This is my first Star Trek FanFic and I do admit, I don't know much about their universe. I just watched the 2009 movie and fell in love with Zachary Quinto's Spock. So, before I begin, I will give you a few disclaimers. This story takes place at Starfleet Academy for most of it, and my OC will be a cadet there. Because of this, I have included chunks of information I've found online to give it the authentic Academy feel. If you don't want to read those bits, they will be easy to find and skip over, since they are in italics. This story took a lot of research and at one point I had so many internet windows open that my computer crashed.

My thanks to wikipedia and memory-beta for all the information. I own all non-recognisable characters. This story will also be updated every Monday and Friday until completion.

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Chapter 1 – Pointy-eared Hobgoblin

It was a cold winter morning when a group of Starfleet-bound cadets huddled together, lining up to board the shuttle that would take them to the Academy. Nearly all of them wore thick fur coats, their breath steaming up in front of their faces. In the isolated state of Utah only five cadets had been accepted into the Academy, which was a lot less than usual.

Among them was a tall, slender woman of nineteen. She was just as excited as anyone to be going to the Starfleet Academy. It had been her dream since she was seven, and she prayed to get into physics, oceanography and anthropology, since she was fascinated with space and other cultures. An odd combination, her adoptive parents had thought, but they supported her nonetheless.

The future cadets shuffled inside the shuttle and took their seats, buckling up for the trip to California. The woman took a seat between two others, tugging her hood up further to cover her head. She didn't want people to be gawking before she even arrived on campus! All their things had been stowed away in the cargo bay and everyone held on as the shuttle took off, shuddering as it traversed the distance between Utah and California. Every piece of metal creaked and groaned. This shuttle must be old, she thought. I wonder how old? Her eyes, hidden in shadow, flicked around the small space nervously. Thankfully, no one was looking at her; enveloped in their individual thoughts. As the rumbling got louder she began to hum a lullaby absently, thinking of what was ahead of her. For her whole life she'd been teased and ridiculed for her heritage and appearance, but no more. She was a grown woman and she was going to the Academy after graduating at the top of her class. A smile stretched across her face.

Right next to the window, she peered out, catching her first glimpse of Starfleet Academy.


It was snowing on campus. All cadets disembarked from the shuttle, grabbed their bags and raced through the snow to the lobby. Once inside, they formed another line where they would receive their room number and timetables. Hopefully she would get a good room with a good roommate.

As her line dwindled she debated whether or not to remove her hood, but decided against it. She didn't want to be stared at, and possibly ridiculed. Each person moved along, taking their things and disappearing through the east door. She was last in line and bit her lip as she stepped forward.

"Name?" the clerk asked.

"Abbott, Zia," she replied in a clear, strong voice. The clerk flicked to the bottom of the pile and pulled out a folder, handing it over. Zia stepped aside and opened it. Her room was F6 in the second wing. Please let it be good! She all but ran from the lobby, keeping her eyes on her map as she moved carefully throughout the corridors. Second-, third- and fourth-year cadets chatted in rooms that she passed, calling out greetings. At a glance, she saw several aliens in the mix of humans. It was somewhat comforting. She waved back absently and was relieved to reach her room, type in the code and slip inside.

Her roommate wasn't there yet, but the two beds were on opposite sides of the room. Zia dumped her bag on the bed furthest from the door and began to unpack, hanging her clothes and uniforms up and organising her books in the shelf. Then she made up her bed and slid her bag under the bed. She really hadn't brought much with her; just the essentials. After a quick exploration, she saw the private bathroom and a small storage room. She sighed and tugged off her jacket, hanging it up. Might as well get it over with!

Resting back on her bed, Zia waited no more than ten minutes before a short, black human woman came into the room, pulling half a dozen bags with her.

"Here," Zia said, leaping up, "let me help you."

"Hey, thanks," her roommate panted. "My folks just made me pack so much stuff! Hi, I'm Tara Dillard. And you are?"

"Zia Abbott," she replied, holding out her hand. Tara took it and gasped as she saw Zia's face.

"What? What the hell? I don't get it! Are you…?"

"Yes. I am a Vulcan."

"But you don't act like one. They're supposed to be totally emotionless."

Cursing a few words of Vulcan that she did know, Zia waved her hands angrily. "So? Just because I'm Vulcan doesn't mean that I have to hide my emotions! I don't have to act like a Vulcan because I am one!"

There was an awkward pause. "Sorry," Tara said sheepishly.

Zia took a deep breath to calm down. "No, I should be sorry," she replied. "I'm sorry for snapping at you like that. It's just a touchy subject for me."

"I understand. No more speaking. Zip. None," she mimed zipping her lips shut. Chuckling, Zia opened one of Tara's bags and began to help the other woman unpack.

When Zia was born her Vulcan parents hadn't wanted her, and they'd left her on the sidewalk mere hours after she'd been born. It was just dumb luck that Patty and Giana Abbott had found her and taken her under their wing. They'd raised her as a human, steering her away from the usual Vulcan upbringing of emotionless and logical delivery. Because of that, she was more human than Vulcan, despite not having a shred of human in her. Growing up, it had caused a lot of teasing and she had been sick of it. Starfleet was her escape, where she would hopefully be able to visit Vulcan and demand why her parents had abandoned her. She was far from the typical Vulcan; prone to anger, happiness, and everything else. Her parents hadn't minded. They'd been there for her and she loved them. Zia had had a… difficult childhood, but she'd pulled through and was now on the path to becoming a member of Starfleet.

No one from her school had made it into Starfleet aside from her, so there was no chance of her previous bullying taking hold again. Zia was tall and slender, like all Vulcans, with pointed ears, arched eyebrows and wavy auburn hair that fell to her shoulder blades. She often wore her hair out and pushed it forward to cover her ears; a testament to being teased.

"What classes are you doing?" Zia asked. Tara scrambled for her folder and extracted her timetable.

"I've got Analysis of Algorithms, Collaborative Computing, Computer Simulation and Modelling, Finite Mathematics, Matrix Translation Programming and Athletics Program." Tara grinned. "This is exactly what I wanted to do! What about you?"

Frowning, Zia pulled out her own Timetable and scanned it.

Timetable: Abbott, Zia

Class 1 – Introduction to Physics (PHYS 101) Block-A, Rm 6

Class 2 – Advanced Topics in Anthropology (ANTH 497) Block-A, Rm 12

Class 3 – Biological Oceanography (PSCI 325) Block-A, Rm 18


Class 4 – General Physics (PHYS 205) Block-A, Rm 6

Class 5 – Independent Study (LING 495)

Class 6 – Athletics Program (PE 232) Block-D, Athletic Compound

Classes begin at 0900 and each goes for one hour. Lunch is at 1200 for one hour. Classes finish at 1600.


She sighed with relief. "I've got Introduction to Physics, Advanced Topics in Anthropology, Biological Oceanography, General Physics, Independent Study and Athletics Program. Hey, we both have the same class in sixth session!"

"Yes, we do," Tara agreed. "You really like physics."

"You really like maths and computers," Zia retorted good-naturedly.

Tara tilted her head. "You know, you're actually pretty cool, for a Vulcan. I think we're going to be friends."

"That's good! I was worrying that my roommate would freak out and demand a room change."

"I'm not doing that. Just because you're Vulcan doesn't mean you're a logically-sound smart-ass."

Zia blinked. "Thanks."