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Uncle Bernie sat at a table late at night, a pile of crumpled up papers in front of him, in the corner, and all over the floor beside him. He had only the low, overhead light of the kitchen to keep him company.
He suddenly felt warm hands clasp over his eyes, and he was blinded.
"Hey! What's the big idea?? Flint!"
He heard a chuckle and the hands let go. He turned to face the person and a wide smile appeared over his face.
"Tony!" he rose up out of his chair and embraced his grown nephew. "How are ya kiddo!" he let go and stared into his face. The once unruly hair was now clipped and neat. Tony held a black briefcase in one hand, and a large overcoat in the other. He was wearing a black shirt that was open at the first two buttons, revealing a bit of his now muscular chest.
"I'm doing great Uncle B! Christmas is just around the corner, so I thought I would stop by and grace you all with my presence." He smiled and put down the suitcase, glancing at the mess covering the table, "And I heard something big was happening on Christmas." He poked his uncle, "You and Gillian getting married?"
Bernard smiled and sat down in his chair, inviting Tony to sit down as well.
"Nope. Though, you're not far off. Guess again."
Tony sat back on his chair, rubbing his chin. After a minute he clasped his hands on the table and looked at his uncle.
"No clue...Flint's not getting hitched is he."
"No, " Bernard chuckled, "At least...I hope not." He threw a glance to the ceiling and shrugged, "Nope, It's got something to do with Merlock..."
"He and Bindi are getting married."
The two stared at each other and broke out laughing.
"No, but that was cute Tony."
'I try."
"Alright, I'll tell you. Merlock and Sara are getting married."
Tony's jaw dropped, "You mean...they...huh?"
Bernard nodded, "Yeah, Sara asked me about three months ago if it would be alright. And, jeez, Tony, you should see those two together. I've never seen your sister happier."
Tony managed a slight smile. "Yeah, I'll bet." He glanced at his uncle, "Are you sure Sara wants that? Merlock's not just using telepathy on her or somethin'?"
"I'm sure Tony. She loves him."
"All right, but as soon as I see her, she's gonna get yelled at."
"Aww, c'mon, Tony, Merlock's not that bad."
Tony laughed, "Aw, no, not that she's marrying him, because she didn't tell me first. Now, " he glanced down at the messy table, "What are you working on?"
"Oh." Bernard ran a hand through his hair, "I'm seeing how much money I can scrounge up."
"Well...I just got word that Merlock is having a hard time with cash. Apparently a wedding coordinator picked him bone dry and left without finishing the job. I'm seeing what I can do to help."
"And how's that working out?"
"If I starve myself for a year, sell all the furniture, and get three jobs, I can pay for 1/4 of the wedding."
"Aw...Uncle Bernie, Is there anything I can do?"
He glanced at his nephew, "I don't suppose you have10, 000 dollars laying around that you don't need, do you?"
Tony laughed, and then suddenly his face became serious. He reached down, pulled open his briefcase and took out a laptop. He turned it on, and typed in some buttons. His blue eyes scanned the screen.
"How much will the wedding cost?"
"With all the things I've heard from Sara...a solid 40 thousand dollars."
"How much has Merlock put into this thing?"
Uncle Bernie rubbed his temples and yawned. It was getting late.
"I don't know...coordinator took out 10 thousand, I think he's bought all the tuxes, that's a good 5, 000 dollars right there."
"Alright then. But I want you to do two things for me. One, remember I'm only doing this for Sara, and two, don't tell Merlock."
He looked confused at his nephew, "Now, what is it that you're doing Tony?"
The younger man smiled and punched a few more keys on his computer.
"I'm paying for their wedding."
Bernard's eyes widened despite the need for sleep.
'Tony! How can you afford it?"
Tony shook his finger at his uncle and closed the laptop. "You forget, dear uncle, that I am a personal pilot to many a famous celebrity. They pay very well."
"Well, kiddo, you've certainly done well for yourself."
"Ah, well. I had a good upbringing." He smiled and stood up, "But its getting late Uncle Bernie, let's hit the sack."
Bernard nodded and turned off the kitchen lights. "I'll even let you stay in your old room. I haven't touched a thing."
"Really? I'm surprised you did give away all the crap that's in there."
Bernard chuckled and opened the door to the young man's former room.
What. A. Mess.
The bed wasn't made, old blue jeans and posters were lying on the floor. Bernard had to pick some of the junk up just to reach the lamp on the other side of the room.
"Good to be back?"
"Jeez, Uncle B, ya could have at least cleaned it up a bit."
"Oh really? Maybe if you visit more often, I would."
Tony smiled and set his bag down beside the unkempt bed.
"Well, I guess Good night, Uncle B."
"Sleep well Tony. Oh, and Sara will be over tomorrow. Just so ya know."
Tony nodded, took of his shoes and feel back against the bed. It was so good to be home. He rested his arms behind his head and quickly closed his eyes.

Meanwhile, across town (eww... that sounded bat-manish)

Merlock looked all around for his missing fiancé. She wasn't in her room, or the kitchen. And though he owned an apartment, it was still quite easy to get lost.
He finally found the object of his affection.
She was laying, asleep, over the coffee table. All around her were pins, needles, scissors, and various clippings of fabric. He quietly walked over to her, trying to sidestep the creaky boards. Beneath her was a large piece of white fabric, sewn together sloppily. He noticed a few small circles of red stain on the cloth. A look of concern crossed his features as he studied the sleeping face of his love.
Merlock gently took her hands in his and kissed them. When he looked down at them he saw there were many little spots of blood on the fingertips and the palm. He carefully removed the metal thimbles from her thumbs and kissed them as well. Sara let out a small moan, but remained asleep.
He pushed the coffee table out of the way and held on to Sara. And ever so gently, he picked her up and held her close to him. The long pins that were doing a bad job of holding her hair up slipped out and let her hair fall down of her shoulders. Her long bangs feel into her eyes, covering them completely.
Merlock kissed the top of her head and led her into her room. He put her down on the bed and pulled the covers around her. Then, very quietly he stood up and left the room. In the living room he turned on the overhead light and examined what she was doing.
He picked up the large bundle of material on the coffee table and examined it.
It was a dress...of sorts.
One of the arms was much shorter then the other, and all the seams were coming. He winced when he realized what it must be.
He buried his face in his hands as he collapsed on the couch.
'Sara...you deserve so much better then this on our wedding day. What kind of husband will I be if I can't even give you a decent wedding?'
He gradually relaxed his muscles and let out a long sigh. His eyes were too heavy to keep open, so he just let go into the warm, welcoming arms of night.

Approx. a week and a half later: Christmas Day: The Wedding.

Sara turned around and examined her creation.
She felt like crying.
The dress was too small in the arms, the bust, and the backside of the skirt. It was way too big in the waist. At the very least she had been able to buy a nice veil. A simple crown with a few pearls and a long train and lace flowing down to the floor.
She carefully slipped the white gloves onto her arms and felt along the satin, then with her other hand she felt the material of her dress. It was a poor comparison to the smooth, cool feel of the satin. Sara fell back on the bench beside the mirror.
Merlock had worked so hard on this wedding. In the past week she hadn't even seen him due to all the last minute plans he had been doing. He refused to let her raise a single hand. He was so sweet to her; he would make a great husband.
Knock Knock Knock
"It's open...unless it's Merlock!"
There were a few giggles behind the door before it slowly opened, and in walked the female time shifters in master forms. When they looked at Sara a brief look of pity crossed their features, but they quickly replaced it with a smile.
"Well, Sara," Orbit-Master spoke up, "You actually did a good job, on your dress."
Sara sighed, "You don't have to lie, It looks hideous." She placed her face in her hands. She felt soft fur on her shoulders as Fable-Master came closer.
"Sara, we have a little gift for you. Close your eyes."
"You really didn't have to-."
"Just close your eyes."
Sara did so immediately. Within seconds she felt warm air blow across her body. And, within a minute it had stopped.
"Okay, you can open your eyes now."
The young bride was amazed as she opened her eyes and saw her reflection. The dress was now stunning. The sleeves had extended and wrapped gently around her wrists. The neck sloped down to reveal just above her bust, and there was a pearl chocker around her throat. The bodice formed a 'v' shape on her waist and the skirt billowed out. All of the fabric was silky to the touch, with small, embroidered beads and pearls all along the front and sleeves.
Sara covered her mouth.
"Oh my..."her eyes welled up with tears, "How did you...?"
She looked to the time shifters, and Fable Master held up a book with the words Cinderella written on the front.
"We just borrowed it. And best of all! It didn't cost a thing!"
They all laughed and Sara embraced all her friends in a tight embrace.
"Thank you, you don't know how much I love it!"
One of the time shifters brushed away her tears as another knock came at the door.
"Sara? Are you alright in there?"
She smiled and rushed to the door. There stood Uncle Bernie all dressed in a black tux with a top hat covering the upper part of his unruly hair. He had trimmed his beard a bit, making it look dignified. He was utterly shocked, as he looked her up and down. He gently took her hand and twirled her around.
"Sara! You look beautiful!"
"Thank you Uncle Bernie."
"It's time for the wedding to start, Hun."
She bit her lip, "I'm scared Uncle Bernie."
He pulled her into a tight embrace, and then pulled her away and smoother out her veil. He shook his head slightly.
"You shouldn't be. Merlock will take care of you. I know he would, otherwise I would never have given him something as beautiful, and precious as you Sara."
She stared at him and wrapped her arms around him once more.
"Thank you, Uncle Bernie."
'All right, All right! Enough mushy stuff!" Rocky hobbled down the hall and approached the two, "the wedding is close to starting without you two!"
Sara smiled and picked up the front of her skirt, "Thank you Rocky, I'm all set."
"Oh no your not!" she was quickly grabbed from behind and brought back into the dressing room. The door slammed and Bernard moved to open it.
Just as quickly as it happened, the door swung open revealing four woman dressed in ivory. And after they had all left Sara walked out again with her hair all done up into twists and curls.
One of the other women turned and closed the door after her.
"Who are these..."
A red headed lady smiled, "The lady time shifters of course. We weren't about to do this wedding in fur and metallic skin." She winked, "And besides, wouldn't it look a bit weird to all the guests?"
She smiled and fell into order behind the other three.
Uncle Bernie's jaw dropped. "They've been living in my house for ten years??"
Sara giggled and quickly stepped behind the four lovely ladies. She held out her arm to Uncle Bernie.
'Shall we?" he smiled and took her arm.
They walked to the front of the church and saw Flint standing there impatiently.
"It's about time! Hey..." he face faulted, "Pretty ladies..."
The four giggled and Sara smiled.
"Sa-ra! You look beautiful!"
"Thank you Flint, you look handsome too." She gave him a thumbs up, "Much better then the loincloth."
"Alright, son, you can give them the okay to start."
"Thank God! These shoes hurt!"
He smiled and ran off, he quickly returned and took his position by one of the ladies.
"So...which one of you gets to walk down the aisle with me?" he smirked and adjusted his top hat so it sat on his head lopsided.
'None. You get to fly solo ring bearer."
He didn't have much time to complain, the organ was pounding out the wedding march. Sara's grip tightened around her Uncle's arm as the large wooden doors were opened revealing the inside of the church.
Everywhere were red roses, hanging from the cathedral ceilings, along the pews. And as Flint, and the other woman walked in, rose petals floated in the air. At the alter she could make out the figure of her soon-to-be husband. He looked at the door with a slight smile on his face.
Then, it was time for her to step through.

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