked more like someone out of a horror movie, than anything else. Figuring this was the best it was going to get, she hopped out of her car and made her way into the town diner.

The bell above her jingled, letting the workers know a new customer had entered. She sat herself in a booth and buried her face in a menu, only looking up when she felt the presence of a waiter.

"Caroline!" Camille said surprised, unconsciously running a hand through her tousled hair. In all the fuss she'd momentarily forgotten Caroline worked at the diner.

"Hi, Camille," Caroline started, before dark realization pooled behind her eyes, "are you ok?" She asked, immediately picking up on her all too familiar red eyes and smeared makeup.

Camille nodded, glancing down at her menu again, "Yeah. Klaus and I just got into a fight." Her eyes quickly scanned the menu before deciding on grilled cheese.

Caroline tried her best not to allow a spark of hope ignite in her heart, but her efforts were fruitless. Of course she felt bad for Camille, but somewhere in the back of her mind, the part that holds all her deep dark desires, she knew she would jump on the chance to get back together with Klaus at even the smallest sliver of opportunity.

Caroline nodded, scribbling down her order. "You know, if there's one thing I remember about Klaus, it's his relentlessness to help the people he loves, so whatever it is you're fighting over, it won't be long before he caves and helps you through it. He loves you." A sharp pain shot through her heart at her last three words, but she knew it was something that needed to be said. No girl should ever have to feel that way; she would know.

Camille smiled in response, watching Caroline's retreating form and wondering how she knew exactly what to say. Sometimes she felt like everyone knew Klaus better than her.

Her thoughts were interrupted, though, at the jingling of the bell above the door. A tall, tanned man walked through the door, his hair tousled slightly like her own. He was attractive, but there was something blatantly repellent about him. He almost looked dirty, and not just physically. He flexed his muscles slightly and made his way towards Caroline.

Camille strained to hear their conversation from across the diner.

"Hey babe." Tyler said, wrapping his arms around Caroline from behind. Caroline stiffened, disentangling herself from his arms.

"I'm working." She said, her voice wavering slightly. Tyler followed her as she went to bring the grilled cheese Camille ordered to her table.

"Come on, I want to get out of here." His voice held hidden aggression, layered beneath miles of fake sincerity. But, Caroline seemed to pick up on it quickly, placing the dish in front of Camille and trying to disable Tyler's advances.

"I'm working, Tyler." She repeated herself, before turning to Camille and plastering a fake smile on her face. "This is Tyler, my boyfriend."

Camille smiled, extending her hand to him, "Hi, I'm Camille."

Tyler took his hand in hers, "Nice to meet you." He smiled suggestively at her.

"CAROLINE!" A thin brunette suddenly yelled from across the diner, causing Caroline to whip around, and Camille and Tyler to break their grasp.

"What, Elena?" Caroline asked the other girl.

"I need you to run out and grab another bag of potatoes! We're all out!"

Camille watched Caroline eagerly agree, bidding a quick good bye to her and Tyler and practically running out of the diner.

She could have sworn she saw a flash of anger behind Tyler's eyes, but it was gone within a minute, as he slid into the booth across from her.

"So, you're a friend of Caroline's?" he asked, eyes roaming over what he could see of her body.

"Yeah, I'm Klaus's wife." Camille said, somewhat intrigued by the man in front of hers advances.

At Tyler's blank stare she continued, "You know, Caroline's friend from high school. We just moved here recently, actually."

Tyler nodded, clicking his jaw before he spoke, "Never heard of him."

Camille nodded, finding this weird, considering she had told Caroline to invite him to dinner the other night. Her train of thought was quickly derailed at the sound of Tyler speaking again.

"So, what, did your husband not want to get anything to eat with you?"

Camille glanced down at her food momentarily before coming up with an excuse, "He had to work. He's a lawyer, he's just busy." She rambled slightly, hoping to convince Tyler.

He seemed convinced, or at least uninterested, and nodded his head, his eyes roaming over her again. "Sure, I know what you mean. But if you ever get lonely, I'm always around." He said, leaning dangerously close to her.

Camille didn't bother pushing him away.

Caroline felt a tidal wave of relief wash over her as she exited the diner. Thank god Elena knew her so well, and was able to save her from Tyler. At least at the diner she was safe from his sickening advances.

She took her time walking to the grocery store, taking in the beautiful New Mexican sun and smiling politely at the people she passed. She was about halfway to her destination when thoughts of Klaus began to eagerly invade her mind.

This was happening more and more often, she realized. His voice, his eyes, his lips, all of it was fair game in that secret corner of her mind. Her index finger ran along the cool edge of her phone in her pocket, contemplating whether to pull it out and dial the increasingly familiar number. On impulse, her right hand grasped her phone and hastily pulling it out of her pocket.

Her fingers flew over the keypad, dialing the first few digits to his number in record time.


She paused, running a hand threw her hair, what was she doing? This was stupid, it's not like there was ever a real chance for them. The blonde sighed deeply, slowing in her tracks and deleting the few numbers she typed. Sliding the phone back into her pocket, the sudden harsh vibration startled her. She quickly brought the phone back up to her face, the name Klaus displayed in bold font, a picture of him from high school smiling up at her.

She stalled for a moment, taking a deep breath, before answering. "Hello?"

"Caroline?" his accented voice came through the other end.

"Yeah, what's up?" she asked, a flurry of butterflies flying around in her stomach at the sound of his voice saying her name.

"Um, I was just wondering, since we didn't get that much time to talk at dinner and all, um, if you maybe wanted to grab something to eat sometime? Maybe tomorrow?" he asked, his usually confidence distraught with nerves.

An involuntarily smile stretched across Caroline's lips, "Yeah, sure, we can meet for lunch at the diner. Are you free around 12:30?"

"Yeah, sound good!" Caroline could hear the smile in his voice; as well, "I'll pick you up, just give me your address."

A shot of panic ran through her veins at the thought of Klaus seeing where she lived, "No! I'll meet you there." She all but yelled, managing to regain control of her emotions at the end of her sentence.

"Alright," Klaus said confused, a hint of amusement evident in his voice. "I'll meet you there."

"Great." Caroline grinned, literally skipping into the grocery store and earning herself a few weird looks. But, right now, she could care less.

"Great. Goodbye, Caroline."

"Bye, Klaus."

Klaus hung up his phone, leaning back against the cool leather chair. He smiled gently to himself, sweet thoughts of Caroline taking up occupancy in his mind

The short time he spent talking to her on the phone helped his mind to wander away from his fight with his wife. It was like just hearing her voice took away all his troubles. All she had to do was speak one syllable, and his problems began to melt away into the deep abyss.

Although, he couldn't help but feel slightly jittery about tomorrow. If he didn't know better, he'd call it the "first date jitters."

If there was one thing he knew for sure, it was that he missed Caroline Forbes.

The sky had transformed into a dark purple by the time Caroline got home from her shift.

"Where have you been?" Tyler asked before the door was fully closed behind her.

Caroline swallowed before answering, "I was at work, I told you I had to work late tonight."

She braced herself as Tyler took a step forward, pinning her between him and the door. "I expect you to be home when I need you to be." He warned, the smell of hard liquor evident on his breath.

Caroline recoiled slightly, backing up against the hard door and gagging at the stench.

"I'm sorry." Her voice shook, expecting him to do his worse. Her blue eyes widened in surprise when, instead, he turned harshly away from her and stormed into the next room.

Her surprise was quickly replaced with an uneasy sense of fear when Tyler began to yell.

"I can't believe you'd disrespect me like this! You know you're supposed to do what I say!" His voice was slurred and reckless, causing Caroline to freeze in fear against the door. Her fingers grazed the handle, her feet getting ready to run at the first sign of danger.

Her hand immediately latched onto the doorknob as soon as Tyler tore back towards her, waving something in her face.

A small gasp escaped her lips at the realization of what he was holding.

A gun. Tyler was waving a gun in her face.

"Tyler-" her pleading sobs were cut short by his enraged screams.

Mind numbing fear shot through her core, leaving sparks of dread in its wake. She could feel her palms getting slippery; almost losing grip on the doorknob.

Tyler staggered forward in his intoxicated state, almost falling on top of her. The gun, god where had he gotten a gun?, waving carelessly in his grip. She was afraid to move, to try and kick him, knowing that if she did there was a very good chance he'd shoot her. People like him had no sympathy for people like her.

Her mind raced, trying to figure out what she should do, fighting for a voice of it's own against Tyler's increasingly incoherent shouts. She held her breath as Tyler turned around, swinging his arms at nothing in particular.

It happened in slow motion; she grabbed the baseball bat Tyler kept by the door, and swung it forcefully against the back of his head. It collided with his skull, and then clattered to the ground, falling out of Caroline's grasp. Tyler swayed for a moment, before collapsing to the ground, the gun still in his grip.

Caroline wasted no time, already running out the door, tears streaming down her horror stricken face.

Her feet pounded against the ground, the cool night air nipping at her exposed skin. She felt like her heart was about to explode by the time she reached Elena's trailer, falling into the other girls arms and collapsing in a fit of her own tears.

It was in that moment, her puffy face buried in Elena's chestnut colored hair, that Caroline realized how utterly dangerous it was for her just to be alive.

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