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200 years before the 2nd generation of Digi-Destined

Gennai is reading a ancient prophecy that tells of the hardships of a very important person.

A child of Courage, Friendship, and Miracles will bring peace

Only after the many trials of a of the crest

Through the child's pain and misery will the world become a new

Two teams who love this child

One will make a mistake that the other will fix

And reunited in the end a miracle it will take

In the end if all is well will it true savior of the Digital World rise

To defeat a great evil thought to be sealed away

And rise victorious against the great evil

With the 2nd generation of Digi-Destined

"Why does my disabilities always have to get in the way of something important" a mohogony haired girl thought to herself as she ran towards the computer lab. Just as she turned the corner to head for the stairs to the computer lab she ran into another girl which resulted in the girls bing knocked to the floor.

"I'm so sorry! I wasn't paying attention to where I was going because I was in a hurry" The mohaogony haired girl said to the stranger.

"Here let me help you. I'm Daisuke by the way but my friends call me Dai" Dai said. Now that she was paying attention she saw that this girl had light brown shoulder length hair and chocolate eyes with a hint of grey in them.

"Oh, I'm Michelle. I moved here from America" Michelle replied as she thought about the stupid student exchange program she was forced into.

"Well it was nice meeting you Michelle, but I have to go. Maybe we can hang out some time. You can meet my friends" Dai said while giving Michelle her phone number so they could make plans later.

"OK, I'll see you around I guess" Michelle said as she walked off. Turning around Dai ran full speed up the stairs that led to the computer room on the second story. Once at the door, Dai was about to open it when she heard Yolie yelling.

"This is the fifth time she's late this week" Yolie said basically screaming.

"Yolie that's not true. She's only been late twice. The other three times it was you and Tk" Cody said backing up his friend.

"Whatever, why do we need her anyways? I mean she isn't important or anything. All she does is get on peoples nerves and gloat about something she's happy about" Yolie said who was backed up with a "Yeah" from Tk and Kari. That broke my heart. The girl that was basically my sister and the guy I had a crush on agreed with Yolie.

"Why did Tai even choose her as the leader? Me or Kari would have been a better choice. We both have been going to the Digital World a lot longer than she has" Tk added.

"Listen to what you guys are saying about our friend" Ken yelled at them.

"Yeah think about all the times Dai has saved us or kept us going when all hope seemed lost" Cody said agreeing with Ken.

"For one, we never needed her help. We could have saved the Digital World without her. We also could have saved ourselves. She just happened to do something before we did it. For two, we saw when we needed to retreat. Dai just kept going like the impulsive brat she is. She's also really dumb. She can't even keep a C plus average in school." Yolie said with pride in her voice.

"OK, so Dai might be impulsive but she is the one that was most important. Dai was the one who saved Kari when Monochromon was under the contol of the Digimon Emperor, Dai got the Golden Digi-Egg when Kimerimon was around, Dai was the one who believed in Ken and saved him, Dai was the one who saved us from MaloMyotismon. Dai sid all these things and you say she isn't important and that you could have saved yourselves. And what does Dai having bad grades have to do with anything." Cody said getting louder and louder to the point that he was yelling at the end. While Cody said all that I just thought about how it's not my fault I have ADHD and Dyslexia.

"Cody's right, Dai did all these things and you just see her as a pest. Kari, she might as well be your sister. I don't get how you of all people could talk about her" Ken added.

"Tai and Tk were there when Monochromon attacked, which was Ken's fault. They could have saved Kari. The Golden Digi-Egg was just sitting in the engine room waiting for someone to grab it when Kimerimon was attacking, which was Ken's fault. For all we know Ken could still be evil and is only acting all nice so he can hurt us at the most horrible time" Yolie said getting down in Cody's face. At that point I couldn't hold back the tears anymore. I just started crying and ran off. I could hear Cody and Ken yelling at them about how they said all those horrible things about me and how I heard all of them. I then heard running which I assumed was Cody and Ken running after me with Upamon, Wormon, and DemiVeemon.

After hearing that, I just ran home. I didn't stop when I passed Izzy or Sora or Joe or Mimi (who moved back) or even Matt and Tai (they were together). After I got home I ran straight to my room. Jun (who was the only one home, my parents are always working) came in and asked what was wrong. I just kept crying. There was then a knock on the front door. Cody, Ken, Matt and Tai were here. Cody and Ken, along with the digimon, wanted to make sure I was OK and Matt and Tai, along with Jun, wanted to know what was wrong. I just layed there crying my heart out while Cody and Ken told them what had happened. To sum it up, Matt and Tai were furious and Jun wanted to go see them. It was most likely to cuss them out and smack Kari across her little face. From that day I always stayed away from them and was always depressed. Not even Ken and DemiVeemon could cheer me up and they always found away before this happened.

1 week after over hearing Kari, Tk, and Yolie talk about Dai

Ken, Cody, and all the older Digi-Destined were at my house trying to cheer me up once again. Jun knew that I would be happy again soon (Jun always knew for some reason when I would start feeling better) so she stopped trying. I didn't mind. She knew what was best for me, unlike my parents. My parents then came home, much to my surprise.

"Dai, Jun we have something we need to tell you" My mom started.

"I'm getting transferred to another job site in a city called Shibuya" My dad said. I did't say anything already being depressed but the others had something to say about it.


"Daddy what about our friends, our lives we have here. It won't be the same. How can you expect us to just leave our lives behind" Jun had said. While she was saying that though I just got up and started heading towards my bedroom to start packing.

"I'm sorry sweety but there is nothing I can do. If it makes you feel better the city is only a half an hour away so you can come back on the weekends" I heard my dad tell Jun. Surprisingly just in that couple of minutes I already had all my clothes packed except for what I would be wearing the next couple of days until we moved. I then moved onto my other stuff.

"But I want to stay here with my friends. I don't want to move and have to make new friends. You know how long and hard it was for me and Dai to make friends. Either people thought that I was going to be popular and left me alone or people thought I was stupid and ugly so they left me alone. Dai on the other hand has ADHD and Dyslexia, two mental disabilities that caused her grades to be bad. And because of her grades being bad everyone thought she was stupid and didn't want to be friends with someone stupid. How can you do that to us" Jun said crying. I also heard everyone gasp at my mental disabilities. By the time Jun was done with her rant I had the pictures I was keeping, which was any picture that didn't have Kari, Tk, and Yolie in it, packed and half of my trophies from soccer packed. Yeah I'm on our school's guys soccer team. I'm also the captain of it.

"I'm sorry honey but it's either I take it or be fired. You know that we need this job because your mom doesn't have a job. You'll have to deal with it. Now go pack. We are leaving the day after tomorrow" My dad said. By the time he was done all my trophies were packed. I think I was doing this so I can get away from the place where my life was ruined and that would be my school and the Digital World. The Digital World had caused it. If I hadn't gone to the Digital World, I wouldn't have gotten close to Yolie, Tk, and the rest of them (except for Kari, I knew her since before first grade). Then again I wouldn't have meet people who care for me like the older Digi-Destined, Ken, Cody, and Veemon. Maybe I just need to be away for a while so I can forget that day and then if and when I come back I won't have to worry about being depressed. I wish I knew what to do though. I want to stay here with people who care for me and don't see me as a freak, but I want to leave so I can get away from the horrible place that is the Digital World and the school.

"Hey, can I talk to you" Matt asked snapping me out of my thoughts.

"I guess" I replied looking at the floor.

"I talked to my dad and your parents and they said if it's OK with you I'm aloud to come live with you guys for a while so you won't be lonely. I would like to if it's OK with you" Matt said giving me a smile.

"You really want to come with us" I asked giving him a questioning look.

"Yeah, I would love too. I could help you out whenever you need it" Matt said with another smile.

"What about your band or the others who will be staying here" I asked him.

"Well if it's OK with you we can give them the new address and they can come over during the weekends or we can come visit them" Matt replied.

"I just want make sure your OK, and won't do anything stupid like trying to commit suicide because you think your life is worthless" Matt added.

"Fine as long as you try and let me make friends on my own when I'm ready. You can also bring Gabumon with us so Veemon won't be lonely. Plus you never know what's going to happen. We might need them for something one day" I said.

"It's a deal. I'll just go pack my clothes and a couple other things I need" I'll see you tomorrow then. We can go make plans with the others about us visiting them or them visiting us and say goodbye" Matt said. I just nodded in reply. I then went back to packing and thinking. By the time I had to go to bed I had just about everything packed. All I had left was things I would be taking to keep me busy during the ride to our new home.

The next day me, Matt, the older Digi-Destined, Cody, Ken, and our digimon were at the park making plans.

"So we could come back next weekend to visit and give you our new address" Matt said.

"Then after that we could always call Thursday or Friday and make plans for the weekends" I added.

"Sounds good to me, I just can't believe your leaving and taking Matt with you" Tai said with a hurt look on his face.

"Hey, I didn't plan on it he just came and told me he had permission to come live with us as long as it was OK with me. I just agreed seeing that he was worried for me" I told him.

"Wow, Matt worried for someone other that himself, his hair, and his family. I'm surprised" Tai said. This earned him a hit from everyone but Matt who did something that is unspeakable.

"And this is another reason I want to come with you. I cannot stand being around Tai any longer without going crazy. After that we just hung out for the rest of the day before saying our goodbye's and leaving.

A couple days later

By the time we were done moving into the new house and unpacking, it was late so we went to bed. When I woke up, my clock had read 11:52 am. I was surprised that I slept that long. I went to bed at 9:30 and was out cold in minutes. When I finally got out of bed and got dressed I went to explore the house a little. I was a big house and my dad's job was helping out with the rent by paying half the rent. Anyways I started on the top floor. The house had two floors along with a attic and a basement.

On the top floor there was my parents bedroom, my bedroom, Matt's bedroom, and Jun's bedroom. We also had two bathrooms up there. There was one attached to my parents bedroom and one at the end of the hallway. There was also a door that led up to the attic. I then went downstairs and saw it was almost exactly the same as upstairs except the rooms were bigger and it was a living room and kitchen instead of four bedrooms. There were still two bathrooms downstairs and a door that led to the basement. There was also the front door and a door leading to our backyard. After I was done exploring the house I went to the kitchen and got me breakfast or lunch. It would depend on who you asked as to weather I had breakfast or lunch. Anyways I found a note saying that my dad had left for work (really we only moved in yesterday and he already has to work), my mom was at the store picking up stuff to make a big dinner (apparently they invited our new neighbors over, it's not like we know them or anything, they culd be killers for all we know), and Matt and Jun went out to look around the neighborhood (I'm not going to go hunting for them if they get lost). I was left alone so I went back upstairs to get my computer hooked up. It was the only thing of mine that I got unpacked and set up. After I was done I got on my computer and saw a message from Sora, Tai, Izzy, Joe, and Mimi asking how the new house was. I replied saying it was nice and it was a BIG house. I also told them that I couldn't wait for them to see the house.

After I sent the message, I heard the doorbell go off so I went to see who was at the door. When I opened it I saw that Matt and Jun got themselves locked out of the house and forgot to grab their phones so they could call. They also had another kid with him. He was about five foot six, he had short blue / black hair, and he had these blue / grey eyes that held loneliness in them. He was wearing a teal button up shirt, with tan shorts, grey shoes and a dark blue hat.

"Hi guys. Um who's this" I said.

"Dai meet Koichi, Koichi meet Daisuke" Jun replied.

"He's our neighbor" Matt added on.

"Hi, it's nice to meet you" I said thinking of how he reminds me of Ken. I then started thinking of how Ken was the one who defended me when Tk, Kari, and Yolie started talking about me. Shoot, the one thing I was hoping not to do was be reminded of that day.

"Dai are you OK" Matt said. Jun saw the look in my eyes and knew it was not the best time for me now.

"You know what, we still have some stuff to unpack so we'll see you later" Jun said dragging Matt in the house.

"OK, well it was nice meeting you Daisuke. I'll see you guys later" Koichi said. Jun then shut the door.

"Let me guess He reminded you of Ken and then you thought about that day" Jun said. I just nodded and went up to my room to be alone.

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