Warning: Insanely short...

Feeling Better

Breathing out a dramatic sigh, Irma Lair watched as her boyfriend of two months broke up with her, walking off with another girl he seemed to like better. Growling with aggravation Irma turned around and resisted the urge to use her witchy powers on the guy.

None of her boyfriends stayed with her.

"Why can't I have someone that will stay with me?" Irma questioned herself furiously, marching back home in the deep evening. "Will has Matt, Hay Lin has Eric, Taranee has Nigel, and Cornelia has Caleb. They're all happy together and never had a break up!"

As she ranted to herself, she was unaware of someone following her.


Irma halted in her tracks, spinning around to see Martin Tubbs there. He was grinning at her and was dressed casually. Now Irma was just annoyed. She didn't feel like dealing with him right now.

"What do you want?" Irma demanded to know, frowning.

"I heard you talking and…I saw what happened." Martin responded, giving her a sympathetic expression.

Irma became stoic at his words, but refused to say anything at all. She was too riled up and didn't trust herself to speak. The water guardian might find herself saying something she'd regret.

"Are you okay?" Martin questioned her, sounding genuinely concerned for the female.

Irma felt her anger increase. "Do I look okay to you?!"

Martin flinched. "N-No…"

"Just go away and leave me alone already!" Irma hissed, really and truly upset.

Not wanting to leave her alone, Martin disobeyed and stood beside her. He didn't want her to be angry or sad; he wanted her to be her happy usual self.

"Don't worry about that guy," Martin told her sincerely. "He didn't deserve you if he left you!"

Irma muttered, "Martin, please…"

"Really, he didn't!" Martin went on, ignoring her protests. "He was a nutball if he thought you weren't good enough for him. You're good enough for anybody…in my opinion."

"That's…nice of you to say." The water guardian belted out slowly, her fury diminishing.

"Well…it's the truth…"

Irma suddenly wrapped her arms around Martin and pulled him into an unexpected embrace. Martin was extremely shocked, but returned her hug, eyes wide and cheeks flushing.

"Thanks, Martin. I actually feel better now, just a little," Irma informed him, breaking the embrace and taking a step back. She gave him a small smile. "I'll see you later." Then she walked off, leaving Martin there to blush and stutter.

He really did make her feel a little better…