Title: Keeping Secrets
Chapter: 1/? (probably aim for like four)
Pairing: Law/Robin
A/N: Well, it's set before Dressrosa but after Punk Hazard, so for the sake of the story, it takes about a week to get to Dressrosa, plus there's a couple of islands on the way there. A majority of this story will be in Usopp's POV. Because, well, he's really not that lucky in this fanfic. Poor Usoppu-chan. Also, these chapters will be short (2000 words max).

Usopp was a loud man during the day, always boasting of his 'adventures' and bragging on about how amazing he was.

That was during the day, though. During the night Usopp craved sleep more than anything. However, there were certain people in the ship that were loud even in their sleep.

Usopp turned in his hammock to glare at the snoring captain, as if it give an example. The sniper covered his hands over his ears and tried to block the snores of Luffy and all the other men in the cabin. The few men who weren't so loud in their sleep were Sanji, Chopper and - surprisingly - Zoro, but even then they sometimes talked.

Usopp sighed. He felt a tinge of jealousy towards the girls; not only did they get their own cabin but they probably didn't snore. Probably.

The sudden image of the ever-so serious Nico Robin snoring in her sleep made Usopp snicker. That was something he would have to tell Luffy about later.


'Speak of the devil,' Usopp thought, rolling his eyes. 'He's dreaming about meat again.'

"Meat... it's meat island..." Luffy mumbled, shifting in his hammock. "Sanji... cook the meat..."

"...Too busy..." Sanji seemed to reply. Usopp sat up and watched the scene with interest. They had talked in their sleep before, and it never ceased to amaze him. They could have entire conversations without realising it.

"Captain's orders..." Luffy began to frown.

"...Nami-swan and Robin-chwan are waiting for me... they love me..." A trickle of blood fell from Sanji's nose. "I love you too..."

Usopp stifled a laugh. His crew really was made up of idiots.

"Momonosuke... you devil..."

The sniper blinked. Their newest friend, Kin'emon, was sleeping soundly underneath Luffy's hammock. Usopp smiled at the sight of the abnormally tall man in a peaceful dream, under the small rubber man in a dream that apparently included meat.

Another loud snore from Luffy interuppted his thoughts, and the smile was wiped from Usopp's face. He had to sleep, and his idiot friends were stopping him!

With a defeated sigh, he lowered himself from his hammock and quietly made his way to the deck, passing Caesar Clown on the way (he too was talking in his sleep, all Usopp heard was "Doflamingo-senpai..."). It was a quiet night, considering they were in the New World.

He glanced up at the Weights Room; the lights were on. He rubbed his eyes. "Robin's on watch," he told himself.

She must have been on watch duty for a good while, because she was on duty when everyone went to bed, and it was well past midnight now. Usopp stretched his arms and made his way up the ladder. She probably needs to sleep anyway.

"Oi, Robin, I'll take over watch so..."

He immediately regretted every decision he ever made up until that moment when he opened the hatch and stepped inside the room. Every tiny sense of a child in Usopp shattered at the sight in front of him.

Robin, naked, sweating and panting (that was so unlike her!), with her back to the ground and staring at Usopp with wide, shocked eyes.

Trafalgar Law, naked, grunting and sweating, with his... (Usopp couldn't bring himself to say the word) inside Robin and staring at Usopp with wide eyes.

And then there was Usopp - fully clothed, all colour drained from his face, and staring at the two in horror and confusion.

His jaw dropped and he was about to let a horrified scream out, but Robin quickly waved her arm and his voice was muffled by one of her hands. She made another arm to close and lock the hatch behind Usopp, while Law dashed to get their clothes that were seemly thrown on the floor. The pair quickly put on their clothes, with Usopp's mouth still covered by Robin's hand. When they were finished getting decent, they turned to Usopp again.

"H-Hello, Usopp," Robin said, flashing Usopp a smile. Usopp pointed at her hand covering his mouth. "Sorry, but please don't be loud." Her extra hand disappeared into petals.

Usopp sucked in a sharp breath. "Y-you two!?" he shrieked. Robin shushed him at the same time as Law glanced down a window.

"Yes Long Nose-ya, us," Law said. He crossed his arms and leaned against the wall.

"Don't tell anyone about this, ok?" Robin asked, giving a pleading look to Usopp. "We don't want to tell anyone about this yet."

Usopp was about to nod, but then Law cut in with, "If it helps, our relationship is purely sexual right now."

Great, as if he wasn't traumatised enough. He felt another scream starting to erupt from his throat but swallowed it down.

"I-I-I can keep it s-secret, guys!" he laughed nervously. "And uh... I won't tell anyone..." He scratched the back of his neck, unsure of what to say. "...Nice tattoos, Law." He could have slapped himself in the face.

"Thanks," came Law's automatic response.

Usopp swallowed. The air between the three had suddenly become even more awkward than before.

"So," Robin began, "why did you come up here, Usopp?"

"I was gonna ask you if you wanted to... uh... sleep, 'cause you've been out for a while, and I thought it was strange but now I guess I know why..."

Robin gave Usopp a small smile. "Thank you, I am getting rather tired."

And with that the archeologist left the room in a rather quick pace, leaving Usopp with the other morbid pirate. Usopp gulped and glanced at Law, who was eying him darkly.

"Not a word," Law growled, "to anyone."

Usopp nodded quickly, and soon he was left alone in the room, with the smell of sex and sweat still in the air.

Usopp fell down to the floor and ran his hands through his curly black hair. He began to tremble. The still image of Robin and Law in the middle of a very heated ...battle... was burned into his mind.

"What have I gotten myself into?" he asked himself.

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