Two Hidden Worlds

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Summary: She only wanted to be noticed by him. She wanted to be the one he would wrap his arms around, but being the outcast in society means that could never happen…until she dreams of a new world of her own. One swirled and filled with green and floating people. And one very peculiar person who may be exactly what she needs…but how will this all play out when the very world she dreamed of, becomes real and more sinister as she gets sucked into it and the strange being, who seems to have a fond admiration over her, never wants to let her go.

Quote : "Who knows what true loneliness-not the conventional word but the naked terror? To the lonely themselves it wears a mask. The most miserable outcast hugs some memory or some illusion."

– Joseph Conrad

Chapter 1: Being the Outcast

She sighed as she sat on the bench outside of the school building. This was how she spent her lunch period. Gazing sadly across to the table next to the tree, she spotted him. Her heart weighed more than lead in her chest as she grieved over the fact that he was in love with some other girl. Although she was a hardly a girl, she was rude, snobby, and very, very, conceited.

As she watched the couple laugh at their "friends" she couldn't help but sigh in disgust. Just because she wasn't popular, or not an "A list" member didn't mean she was any different. But what was she to expect? They all judged her over the way she dressed, the way she spoke with authority and seriousness…heck even she would call herself different. But she couldn't help it, it was who she was, who she was born to be. She couldn't just change for the appreciation of one guy.

Perhaps there was a more worthy man for her. Perhaps there was someone who cared about her more than her own parents…someone who would appreciate what she does, what she thinks and chooses…but it was all a lost cause.

Her thumped in her chest as she noticed her crush make eye contact with her. She blushed and quickly looked away, she could practically hear him telling his friends about the strange weird girl who was checking him out, she could almost picture them laughing and looking at her and making fun of her…but she didn't. She heard nothing of the sort except for their random outburst of laughter and daily chit-chattering of gossip. She risked a sneak peek to glance back at the table, but jumped with surprise as she made eye contact with a pair of baby blue eyes that weren't there before.

She yelped with surprise and fell of the back side of the bench. The boy snickered at her and outstretched a hand to help her. She gaped as she noticed who it was…it was him…her crush.

"D-D-D-D-," She repeated like a broken record, he chuckled in amusement and finished it off for her.

"D-D-D-Danny." He said smiling. She felt her heart soar with happiness as he spoke. His voice was soft and childish, but also deep and masculine.

"S-s-sorry, I knew that…I mean what? Of course I did you practically just told me." She stuttered. He smirked and glanced back at the table of his so-called friends.

"Yeah, well I was just wondering what all the staring and spying on me was for…" He said, rubbing a hand nervously at the back of his neck. She almost swooned at the sight, but quickly mentally slapped herself.

"Sp-spying? I didn't mean to spy, you were just in the way of my…" She said looking around for some lie, she spotted a bird passing by and grinned, "My bird watching." She said. He raised an eyebrow at her.

"Bird watching?" He asked, she nodded, "What does "bird watching" mean?" He asked. She stared at him blankly. But she couldn't blame him, everyone knows that we live in a society where people are so wrapped up in their phones and gossip that they don't focus on nature and its beauty.

"Uhh…bird is watching is where you sit and watch…birds…I mean the answer is in the name." She said. He shook his head.

"Wow, everyone was right about." He said chuckling. She slightly paled; this can't be good she thought with a gulp.

"What do you mean?" She hesitantly asked. But he only shook his head once again and left. She stared in shock and sadness as she watched him walk back to the table of A listers and kiss his girlfriend, Paulina, once more on the cheek. With a broken heart she turned away with a sigh. Who was she kidding? No matter what she couldn't hook up with him. They were...too different.

She knows she should just give up on her unrequited love for him…but the thing about love is that it never leaves. She heard the dreaded bell ring, signalling it was time to go back inside. With a heavy heart and trying to bite back tears, she headed inside. Behind her, she could hear the never ending laughter of her one true love, the one who will forever not be hers.

Because, as we all know, the outcasts never get the one they love. It was like some invisible law. She glanced behind her back once more, knowing that she was going to be torn by what she saw. And she was right, because just before she turned to walk inside her classroom, she saw him kissing his girlfriend. With a roll of her eyes she focused her attention once again on entering the room, but it was with much more speed and force than she had intended it to be.

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