TITLE: The Hours Between

AUTHOR: Jade Okelani


RATING: R (for light smut)

TIMELINE: Messed around with. It's sixth year for Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco et al. and fifth year for Ginny. However, we're going to pretend that Fred, George, and Lee Jordan are not two years ahead of everyone, but instead, one year. K? K.

SPOILERS: Through GoF, I'm sure.

ARCHIVE: Please drop me a line first to let me know where it's going.

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing, but oh, how I wish I did. Book 5 . . . must . . . have . . . Book . . . 5 . . . have resorted to fanfic . . . take pity . . . please . . .

AUTHOR'S NOTES: First time HP fic writer. Be gentle. Pairings decidedly un-canon in nature.

SUMMARY: After hours at Hogwarts, something wicked this way comes.

THANKS: All the beta thanks in the world to the wonderful Sarea, about whom too much good cannot be said. (And who has thoroughly corrupted me with the elegant speech patterns of Jane Austen by way of numerous films.)

DEDICATION: Who else, but Sarea? This literally would not exist without her (and I really mean that); It's all for you, Sarea, I do it all for you!