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A young boy with hair black as a raven's wing and eyes like two, clear emeralds darted into the sunlit forest, his usually pale cheeks rosy from both the chill in the air and the endeavor of chasing his older twin brother.

Harry Potter's laughter rang around the two boys, traipsing in the loose breeze that danced through the trees and echoed the sweet sound. His emerald eyes were wide with excitement and adventure, a world of untouched innocence shining in the stunning color's depths.

Damon Potter, with a head full of messy dark red locks and twinkling honey eyes, stole a look behind him and gave a beaming smile at his twin brother's efforts.

With his attention diverted on his brother, Harry hadn't noticed the prominent tree root until it was too late; Harry gave a sudden yelp as he plunged downward, landing gracelessly in a painful pile of sticks and rocks.

Damon let out an exclamation as he watched his brother fall, immediately coming to his aid.

Harry held his bleeding knee, fighting tears as his worried brother helped him up and half carried him back the way they had come, finally arriving, sweaty and tired, to the Potter residence.

As the two four-year-olds stumbled through the double Victorian doors that led to the back yard and forest and into the large, sparkling kitchen, one of the four House Elves in charge of the kitchen hurried over, wiping its hands on its apron and worriedly looking over the two boys.

"Are the Potter heirs okay? Snappy can help!"

Giving a faint smile at the kind and worrying House Elf, Harry said,"Snappy, may you please go get my mum? I fell in the woods."

Nodding a quick affirmative, Snappy popped out of view. Not a minute had passed before Snappy popped back in with a very worried Lily Potter.

Her dark emerald eyes, a shade darker than Harry's, shone with concern. Framed with her lovely dark red ringlets, her clear and porcelin face held soft worry as she looked over her two sons.

"Harry, Damon, are you two okay?"

As Lily came close she cupped Harry's face in her hands, seeming to be inspecting for any scratches or cuts, and then taking Damon's face in turn.

"Mum, I tripped over a root and hurt my knee," Harry said in a small voice, looking down.

Lily kneeled down and looked at Harry's bleeding left knee, probing the area around it with gentle fingers.

"Don't worry, love. It's just a little scratch, nothing to be worried about. Come with me, we'll clean you up."

Snappy wrung his hands, worriedly looking up at Lily.

"Mistress Potter, Snappy can do that for you?"

Rising to her full height, Lily turned a soft, lovely smile to the House Elf.

"Thank you very much Snappy, but you already have enough work as it is. I can do this surely."

Snappy looked both delighted and embarrassed at this. He gave a nod and scurried back to his place in the kitchen, going back to work dutifully.

Pressing a kiss to Damon's forehead, she took Harry into her arms.

"I'm proud of you Damon for helping your younger brother. Your father is in the library with Mr. Albus, you may go join them. We'll be there soon."

Giving a nod at this, Damon hurriedly navigated to the library located on the first level of the seven that made up the Potter manor. As he stood in front of the tall and intricate doors that spanned from floor-to-ceiling, Damon managed to barely reach the knocker that bore the Potter crest.

Waiting for his father to let him in, Damon gazed at the carved wood of the door. There were all types of animals carved into the frames and borders. In the very middle, a large lion roared and shook its beautiful mane, holding its head up high and proud.

The double doors gradually swung open, revealing the magnificent interior of the Potter library. The room's furnishings were done in red and dark gold, a touch of white in some places. The tall walls were lined with books upon books upon books, ladders connected to the floor and wall lining the cases. Couches and armchairs were spread strategically around the room, giving the room an atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

In the center of the large and ornate room sat James Potter and Albus Dumbledore on a large plushy couch, seeming to be locked in casual conversation.

Damon walked over to his dad, James giving him a wide grin and picking him up, holding him in his lap.

James Potter was very broad and muscular, the perfect Auror. He had messy dark brown locks and posessed the same honey eyes as Damon which were covered by round, large glasses. They resembled each other, a perfect father and son comparison.

Dumbledore, with sparkling blue eyes and a white beard, smiled warmly at the boy.

"Hello, Damon. How are you today?"

Damon gave a bright smile in return.

"I'm good! Harry and I were playing in the woods and he tripped and fell though. Mum is cleaning him up right now."

James' face held concern for Harry as he gave a frown.

"What happened?"

Damon leaned back onto James as he explained.

"We were playing the game where one of us pretends to be a bad wizard and the other is an auror and chases the bad wizard. He tripped and fell!"

Dumbledore nodded in understanding, putting a hand on James' shoulder.

"Lily is taking care of him now, James."

Turning the conversation onto wizarding politics, James and Dumbledore chatted as they waited.

All three looked up as there was a soft knock on the door before it opened, revealing the presence of Lily and Harry. She smiled at the three before gently releasing Harry's hand and taking a seat on the couch next to James, giving him a quick peck on the cheek and taking Harry in her arms.

After forty-five minutes of pleasant talk, James and Lily sent Harry and Damon up to their rooms to play.

As soon as the two little boys exited the room, the pleasant expression on Dumbledore's face dropped, revealing a startling sadness in his usually twinkling blue eyes.

Lily and James dropped the happy faces as well and clasped hands, looking worriedly at the old headmaster.

"May we hear the prophecy, Albus?" James said after a pregnant pause.

Dumbledore nodded and gravely recited,"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches, born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies... and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not, and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives. The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies."

James' and Lily's faces grew paler at each line, and their grip tightened on each other's hands forcefully.

"Albus.. is there anything we can do to figure out who it is?"

Dumbledore shook his head sadly, apologetic,"I'm afraid there is nothing. I have already proceeded to put the Longbottoms under the Fidelius and I suggest that you undergo the same.. I am dearly sorry, James, Lily. You will need a Secret Keeper as I'm sure you both know.. I am willing if you have no one else in mind."

Lily and James shared a long, pained look as James answered,"That's alright, Albus. We have Sirius, Peter, and Remus as Secret Keepers. Thank you for everything."

Dumbledore gave an understanding nod and stood up, casting another look of sadness to the couple.

"Again, I am truly sorry, James and Lily. I will see you two soon."

Lily gave a sad, small smile at his genuine words and bid her farewell to Dumbledore, James exiting the library to escort him out.

Lily placed her head in her hands as soon as the library's door gently closed, tears escaping her gorgeous eyes as the light slowly drained from the room.

Lily cast a final look to the plush gold couch that both Damon and Harry were playing on, her lip between her teeth in worry.

"Lily, my love, stop worrying about the boys. They'll be fine, okay?"

She looked into James' eyes and sighed, nodding nevertheless.

Lily placed her hand in the crook of his arm, allowing James to lead her to the door.

Peter Pettigrew, one of the family's most trusted friends, gave a friendly smile.

"Don't worry about a thing, James and Lily. I'll keep the boys safe and make sure they go to bed at a reasonable time!"

James gave a grin of thanks to Peter as Lily daintily smiled. The couple thanked Peter one more time before they finally left to one of the Ministry's balls, the extravagent double doors closing with a note of finality.

The happiness and trust on Peter's face drained automatically into an expression of remorse as innocent laughter rang in the still air. Peter looked at the couch to where the little boys were playing, his blue eyes saddened.

Damon and Harry were piling on top of each other and fighting for the dominant role, both giggling as they playfully pounced on the other.

Harry, with black, fine hair and piercing green eyes, looked to Peter and gave a sunny smile at the man. Damon, with his father's red hair and honey eyes, took advantage of Harry's distraction and attacked him into a childish challenge, both little boys giggling.

Peter turned away from the sight of the painstakingly oblivious scene and, with a shaking hand, pulled up his sleeve to his elbow. Resting on his inner-forearm was the Dark Mark, stretching from his left wrist to nearly his elbow. He felt it waver slightly.

He slowly took his wand from his sheath and stared at the animated Mark before taking a deep breath and whispering a quiet indicina. He tapped his wrist with his wand three times before he felt the bubble of protection charms and strong magic burst from the outside of the house.

There was suddenly the sound of pounding footsteps before the walls burst with a loud crash, cackling Death Eaters filling the house with fire, smoke, and ruin. Curses flew through the air, hitting, smashing, and shattering everything in sight.

Voldemort strode into the large house, his head high and his lips pulled back into a sneer. His dark eyes surveyed the house with a glint and his handsome face seemed to be calculating.

As the ranks of Death Eaters destroyed the house and its contents, Peter dropped to his knees before the Dark Lord and shakily kissed the edge of his robes.

"Peter, my loyal follower. You will be rewarded for your treachery of the light!" Voldemort's strong voice rang out around them.

Peter gave a smile as he stood up, backing away from the alarming man.

"Ah ah ah. First you must get your punishment. You took much longer than I instructed you to get the Potters out of the house," Peter, alarmed, fell to his knees and started to beg,"Crucio."

As Peter writhed and screamed, Voldemort slowly walked to the two boys who had fallen silent amist the destruction.

The red-haired and honey-eyed one gave a look to Voldemort and suddenly started to cry in large, gasping sobs as Voldemort kept approaching.

The black-haired and green-eyed one looked to Voldemort, something in his eyes unsettling Voldemort. Eerie intelligence shone in the depths, intelligence that shouldn't be in a young child's eyes.

He was calm and composed, with an air of curiosity. He pointed to Voldemort, shook his head, and gave a glare, a sign that he was saying that Voldemort was not a good man.

Voldemort smirked and retrieved his wand from his holder, pointing it straight at the crying one. He was getting quite tired with the sobbing.

As he murmured the Killing Curse, the green light came hurtling towards the small boy, his eyes wide and his hands curling in front of him in a stance of weak defense.

Before Voldemort knew it, the black-haired one had jumped in front of the crying boy, the poisonous green light hitting his forehead in an aftermath of crackling energy and heat.

Suddenly, the curse came speeding back to the Dark Lord. As Voldemort let out a horrified scream, the green light hit him and he dispersed into a pile of ashes and robes.

Once the Death Eaters had felt the dark magic of their Dark Mark become lifeless, they automatically withdrew, some disapparating and others just making a run for it.

When the Aurors arrived, the house was all but a pile of rubble. In the midst of the chaos, untouched, remained the two little boys, Harry asleep and Damon crying.

As James and Lily rushed over to the Auror holding each boy, Dumbledore narrowed his usually twinkling eyes, deep in thought.

The only scathing on each of the boys was a scar. While Harry had a lightning bolt shaped one on his forehead, Damon bore a larger one on his shoulder.

Due to the facts that Damon was found awake and had the larger, bloodier scar, Dumbledore had decided Damon to be crowned The Boy Who Lived.

Little did Dumbledore know, this was his biggest mistake in all of his long years of living.

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