On his 9th Birthday, Naruto decided to abandon everything, his dreams, his life, everything in pursuit to end his existence. One time while raining beside a lake, he met a man cloaked in black and asked him. "Do you want to be the Demon King?" a Seirei no Tsukai no Blade Dance and Naruto Cross over, of course it is Harem.

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Rain was falling extraordinarily hard on Hi no Kuni for the past few hours

Regardless to say that rain was a simple way of nature to nurture the earth with life. A philosopher once said as well that ' Extraordinary Rains Pretty Generally Fall After Great Battles.'

Great Battles

Right now a 9 year old boy was fighting a great battle against someone he knew he can't beat. His self. The boy was deciding what to do... To flee from this place or to simply drink the poison that he has on his pocket. He was simply tired out of living his life. He simply has no reason to exist. A Flesh bag. A normal child doesn't have this kind of way of thinking of things but he is not a normal child. He is after all the host of the great kyuubi whose mere flick of its tails can create tsunamis and level down mountains. A pariah of the village he continously saved for every breath that he is breathing, for every drop of blood that is flowing inside him and everyday that he is still alive, he kept up on holding the kyuubi until today. After long deliberation and thinking that a 9 year old capable is. He finally decided to take the poison... For all he knew he could be hunted down if he escaped and be back in this hell hole again.

However, before he can consume the poison, a man in black cloak approached him. With him there are other people who are also dressed in black cloaks. There were 5 of them each of them carried alot of things, ranging from huge scrolls even jars of preserved eyes of varying degrees and alot of vials of blood in one of the other cloaked men's belt. Their black cloaks hindered the child from identifying their genders or what do they look alike. The man who approached him was tall about 6 ft in height towering the 9 year old orphan. He looked at the man with eyes that bore nothing, eyes that held void. He expected the man to hurt him but the words coming out of his mouth isn't something he expected, not by the very long shot.

"Do you want to be the Demon King(Maou)?"

The man said in his language with a tone, noting that he wasn't born of this place nor this continent. There was no feelings on his words, plain and simple offer to the child that is in front of him, He is an agent of the 'Instructional School' or more likely the organization running it. The 5 man group was probably the best that their organization can offer to a point that no one not even the ANBU and the Kage's of this place was able to detect them even if they did talk to him up front as ambassadors from a faraway land from the western oceans. Their actual job was to scour this place of anything that of use for their plans and to further it more, not even the safest place on this continent, the Fourth Hokage's vault was safe from them nor was the Kage's office of each respective villages, that's just how good they are with their job. The encounter with this child wasn't something planned but by pure coincidence since they saw the child continuously been beat up and he continuously stood up like nothing happened for the duration of their stay in this village. Nothing weird if one was a pariah which the 5 were once in their respective villages but the eyes of this child was devoid of anything, even emotions. Just cold hard calculation of what he needs to do. Perfect, apart from the fact that he can interact with spirits by merely sitting still in a temple if they can recall. Of course they stole the spirit that was in the temple which is a fire spirit comparable to that of 'Laevatein' in sheer amount of power which is sealed in a Nodachi. Now as another side quest, they were to take this child with them and probably he is the one that can be 'Maou' that has been their superiors waiting for. The tall man looked at the blonde orphan and waited for his response.

"Will it kill me?"

The young child said in a voice devoid of emotion not befitting of his age.


The man answered without a hint of hesitation nor sugar coating his words. True, it will probably kill him but by the time the institute is finished with him even their best operatives or even an army will find it difficult to scratch him moreover even to fatally injure him. Even if he isn't the Maou he can be an operative. With his eyes alone which didn't hold a single feeling he would be the perfect tool. Just what they would need.

"Will they find me?"

The child asked,

"Probably, but even if they find you they will not be able to touch you."

The man answered without any hint of lies as he reached out his hand to the child

"Ok, take me with you."

The blonde orphan, without any hesitations took the man's hand.

The man looked back to his companions and nodded to them. One by one each of them held a crystal in their hands and closed in on the on the blond child. The man himself took out the same crystal from his pocket. With that the 5 cloaked individuals and a blonde orphan child of destiny vanished from the Elemental Continent. No one in Konoha saw the blinding pillars of light that rainy day as the saviour of Elemental Continent vanished without a trace and probably will never be seen again.

7 Years later

In a quiet forest where the sun's rays shines through the leaves-


-the sound of water resounded through the trees.

Naruto stood and arched his only existent eyebrow since his left eye and most of his left face was covered with black cloth that acted as an eye patch. He was walking inside the Spirit forest when he noticed the sound and followed it on the very spot he is now standing.

There was a girl. In front of his eyes was a naked girl.

On top of that, he thought, she was attractive despite of lacking in the chest area.

She had large eyes with ruby pupils and her lustrously moist cherry-red lips.

Her white skin was as smooth as milk and dazzling.

Her beautifully slender legs disappeared into the surface of the water.

However, what caught his eyes more than anything was her blazingly crimson red hair that clung to her gorgeous, porcelain-like body.

However, she was naked.

Stark naked.


Naruto don't know what is happening but he knew he somewhat he is being screwed up by any omnipotent powers at the moment.

All hail the Log

Speaking of which, the situation was certainly...

Not good. Naked is not good.

...Speaking of which, any sane man would either run away or hide and stare at the beautiful girl naked in the middle of the forest who didn't knew that she is being stared at..

The rational part of his brain was certainly telling him to run.

But Naruto was never a rational thinker nor does he think rational ever since many years ago. He only thought of three things, Interest, Disinterest and Ramen. Of course for ramen is the food of the gods!

However, his body wouldn't move. This situation is interesting and for Naruto who finds interesting things tend to do what no sane man would do. He just stood there waiting for the girl to notice him.

He stood there as if he was enchanted. The scene was just too surreal. But for Naruto it wasn't, it was only interesting.

The girl—

Her moist and beautiful eyes blinked as she looked at the intruder who had appeared quite suddenly.

Her expression was blank. It seemed like she had yet to fully grasp the situation.

She had not even covered her small, developing breasts yet.


A water droplet fell from the young girl's bangs.

With that sound, Naruto tilted his head on the side..

"Hmm?" Naruto hummed as if asking a question.

He stayed his gaze from the naked girl who was still standing motionlessly.

"Continue bathing, I'll just stay here and watch."

No sane man would have said that to the fair maiden in front of him or ever to any females maiden or not while a male is watching them taking their private time purifying their selves.

At this time, the boy made two fatal errors:

The first was that he said something that not any man would dare say in this situation. Typically the best choice for any sane man, of course, was to take advantage of the fact that the girl was dazed and run away immediately. But he just stood there and continued to stare at the naked girl in front of him

And the other error was—

"Even though this is an accident, I have seen you like this, don't mind me."

Up until this comment, he was still fine somewhat, but then he continued...

"However, never worry my fair maiden. I am a healthy boy, but I don't have that kind of interest."

Looking at the young girl's developing chest or is it, from her chest to her face then back again to her pitiful chest he said—

"I have no interest towards the naked body of a kid."

The insane blond just set off a ton of paper bombs few seconds away from exploding, to his face to be exact.

An icy silence fell.

The girl slowly raised her arm, red hair coiling around its length.

Her shoulders shook slightly.

It wasn't because she was cold, however, Naruto was oblivious to that fact.


The girl's delicate lips mumbling something, and Naruto lifted his only existing eyebrow once more.

"I-I-I am sixteen!"

The instant she had yelled that, the young girl's red hair stood on end.

"What?" Naruto asked as if he was asking to clear a simple misunderstanding between two good friends. however at the moment that was not the case apparently and he didn't realize what was the girl was saying. To top it off he looked at the girl with eye that thought she was lying. However when he understood...

"Sixteen? is that for real? A sixteen year-old with such a pitiful chest you must really been tad a little too late in development in the chest area if I say so myself. Or simply the spirits themselves refuse to enhance your very pitiful chest. hmmm... I know a lot 14 year old that could beat you in that area. You should probably offer something to the Goddess of Chest enlargement so that your very very pitiful chest to develop at least."

He said this non chalantly as if simply stating something simple. Simply he set off another ton of paper bombs because of that statement alone. He didn't knew he made his position much more worse than ever possible. Surely he won't come off out of this situation without being turned into cinders.

"Unforgivable," the young girl said in a low, cold voice, "D-Definitely peeping demon, pervert, lewd beast!"

"You're quite knowledgeable to know about words like lewd beast." Naruto replied as if he was amazed he even clapped to show his amazement. How sarcastic.

At that time, he noticed that the trees were making a low, whisper-like rustle. This time Naruto narrowed his eyes

Is that the wind? he mused, No, that's-

Guardian of the crimson blaze, keeper of the undying hearth! Now is the time to abide by our blood contract; come forth and do my bidding!

From the young girl's lips sprang an incantation in the language of the Spirits.

At that instant, accompanied by the sound of air rushing into a vacuum, a whip of flames manifested in the hand of the girl.

An Elementalist? Naruto realized as he stared at the girl with interest. This situation just got more interesting for him.

An Elementalist controls something that exists from a different dimension apart from this world; a place called «Astral Zero».

Elementalists were princess-maidens, girls who have made contracts with the spirits living in that other place.

They can use different types of spirits and freely wield their powers.

It seemed that the girl in front of Naruto had contracted with a fire-type spirit.

That the young girl was an Elementalist wasn't something to be that surprised about.

After all, this was the area where the country's excellent Elementalists were gathered together.

Nevertheless, it's surprising that she can use an elemental waffe, Naruto thought. It is to say that achieving Elemental Waffe is hard. Very Hard.

The way that Spirits are summoned and formed upon being summoned into this world can be broken down into two main groups:

The first is a form that appears as a lump of divine power; mass-less and of an indeterminate form. It is purely the summoning of a spirit's power and is used primarily as a battery for when Spirit magic is used.

The other summoning form is the pure form that summons a part of the spirit's existence.

This summoning requires tremendous amounts of divine power and, on top of that, is very difficult to control. So, those capable of summoning a spirit's existence are said to be the elite amongst the ranks of Elementalists.

Even further, the girl before his eyes was not just using a spirit, but was using that Spirit's power in a highly-optimized elemental waffe.

What that means is that...would I now be in a potential life or death situation? As the thought suddenly hit him, Naruto smiled, surely this day wouldn't be too dull.

At the place where the flame whip touched the water's surface, a gush of white steam rose.

" have guts." The girl murmured in a trembling voice.

Her face was red. Was it due to her anger or her embarrassment over the situation?

"Really, you have some nerve to p-peek while I, Claire Rouge, am taking my bath," She stammered.

"I am not peeking, I am watching." Naruto shook his head and simply stated the fact while raising his finger and swayed it in front of the princess maiden.

"I will not listen to your excuses. Turn into cinders, you pervert!" the girl yelled.

The flame whip ignited furiously in the girl's hand and moved as if it was licking the water surface.

"What a fiery maiden... A young maiden like you shouldn't be playing with fire like that." Naruto simply dodged sideways while both of his hands on his pocket.

Nearly at the same time, the Flame Tongue brushed its way in his arms just few millimeters apart.

The idle red residue that remained on the trees which had been cut was like the lingering punchline of a joke. The cut surface of the tree trunks were surprisingly smooth, without any traces of having been in flame. The attack had been so fast that the flames did not have the time to ignite the trees.

Naruto felt the heat from the fiery whip as he dodged it..

What a violent young woman. What do i do now? Naruto thought as he gracefully dodge the fiery whip of his attacker.

*Zing*, *biyutsu* – There was an endless dance of crimson flash cutting both horizontally and vertically in the forest. The surrounding bush was mowed down in a blink of an eye. Naruto managed to evade her fiery whip everytime she thought it would hit. Apparently the girl in question is already running out of patience.

"Don't dodge, pervert, I can't hit you!" the girl called out.

"If i were to be hit I would be injured young maiden, and I'm not a pervert, I am simply an observer" Naruto answered back casually like he was taking a walk in a park.

Naruto jumped backt; at the same time, the whip swung downwards towards his feet, causing a violent spark to slam onto the ground. Rising from the ground, the whip immediately sprang up in the direction of the woods, causing more trees to be cut down.

Fortunately among all the unluckiness if that can be said, Naruto was experiencing, the girl— Claire's- aim was quite bad. Very bad on his point of view.

It stands to reason though, as one hand was hiding her chest from being seen. In order to conceal her most important part, she had squatted down in the pond. However, considering how she was able to handle her whip in such a position, normally she should be quite skilled at using it.

"How conceited despite being a pervert, please obediently turn into cinders!" Claire shouted again at Naruto.

"I'm saying that I'm only an observer young maiden But by the way," Naruto stopped and turned around. something that he had noticed for some time... "There is no need to cover your self, there is nothing to hide from that very very very pitiful chest of yours and you might be able to hit properly this time if you free up both of your." Needless to say it was the final nail in the coffin.

"" Instantly, Claire's facial expression froze and then it became fiery red as rage is continuously built up inside her. Like a nuclear weapon starting its count down... 3... 2... 1...

Face so red with rage her hair covered her eyes the fiery whip increased its length and width. She stopped covering her body with her hands and shown Naruto all she got. She showed her full body to him but he completely disregarded her.

"So it gets strong with your emotions heightened up. As expected of a fire user however you have a pitiful chest and that fact wouldn't change." Naruto said while looking at the whip and not looking at the naked beautiful girl. Any sane man would have stared at the beauty in front of them and ingrained the very image of that beautiful naked girl albeit she was flat chested in their brains and die happily by her fiery flaming whip but Naruto was far from sane. He stared at the whip but not at the beautiful naked girl.

Claire had let go and had lost control of the flame whip, and it cleanly severed the trees behind her.

The huge trees slowly crashed down towards her. However, Claire did not notice them. Her eyes were burning with rage as she kept trying to hit him with her fiery whip which to no avail, didn't even hit him.

What a stupid maiden Naruto exclaimed as he kicked off the ground.

Immediately appearing in front of the beautiful red haired maiden, Naruto jumped towards Claire and grabbed her shoulders completely surprising the Fire spirit user.

"Wha—!?" Claire's rage red pupils dilated widely completely washing away her rage and replaced it with surprise.

Naruto ignored her outburst and aggressively pushed her down into the water.

The moment Claire's hand touched the water, a gush of steam rose, and the flame whip disappeared.

Immediately after, the nearby trees slammed into the water's surface.


The sound of the trees falling was deafening and created large water columns.

Absorbing the heat of the flames, the now-warm pond water poured down like a heavy rain.

A few seconds later*

"Ooh..." Making a seductive noise, Claire slowly opened her eyes.

Her expression was that of shock, her eyes blinked in wonder.

Naruto leaned on Claire and found himself staring into her eyes.

Their faces were so close that if someone were to push on his back lightly, their lips would likely touch.

Claire's crimson hair clung closely to her nape. Her moist lips were cherry red.

Her delicate doll-like face was in front of Naruto's eyes.

For that very moment it looked like he was subconsciously captivated by her.

"Regardless of your chest, you are a very beautiful young maiden, are you alright? Are you hurt?" he asked with concern not found on his earlier tone of voice.

Claire nodded. It seemed as if she had not fully absorbed the situation yet.

Naruto sighed, then tried to stand up.


His hand had touched something soft underwater.


What is that? he thought his hands explored the nice supple texture of something that his hands had grabbed.

*Funyu*. *Munyu*.

"Hm, ya, hwaaa" From Claire's moist lips came a shallow, sweet voice. Her submerged naked body twitched for some reason.

"Hmm ..this is?" Having come this far, Naruto finally arrived at a certain conclusion. A certain...awfully frightening conclusion for any sane man. But for him, it's just another interesting thing that is added up on an interesting subject that this beautiful girl is.

So this is? Hmm... she isn't so flat chested at all

He realized that the girl underneath him wasn't so under developed after all..

When I looked at her's earlier, they weren't so...

"Wh..Wha.. Wha..Whattt ..." Claire's lip trembled, shaking involuntarily. She was blushing with tears in her eyes.

Apparently, it wasn't a lump of mud that he had been touching.

"You, pervert—!"


Because he got kneed hard in the stomach, Naruto collapsed into the pond's water.


With a rising heat haze behind her, Claire slowly stood up. The flame whip, which was a manifestation of her flame spirit, was once again in her hand.

The water in the pond instantaneously started to boil, bubbles frothing to the surface all around.

"I am not a pervert, I am merely observing a young maiden who took her bath inside this spirit forest, and please calm down, swinging that dangerous thing will do this situation no good" Naruto argued and tried to placate the girl as she certainly can kick, it did hurt after all.

"Sh..Shut up pervert, you will die here!"

With an almost ear-splitting sound of a whip, Naruto's body unexpectedly was cast high into the air.


As you can see he has an eye patch much like kakashi but covers 1/4th of his face... So what is the story behind it? Its a secret of course.

Spirits? well i am thinking of 5 element strategic spirits at the moment

Kagutsuchi - A fire spirit that has power on par with the most powerful fire spirit Annihilation type 'Laevetein'. Originated from Hi no Kuni *Insert Kagutsuchi from Mai Hime

Watatsumi - A Strategic type Water spirit that is a serpentine dragon. The spirit originated from Mizu no Kuni

Blue Mountain- A strategic type Earth spirit in form of a Blue Golem. *Insert Blue Mountain from monster rancher

Marici - A Strategic type Air spirit which allows absolute control of air and the atmosphere in form of a masked woman in black kimono. Originated from Kaze no Kuni

Excalibur - A Tactical/Strategic type Holy Spirit in form of a palm top fairy. *Insert tinker bell here

So you see i modelled his character like Kotomine Kirei with tad bit of Kouzuki Sisters specially from Kouzuki Yuuko of muv luv for their epic trolling skills

As per novel this is a Harem! And no! No Naruto characters until after the Blade Dance arc!