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Nightmares, an one piece fanfic

Title: Nightmares

Pairing: Zoro x Chopper (in a father-son or big brother-little brother way )

Disclaimer: I'm not Oda. I'm not cool enough to be Oda. I'm also not a man, lol please review!

Notes/Warnings: Fluff.

Zoro was awoken by a loud sniffling sound and an insistent tug on his haramaki. He opened his eyes to find a quietly crying Chopper, wide-eyed and shaking with fear. One hoof was clutching the green band around his waist and the other was pressed over his mouth to stifle any sobs that might escape.

The swordsman adjusted his position on the couch so he was resting upright on one elbow and surveyed the room groggily. There was no light coming from the porthole and everyone else was still asleep. He looked back to Chopper who had controlled his tears enough to speak.

"C-can I s-sleep with you, Z-zoro?" He asked, staring up at the swordsman with big, watery eyes.

"What's wrong?" Zoro whispered, not wanting to wake the others. He didn't sense any danger in the room and he felt no reason to raise alarm.

"I h-h-had a n-nightmare." Chopper replied, fresh tears welling up in his eyes.

Zoro glanced around the room again to make sure everyone was really asleep, extremely wary of shitty cook. The crew knew he had a slight soft spot for the little reindeer but, Sanji, given the opportunity, teased him relentlessly about it. One look at the blonde told him it was safe, though, as the man was calling out 'Mellorine' between snores, a big goofy smile plastered on his face.

Zoro sighed tiredly, wanting to go back to sleep. "Sure."

"Thanks." Chopper sniffed loudly and climbed up onto the couch with Zoro.

The swordsman adjusted the blanket and wrapped his strong arms around the tiny doctor who snuggled into his chest. The fur on Chopper's head tickled his nose so he buried his face in it in order to relieve his discomfort.

He felt his tension from the day drain away and he began to wonder if this was what it felt like to have a teddy bear. He'd never had one as a child because he thought only the wussy kids had them but maybe he'd been wrong. It was actually kind of... relaxing. He tightened his hold on the reindeer and quickly drifted off into a deep, peaceful sleep.

Zoro awoke to the cackling laughter of a certain blonde cook. His eyebrow twitched angrily and he was about to jump up and beat Sanji's face in when a muffled snore reminded him that Chopper was still asleep on top of him. Zoro looked down at the doctor who was trying to nuzzle deeper into his chest and he realized that there was no possible way he could get up without waking him. Zoro sighed and settled for a piercing glare at the cook. He wasn't going to hear the end of this one for a while but maybe, he supposed, it was worth it.