Summary (Updated 27/07/15): Willow from Sunnydale meets the gang from the SGC under extraordinary circumstances. This meeting leads to amazing interstellar, and intergalactic, adventures for the girl from Sunnydale. This story is based off challenge number 2225 on TTF. I used the concept, but not the challenge parameters.

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, locations or plots from Buffy, Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, and BSG: 2003. This is just a work of fiction which will eventually (hopefully) encompass four of the best shows ever made (in my opinion). So yes I have made (and will make in the future) some changes to the details for each show and hopefully they will be interconnected pretty well. All reviews are welcome.

Sunnydale, CA, 2300 hours.

Willow Rosenberg was at home just sitting in one corner holding her knees close to her chest. She had been crying so much that her eyes were blood red. Something happened earlier that night, it affected her best friends and she was the cause of it. Everyone told her to be careful with magic, especially dark magic but she didn't listen. Despite what they had said, Willow knew in her heart that she hurt her friends badly that night; she knew that despite all outward appearances, they were still furious with her, especially Giles and Buffy.

She recalled that once she reversed the spell, she saw Giles looking at her in the crypt where they had been attacked by demons before he told the redhead that he expected better from her. He told her that she spell she cast could have ended up in disaster; killing all of them. Willow could only look on in despair as Giles walked past her and out the door in anger.

"Buff," said Willow as she looked at her best friend with tears welling in her eyes, "I'm sorry, I…"

"Go home, Will," said Buffy quietly as she walked past the redhead, and followed Giles out the door.

"Buffy," said Willow as she looked on as her best friend walked away, "I'm sorry. Please… I'm sorry."

"Damn," said Spike as he walked past Willow while wiping his mouth and mumbling to himself, "I've got Slayer taste in my mouth."

Willow looked on as Spike walked outside before he was grabbed by Buffy who twisted one arm behind him, as she and Giles took him away. With only Xander and Anya left, Willow closed her eyes and turned around before looking at Xander who had his hands in his pockets, and Anya who had her arms crossed over her chest.

"You could have killed us, you know?" said Anya as Willow looked down onto the floor, "what were you thinking?"

"Anya," said Xander as he saw the look of despair on Willow's face as the redhead looked at him. It was the same look that she gave him all those years ago when they were in Kindergarten and she had broken a yellow crayon.

"No, Xander," said Anya as she looked back at her boyfriend, and then back at Willow, "you're dealing with powerful magics that you couldn't control. You almost got my Xander killed."

"I'm sorry," said Willow softly.

"I'm going home," said Anya as she walked past Willow before turning back and telling Xander to follow her.

"I'm coming, I'll meet you outside" replied Xander as Anya huffed and walked out of the crypt while the dark haired young man walked towards Willow, "Will, I know you're hurting."

"I'm sorry," said Willow softly as she looked into Xander's eyes, "I didn't mean it. I just wanted to get rid of this pain in my heart. I never thought it would hurt anyone."

"Well" replied Xander, "at least I know what it's like to be a magnet. Although I'd prefer if you wished I was a ladies magnet… not like the love spell incident, though… I mean a magnet for the ladies."

Willow looked at her oldest friend and knew that he was deeply disappointed in her despite hiding it behind jokes. Her lips trembled before she looked back down and wiped her eyes.

"Will," said Xander softly as her shoulders trembled. He put both hands gently on Willow's shoulders before telling her to give the others some time. That this was something no one expected, and that everything would be back to normal in a few days, "come by Giles' place tomorrow, Will."

"He hates me, Buffy and Anya hate me," said Willow as she looked up at Xander, "I can see in your eyes that you hate me too."

"Willow," said Xander.

"I'll go home, Xand," said Willow as she turned and slowly walked away wiping her eyes. She walked past Anya and apologized once again before she headed home.

Back in her room, not only did Willow feel she betrayed her friends, her heart was also broken after breaking up with her werewolf boyfriend, Oz. Between her breakup and the incident with magic and her parents in Europe for a lecture tour, she was all alone in Sunnydale now. All alone in her room, she now regretted staying in Sunnydale after the disastrous high school graduation. She had offers to go to some of the top schools in the country like MIT, Cal Tech, Harvard and even Princeton. Instead, she chose to stay close to her friends by going to UC Sunnydale.

At that moment, with all the bad things happening around her, she just wanted to get out of Sunnydale forever. She didn't care where, as long as it was out of this city; she couldn't take it anymore.

'I hurt my friends' thought Willow to herself, 'I hurt the people that trusted me.'

"I'm so tired," said Willow to herself as she leaned her head against the wall as tears streamed down her face while holding tightly to her knees against her chest once again. She recalled what she had almost used a spell to make Oz and Veruca hate each other after Oz slept with the female werewolf. She brought her head into her hands as she straightened her legs and broke down again. Willow recalled OZ leaving her; leaving Sunnydale in his van. She recalled his roommate calling her the previous day to tell her that OZ had all of his belongings moved to wherever he was staying. Willow rushed to her ex-boyfriend's house and knocked on the door. Oz's former roommate had let her in, apologizing while stepping to one side as Willow ran into the house and went to Oz's old room. Opening the door, Willow looked in despair as everything was gone; her love was really gone. Later that night, Willow cast a spell that she hoped would heal her broken heart, a spell that would make her will be done.

It backfired spectacularly.

Willow wiped her eyes as she recalled Giles becoming blind, while Xander became a magnet for all sorts of demons and, Buffy and Spike were almost married. After she reversed the spell following an attack by demons, she saw the looks in the eyes of her friends… looks that she'll never forget.

"They hate me," said Willow to herself, "despite what Xander said, they hate me; they may forgive me eventually, but they'll have a part that'll always hate me. A part that'll always fear me."

As she thought about what happened, Willow knew that changes needed to be made. So she spoke out loud as she came to a fateful decision, "I don't belong here. I stayed for others, I didn't stay for me. I want a new life, a different life than the one I'm in right now. I wish I could go somewhere I would feel needed for being me. I want to be around people who want me for me, somewhere I don't need to use magic to cause other's pain. Somewhere where I can have a normal life. "

Once she said the words, she felt a cold knot in her stomach as her eyes went wide open.

"No," said Willow to herself as she tried to remember if she had earlier, in the crypt, said the exact words that would have reversed the entire spell itself, and not just the effects it had on her friends. However before she could open her mouth to say anything else, Willow felt herself falling backward into a dark blue twisting tunnel, moving faster and faster until she reached the end and made a hard landing on top of a red table. Willow barely made out some voices around the area she landed before losing consciousness.

SGC, Briefing room, 2315 hours.

SG1 was having a briefing with General Hammond about their mission to P6X-398. This planet was mostly an agricultural society with villages spread over great distances. However, the ground was rich in Naquada deposits which made it essential that Stargate Command gets a treaty going with the locals to mine the precious mineral in exchange for medical and agricultural technology.

Suddenly, the room started to shake violently. Everyone got up and walked over to the briefing room window so that they could check on the Stargate, but there was no activation. Then there was a thud on the long table behind them.

"Woah, Woah, Woah, what the heck?" said Colonel O'Neill as he rushed towards the redhead lying unconscious on the table.

"Where did she come from?" asked a blonde in Air Force BDU's as she looked on in shock, along with Daniel and Teal'c.

"Medical team to the briefing room" shouted General Hammond after he picked up a phone on a nearby wall.

Colonel O'Neill checked for a pulse on the mysterious girl and was relieved before he looked up at the General.

"Sir, she has a pulse but her skin is very cold. We need to get her to the infirmary quickly".

"Frasier's on the way," said General Hammond.

"Ok, what's going on?" said Dr. Frasier as she rushed into the briefing room through a hallway with a gurney and two nurses behind her, "Oh my god, what happened?

"No idea Doc, she just dropped in out of nowhere," said the Colonel as he picked up the redhead into his arms and placed her gently on the gurney.

"Very funny Colonel. Ok, let's get her to the infirmary. We need IV ready and some blood ready just in case".

SGC, Infirmary

After her sudden appearance, Willow had a 24-hour guard posted near her bed. It was 8 hours later that she slowly began to open her eyes. At first everything was blurry, then her eyesight started to clear up and she managed to take a look at her surroundings. There was an IV line that went into her arm and a machine that was measuring her heart beat bad oxygen level. She then noticed a red haired woman in the doorway talking to a guard with a huge machine gun.

"Oh no, what did I get myself into now," Willow asked herself before the short red haired woman saw that she was awake and started walking towards her.

"Why hello there, my name's Dr. Frasier. What's yours? "

"Um... hi. My name's Willow. Ah... Willow Rosenberg"

"Nice to meet you, Willow. Do you know where you are? "

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I shouldn't be here. Please don't be angry at me, I just wanna go home". Willow was terrified with tears streaming down from her eyes, she had no idea what she had gotten herself into. All she knew was that she wasn't in Sunnydale anymore.

"Easy, easy. Calm down Willow. You're safe here. You had a slight concussion and some abrasions on your arms and legs" explained the doctor.

In a trembling voice, Willow asked where she was.

"Well Willow, I'm not able to answer that yet. But I have some friends here who have a few questions to ask you. Are you up for it?" asked Dr. Frasier.

"Ummmm... Ok. I guess it should be ok. Are they angry at me?" asked Willow with some trepidation in her voice.

"Well, they are just curious about how you ended up here. But if you need me I'll be right here".

Now Willow felt a bit more comfortable after Dr. Frasier reassured her in that motherly tone of voice. "I'll be right back alright? "

Dr. Frasier went to talk to a bald man who was waiting right outside the infirmary. After walking for a while, the man came in with four other people. "Hello young lady, my name is General Hammond and I'm the leader of this facility. These people are Colonel Jack O'Neill, Major Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson and that is Murray". "Hey kid, so nice of you to drop in on us like that," said the Colonel. The others just looked at him smirking.

"So, can you tell us about yourself?" said the General.

"My name is Willow Rosenberg. I'm from Sunnydale, California. I'm nineteen years old and I study at UC Sunnydale".

"So how did you get here?" asked Major Carter.

"I... ah.. made a wish?" said Willow nervously. How can you tell people, especially if they seemed to be military types, that you used magic, a spell, to transport yourself to another place.

"A wish? You made a wish?" said Dr. Jackson. "You mean a wish as in..."

"A wish to be somewhere else." Willow finished Dr. Jackson's sentence. "I.. ah... made a spell that would grant my wish. There was an accident with that same spell earlier and things went wrong and my best friends got hurt before I could reverse the spell. And then I reversed the spell, at least, I think I reversed it but I guess I didn't reverse it. I just reversed the effects and not the spell itself and…."

"Easy, kid," said the Colonel, "take a breather."

Willow looked up at the man and took a deep breath to calm herself down before she started to speak again.

"They got so mad that me that I went to hide at home. That's where I made a wish to be somewhere else. I'm sorry, I got here by accident, I just wanna go home" said Willow to the stunned faces of the four faces in front of her. Teal'c or Murray, which was his cover name, just cocked his head to the left and raised an eyebrow.

"Hold on there, did you say spell? As in magic spell?" said Major Carter with disbelief.

"Yes, I swear it was an accident" explained Willow.

Just then Dr. Frasier came back into the room. Since it was getting late, she asked everyone to leave as the mysterious guest needed rest.

"Very well Doctor, but since she is doing better, put her in one of our holding rooms until we can question her some more tomorrow. In the meantime, I would need to inform my superiors about this incident. And I may very well have to come up with a better story than she just made a wish" said the General.

"Umm... General... there's no reason to tell anyone about this is there? I mean, I would like to go home..." Willow tried to explain.

General Hammond then cut her off abruptly, "I'm sorry, young lady, but I'm not able to do that now. You simply just fell out of the air in the most secure facility on the face of this planet" he gently explained to her. "And until we find out more information you have to stay in this facility."

"Ok..." said Willow a bit terrified now.

Seeing how terrified she was, the Colonel told her "Listen, kid, all we wanna do is ask you some questions tomorrow. In the meantime, the guards here will escort you to a holding room. You'll be able to sleep on a real bed. And don't be frightened of the General, he's really a teddy bear".

"Alright." said Willow smiling a bit now.