Summary: How does Mrs. Ackerman sound to you?

Levi doesn't make the suggestion so much as assume it's already going to happen, so Petra laces her fingers through his and smiles in a way that she hopes is soothing before she lets him in on her secret.

"So uh," she begins eloquently. "I'm not changing my last name."

"What?" Finally Levi stops walking and turns to face. He stares at her with confusion written all over his face. "Why not?"

She rolls her eyes because she knew this was how he'd react. He's a proud man deep down and she knew that not changing her name to Petra Ackerman wouldn't sit well with him. Knowing Levi, remaining Petra Ral meant something along the lines of reluctance or shame about their relationship.

Petra sighs and squeezes his hand. "I'm getting married, Levi, not getting a new father."

He winces slightly and she thinks he might have taken that as a jab about his age so she kisses him on the cheek to placate him.

"I don't need to take your last name for people to understand I'm yours," she tells him through a smile. "I mean it's not like you're taking mine, right? And keeping my own doesn't make me love you any less."

Still, he's pouting so she shakes her head and laughs and pulls him along as they walk towards the church.