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Carol tucked Sophia into bed with a smile. It was a real bed. In a building with food and lights and running water. She couldn't believe how much had changed in the last few hours. It seemed like moments ago they were standing outside, staring at Rick, wondering what to do. And the next thing she knew they were sitting around a table, eating, drinking and celebrating.

She was about to pick up a book to read Sophia a bed time story, but noticed her little girl was already fast asleep. Carol placed a soft kiss on her forehead and quietly left, closing the door silently behind her. All the rooms had only a single bed so they had taken two rooms. Daryl was waiting next door, with a half empty bottle of Southern Comfort.

Carol knocked lightly before entering. She walked straight over to where he was sitting on the bed, removed the bottle from his hand, took a quick sip, then set it down. She had a plan, that didn't involve alcohol, at least not for the first part. "Are you drunk?" she asked, simply out of curiosity, nothing more.

"Nah," Daryl shook his head. "Just got a little buzz on." He looked at her, "I'm a mean drunk like my old man, no one needs to see that."

Carol nodded then tugged his hand, pulling Daryl to his feet, "Come on, everyone has had a turn in those showers except us."

Daryl grinned, "But Jenner said not to use too much water. Maybe we should wait until morning?" He reached for her and pulled her in for a long kiss. She could taste the same sweet fruity alcohol, with a trace of whiskey flavour, on him that she had just consumed herself.

She pulled back and headed out the door, knowing he would follow. "I figure if we just shower together we can save water," Carol replied, leading him into the change rooms. She didn't even look to see if they were heading into the men's or women's. It simply didn't matter.

She turned on the shower to let it warm, then got undressed. By the time she turned around he was already naked. Carol gave him a sexy look and disappeared into the shower stall. She stuck a hand into the spray to test the temperature and giggled. The water was warm, almost hot. She couldn't remember the last time she had a hot shower. Carol ducked into the steady stream and felt the water move over her head, face, shoulders and down her body. She sighed, "oh my god, this is incredible."

Carol wiped the water away from her eyes and opened them. Daryl was standing just inside the stall, watching her intently. "Seeing that look on your face might be even better than actually feeling that water on me," he said, a tiny smile playing on his lips. She let her eyes wash over his body. Carol could look at him naked for hours and never get tired of it. His broad shoulders, narrow waist, beautifully sculpted muscles everywhere... Even the tattoos, which had never been a draw for her, made her feel something she had never felt before.

Her eyes lingered on his groin area, she couldn't help herself. He wasn't anywhere near fully hard, but he was certainly getting there. Carol smiled and ran her hands over her own body, lingering on her breasts and flicking her nipples gently. "Get over here," she commanded him. Her own hands weren't enough, she needed him to touch her and she couldn't wait any longer to touch him.

Daryl moved closer, flinching at first from the temperature of the water. He climatized quickly and Carol saw his body relax as the water soothed his muscles. Daryl spun her and drew her back against him. She leaned into his body, melting as he wrapped her in his arms. They stayed that way for a while, just enjoying the feel of each other and the water pouring over them. Carol felt a sense of calm content for the first time in years. She could barely remember a time that Ed made her feel that way. Maybe very early on, when she was young and foolish and thought what he was offering her was real love.

Carol knew now that before Daryl she hadn't experienced real love. Not in the romantic sense. Sophia loved her and her parents loved her whether they were still alive somewhere or not. But she had never had true love from a man, no matter what she had thought or convinced herself in the past. It was different with Daryl. The way he looked at her, touched her, spoke to her and his sense of protectiveness were all things she never knew she always wanted.

Daryl distracted her from her thoughts as he reached for the shampoo. She assumed he was going to wash his own hair as he squeezed a blob into his hand, but instead he reached for her and started to massage the shampoo into her short hair. Carol felt her entire body tingle at the feel of his fingertips massaging her scalp. She closed her eyes and sighed once again. When he stopped she ducked under the water to rinse out the suds. By the time she was done Daryl had his own hair lathered up and they switched spots.

Carol picked up the bottle of liquid shower gel and put some in her hand. When Daryl opened his eyes she offered him some as well. She set the bottle down and caught his hand just before Daryl started to spread the soap onto his chest. Carol moved his hand to her breast, indicating for him to wash her as she smeared her own soap all over the front of him.

She could barely focus on what she was doing as Daryl's hands rubbed soap all over her. He toyed with her breasts and nipples far longer than necessary before sliding his hands down over her stomach and reaching between her legs. He turned her once again, so her back was to him, to give himself easier access. Carol felt her body respond instantly and the soap wasn't the only slick liquid he was touching. She could feel him pressing into her back and reached behind herself to grasp him. Daryl was definitely hard by that point and Carol felt him throb in her hand as she stroked him with her soapy fingers.

"Jesus, we either need to get out of here now," Daryl groaned, "Or risk using way more hot water than we should."

Carol nodded. She thought it was really cute how he was being so considerate of their host's request, even in his current state of arousal. They finished washing their bodies quickly and Carol turned off the water. She went to step out of the stall and realized she hadn't grabbed towels. "Oh shit," she muttered looking at Daryl as he came to the same conclusion.

Daryl shrugged and picked up his clothes, covering the important areas before peeking out into the hallway. He motioned that the coast was clear and she followed, trying to figure out a way to cover her boobs and the back and front of her with only two hands. Finally she gave up and followed him into the hallway. They were both giggling quietly as they streaked down the hall to his room. Neither noticed a very drunk Glenn sticking his head into the hallway and snickering at the sight of their bare white asses.

When the door shut behind them they both dropped their clothes to the floor. Daryl grabbed the southern comfort off the table and took a drink. He offered it to her and Carol took a swig. She could definitely get used to the liqueur, it was delicious. Daryl took another drink when she passed it back, obviously trying to return to his slightly buzzed state from earlier.

Carol took the bottle back and had one more big drink before setting it down. She could feel the effects of the alcohol quickly and realized what a cheap drunk she really was.

She looked at Daryl, his desire still evident, and her entire body flushed with heat. The buzz was intensifying her hunger for him and soon her hormones were raging out of control.

They reached for each other at the same time, limbs tangling and bodies crashing together. They were still damp from the shower making things a bit sticky. Carol arched her back as Daryl found her breasts with his hands, teasing and tormenting her nipples. He leaned in and took one in his warm mouth, sucked it hard until she gasped, then released it slowly.

Carol ground her hips against his body, rubbing his erection with her smooth skin. She tangled her fingers in his hair. It was short, yet still long enough to grip the wet tendrils. She pulled his lips to hers and they kissed with a lust and intensity indicating that this encounter would be all but over in minutes. Once they joined there would be no way either one was lasting long.

Daryl grabbed her and carried her to the bed, laying her down in the middle. He looked at her for a second, almost as if he was asking permission to do exactly what she would be begging for if he didn't start soon. Carol nodded and spread her legs, inviting him to do what they both wanted.

Daryl slid inside her and she felt as if she could have came instantly as he filled her up. He started to move, slow and gentle, obviously trying not to be savage. But she needed wild and crazy. She wanted to be pushed over the edge as fast as he could take her. "Fuck me Daryl," she begged him. "Fast. Hard. Make me come."

He reached for her hips for leverage and started to pound into her, their bodies slamming together with each thrust. She felt any sense of reserve she had left slipping away. Suddenly she felt his hand on her mound, just above the hair line. He pressed down hard and continued to drive deep into her and Carol moaned with pleasure at the incredible sensation he had created. She had no idea why the pressure was creating such incredible pleasure but with only a few more thrusts he had her over the edge, spinning, dizzy, blind with ecstasy. She could feel her vagina throbbing, contracting around his penis as he continued the quick strokes. Finally he groaned and stopped moving, holding himself deep inside her, his body shuddering with release. Carol wrapped her legs around his waist and held him tight, never wanting the feeling of their union to disappear.

As the last tingles of the orgasm subsided she slowly released her grip and relaxed her legs, allowing him to withdraw. Daryl moved to the side and bent to kiss her. After the kiss he laid his cheek gently on hers and rubbed softly. The stubble on his face tickled, but didn't hurt. She smiled and rubbed back. He laid down beside her and they enjoyed the warmth and comfort of each other. Eventually reality sunk in and Carol realized she had left Sophia alone for longer than she intended to. "I gotta go," she said sadly, as she untangled herself.

When she climbed out of the little bed and started to get dressed Daryl followed suit. She shot him a confused look and he shrugged, "I'll sleep on the floor, but I'm staying in the same room." Daryl did up the button on his pants. "It seems safe here, but you never know." He wrapped his arms around her. "No one will ever hurt you or Sophia again." When Daryl hugged her she knew he meant every word.

They slipped out into the hallway where Glenn was sitting with a bottle of wine. "Oh Daryl, thank God you found your pants," he laughed. "Carol on the other hand, just let me know if you're ever going streaking again," Glenn winked at her.

She wasn't sure which one of them were blushing more when they got to her room, but they were both laughing. Carol shushed him as they went inside where Sophia was fast asleep.

Daryl found a spot on the floor and started to make himself comfortable. Carol immediately felt guilty, yet at the same time she was flattered by his chivalry. It was nice to have a man who put her and Sophia first and would do anything to keep them safe. She found an extra blanket and grabbed her pillow. "Here," she said, lifting his head and putting the pillow under it. "Least I can do is make you a little more comfy if you're gonna sleep down there." Carol covered him with the blanket and took a moment to study his face. "Thank you," she said quietly, straight from the heart.

Daryl nodded and laid down his head to settle comfortably. She slipped into bed beside Sophia and snuggled close to share her pillow.

Carol closed her eyes with a smile. What had seemed like the end of the world only a few short months ago had brought her the start of a new life. A few stolen moments had led to something bigger than she could have ever imagined. She forced away all the doubts that were creeping into her mind and for once, finally, she was happy.

The end!