New Meth (Merle/Beth) story! There is Caryl but it is a back burner to the Meth. Got a couple of chapters to set up the story before the relationship really comes out. Thank you athlete girl! she was very supportive in writing this story!

Merle listened as the blonde sang. God she could sing, like nothing Merle had heard before. Her sweet tones filled the dark room as the group was winding down for the night.

Merle looked to where Daryl stood talking with Rick, but one eye on his woman. Daryl hadn't said one way or another, but Merle knew something was going on there. After escaping from Woodbury Merle had intended to take Daryl and get the hell out of dodge, but little brother had other plans. He flat out refused to leave the prison, threatened to leave Merle behind instead of leaving the group he was with. At first Merle was furious, he thought Daryl was picking Rick over his own brother. But now Merle was pretty sure it wasn't Rick at all.

Nope. Officer friendly was not the reason Daryl and Merle were still at the prison. It was the little mouse, Carol. Less then a solid year and that woman had taken a man who's previous conversations with women were painfully limited, and now Daryl couldn't take his eyes off of Carol.

Merle sighed as he leaned against the door frame. He supposed it was for the best. It would due for one of the Dixons to possibly carry on the family name, if only in marriage.

Merle watched as the group disbanded and moved to their cells for the night. Merle reached into his cell and grabbed his canteen, and walked to the water hookup. After filling, he turned and nearly ran into the little song bird. She blushed as she jumped back, smiling shyly as she filled her own water bottle. Merle glanced around the cell block, everyone else were in their cells, settling in for the night.

Merle smirked as he turned to the little blonde. "ya got some pipes on ya Sugar."

the girl blushed as she brushed her bangs away from her forehead, her bright blue eyes pinning Merle.

"thanks...I'm Beth."

Merle chuckled as he nodded. "Merle Dixon, though I figure ya already knew that."

Beth smiled as she walked to her cell. "it's good to meet you Merle. Goodnight."

Merle smirked after the girl as she went into the darkness. "night angel."

Two months later

Merle chuckled as he heard the door open behind him.

"Zach again?"

Beth sighed as she sat down in a chair beside Merle in the watch tower.

"yeah, he still won't leave me alone."

Merle smirked as he looked out around the prison. In the two months he had been here it had become quite a ritual. Zach didn't seem to get that Beth was serious at her refusals. The boy had been chasing her since Woodbury moved to the prison after Daryl and Merle had almost taken out the governor. Merle felt a little bad about kidnapping Glenn and Maggie, but not too much considering they refused to tell him where Daryl was. Plus Maggie was a bitch that still treated Beth as a child, even though she had proved herself a woman to Merle. A woman that definitely had his attention.

"Tyresse any calmer?"

Beth shook her head. "no, he's still out for blood. But I think that who ever killed karen and david did it because they were already dying. But its no use to say it, it'll just cause another argument."

Merle shrugged. "oh I hear ya angel. Not lookin' forward ta leavin' tomorrow. I know we need the meds but fuck I can't shake this feelin' somethin' gonna go down. You got your gun and knife?"

Beth nodded, showing both to Merle. Soon after he had joined the prison Merle had taken some time to teach Beth some self defense, considering no one had done it before. She may be small, but now at least she stood a fighting chance.

"good. Keep them on ya."

Beth smiled lightly. "i always do. Be careful out there okay?"

Merle smirked at Beth. "Worried about Ol' Merle?"

Beth blushed as she dropped her head. "it's a different world now. Just be safe okay?"

Merle looked at Beth before he nodded. "always am angel."


Daryl sighed as Rick walked away. He wasn't sure what was going thru that man's mind, and at this point he was fairly certain he didn't want to know.

Daryl turned and walked thru the cell block, now much quieter considering the deaths and the number of people in quarantine. As he entered his cell, Daryl smiled.

"what's this?"

Carol turned and blushed. She was wearing just her jeans and bra, her belly slightly swollen as she rubbed her hands over her skin.

"Beth commented today I was glowing. Is it that obvious?"

Daryl chuckled. "it? Ya callin' my kid an it?"

Carol laughed as she pulled out her night shirt and took off her bra. "well until it's born we don't know if it'll be a boy or a girl."

Daryl smirked as he stepped up behind Carol, running his hands over her belly. "it's a Dixon, ain't never been a girl born into my family. It'll be a boy."

Carol turned in Daryl's arms, smirking up at him. "and if its a girl?"

Daryl shrugged. "well...I'll get her a crossbow anyways."

Carol laughed. "i saw you picked up that nerf bow."

Daryl smirked as he pulled Carol close. "ain't never too early ta start learnin'."

Carol smiled before her face grew serious. "you going to be okay tomorrow?"

Daryl nodded. "me, Merle and Michonne will make it back no problem. You just take it easy okay?"

Carol sighed. "we're going to need to tell them soon. I can't keep wearing my coat in this weather."

Daryl sighed as he nodded. "i know baby, I'll talk to Rick. I just... we don't need another Lori episode right now."

Carol nodded. "i know. But pretty soon it'll be obvious and I won't be able to hide this any longer."

Daryl agreed. "I'll tell him when I get back tomorrow."


"You did what?!"

Rick sighed as he nodded. "she killed Karen and David, she had to go. I left her with a car and supplies. She'll be fine."

Daryl saw red as he slammed Rick against the wall. "Do you know what you did?! She was pregnant!"

the cell yard rang with Daryl's voice and suddenly all eyes were on Daryl. Hershel and Maggie looked shocked, while Beth smirked lightly. Merle was furious and his hand kept twitching for his gun. Tdog and Glenn both looked confused.

Rick sputtered. "What? Who-how?"

Daryl slammed Rick against the wall before he let go. "Me you asshole! We hid it because of you! Because of Lori! Now my woman is out there fightin' for her fuckin' life while you sit here and tell me she'll be fine! Fuck you Rick! Fuck you!"

Rick shook his head. "She killed two people!"

Merle growled as he stepped forward. "No way she did. She was with me before the bodies were found!"

Rick glanced at Merle. "Yeah and you probably helped her."

Daryl shoved Rick back against the wall again, punching him in the face. "You left my pregnant woman to die! where did you leave her?! Where?!"


a little introduction before things really get interesting. Next up: Daddy Dixon :-) BTW Tdog is alive, andrea is dead, michonne part of the group. And the governor still out there.