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The four sat next to the Malfoys, one of the most prominent pureblood families in the vast place that was the Wizarding World, Harry knew.

Theo looked over Harry to send a small smile to Draco.

"Draco! Meet a friend of mine."

Draco Malfoy, looking pristine and respectable, turned to Harry whom was seated in the middle of the two boys.

"A name?" Draco asked, one perfect eyebrow raised.

Harry turned to Draco, placing a fist over his heart. His intense green eyes closed briefly.

"I appologise for the disgraceful occurences that has taken place from my family to yours. They are an embarrassment to pureblood society."

Draco eyed the boy with approval shining in his stormy grey eyes.

"I accept with forgiveness," Draco replied the traditional response,"if I may wonder, what is your name?"

Harry sighed and mumbled,"Harry Potter."

Draco narrowed his eyes suspiciously at the boy.

"What in Salazar's name is a Potter-"

Theo looked past Harry to Draco, his eyes boring into his.

"We met when we were seven years old in Diagon Alley.. technically," Harry gave a laugh at that,"I was accidentally separated from my parents and I somehow managed to enter Knockturn Alley, wandering aimlessly. An evil witch, having spied me, grabbed my arm to pull me into a shop when Harry popped out from the opposite direction. He quickly kicked her in the shins to make her lose hold of my arm. Afterwards, he pulled me back around a lot of twists and turns to the opening of Diagon Alley and helped me find my parents. Ever since then, we've been best mates."

Draco nodded, still seemingly shocked at a Potter actually entering Knockturn Alley willfully.

Harry held an elegant and long-fingered hand out to Draco, giving a small smile. His brilliant emerald orbs assured the young pureblood he was indeed not lying.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Draco Malfoy. I do honor your family. It is lucky to be a part of such an honourable family unlike my own, such as yours and Theo's."

Draco gave a genuine smile at the praise.

"I must say, I am pleasantly surprised at your differences from your obnoxious family. You seem as pureblood as me and Theo."

Harry gave a small smile at that.

"So, who do you want to win?"

The three boys talked animatedly with each other about Quidditch, arguing about teams and players and positions, having a great time.

The three boys didn't notice when the adults around them became quiet until they heard an acidic and arrogant voice, cutting in to their joyous conversation.

"Isn't it the slimy snakes?"

James Potter glared at the two wealthy pureblood Lords.

Lucius Malfoy gave a calm smirk, his silvery eyes unreadable.

"How mature, Potter. Now, tell us, what brings such an obnoxious and arrogant fool here today?"

James' deathly glare changed targets, targeting Harry.

"Boy! What are you doing sitting here with these.. Death Eaters?! I ordered you to keep out of our plans, didn't I? Your lack of intelligence is so astounding I'm even surprised we kept you!"

Harry's face, one second sporting joy and humor, became expressionless and cold, hiding how much that one statement stung.

"Of course, what could we expect from such a disgraceful Dark wizard?"

Harry had to clench his jaw to keep from the burning embarrassment and shame showing on his face.

The Malfoys and the Notts were shocked, though it was hidden behind flawless masks of coldness.

Lucius noticed Harry's clenched jaw and burning eyes.

Eyes burning with shame, he realized with narrowed eyes.

Narcissa Malfoy glared at James, her eyes glaring at the former Gryffindor.

"How dare you talk to Harry that way? It isn't such a surprise coming from James Potter of all people, but that is just outright revolting and low."

James' face became even more scarlet, his eyes flashing dangerously at the biting remark.

"You must feel proud of yourself, squib. You even have one of the most Dark and evil families defending you."

Harry couldn't stand staying quiet anymore. He wouldn't allow his father to belittle both him and two wonderful families. That was crossing a very imaginary and very dangerous line of his.

"Well, Dad," Harry spat the name sarcastically,"what do you want? You may insult me, but don't bring actual honorable pureblood families into this."

James looked hatefully as his son, the acidic quip hitting home quite clearly.

"We've raised you, clothed you, and fed you, and you treat us with such blatant disrespect! I am ordering you to leave to go back home, now. You don't even deserve to enjoy the World Cup."

Alexander Nott spoke up, his eyes piercing James's with a dangerous glint.

"That is absurd! Wh-"

"He is my son and is not of age, so he must listen to me." James cut in infuriatingly, his angered brown eyes focused on Harry smugly.

Theo and Draco both had looks of outrage on their faces and was about to cut in, but was silenced with a look from their parents.

Harry glared scathingly at James and slowly stood up, flashing green locked with smug brown.

He gave a hesitant smile towards both of the elegant and aristocratic pureblood families.

"It was a pleasure meeting you, Lord, Lady, and Heir Malfoy. Thank you for everything, Mr and Mrs Nott. Goodbye, Theo." Harry gave a bow to the two families, a sign of respect and honor.

He walked gracefully towards James, his features stony and his eyes icy.

"You deserve only what a squib deserves." James spat when Harry was in hearing range.

James stormed down the steep stairs, wrapping a firm hand around Harry's slender arm and pulling him along.

Harry wrenched his arm out of James's bruising grip, his eyes positively poisonous with loathing.

"I can lead myself, James."

James cast a glare from behind his hideous glasses, wrapping an even harsher hand around his arm and pulling him down the stairs, pointedly ignoring Harry's protests.

As soon as they reached the Apparation Point, they abruptly Disapparated to the Potter manor.

James immediately summoned a house elf.

There was a small 'pop', and the small creature stood before them, ringing his hands nervously.

"Master Potter?"

"Lock this.. abomination in his room. Make sure he does not leave his quarters!" James snarled at the small creature.

The creature gave a large nod.

"Yes, Master Potter!"

James cast one more disdain-filled look at Harry before Apparating once again, leaving the grumpy-looking creature and Harry.

"Master Harry, please follow Snappy!"

Harry smiled at the creature, despite his anger. He always held a soft spot for house elves even though the Potters despised the creatures.

Harry followed his small form to his lonesome wing of the manor, allowing himself to be locked inside of the room.

Harry heard different locks click into place as soon as the door closed.

"Snappy is really sorry, Master Harry! Snappy must follow Master Potter's orders!"

Then he was gone.

Harry finally dropped the mask, his eyes glowing with anger and his face in a snarl.

How dare James? Alexander and Anabelle paid exclusively for his seat! It was bloody unfair.

Harry barely took notice when every object in the room started shaking, his magic lashing uncontrollably.

The shaking became more pronounced and stronger, things even sounding like they were about to explode.

Harry tried to calm his white hot waves of pure anger and frustration, satisfactorily making the room steady once again.

He sat down on his bed, putting his head in his hands. He pulled on his dark strands of hair, thinking of ways to end his torment that was facing James and Lily every day.

For sure, he had to be Sorted into any other House except Gryffindor.

Harry gave a feral grin to himself.

Yes, that will sure show them quite clearly what Harry thinks about their views.

Two weeks had gone by since the Quiddich World Cup, two weeks filled with hateful behavior from his mother and father and apologetic from his brother, though he was still curious about Harry's mysterious friends.

Harry himself barely spoke a word to anyone, preferring the constant silence of his room and the comforting company of books. He owled Theo constantly though, planning their Diagon Alley trip and whatnot.

Damon himself was allowed to visit and be visited by his friends Ron Weasley and Neville Longbottom though every time he suggested Harry to come along, they disagreed profusely.

"I am not hanging out with a Dark wizard!" Ron claimed rather harshly.

"I-I'm n-not allowed," Neville quickly stuttered afterwards.

Damon sighed and went along with the other two to the giant Quiddich pitch they owned, taking only one glance back at the lonesome staircase leading to the most non-visited wing of the manor.

One seemingly ordinary day, Harry leisurely stretched out on his bed, reading a very interesting book on the art of Potions sent in by Theo. He yawned and placed his head in his arms.

Suddenly, he heard a booming voice from the foot of his staircase.

"Squib! Get down here now!"

Harry narrowed his green eyes and slowly stood up, stretching his long limbs. He opened his door and peered out, turning the corner to find James glaring up at him.


James narrowed his eyes and said in a softly dangerous voice.

"We are leaving to Diagon tomorrow. I expect you can get there and shop by yourself?"

Harry gave a derisive glare, nodding nevertheless.


James turned on his heel and left, calling out to Damon and his two "friends", his voice playful and light once again.

"Boys! Who wants to go to Fortescues for ice cream?"

Harry heard muffled shouts of excitement before he walked back into his room, disgusted.

As soon as he closed his door, he quickly got out a piece of parchment and a quill with a small ink-pot.

He wrote to Theo, explaining about going to Diagon tomorrow. Using Damon's owl, he sent out the letter.

Barely twenty minutes later, he received a reply confirming their plans. Harry gave a genuine smile at the thought.

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