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Morning came fast for the couple as Soul sped down the road to get to the school in record time. Hopping off the bike, Maka grabbed onto Soul's hand, dragging them up the stairs to meet up with their friends. A month has gone by since the incident outside the school between Soul's fangirls and Maka. Everything was going great for the couple with minimum complications. Soul's fangirls still glared at Maka when she and Soul would walk hand in hand at school but none of them had the courage to go past the glaring. Word got around about Soul's threat on making anyone's life hell at the DWMA if they were to do anything to Maka. Blair, for the most part, has stop her sexual advances towards Soul and only lightly teased him about how he's a gentlemen with Maka. Soul was true to his word and took things slow with Maka, going the pace she set for them. Seeing his only daughter happy, Spirit made an effort not to pick fights with the octopus head which in turn allowed Maka to slowly start giving her papa another chance. Their friends were ecstatic when they walked up the stairs holding hands. Even after being together for a month, the girls of the group would still squeal whenever they saw the couple together.

"Is it really necessary to keep squealing like that when you see them together?" Kid sighed as he rubbed his aching temple.

"Yes it is Kid! It's just an adorable sight to see... especially seeing Soul being like that, how can we not!" exclaimed Liz as she filed her nails as Patty just played with her giraffe.

"Who cares seriously? Yeah they're together no need to make such a big deal about it, we knew it was bound to happen. What we should be making a big deal about is how I'm going to be surpassing god!" boosted Black Star. Maka frowned slightly as her childhood friend doesn't seem happy for her. Soul squeezed her hand in reassurance.

"Black Star, there is no need to be so insensitive. We're just happy that's all." Tsubaki whispered looking over to him.

"Yea we can but this is just..." he started as Maka detached herself from Soul and ran inside the school. Everyone glared at Black Star as Soul shoved past him going after Maka.

"What I do? I was only telling the truth it's getting annoying every morning. She needs to stop stealing the spot light from me."

"Black Star you're seriously the biggest jerk and idiot ever. Not everything is about you and you surpassing God. Come on guys let's get inside." Liz preached as she started making her way inside with Patty walking behind her, Kid catching up to walk besides them. Tsubaki shook her head at Black Star and left him to follow their friends.

"Maka, come on slow down. You know Star says stupid things without thinking." Soul tried to catch up to his upset girlfriend, who was speed walking to god knows where.

"He could at least pretend to be happy for us though Soul." she stopped in front of the music room and plopped down next to the door. Soul caught his breath sliding down next to her, wrapping his arms around her shoulders, pulling her against him as she silently cried.

"He is happy for us Maka, he is our friend just an ego-centric friend is all. No need to get worked up about his stupidity." he tried to sooth her, rubbing her arms.

"Can I Maka-chop him? It'll probably make me feel better?" she sniffled.

"Yeah, sure Maka whatever will make you feel better." he laughed at her request. She looked up with her teary-eyed face, smiling slightly. He leaned down, brushing his lips against hers for a soft kiss. Pulling away, he brushed away a few stray tears from her face. The two stayed like that until their friends came to check on them.

"Maka, I'm sorry about Black Star. He didn't mean what he said at all." Tsubaki started to apologize for her meister.

"You shouldn't be apologizing for him Tsubaki. He needs to grow a pair and do it himself. It's not your fault he is an idiot." Liz spat out still upset with the assassin.

Before anyone else could say anything, Black Star walked up to them, with Liz glaring daggers at him. His face scrunched up when Tsubaki shook her head at him. Standing there he looked at Maka in Soul's arms, tears staining her face.

"Maka... I'm... Look I'm sorry that I acted like a jerk out there. I am happy for you, don't think I'm not. I'm just... I guess I'm just not used to it yet." he turned his head, looking at the wall after he apologized.

"Maka-Chop!" she shouted, as she dived her book into his skull watching him topple over. She blew on the spine of her book and made her way back to Soul, who stood up from the ground, hugging his waist.

A minute later, Star jumped up. "Why the hell did you chop me? I said I was sorry! Jeezes." everyone started laughing at the outburst.

"We're even now and you're forgiven Black Star." she smiled sweetly at him.

"I don't know how anyone can handle those. Soul how is it your skull isn't cracked? You get them the most out of all of us here, even if you are dating." Black Star asked his buddy. Soul shrugged his shoulders as a response.

"Dunno man, guess I'm just used to them is all."

The gang made their way to class, all chatting and laughing like nothing happened that morning. That all change when they entered class and Professor Stein wanted to do another dissection instead of actually teaching. Yup, just another normal day in their lives.

As months went by, Black Star and Kid, took a page from Soul's book and asked out their respected weapons out. Patty was happy with Mr. Giraffe, which no one questioned her and her odd behavior. Though everyone was paired up, nothing changed within the group. They still tease and got on each other's nerves but at the end of the day, they were happy for one another. As the saying goes, what you seek to be happy can be right in front of you.

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