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Blake: A Feline Frenzy

Months have passed since the run in with White Fang. Fortunately. for the Faunus. who was tested by her merit and loyalty, was glad to feel the normality of being a student. Team RWBY was quiet about the reveal of Blake's true race, although she felt that Weiss still harbored some negative feelings towards her despite her loving nature. Blake would stock that in the win category considering the ice princess was threatening the police and incarceration before it was all said and done.

For the most part, Blake's life had reset back to normal. School, training, and hiding her secret from the world. Shortly after the fight, Team RWBY sat down and talked about the next step and she logically explained why it would still be better to wear the bow. She didn't want to become Velvet. The sweet, shy, innocent Faunus gets picked on and nobody at school really seems to take initiative to stop the bullying because of the Faunus' status. She vowed to be more vocal in her protection of Velvet, but would not like the attention at the school for being different. Ruby thought it was fine as long as Blake was happy with it. Weiss found the logic sound as Blake didn't like attention in the first place. The one that seemed slightly miffed by it was Yang. Not because she should be proud of being Faunus, but for a far more immature reason.

She really liked Blake's cat ears.

Blake normally would have punched anyone who would jokingly say such a statement about Faunus attributes. She hates being found cute by such odd appreciation for her race, Yang was an exception. Yang was the reason she was with the team by being Ruby's big sister, was easier to open up to because of her endless spout of cheerfulness, and genuinely felt that the ears weren't just some accessory she wish she could have, but a part of Blake as a whole.

Blake didn't know what ignited the fire with Yang, but she has been asking her to hang out with her more, just one-on-one. She was alright with it. No matter how good a book was, it was no substitute for a friend. The dark-haired girl was sitting on her bed as the Fall weather temperatures were dipping down. The scenery was beautiful, but not for a girl that normally wears shirts with a midriff and a vest for attire. She figured sitting down and enjoying the sequel to 'Ninjas of Love' and some tea would be far more enjoyable than whatever was out there.

As she was getting into the very guilty pleasure romance of the novel, the door crashed open. The woman was startled, bringing her out of the steamy moment to see her blonde bunk mate at the frame.

"Hello bed!" Yang exclaimed and sluggishly leaped face first on Blake's part of the bunk. The Faunus took a disliking to the disruption and voiced her opinion.

"Wrong bed, Blondie. You're top." Blake observed the slickness of sweat coating her friend. The wetness of her skin clinging her clothes to her curves. "You were just at the gym weren't you? I don't want your dirty sweat on my sheets."

The blonde replied as if Blake was able to hear the muffled excuse.

"I didn't get that. Turn yourself over," Blake said slightly annoyed.

The blonde did as instructed. "Can't I lie here for a minute? I might have pushed myself a tad harder today than usual."

"Normally, I would say yes, but not when the shower is ten feet from us. Please, Yang, I just washed these things," she said authoritatively. Yang let out a large defeated sigh and marched herself to the doorway. The blonde did what she always does and flings her clothing back into the room as she disrobes. Blake went back to her book with the background noise of the shower running and Yang humming some random tune from the Achieve Men. Blake particularly didn't enjoy the boy band's music, but her partner's cheerful humming of the songs had grown on her. The thought crossed her mind as she realized Yang had grown on her. Being such an anti-social person, Blake would sit in her room and read frequently for the escapist feeling of a great read. She gave credit to Ruby, but Yang was always the one to convince her to get out of her comfort zone on more than one occasion. She couldn't believe that in a lifetime she would go to a dive bar, watch so many movies, and actually attend an Achieve Men concert. Blake did find them better live, but Yang was slowly opening up Blake to the rest of the world. She had no idea why Yang would take the person least likely to enjoy the time spent, but she was grateful as she could see worse ways of spending her time.

The time exhausted blow drying Yang's hair was longer than Professor Port's blathering rants. But as the howling of the machine clicked off, a fresh blonde with a white towel wrapped around her came out of the steamy room.

"Man, that felt good. Warm water, you have done it again," Yang vocalized as she did a few quick jabs in the air. Blake peaked over her book and was surprised at her reaction to the normality of the situation. Yang was a beautiful woman. Blake would even find herself admiring the voluptuous curves of her partner, but today she found them a little more tantalizing. She watched Yang go to the dresser. Hips swaying with such force, hair bouncing against her delicate back, and breasts giving a healthy bounce to the thrusts.

Blake could feel her face heat up. "Well. alright, that's weird. Yes, Yang's pretty, but certainly never had that reaction before. Granted I probably have never peaked over my books to see her walk out of the bathroom. Just shake it off, Blake. The book is getting rather hot in this section. It was probably a one time thing."

Yang got dressed in her usual attire and plopped back into the same position as she was before the shower. Now fully clean, Blake could care less if Yang were to fall asleep at her feet, but it seemed she was more in a talkative mood.

"What's the book about?"

Blake was brought out of her reading groove again, but her team interrupting her was more than fine at this stage. Blake, however, couldn't reveal that she was reading one of her smutty romance novels. She would never hear the end of it from the cheeky blonde. The Faunus quickly thought of a lie. "It's about a Faunus. She is in love and falling for a successful dust merchant, but he is a self-hating Faunus and doesn't want anything to do with her even though he feels the same way. It's thoroughly unattractive that he would do such a thing, just to keep his business thriving," Blake commented.

"I hear you," Yang said from beyond the book. The dark-haired girl then felt the warm hands of Yang burn into her cold feet. Before she could complain, Yang was positioning herself next to Blake. An arm lazily wrapped around the Faunus' waist and a tuft of blonde hair on her shoulder.

"Have to ask, what's with the snuggling?" Blake protested.

"Your feet were freezing and, judging from the rest of you, you could use a good heater," Yang pointed out. Blake wanted to complain and kick her off, but she had to admit that the brawler's fiery aura was hitting the right spots as it was coursing through her. Blake didn't mind as she has had to share warmth in her part on White Fang missions. So long as Yang wasn't a disruption to the reading, Blake would be still.

After a few minutes of silence, Blake felt her wish disapperate. "Can you read it to me?"

"Read? Are you serious?"

"I just want a cat nap. Noise helps me fall asleep. You have a really gentle voice and the synopsis earlier got me curious," Yang explained.

"You said cat nap cause I have cat ears, didn't you?" the Faunus pointed out.

Yang stifled a giggle. "Yeah. Puns are awesome, aren't they?"

Blake rolled her eyes and didn't mind the harmless joke. She decided that reading couldn't hurt, but not at the part where the protagonist was on all fours receiving one of the best orgasms of her life. She slipped backward to how the two first met to keep her partner in the dark about her taste in literature. After a few pages, Blake could feel Yang's arm go limp and head slump onto the her shoulder. The Faunus smiled at the gesture, but even as Yang's body heat was transferring over, the woman could feel herself getting hotter from within. She again blamed the book and joined Yang for a small sleep on the lazy day.

Blake was carrying in groceries from the local convenient store on campus. Yang was a fan of her snacks and the school was very health oriented. It was either go months without the tasty bites or go on a pilgrimage to a store and purchase the stock. Blake was promised access to the pastries if she helped, but as they were walking towards the store, recounting how much time they've spent together. Since the lazy day, it's been almost a continuous stream of her and Yang for events that didn't require Blake to be there.

As they were stowing their loot under Blake's bed for storage, the Faunus had to answer her curiosities. "Yang, is there a particular reason you've been asking me to join you in all these activities?"

The blonde stopped as if caught red in a lie. She resumed momentarily placing the boxes. "You know... just wanting some company."

Yang was not the best liar and Blake decided to press harder on the subject. "You know you didn't need me to go get a new school uniform because you ripped your jacket."

Yang paused and the look of defeat in her face indicated Blake wasn't wrong in her prodding of information. "Well, you know how you're like a Faunus and all."

Blake's stern nature was immediately dismantled at the obvious fact. "Yeah. Known that for awhile."

"Well, back when we were all talking about what you would do with your ear reveal, I said I just wanted you to keep your bow off because I like your ears. This is true. I think they are adorable, but it makes me feel that you want to hide from the rest of us humans because we are horrible. Me dragging you everywhere is because I wanted to show you that most humans are genuinely good people and wouldn't bat an eyelash if you walked into their stores with your ears. I know you're proud of being a Faunus and I wouldn't want you to not be your full self because of a few bad eggs."

Blake was taken aback form the statement. She didn't think Yang would go beyond the normally bubbly nature to give a thought out reason for her not to hide. She was moved by the blonde's words. "That's actually really sweet of you, Yang, but I have my reasons. I want to believe what you say, that probably most humans wouldn't care. I didn't give humans much of a chance before coming to Beacon and, thanks to you and the team, you've shown me that humans are capable of understanding. Sadly, I've seen a harsher reality where they treat you fine in disguise, but the second they realize who you are, they put up their prejudice and protect themselves from the 'monster'. Don't get me wrong. I've had a lot of fun going out with you. Next time you invite me someplace, have it be because you want me with you."

Blake gave a reassuring smile and Yang smiled big back. She leaped over and gave the Faunus a bear hug. The strong fighter had to admit that sometimes Yang didn't know her own strength as a few back bones were cracking under the pressure. The blonde pulled back, got up and offered Blake her hand. "Then I cordially invite you to class cause we have like two minutes to get there."

Blake didn't realize how late it was before Yang snatched her hand and was pulling her to class. She wanted to protest the childlike gesture, but was more intrigued as to what response was happening to her. She felt her pulse increase as Yang hugged her and face heating up as the brawler took her hand so quick. Before she could make anything out of the sensation, she was already in her seat. Luckily, Beacon wasn't overcrowded and the seats were feet away from each other. She wanted Yang to keep a distance as throughout Professor Oobleck's class all she could think about is what was going on with her body.

"What is wrong with me? Yang shouldn't have that kind of reaction on me. My heart is racing and it isn't because we ran here. Feeling her body pressed against mine and delicately holding my hand like that. I flushed. I'm still flushed. I can feel the heat on my face. Good thing Yang's long hair is keeping me out of her peripheral vision so she can't see this. I've read too many books to not guess at what this is, but I can't give into it. I can't actually be falling for her?"

Fidgeting in her seat while sorting out her feelings was harder than she thought. It was like trying to stop an oil fire. The more she tried to pour water onto it, the more it spread. As she was trying to deny it, the past few months with her and Yang were coming back and she was noticing the finer qualities of the blonde and traits she looks for in a romantic partner. Slowly a checklist was made and being filled out mentally as Blake felt she was going crazy with the realization. Before the bell rang, Blake made sure to push it out of her mind. Dwelling on such a subject was pointless and wasted the entire hour she was supposed to be learning about Vale's history.

The bell rang and Blake didn't want to see Yang, lest she only further prove her hypothesis. She stomped up the stairs, but with the blonde already at the entrance waiting, her plan got snuffed quickly. Using her training, she centered herself and kept a straight face for the unknowing brawler. "Long lecture. I was about to fall asleep. I swear, if that class wasn't so small I'd be on my scroll looking up cute animal pictures to kill time."

Blake let out a shaken laugh as she noticed that now looking directly into the lilac orbs was harder. "Keep cool, Blake."

"Yea... yeah. I found myself nodding off almost."

"Well, I'm starved. Let's get down to the hall and get some grub while it's fresh," Yang pronounced. The slender arm of the blonde was about to wrap itself around Blake's shoulders as usual. The Faunus quickly reacted and shuttered away from the close quarters touching of Yang.

"Umm... rain check. If you don't mind, I want to get back into my room and lie down. Think I may have caught something," Blake lied.

Being the most trusting person ever, Yang ate it up without giving it a second thought. "Jeez, sorry. You should have said something earlier. I wouldn't have brought you out today, then. I'll..."

"Nora! Give me back my backpack!" was barely shouted by the mild mannered Ren. Blake looked down to see the bouncing redhead, backpack in tow, making her way hurriedly up the stairs.

"You were taking too long packing up. I'm speeding up the process. It's Melon Bread Day. Melon bread, Ren. Gotta get down and get some," Nora enthusiastically stated. With her usual unfazing happiness, Nora ran in-and-out of every student to get some bread. The redhead accidentally swung the backpack and hit Blake in the back of the knee. As the Faunus was falling, she abruptly stopped. She opened her eyes to see Yang's face inches away from hers. Blonde hair cascaded down, making a private viewing of Blake's crimson face. In the static seconds, as she was looking into the brawler's face, she felt her heart stop and kick start in her throat.

Yang propped the dark-haired girl up and placed an open palm over her forehead. Blake resented the niceness as it was only making her hotter having the blonde touch her. "You are burning up. Sneaky cold. It's even messing with your stance. You usually are really good on your feet."

Blake knew the real reason behind her clumsiness and it wasn't the imaginary cold. Staying so close to the source wasn't going to help. Blake couldn't see it, but her face was rivaling Ruby's coat and sweat pouring from the proximity of Yang were at least making her story believable. "Yeah. Colds. Super crazy. I think I'll take that as my cue to leave," Blake extended her lie, peppering her outro with some mild coughs. "I'll try to not get the team sick."

"It's all good. Sharing a little germs only makes us stronger. To bed with you. I'll be back in a bit and I better see you under the sheets," Yang warned with a smile.

Blake didn't need to hear anymore as the emotions raging inside her were almost bursting at the seams. The Faunus made haste back to her room, covering her face so no one would see her. She couldn't believe how foolish she was acting in front of Yang. To a lesser extent, she couldn't believe her feelings towards the blonde. Blake made it to the safety of her bedroom, stepped into the bathroom and splashed water in her face. She looked at herself in the mirror. She was never one to show emotion and what she saw in her eyes was fear.

"I can't... I can't be falling for Yang. Who am I kidding? Based on my schoolgirl antics, I've fallen for her like a tons of bricks. Surprised I can make coherent sentences with my voice shaking as much as it is. But... why does it have to be her? Why couldn't it have been some random person on the street who flashed me a nice smile and I never saw again. It's not like I can avoid Yang. Even if I were to avoid her for the day, somehow, I'd eventually have to come here to sleep. I'm in love with my partner, teammate, dorm mate, and bunk mate. So little time is spent away from her that I can't even find it plausible to get over her. But it sure explains how my feelings became so strong."

Blake sat on the closed toilet and put her face in her hands, sulking in the realization. "Such a hopeless endeavor. The Faunus War divided us and The White Fang attacks continue to keep us apart. I could never ask Yang to deal with the troubles me and my people go though just so I can have her. Human and Faunus relationships are extremely frowned upon, definitely some of the prejudice would be splashed from me to her. Yang was lucky enough to be born a human and to have her be with me would have her give up those privileges. I can't be so selfish..."

Blake grabbed sip of water and headed to her wardrobe for a quick change. Yang thought she was sick and she might as well play the part. Now, in her black robe nighty, she snuggled underneath her covers and picked up another book. While reading, the door was tapped on and the person of her infatuation stepped in. Blake hid behind the book as Yang came closer to her. Often intruding personal space, the blonde placed her finger on the binding and forced the Faunus to look Yang in her lilac eyes. She smiled big as she held up a plastic bag.

"I don't know how hungry you were, but I brought you some mushroom stew and your favorite, a tuna sandwich."

Blake's heart swelled at the kindness, but openly rejected it. "Why... it would be a person who is thoughtful. Why do I have to fall for the good ones?" she sarcastically thought.

The Faunus lowered her book and address the blonde woman. "Thanks," she said as she lowered the book and placed it on the shelf next to the bunks. She accepted the plastic bag, untied in and got to the food. "You didn't have to do this. It's really nice of you."

"Pssh. It's nothing. Come on. Eat up," Yang cheerfully said. The blonde dove under the bed and got a couple of the coveted snacks they earned today. She offered one to Blake, but she was sure the two course meal would more than satisfy her. They quietly sat there and enjoyed their meals. The only sounds being the plastic wrappers and Blake blowing on the stew to cool it. Although it was calm on the outside, inside the raven-haired girl was a different story.

"This soup reminds me of when Yang held me and had her aura pulsed through... OK no. This needs to stop. This has to stop. Look at something else. Anything that doesn't remind me of her. Ruby's bed. Nope, Yang's sister. The dresser. Wait, that's Yang's yellow shirts slumping about on the top. To the floor. Why is Yang's dog throw pillow on the ground?"

The Faunus finished her modest serving quickly and moved on the the main course. Yang threw her plastic next to the wastebasket and missed. She shrugged it off as Weiss wasn't in the room to chew her out. Blake was focused on not looking over to Yang and ate the sandwich while looking at the ground. She heard the sheets ruffle and before she knew it, Yang was behind her playing with her bow. The Faunus moved her head to stop the playful antics.

"You know not to touch it."

"I know. Sorry. I saw you eating tuna and remembered cats like tuna. It's hard not to fixate on the obvious," Yang innocently confessed.

Blake didn't want to admit that her new found love was having a change of heart on her attitude towards the no touching policy. She almost blurted that it was alright as long at it was Yang, but with the blonde actually touching her, it would only make her sickness look worse. The Faunus finished her delectable snack food and got underneath the covers. She may be having to play sick, but a small nap after the stressful couple of hours was highly desirable about now. While turned away from the blonde, Yang put the back of her hands on the dark-haired girl's forehead and stroked though the long strands. Blake shuttered at the touch. Before Yang would go any further, she spoke her concern. "Can you please not do that. I appreciate it, but I'm a grown woman. I can take care of myself."

"I know. Sorry for being like this. I used to take care of Ruby when she was sick. Watching her grow, she doesn't need that support from me anymore. It's all that milk she drinks."

Yang's infectious laugh had Blake's smiling in the pillow. She did deflate quickly. Out of everyone in the group, Yang carried such a caring attitude that even the ice princess had a hard time rebuffing the kindness. If there was one thing that shouldn't be punished, it's her almost motherly affection. Blake was trying to keep her crush a secret, but couldn't hurt her tender teammate in the process. The Faunus thought back to the first conversation she had with her sister. Yang used to read Ruby to bed, stories of heroes and monsters. Blake sat up, still trying to keep her distance, but close the emotional one.

"Read me to sleep."

Yang looked over at the sudden response. "Really?"

"Yea-yeah. You seemed to like it when I read to you. Let's see if it works for me." Blake smiled, but darted her eyes to not meet the lilac ones gleaming with joy.

"Let's give it a shot. So long as you're alright with some classic fiction," Yang said beaming a smile. She returned to her original position as she grabbed one of the novels from Ruby's childhood. As Yang read the perfectly poetic words, Blake shut her eyes and drifted to sleep.

"If I can keep these feelings under control, I could get used to this."

"I can't get used to this," the Faunus thought to herself. "This is one of those times I wish my team picked up the slack. Weiss, why does she have to drag Ruby around for studying? Without the other two, it's just me and Yang. Oobleck's exams are notoriously hard so it's been me, her, and a couple of textbooks alone in a small library room. I've been trying to keep my distance, but Yang always seems to look at my book. Probably because there's more than enough distracting doodles on her pages."

Blake sat on her bed, waiting for the time she had to meet Yang. The blonde had infected her mind and the Faunus was love sick or rather sick of her love. She had disappointed herself so much. She is usually so calm, cool, and collected. Years of training to be able to handle herself in the most dangerous situations, but a couple of pretty eyes were enough to dismantle her. "It's not that I haven't felt like this before. Couple missions with some members of The White Fang, you know, you get close to one another. Never have I been falling over on my feet, though."

The Faunus laid on her bed. Hoping she'd get an email on her scroll saying the exam was canceled so she wouldn't have to see Yang tonight. She packed up her things and headed towards the library. She got a room and sat quietly. She didn't know why she came early as Yang is fashionably late. Then again, some quiet study time without Yang, the ultimate distraction, was a good thing.

Eventually the blonde came in with a food apology for being late. Blake again was annoyed as Yang could do no wrong. The study session went better than previous. Yang brought in an honest effort to learn history and was exceeding the expectations of the Faunus. Some quiet conversation, tea, and biscuits made for a productive meeting.

Their time reserved in the library room was almost over. With putting in more time than usual, Blake and Yang spent the time talking instead of burning themselves out for the exam. Since a lot of the exam was on The Faunus War, the subject of fighting was ever present and Yang was talking about the battle she had at a nightclub. "So, I just get done with fighting just a little militia of guys in bad suits. They couldn't pull off red ties and fedoras if they tried. Just wrecked them as soon as I released my semblance and got serious. You have your rules with the bow. I have my rules with my hair and they broke them."

Blake was amused. Definitely the two who liked fighting the most were Ruby and Yang. Neither of them liked to draw blood, but judging from the reading material they used to read, they were people who fought for what was right, and protected people who couldn't protect themselves. So listening to Yang talk about how she absolutely was crushing bones and pulverizing organs was enchanting. The authority she revealed in fighting was unreal. From her description, each punch was to not only take down the enemy, but make it look as good as possible. Such confidence was very admired by the Faunus. It definitely was stirring the love inside her.

Constantly having to direct her attention to anything other than Yang when she felt the urges. However, during the story's duration, the dark-haired girl was transfixed on the brawler. The golden hair, the shining lilac eyes, lips slick with gloss, button nose. She could go on. The longer her attention was on Yang, the harder it was to control.

"So now it's just me and these two girls. Hideous saloon outfits and they are just punks who think they can beat me. I reload by flinging my ammo belts in the air and locking them into Ember Celica and..."

Yang was stopped as the Faunus' faced closed in and their lips connected. Yang's eyes widened as the suddenness of the kiss was setting in. Blake was lost in the moment. By the time she realized what was happening, the kiss was complete and she quickly backed away. She saw her partner's dumbfounded face. Blake's heart raced. She knew she had to somehow cover up her actions.

"So sorry, Yang. I didn't mean for that to happen. I was sitting here and you were talking and I don't know, I lost myself and..."

The Faunus was shut down as Yang forcefully placed her lips onto hers as her reply. With roles reversed, the amber eyes of Blake were about to pop out. The feeling was too good. It's what she secretly has been wanting and was going to let herself give into the emotions. Both girls succumbed to the motion of the loving action and closed their eyes. Yang's lips were soft and coated with a hint of strawberry, an alluring scent of citrus wafting from her golden hair. It was slow, but sweet as pecks from the blonde were gently controlling the session. Yang tentatively pushed Blake's hair behind her ears. The brawler's hand found its place and rested behind the Faunus' head, deepening the kiss. Blake's free hand cupped Yang's face, rubbing her thumb on the soft cheek. Her blush was freely spreading as she was getting more into the moment.

Before the peppering of small innocent kisses got out of hand, the two heard a long tapping on the window. Blake immediately snapped back into reality and looked in horror to see who was outside. The ever-so chipper Nora was waving and saying 'hello' as if the two weren't in an intimate moment. Next to her was Ren, who has his head down pretending not to see and hide his embarrassment from Nora's entrance.

Blake's face was already red from the intimacy. The added layer of embarrassment of getting caught made her face look like a tomato. Blake reacted quick and shoved all of her books into her pack and quickly made her way to the door. "Thanks for studying, Yang. Sorry for going over the time Ren and Nora bye."

Blake heard Yang say something, but pretended not to hear it. All she knew was she couldn't face Yang or her team for awhile. "I can't believe I just did that. What is wrong with me? I didn't mean to do that, it just happened. Almost like magnets getting slowly stronger until they are close enough to connect. It's over. Yang isn't going to let that slide past her. We can't go back to where we were as friends. Now that she knows how I feel about her. I have to get away. Just for a few days. Maybe I can think of a better excuse than you had something on your lips."

The scared Faunus departed from the library and quickly made her way towards the town. It wasn't going to be easy, but living off campus is her only option. A couple of transactions later, she was in a hotel room with a bed. It wasn't as nice as the dorm, but there was the plus that there was no Yang. Blake sat on her bed, rolling around in her own self-loathing. She figured as long as she shows up for the exam would be enough. Skipping a few classes till then would be easy to make up.

After the adrenaline of the event was leaving her, Blake was falling asleep on her pillow. She didn't want to think about what happens next. There were too many scenarios were it would end poorly. Dwelling on it would only make her feel worse. As guilty as it was, she thought back to the kiss, placing her hand to her lips. She could still feel Yang, taste her saliva, and feel every pleasurable nerve as her mind reminisced. "It may not have been worth it, but it was... gratifying."

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