Rated M.

Just pure porn, PWP, smut, Thilbo, M/M

Some people asked this, so, here we are.

The morning sun hit on the sleeping man beside of him, making his hair looking like molten gold. It was perfect.

He watched how the chest of his loved one peacefully fell and rose. How close it had been that Bilbo would be dead now, and his cold body sleeping somewhere below the soil.

His fingers wandered through the skin, finding every dell, every old and new scar, too many new scars, his oh so very sensitive ears, down the collarbone and ribs.

He kissed him, his lips, his eyelids, his hand wandering down the hip and he moved and got top of him, kissing his neck.

"Thorin…" Came quiet sleepy voice.

"Morning my love." He whispered against the skin and Bilbo moaned and Thorin felt him waking slowly when his hand wandered between the thighs.

Bilbo's hands tangled and took tight hold of his hair, hip pushing up to meet Thorin's, his head turning giving Thorin more room to use his teeth and lips around the pare throat.

"Are you ready to second round now?"

"Still… sore." Bilbo whimpered below of him.

"Just say if you don't want and I stop." Thorin pushed his own hip down and Bilbo almost howled. "In the coming days we no longer have time to enjoy a peaceful mornings." He reminded Bilbo.

"If you call this… peaceful morning…"

"Oh, very peaceful." Thorin's mouth found its way down to the nipples and Bilbo let go of his hair and fast Thorin grabbed him by the wrists, pushing them up. He looked down the hobbit's now very clear and so very lustful eyes.

"You want this." Thorin smirked and Bilbo smiled back.

"Take me." Bilbo reached up and kissed him. "Just take me already."

Thorin got up and being stronger than the hobbit, just turned him on his stomach. He pushed Bilbo's shoulders down so his hip was up.

"You want me to take you?"

His fingers found the still very lose hole and pushed inside.

"Please, take me." Bilbo squealed and Thorin slammed his palm with some force on Bilbo's bottom cheek and felt how Bilbo tightened around his finger. "Quiet down then and grab hold of my finger."

"Oh, it hurts." Bilbo whimpered and Thorin slammed again.

"Quiet I said. You asked this, remember?"

Bilbo just buried his face on the billow and Thorin grinned madly. "I don't think we need any oil, you're still wet from my come." He pushed second finger in and twisted.

Bilbo kept himself quiet but his body was shaking now.

"Good, very good my love. I think you're ready, and we really don't have all morning to just lie here."

He let the fingers out, grab hold of his not so little cock of his and aimed the tip over the hole.


"Yes." Bilbo whispered and Thorin pushed down all the way with one push.

He stayed there, letting Bilbo catch his breathe again and adjust.

"You still want this?" Thorin asked sure that Bilbo would be honest with him.

"Yes, by Valars, just, do something!"

"So impatient." Thorin withdrew almost all the way and pushed back inside with little more force than before. Now Bilbo howled and soon Thorin picked up steady rough speed.

They didn't last long.

Bilbo came first, screaming his lover's name.

"Did I hurt you?" Thorin pulled Bilbo into his arms and they lay there enjoying the warmness and light of sun.

"No, no you didn't. I liked it. I don't always want it like this, but it was good now." Bilbo muttered, turning his head to look Thorin. "You can't never hurt me."

"I have hurt you before." Thorin kissed him and winched when he remembered how terrified Bilbo had been back then.

"It was before we were even together. Don't worry about it. You were sick. And it's over now."

"I love you Bilbo Baggins."

"And I love you Thorin, King under the Mountain."