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Ahsoka closed the door behind her. The TARDIS was humming away and the Doctor was moving around the controls again. Ahsoka watched him for a moment, wondering, does he always do this? Travel around from place to place, getting involved? And how did he come by this ship… the TARDIS? Who is he?

Ahsoka remembered what Ventress said to her, "Somebody with that kind of technology could change everything and we wouldn't even know it. The past being rewritten, the future being undone. No one should have that kind of power Ahsoka."

She shook her head, trying to dispel those thoughts. She still didn't know all that much about the Doctor, so she was trying to withhold judgment until she knew more about him.

She was taken out of her thoughts when the Doctor spoke up. "Did Ventress leave yet?"

Ahsoka nodded and went towards him, "Yea. I still think that she doesn't believe you won't pop back up again."

The Doctor gave a smirk at that, "I do have a tiny bit of a habit reappearing in people's lives. Some people like it, some don't."

"I'll bet they do," Ahsoka said sarcastically, "That award-winning personality of yours along with the superiority complex must endear you to everybody you meet."

The Doctor raised an eyebrow at that. "Oh really, miss "if you call me a Sith I'm going to throw you against the wall"? I'm the one with the personality?"

Ahsoka winced a little at that. "Okay, point made and taken." There was a pause in the conversation and she hesitated before forcing out, "So… are you going to drop me off back at Coruscant?" She tried to act nonchalant about it, but she was nervous. I don't want to go back. I don't belong there anymore, especially now after what we just did. Our faces are probably back on the 'Most Wanted' list again after that stunt.

So where will I go? I've never had a life outside the Order before. Do I go back to my home planet, Shili, or maybe visit Lux on Onderon? What can I do for a living? Hunt? Work in a mechanic's shop? I don't know what to do with myself now.

"Not just yet." Came the Doctor's voice over her ruminations. Before she could react, the Doctor threw the lever and the TARDIS started to move again. Once more, Ahsoka's Force senses went into overdrive. She was a little used to it now, but it still surprised her every time, the sudden ability to see everything, to feel everything. Focus; don't lose control, Ahsoka thought to herself. She tried to focus in on herself, trying to block out the oversensitivity she was feeling, or at least make it more manageable. I wonder if I'll ever have the chance to get used to this feeling, she thought.

Once again, the TARDIS came to a standstill and Ahsoka recovered her normal mental capacity. The Doctor pushed a few more buttons, then gave Ahsoka a hard look. She cringed slightly at the look and said, "What do you mean?"

The Doctor started pacing around the control room. "Before we move on, there are a few things that just don't add up about you."

"What do you mean?" Ahsoka became irrationally scared that the Doctor found out her secret. And from the way he was going on, he probably had.

"Ahsoka Tano; in your own words you said that you "stand no-where" in this galaxy's Republic, yet I highly doubt the powers-that-be would let someone like you wander aimlessly on their capital world."

Ahsoka had no response; she just waited for the Doctor to reach his inevitable conclusion. She felt tired, the last few days coming back to her, and she realized in a distant way that she was hungry.

"And I don't think the Jedi would like someone with your obvious abilities playing loose cannon, like Ventress. Although I have to say you don't seem as psychopathic and murderous as she does.

"And that also brings up another thing: you two know an awful lot about the Jedi, both the system and the temple. How did you come by such detailed information in the first place? Were you spies, or enemies of the Jedi? No," He said before Ahsoka could protest, "I don't think you were either. Ventress yes, but not you. You were something else, an entirely different case."

Ahsoka didn't like that word, case, because it was too similar to court terms.

"I think you know where I'm going, so I'll just finish this up. You were with the Jedi. A Jedi padawan to be exact. But you left the Order because of, I quote, "differences with the Council.""

Ahsoka raised a facial marking, "Where did you get that quote?"

"Oh, it was in the Archives on a metal bust of you."

Ahsoka sat down in shock. Well that didn't take long did it? Gone for two days and they already gave me up for good. "Didn't take them long, did it?" She said mostly to herself.

The Doctor came over to her and gave her a strange look, somewhere between pity and reluctance. "What's the real story? Why exactly did you leave?"

Ahsoka couldn't look him in the eyes. It was silent for a few minutes; the soft humming of the TARDIS was the only sound audible. The Doctor stood over Ahsoka, waiting for an answer. Just as he was about to move away, Ahsoka retold her tale.

"It started six days ago." She said in a weak voice. "I had no idea how things would turn out, but I never expected what happened to happen." The Doctor waited patiently. She took a deep breath. "Yes, I was a Jedi padawan, under my master -well, former master now- Anakin Skywalker. I lived in the Jedi Order for the best of my life, and when I became Skywalker's padawan, I was living my dream. I worked, I trained, and I followed as best I could, and I couldn't ask for anything more.

"But things changed, starting six days ago. Somebody set off a bomb inside the Jedi Temple. It killed a great many people and damaged a lot of ships. But that wasn't the worst of it." Ahsoka rubbed her eyes, trying to keep the tears away. "You have to understand, for the Jedi, the Temple is sacred. Even Jedi who never stepped foot in the place knew that. So when news reached out that it was bombed, the Order was in shock. My master and I were off Coruscant when we got the news, so we were called back to handle the investigation. We eventually caught the culprit and turned her over to Republic security."

Even though this sounded like an ending, the Doctor could see in Ahsoka's eyes that the worst was coming. Sadly, he was not disappointed.

"The next day, I was contacted by the saboteur. She claimed that she had somebody on the inside of the Temple who helped her, then set her up. A fellow Jedi." She took a haggard breath. "I didn't believe her. The thought of a fellow Jedi killing innocent people like that was just too unbelievable. But I humored her. Just as she was about to tell me the name, she was Force choked by someone outside the room." Ahsoka looked down even further at the floor. "I couldn't do anything. But that was the worst part. It looked like I did it, like I was the one choking her. I was put in a cell to await further questioning. But somebody left the cell key outside for me. I thought it was my master who did it, but when I got out, I found the troopers dead, cut by a lightsaber." She gave a weak chuckle after that. "And it was just then that I found my own sabers too. More clones came and the impression was that I killed them. So I did the only thing that came to mind. I ran.

"I avoided the patrols as much as I could, but eventually it turned into a fighting retreat for me. I lost my shoto during the chase, but I managed to escape to the lower levels of Coruscant. I wandered around for a bit, trying my best to avoid the police, trying to get a lead." Ahsoka paused a moment. "I managed to contact a… friend, Barriss Offee, who promised to get some leads for me.

"A while later, Ventress found me. Originally she was going to turn me in for the bounty, yes they already had a sizable bounty on my head, but I managed to convince her to help me. Barriss gave me a lead to an old munitions factory that Ventress led me to. We parted ways and I entered the factory alone. Or so I thought. When I was looking, a person attacked me inside the factory. Originally, during the fight, I thought Ventress double-crossed me, because the person was using her two lightsabers. The person beat me and the clones found me and took me in.

Ahsoka suddenly stood up and started pacing, with the Doctor looking on. "I was brought before the Jedi Council, or, actually, not even all of it, and they had already agreed on what to do with me before I even gave my side of things. The Senate, the public, and the military were all looking for blood, and the Council needed to wash its hands of me so I could be tried in a military court. They expelled me from the Jedi Order and stripped me of my rank." Ahsoka's tone turned bitter.

"The trial, if it could be called that, was already decided as well. Nobody was going to listen to any evidence we brought. Hell, they were going to accept the "coincidental" evidence the sleemo Tarkin had, even though it was obviously rigged. I was going to be found guilty, and the thing was, nobody was helping me at all. Only my master and Padmé Amidala were on my side. Even the rest of the Jedi, beings whom I have lived with my entire life, just left me to die!" Ahsoka almost shouted.

"If it weren't for my master looking when everybody else had already stopped, I would have been executed. Anakin found Ventress who told him that she was also attacked and had her lightsabers taken. She told him about the only other person who helped us, and he went to find her. And he did. My sentence was about to be read when Anakin brought in the true traitor." Ahsoka teared up finally. "I never thought it would be like that. The traitor was Barriss. My friend. She betrayed the Order, betrayed the Republic, and betrayed me. She said that the Jedi had become as corrupt as the forces we were fighting, and that we had fallen from the light side of the force. And the sad part is is that what she said was true, if only partially."

Ahsoka walked over to where the TARDIS door was, but stopped short of walking out. She just stood there, arms wrapped around her torso, completely vulnerable because of her inner turmoil. "I was cleared of all charges after Barriss' confession, and I was led back to the Jedi Temple. There were only a few there that greeted me. The rest couldn't be bothered to say they were wrong. They told me that the whole thing was actually just a trial for me, a life trial to see if I was actually the Jedi they thought I was. The thing was, they weren't the Jedi I thought they were. No apology, no explanation, just "oh yea, so this was your greatest trial. It was the will of the Force." And they had the audacity to ask me back! After they cut me off and left me, they ask me back without even a "sorry"!"

Ahsoka started pacing again. "I couldn't. I just couldn't. I couldn't serve an order that would turn on their own on the turn of a credit. Not even Anakin could convince me otherwise. He even agreed with me about leaving the order, albeit for different reasons. So I left. I walked down the steps into the Coruscant streets and finally made my way to that apartment room we first met."

Ahsoka turned and was about to start another round of pacing when her foot hit something metal and sent it dashing along the floor. Ahsoka couldn't see what it was, only that it was gold, and it disappeared before she could see anything else. She stopped pacing and stood still. Something inside her finally snapped.

"The Council didn't trust me, so how could I trust them? Part of me agrees with Barriss; the Council has grown corrupt and dark and they couldn't even bring themselves to say sorry. Their egos had inflated so much that it pushed everything else aside. The Council betrayed me! Part of me agrees with what Barriss did. But another part of me disagrees. She should have used a bigger bomb!" Ahsoka shouted, her pent up, pushed down anger finally coming out.

She clenched her hands at her side, and dimly was aware of a groaning sound coming from around her, but she was too caught up in her own little world to care. How dare the Jedi turn on me! I served them, I protected them, and this is how they repaid me? By kicking me out and giving me a less than half apology? Ha! They think they've seen the last of me, but I'll show them how wrong they are! About a great many things. And they will pay. I swear it. They. Will. Pay.

Unknown to Ahsoka, her eyes had just turned a sickly shade of yellow.

"I couldn't. I just couldn't. I couldn't serve an order that would turn on their own on the turn of a credit. Not even Anakin could convince me otherwise. He even agreed with me about leaving the order, albeit for different reasons. So I left. I walked down the steps into the Coruscant streets and finally made my way to that apartment room we first met."

The Doctor watched Ahsoka pace around the TARDIS, various thoughts going through his head. So that's what happened, she got kicked out for something she didn't do, then left on her own accord. No wonder she seemed so lost when I found her, or actually when she found me. Being cut out of something that was your entire life so suddenly must have been a total shock to her. Actually, that doesn't sound right, more like turned on by them. For a group of self-claimed peacekeepers, the Jedi seem to be pretty self-absorbed with themselves. Or at least easily swayed by the Republic chain-in-command.

The Doctor looked away from Ahsoka, still inside his own head, thinking. It didn't even sound as if they wanted a fair trial, which goes to show how corrupt the system has become. The courts are usually the second to go, following politicians, in a societal collapse. So I guess what this Barriss person said was true, at least in a convoluted way. But terrorism only gets you so far, and it's certainly not the way to get people to listen to you. Something else must have been going on.

The Doctor heard something clink and skid across the floor, drawing him back to the present. The sound didn't come from him, so he looked at Ahsoka to see what the thing was she hit. But as soon as he turned around he stopped cold. Immediately he could tell something was off about her. She was hunched over and her hands were limp at her side. That wasn't what drew the Doctor's attention to the extreme; it was the sudden coldness he felt sweep through the TARDIS, and a pressure building up around the two of them starting to shake the TARDIS.

"The Council didn't trust me, so how could I trust them? Part of me agrees with Barriss; the Council has grown corrupt and dark and they couldn't even bring themselves to say sorry. Their egos had inflated so much that it pushed everything else aside. The Council betrayed me! Part of me agrees with what Barriss did. But another part of me disagrees. She should have used a bigger bomb!" Ahsoka shouted, and the groaning inside increased.

The Doctor could see that parts of the TARDIS were starting to buckle and twist with some unseen force… Force, that's it! Ahsoka's subconsciously doing this! She's angry, and rightfully so, I should add. But she's loosing control of the Force, or at least I think so. And I don't want to see when she overdoes it.

The Doctor cautiously walked over to Ahsoka. "Ahsoka?" He asked, calling her name when he was a few feet away. She turned around and what the Doctor saw almost made him recoil. Her normally sky-blue eyes had turned a sickly glowing yellow that brimmed with hatred and disgust. What is this? He wondered.

"Ahsoka, listen to me. You were wronged by the Jedi Order, yes, but is that reason enough to become angry?" Privately, deep down, the Doctor thought yes, but chose not to say that. "And who exactly are you angry at? Your friend? The Council? Your master? And are you really angry at them, or just at the situation, because you faced with some ugly truths? Truths that you didn't want to face, ones that you were comfortable leaving under the rug. What are you going to do about it? Attack them? I don't think you are that kind of person Ahsoka. In the short time I've been with you, you have been extraordinary, and you've done many good things. Remember the slaves of Kiros you rescued and the good times with your master. I think they believe you aren't that kind of person, Ahsoka, as do I."

Ahsoka's eyes lost the yellow glow and the groaning stopped as she reigned in her emotions. Her eyes returned to her normal sky-blue color, and she calmed down, visibly shrinking. Ahsoka blinked a few times, then after a few moments, she realized what just happened and turned away in shame.

It took her a minute to recompose herself again. "Now you see why I don't want to be called a Sith, because they are like that." She said, referencing the scene that just happened. "They loose themselves to the Dark Side, and loose whatever of themselves they were in the process. That's why I don't know what to do now. Someone like me has nothing outside the Jedi." She chuckled hollowly. "So that's my story. That's how I wound up helping you and aiding an ex-Sith Separatist in a heist. What can an ex-Jedi padawan do? The public is slowly turning against the Jedi, and there isn't much of a chance for me to do anything else with my track record."

She fell quiet again and looked away once more. "I understand if you don't want to take me with you, or even help me. We're practically strangers, and I don't want to add to your problems." She said, alluding to the fact that the Doctor had previous followers, but lost them. "If you don't want to have anything with me, that's fine. Just drop me back off on Coruscant and go save the universe. I'm guessing that's what you are good at, right? Just sort of happens, doesn't it?"

"On occasion," the Doctor said, the usual perkiness of his voice all but gone. He was deep in thought with himself.

"Oh, come on, you need to help her. Take her with you!" The inner part of him said.

I want to, but I don't want anything to happen to her.

"Really? You don't want anything to happen to her? I think that she's been through some of the worst that the universe can throw at her."

There's plenty more where that came from. Plenty more now that I don't know where I am or how things flow here.

"But she does, and all the more reason to take her."

I… I can't. I just can't.



"You're afraid of loosing her. That's the only real reason. You're afraid of growing attached to her, so you're going to leave a gaping hole in your hearts instead of trying to fill it."


"That silence will be taken as an agreement with your statement."

This still is moderately disconcerting, loosing an argument with yourself.

"Just keep your chin up and take it."

With that inner conversation finished, the Doctor continued his previous conversation. "But on occasion I have been known to take people along with me."

The Doctor couldn't deny that the look of surprise and hope Ahsoka gave him then made him feel immensely pleased.

"You… you'll take me with you?" Ahsoka said, trying to hold back the enthusiasm in her voice.

"Oh yes," the Doctor said. Oh well, I've gone past the point of no return now. "What kind of person would I be if I didn't help a friend?" Did I really just say that?

Ahsoka almost rushed forward and hugged him, but reigned herself in at the last moment, and instead bowed. "Thank you so much!"

"Don't mention it. I'm the stranger here, so you can help me avoid misunderstandings like we had before, except, you know, with other less provocable people." The Doctor moved back to his control console.

Ahsoka was still smiling, but it shifted into a mischievous grin as soon as she understood what the Doctor said. "So are you saying that I'm provocable?"

The Doctor raised an eyebrow. "Who's taking you with them out of the goodness of their hearts?"

Ahsoka mock rolled her eyes, "Fine, I'll try to be less aggressive than I normally am for your sake."

The Doctor gave her a strange look, "You sure are snippy, aren't you?"

Ahsoka faltered for a moment, and then said, "Well, that is the nickname master Skywalker gave me when we met."

"Well I could see why, he definitely is the 'no-nonsense' type of person."

"Ehh, you just need to get to know him, that's all."

The Doctor grimaced, "That's kinda' hard to do when you're staring down the end of his lightsaber."

Ahsoka's eyes widened. "He didn't."

"Oh yea, he was very adamant about wanting to know where you were. Met him in the archives when you and Ventress were off causing a right mess."

Ahsoka smiled sheepishly, "I wish I could say sorry, but I didn't do a thing. That was all on him."

"I'll have to remember that when we meet again."

"No if? Just when?"

"Call it a hunch born from experience." The Doctor was about to say something else, when he heard a peculiar sound. He frowned and looked over at Ahsoka, whose face was flushed from embarrassment.

"Now I can say sorry." She said, holding her stomach, which was the culprit of the sound.

"Ah, don't worry, I think I know just how to fix that." He reached into his pocket and pulled out the handful of credits he snatched from Anakin. "How about we find someplace to eat and I can try the local cuisine."

"Sounds fine to me, but where did you get those?" Ahsoka asked.

"From your master." The Doctor answered.

Ahsoka raised a facial marking in understanding. "Huh, so not only are you a Time Lord from another universe, your also a pickpocket too?"

"I prefer to think of it as payment for his actions." The Doctor gave a cheeky grin. "Shall we?" He said, walking out the door. Ahsoka followed him.

The duo appeared at the end of an alleyway, and immediately Ahsoka knew they were back on Coruscant, from the size of the buildings and the speeders going overhead. The Doctor started walking towards the entrance, stepping around piles of junk in his blue suit. Ahsoka followed him and soon they were in the middle of the street. A very familiar street to Ahsoka.

"Hey, Doctor," she said, getting his attention, "let's go over this way. I know a good place to get some food here." The Doctor nodded in agreement and followed Ahsoka.

The two soon found themselves at a familiar restaurant for the entire Kenobi/Skywalker lineage. The smell of greasy food wafted out of the establishment and Ahsoka found her mouth watering. As they walked in, Ahsoka was immediately attacked by a four-armed hug from the owner of the place.

"Ahsoka! We've been all worried sick about you! I heard what 'appened and Anakin dropped by yesterday looking for ya whereabouts."

Ahsoka gasped and said, "I'm fine Dex, but can you loosen up a bit. Need to breathe." Dex obliged and let go. Ahsoka stumbled back, almost running into the Doctor. "You said Anakin was in here? When was that?"

"It was about an hour from now yesterday. He was really worried about you, we all are."

Ahsoka's eyes darkened for a moment and the Doctor knew what bothered her. He could imagine what she was thinking, 'So now they're worried?' But the moment passed and Ahsoka said, "Thank you for worrying, but I'm fine, really." She added at Dex's stare. She then leaned back and quietly asked the Doctor, "What day is this?"

The Doctor had to hide a grin. She's catching on really quick to the whole time travel thing, asking the right questions. I like that. "It's the day of your… excursion." He said, not wanting to give a hint to the man in front of him, Dex.

Ahsoka nodded and then focused back on Dex. "Dex, this is my friend, the Doctor. We 'met' yesterday when I was in a bit of a rut." She said, slightly emphasizing the met part.

The Doctor took this as his cue and came forward and shook Dex's hand, or one of them anyway. "Good to meet you. Nice place you have here, any chance we could get something to eat in this fine establishment. We've found the need to eat somewhere so Ahsoka suggested this place, and judging from the smell in the back, it's a good choice."

Dex looked at him strangely for a moment, then said, "Well then, why don't ya take a seat and I'll be with you two." He wandered off into the back of the restaurant, while Ahsoka and the Doctor found an isolated table to sit at. Ahsoka was hungry, haven not eaten in two days, or two days total, not time travel time. So she ordered a full early lunch. The Doctor on the other hand, just wanted to try the various Bantha Milkshakes. Dex served them their orders and after a few questions and answers, left them alone.

"So," Ahsoka said halfway through her meal, "what is it you exactly do Doctor?"

"Now that's the million dollar question isn't it? It's not like I have a job description, I just go where I feel like it. Often times I wind up in some sort of trouble more often than not. I'm a jack of all trades if you will."

"And what exactly happens on these trips? Aside from the whole 'saving the galaxy' thing."

"Oh, all sorts of things. Meet new people, make friends, make enemies, sometimes save entire civilizations and enjoy the food." He paused, "and a lot of running."

Ahsoka snorted, "I'll bet."

The Doctor became serious. "Now Ahsoka, I have to tell you, things will be difficult at times. We'll get into situations where everything is on the line and you'll have to trust me. It could happen at any moment because you never know what will happen once we step outside the TARDIS doors onto some other world. I'll be counting on you a lot until I'm familiarized with this universe, and to help me with any situations that arise."

"Doesn't sound too hard. So what I'm hearing is basically I'll be helping you prevent yourself from causing any inter-galactic conflicts." Ahsoka said with a smirk.

The Doctor responded saying, "Yeaaa, that might also happen, but not too often."

Ahsoka kept the smile throughout her meal. Once they were done, they signaled Dex.

"Whatcha' need?" Dex said.

"Oh, nothing, we're just going to pay for the food." The Doctor said, reaching into his pocket for the credits.

Dex shook his head, "Oh no, this is on the house." He said, looking at Ahsoka, "I know you need all the help you can get Ahsoka, so consider this a gift, for your recent troubles."

Ahsoka was about to say something, but the Doctor interrupted. "It's fine, I insist that we pay you. After all, I have these credits to burn away, so why not give them to a friend." The Doctor got up and placed a handful of credits into one of Dex's hands, once of the credits slightly chipped. "Now if you don't mind, we best be heading off. Places to go, people to visit, that sort of thing."

Ahsoka stood up and shook her head at the Doctor's rambling. "Thank you for the food Dex." She said with a slight bow.

Dex refocused his attention on Ahsoka. "Pleasure's all mine. Anything for a friend in need."

The Doctor and Ahsoka started exiting, but were stopped once again by Dex. "Oh, Ahsoka! Anakin would like to know where you've been staying so he could check up on you. If you leave the address with me, I'll relay it to him when he stops by."

Ahsoka stopped and thought about it. She barely remembered the address of that run down apartment-plex, and so much other stuff had happened that it almost got pushed out of her mind. "Oh, sure." She said. Dex pulled out a stylus and a piece of filmplast (or whatever the Star Wars equivalent of paper is) for Ahsoka to write on. She wrote down the address and handed it back to Dex. "This is where I'm staying," she paused, "or was, am." She corrected. Right, this is the day the Doctor woke up in the room. So right now there's two of me and two of him right now. Ugh, time travel, already getting sick of it.

Dex took a look at the address and gave her a funny look. "This is where you've been?"

Ahsoka had the decency to look ashamed at it. "Yea… tell Anakin where I'm staying and I'll meet him there."

"Okay, just make sure you take care you yourself Ahsoka." Dex said.

"Don't worry, I will. Besides, I've got the Doctor now, and he's got to count for something." She said, and ignored the annoyed 'Oi!' the Doctor said. "I'll see you around Dex." She got enveloped in another four-armed hug, then the Doctor and Ahsoka left Dex's Dinner and backtracked to the TARDIS.

Once inside, the Doctor said, "So where do you want to go first?" He asked.

Ahsoka was confused by that question. "Shouldn't we be looking for that supposed tear in the universes? You know, the one that could destroy both of them?"

"Oh, sure we'll get to that. The tear is in a fixed point, so we just need to travel around and find the point where it happens to stop it. But where's the harm in a little sightseeing?"

Ahsoka just shrugged. "Anywhere is fine, really."

And any time, the Doctor thought. He pondered for a moment, and then an idea struck him. "Oh, I just thought of something. I think you'll be amazed by it."

Ahsoka was intrigued, "Where?" She asked as she walked next to the Doctor.

The Doctor smiled, "Not where, when." He danced around the controls, pushing buttons and flipping leavers, then stopped, with his hand on the dematerialization lever. "Ready?" He asked Ahsoka.

When she nodded, he smiled and flipped the lever. "Allons-y!"

Outside, the light on the blue box started pulsating, and the most peculiar sound was heard, coming from all around the air.


Then the blue box was gone from the alleyway.

So here is that important notice. Two, no, three of them. Four really. Well... okay, five.

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