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He had spent the next few hours watching the waves until Sanji had climbed up and said that it was his turn for watch. Usopp yawned and nodded in return, dragging his feet back to the men's cabin. He had almost forgotten about the incident that happened just a few hours earlier, but when he passed Law on the way to his hammock the image flashed in Usopp's head. The sniper shuddered and lied down on his hammock. Hardly anyone was snoring anymore, to Usopp's relief. Within minutes he fell into a blissful slumber.

The next morning was awkward, to say the least. The pirates, samurai and hostage all sat by the kitchen table and enjoyed the meal that Sanji had cooked for them for breakfast. Zoro was given the embarrassing task of feeding Caesar his breakfast. Usopp and Luffy roared with laughter when Zoro began to shove the food down Caesar's throat in anger.

"This is delicious, Sanji," Robin commented. Usopp eyed her. She was sitting next to Law, who had eaten everything on his plate but the piece of toast.

Sanji himself had turned from a conversation with Kin'emon and yelled rather stupidly, "Your compliments make my heart swarm, Robin-chwan~!" He returned to Kin'emon. "Do you have any other recipes from your land?"

Kin'emon grinned. "Plenty!"

Usopp's gaze shifted from the two back to Law and Robin. He furrowed his brows slightly and studied the two intently. As far as he could tell, there wasn't anything about the two that could reveal their secret. And then he saw it.

He widened his eyes. There, on Robin's neck, barely showing through her jacket, was a hickey. Usopp felt his blood rushing to his cheeks.

He mouthed Robin's name, but it appeared although she didn't see him. Well, she was in the middle of chatting with Law, so she wasn't exactly looking at him. Usopp glanced from side to side to see if anyone was watching him, or if they had noticed the bruise on Robin's neck. Thankfully, everyone was having their own conversations.

Usopp tore away a part of his toast and threw it at Law. The bread hit the surgeon straight on his face, thanks to Usopp's sniper skills. Law immediately turned to glare at Usopp. Robin watched in amusement.

"What?" he hissed.

Usopp swallowed and pointed at his own neck, to where Robin's hickey was. Law raised an eyebrow, but then he noticed the bruise on Robin's neck as well. He quickly muttered something to Robin, who stood up a moment later, shifting her jacket so it covered her neck.

Luffy and the others stared at her. "Thank you for the meal, Sanji," she smiled politely, flashing her pearly-white teeth. "Don't worry, I'm just going to have a shower."

Everyone blinked and went straight back to their conversations. Usopp sighed with relief and slouched back down on his chair.

He had no idea why he was even trying to help Law and Robin. He had absolutely nothing to gain from helping them, nothing at all. In fact, he was probably going to get in trouble because of the pair.

His mind flashed back to two years before, back when Robin was captured by CP9. He still remembered the fear in her face when he, disguised as Sogeking, had told her that Luffy was coming to save her. Then the pain in her eyes when she told the crew her biggest fear. He understood at that moment. She was scared of being cast aside. She never had anyone to actually love her for twenty years.

Usopp smiled warmly at Law. Law was good for her. As scared as he was of the doctor, he also felt happy that he was making Robin happy.

A dark thought crossed Usopp's mind, and his smile dropped. A minute passed, and Usopp declared, "I'm gonna go up on the deck!"

He eyed Law for a moment, hoping he would understand the message, before thanking Sanji for the meal. He hurried out to the lawn and waited for Law to follow. Barely five minutes passed before Law was walking towards Usopp.

"What do you want?" he asked, crossing his arms and cocking his brow.

Usopp placed his hands on his hips. All fear and nervousness washed away from him. "If you do anything to hurt her, I'll hunt you down myself," he replied darkly. His eyes were deadly serious. "She's had enough bad stuff happen to her already, if you do anything, anything at all, to make our archaeologist cry, I'll be the first to come after you. I don't care how strong you are."

Law blinked in surprise. "That's what you wanted to say?"

Usopp nodded.

"Alright," Law shrugged. "I won't do anything to make Nico-ya feel bad."

'That was way too easy,' Usopp thought, sweat rolling down the side of his forehead.

"What's this? Is our sniper threatening our guest?" Robin spoke up. Usopp jumped and gave a loud shriek.

"WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?" he all but screamed. Honestly, he didn't even hear her approach them!

"Hey, Nico-ya," Law greeted. Robin greeted him back. She had covered up her bruise with some make-up, plus she was wearing a shirt that covered her skin more.

"Usopp, Law was telling me before that the next island should be appearing soon," Robin began. Usopp felt his hairs stand up all of a sudden. Whatever Robin was getting at couldn't be good.


"And we would like some... privacy," Robin gestured at herself and Law, "so can you please make sure that the crew doesn't find us while we're alone?"

Usopp shivered slightly as he thought about what the two were planning to do. "You're staying here?"

Law shook his head. "I've been to the next island before, no one lives there but there's a few empty houses. We were thinking of going to one and enjoying ourselves there."

"And you want me to be your lookout?"

"That's the idea, yes," Robin answered. Usopp let out a deep breath and then grinned widely.

"Okay! Let it be known that I, the great Usopp, will be protecting Law and Robin's secret for their sakes!" he declared, puffing out his chest. He gave Robin a wink. The raven-haired woman chuckled in return.

Everyone had finished breakfast a while later and arrived at the deck with their stomachs satisfied. Law informed Nami that the next island, Muwa, shouldn't be more than an hour or so away. Usopp, Luffy and Chopper laughed merrily at the thought of landing on another island. They began to lock their arms together and dance while singing, "Adventure, adventure!"

"Guys!" the ginger navigator called out. The trio stopped their antics. Almost everyone was gathered together under the mast, with Nami seemly taking command as she was the only one standing up.

"Yeah, Nami?" the innocent captain replied, blinking.

"Get over here, we're splitting up into groups once we land."

The three hurried over and sat down on the lawn. Luffy was grinning widely.

"So, Franky, Brook and Momonosuke are guarding the ship," Nami said. The blue-haired cyborg had given everyone his signature pose in return. "Now, we should have teams of three. So then, Law and-"

"I want to go with Law and Robin!" Usopp cut in, remembering Law's earlier request. He felt numerous eyes turn on him and he blushed. "W-well, I just think that Law and Robin are... um..."

Nami raised an eyebrow. "Yes?"

"Law and Robin should be able to show me some native flora I could use for shooting," he lied. He held his breath in anticipation. Nami stared at him for a moment before shifting her gaze to Robin and Law.

"Any objections?"

Law shook his head, while Robin smiled and said, "That sounds fine."

Usopp could have sworn he saw the corners of Law's lips twitch upwards when their eyes met. The long nosed sniper gave him a thumbs up, which went unnoticed by everyone else.

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