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This completely AU story came to me while working on my other story Under The Full Moon. I couldn't stop my muse and so Black Moon Rising was born. For those of you who have read and/or are following Under The Full Moon, I am still working on it and it is not forgotten. Installment length will most likely be shorter than Under The Full Moon but significantly longer then this one and there will be use of multiple POVs in this story (a personal first for me, let me know what you think) with two main POVs and, perhaps, two or three other characters getting a moment in the limelight at some point or another. If it gets confusing give me a shout.

The lovely SeptemberSkies has agreed kindly to beta for me so many props and much thanks to her, I appreciate her time and effort greatly.

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All summer all I had done was run patrol. Wake up at 6am, patrol for eight hours, sleep for two, patrol for eight hours, sleep for five hour and then start again. Out of my eleven week summer break I'd spent seventy-one thousand three hundred and twenty-one minutes phased into a giant fucking werewolf running patrols around the whole god damned Olympic Peninsula. That was forty-nine days twelve hours and forty-one minutes making sure that no humans near La Push became vampire bait.

What thanks did I get? None! Humans didn't know that vampires existed or that they needed protecting from them and if vampires didn't exist then neither did werewolves. I had been doing well in school before all of this had started and I had quickly been informed by the council and by my Alpha that I would continue to be expected to keep up with my school work come fall. I wasn't the only one either.

The three youngest in the Pack all aged fourteen were heading back to school, along with my half-brother and best friend Embry and the only female werewolf in existence Leah. The rest of the Pack had either already graduated or like Quil and Jared had gotten their GED. For Leah who wanted school and the rest of us without a choice, that had meant sixteen hour shifts for Leah, Embry and I while the pups pulled ten hours a day for the entirety of summer.

Sam figured that it would make for less hard feelings in the Pack when school turned into our priority again. It was frustrating though, just a week ago we hadn't seen a vampire in nearly three weeks, not like the end of the school year when there had been an insurgence of them in the area that had made eleven young men and teenagers burst out of their skins and turn into vampire killing werewolves. We had tracked and killed them all and suddenly there weren't any more in the area just like there hadn't been for eight decades. Sam had been considering cutting back on the number of us running patrols at any one time and the frequency of patrols too but then they had shown up.

The fucking Cullens. There were only two for the moment but today five more were supposed to arrive. They were non-human drinkers and our ancestors in their infinite wisdom had drawn up a treaty with them. We were supposed to co-habit the area with them under the condition that they wouldn't feed from or turn a human being and weren't allowed on La Push land, we couldn't come within a half mile radius of their home phased and they were free to hunt the animals that they fed on anywhere but on tribal land. In return we left them alone and they made sure that there was more than enough scholarship money for the council to send the tribe's best and brightest to college.

Sam didn't trust them. My father and the rest of the council didn't trust them. We were however a people of our word and until they broke faith with us we were bound to the treaty that our ancestors had made with them. Fucking retarded ancestors! Now Sam was keeping up patrol shifts and Leah and I had been forced to take our AP classes at Forks High instead of at the reservation school so that we could keep an eye on the fucking blood suckers better.

My life had taken a nose dive straight to hell and there was nothing that I could do about it. Fuck stupid werewolf genes, fuck stupid vampires, fuck god damned Sam Uley and his need to uphold a document from decades before we were thought about let alone born. I was pissed and tired, tired and pissed and I was about to explode. I wanted to kill something or some vampire, rip them to shreds and then watch them burn or maybe I just wanted to kill Sam.

Get in line. I got a quick visual of Leah and Sam's shared past that I didn't need as well as a punch to the gut of emotion and betrayal and over it all the desire to rip him and his imprint to shreds in revenge for what they had done to her life.

Come up with a plan that he doesn't see coming and I might just help you mutilate Sam. I growled softly as Leah's voice broke through the tirade that had been going through my head. Lately I had been the only one able to stand her presence so now we were practically always on patrol duty together. She was a royal bitch and bitter as hell, with good reason but she was fast and vicious in a fight. Yeah, right now I'd help her take out Sam.

Sam's a hell of a lot smarter than Leah ever gives him credit for, I wouldn't get mixed up in her plots and schemes. Embry's voice of reason cut through our conversation. Not like Emily chose this to happen to her either, maybe cut them some slack guys. Embry was right, as much as I wanted to hurt Sam for being a jackass, Emily she was a nice enough person and had only tried to make our lives easier rather than harder since the phase, I couldn't see myself being party to her getting hurt.

God does every fucking male in the universe have a god damned boner for Emily. Poor scared Emily, innocent perfect homemaker Emily, kick me in the face Emily and I'll roll over so you can shoot me in the chest Emily. Fucking cock sucking bitch! After a moment or two I tuned out Leah's aggressive train of thought. Leah had a chip on her shoulder, an understandable one at least until you had to live in her head day in and day out, and no one else seemed to be able to put up with it so I was stuck with her. You're so much easier to live with Black. She snapped at me as we ran out of La Push, skirting the Cullen's house as we headed toward the perimeter of Forks.

God, I just wanted this year to be over!