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Chapter 11

Out of the Frying Pan

Dean paced the room like a caged lion, Sam reclined in his bed staring off into space, the only sign of life was when he blinked. Dean kept flicking his eyes nervously towards his brother every time he turned around and started walking back towards him. He could see his brother was busy using his oversized brain thinking of all the reasons Dean should just give his little brother over to the enemy, to save himself. Well Dean was having none of that bullshit. They had just got each other back and were finally on the same page. They had realised they were both terrible at communicating and would have to make more of an effort to talk to each other.

"Dean?" Sam asked quietly

Dean stopped his pacing and looked over at his brother, noticing his hunched shoulders and hair covering his face, the older brother knew whatever his little brother was about to ask it wasn't going to be good. "What's up Sammy?" He asked in reply.

"I think it would be better if... I actually gave myself up" Sam said cringing when Dean all but growled at that and moved towards him.

"What?... are you freakin crazy?" he asked seriously questioning his brothers sanity.

"I just think that…"

"If you say that you think it's good idea and that you sacrificing yourself like a selfless idiot is better than millions of other lives, as if you don't matter too, I will literally… just… don't say it Sammy, I swear" Dean snarled.

"No... No wait, it's not like that De'n" Sam said quickly, knowing his big brother was going into protector mode. "I know what it sounds like... but I don't want to die... I just think it's the best way to cut the head of the snake"

"Wait…. How exactly are you going to do that?" Dean asked unconvinced. "Without sacrificing yourself?"

"Well… all the demon minions, they can't do anything without the big bosses say so. If we take him out, all his followers will flounder" Sam said hoping he sounded confident enough to convince his brother.

"And how do you plan on 'taking him out' cause at the moment, your 'plan', is flimsy at best… it sounds like a suicide mission… Sammy… I thought we were getting over all that stuff" Dean said with a shake of his head.

Sam looked at his big brother and all he could see was disappointment. "Look, I swear I'm not suggesting this because I want to die… I'm… I'm moving past all that. I'm not saying I'm over it completely but I'm getting there" Sam says truthfully. "All I'm suggesting is that I go and see them, and when I'm in there, I release a bomb of sorts"

"Yeah, what sort of bomb are you talking about here Sam? it just sounds like you want to go in there and sacrifice yourself. It doesn't matter how you package it up man... It's still suicide" Dean was not hedging all his bets on such a weak plan.

"Yeah but... I'm not the bomb" Sam replied

Dean looked at his little brother, he could tell he was tired, he was hurting, he could see the dark circles and the pinch of pain around his eyes but he WAS healing. The youngest Winchester was in no condition to go across the room, let alone into a demon den with hundreds maybe thousands of demands out to get him. "Sammy... I don't think you're ready... I mean you're still in the hospital, we only just got you out of that cave..."

Sam nodded his head, everything his big brother was saying was true, he was still in considerable pain, his broken bones and punctured lung were only just starting to heal, he would have months of physical therapy, breathing exercises and big brother prescribed rest and recuperation in his future, if he was honest with himself he was nowhere near ready to leave the hospital. The demons who were right outside his door however could care less about his injuries. They were following orders and nothing would get in their way, not even a big brother.

"Trust me, I don't really want to go anywhere right now... my whole body hurts... but... If I don't do something, they will never... leave me alone" Sam had tears running down his cheeks by the end, he just wanted it all to stop. He wanted to stop, with everything that had happened, all he wanted now was for it all to be over, to move on. He wasn't sure how he was going to tell his brother or how he was going to take the news. He took a breath and pushed that thought to the back of his mind while he waited for his brother's reaction.

Dean nodded his head and turned away and tried to swallow the limp that had become lodged in his throat. His little brother really knew how to pull at the heart strings. "Well, okay then" Dean said in reply, "just… how exactly is you giving yourself up NOT being the bomb?"

"My idea… is to… I have this idea to…" Sam hesitates and worries that his idea is going to sound stupid when he says it out loud but sees his brother's expectant face and he takes a breath and continues. "My idea is to give the head demon or whatever a type of Rune that…"

"A Rune?" Dean asks incredulously "Those things don't have any power Sam"

"Dean… let me finish ok?" Sam said stopping his brother from continuing. 'I'll give him a type of rune, I'll put a sort of demon/angel hybrid symbol that will burn him from the inside out, kill him, permanently cutting off all connections to him, incoming and outgoing to all his followers"

"Where are you going to get this Rune?" Dean asks, still not convinced.

"I'll have to make it myself, I got the idea from one of Bobby's books" Sam replied, remembering the excitement he had felt when he had been given access to Bobby's extensive collection of books and had spent hours reading them. When h was young and he needed an escape from his father, even when he was much older and had tried to find the answer to why so many supernatural creatures, monsters, Demons, Angels and gods had seemed to have it out for the Winchesters. "It was... It was when you... when you were in hell... Bobby had to keep me busy so I didn't... "

Dean swallowed down the lump in his throat. He remembered that time all too well, he really didn't like to think about that time, not just because of what happened to him in hell but it was the catalyst for his little brothers downward spiral. "Alright" Dean croaked out, he cleared his throat and tried again. "Alright so, this symbol... What's it going to do, walk me through it" he just wanted to a make sure that Sam wasn't still going to get hurt by this thing. This could still back fire of them... monumentally, if they didn't get it right.

"The symbol is old, like ancient. I found it in a spell book that belonged to a so called oracle or spiritual healer" Sam remembered it because the drawings in the book had been dark and seemed more like black magic. "It has elements from demons and angelic Enochian and some Latin, combining them all makes it pretty powerful. Like a kill all spell"

"Doing all this, is the opposite of healing Sam" Dean pointed out.

"I know... but I think it'll work, this guy was actually a black magic practitioner or maybe even a hunter, who hid behind spiritual rituals and teachings" Sam replied

"Two... Well more like three questions... maybe four... How are you going to give this rune to the demon and... most importantly, what's going to happen when he has it? Will you need to get out of the blast zone? And how much time will you have?" Dean counted each question off on his fingers and looked expectantly at him for answers.

Sam wasn't surprised by his brother's reaction, his brother had bombarded him with questions and in his experience as Dean's little brother, which gave him a better understanding of the meanings behind his actions, he knew Dean only did that when he was worried. "Unfortunately, I will have to either hand it to him directly or put it in his pocket" he said and saw Dean shake his head. "There is no blast zone, it will be centralised to just him and it will be activated once it touches him" Sam says as soon as Dean opens his mouth to say something.

"I'm not sure I like the fact that you have to get so close to this guy... or that you will have to somehow get out of an all demon club house... after he's dust" Dean was more than concerned about this plan. As much as he thought it was a good idea, that killing the man at the top of the stinking demon pile would create a chain reaction, wiping out the demons for good, he also thought it was the worst idea he'd ever heard, there were so many ways it could go wrong. The possibilities were endless and most of the scenarios that flashed through his mind made his stomach churn and his head pound.

"I know... but I have to do this... It has to be me... I can't explain it... it feels like maybe I have to do it, to prove to everyone that I'm not some..." Same chocked on the words he wanted to say, how he had felt about himself for a long time. His brother made an angry noise and he looked up to see Dean, punch the wall making a larch fist sized hole in the drywall.

"Dean!" Sam exclaimed "Stop... what the hell?" Sam didn't understand why his brother was suddenly so angry.

"You were going to say 'monster' weren't you?" Dean asked incredulously.

"What! No I... that's not..." Sam stopped when he couldn't think of a good enough excuse.

"It was, Sam... but I understand... you've always thought you were a monster and I've seen you flinch when anyone called you that and I never asked why. Was it because you blamed yourself for mum's death, when you were just a baby? Or was it when you left the hunters life for a safe, normal one? Or perhaps when your girlfriend died just like our mother? Or was it Dads death? Yours? Or maybe mine? Was it the demon blood or being manipulated into starting the apocalypse... no matter the reason... Sammy... you are NOT a monster" Dean had moved right beside his brother and watched the mixture of emotions swirl around his brothers expressive eyes.

"I... I've always felt different... Dean you know that... When I was growing up I felt like such a freak... The way our family moved around, my hand-me-down clothes, my school stuff was always second hand or really cheap, I just never fit... anywhere... didn't even fit in with you and Dad... I wasn't fast enough or focused or good enough to be part of your team... I was the geek with his head in a book" Sam tried to down play it but he had always felt like an outsider, at school, with other hunters and with his own family. "I was just a freak back then, it wasn't until Jess died and we started hunting together and I had my visions that I really started to feel like I could be a monster... then Dad died and he told you to kill me if I turned evil and that just cemented it in my head... I was going to be a monster... then everything happened with your deal and the demon blood that it became more and more clear... You needed to kill me... and you said it yourself, I was a monster and you needed to put me down... But you didn't and I couldn't figure out why... I couldn't decide which was worse knowing you wanted to kill me or not knowing when you were going to do it?" Sam took a deep breath like he had said everything in one long exhale, like he was trying to expel all of those thoughts.

"Sam I... I wasn't going to kill you, I'm NOT going to kill you... I DON'T think you're a monster either...never have Sammy... I don't EVER want to hear you calling yourself that again, I mean it. All other names like Nancy or Samantha or even freak, those are allowed... from me... I'll kick anyone's ass you tries to pick on you... you need to get it into your hard head. I'm not allowing you to call yourself that again... and what I say goes... as your big brother" Dean said hoping his status as older brother would still give him the credentials for Sam to listen to him.

"I'm sorry Dean... It's a hard habit to break... the habit of a life time... I've always known I was different and it wasn't always just me who thought so, other kids at school, Dad... even you... I remember you telling me to just fit in... not to stand out... sometimes you even said to tone 'it' down a little bit... I thought you meant the whole ME package" Sam said sarcastically.

"Hey, I didn't mean that Sam, I meant the whole bratty, argumentative, broody thing you had going on... when you were fifteen or sixteen... man you and Dad were at each other's throats... he just didn't understand you, Sammy... but I did... I saw how bright, funny and clever you were, but you didn't always confide in me and as much as that hurt, I got it... you know when you were sixteen, I actually wanted to bundle you off to Paster Jim's so you could finish out the school year? "Dean reminisced. "Dad didn't agree of course but I really fought for you to stay in one place, I could tell all the moving around, always being the new kid, was getting to you" Dean said remembering just how close they came to giving Sam almost a year of normal. In the end hunting got in the way and it never happened but they were close. "I really think, things would have turned out differently if Dad had relented and just given you that opportunity"

"I don't remember any of that." Sam said in awe of just how blind he had been to how awesome his big brother was.

"Yeah, well... I didn't want you to get your hopes up and unfortunately in the end, it never eventuated" Dean saw a smile cross his brother face and took it as a win, then he remembered something Sam had said earlier "Hey what did you mean 'I needed to kill you?' I never said that Sam..." Dean had been confused, he went over all the time he and his brother had argued and he couldn't remember ever saying he had to kill his brother.

"Dean... It doesn't matter now... It's in the past I know its different now" Sam said with a hint of desperation in his voice. This was not a topic he wanted to get into now... or ever.

"It does matter Sammy... what did I say that made you think I wanted to kill you?" The eldest Winchester was really worried that he said something while he was drunk and considering the number of times since returning from purgatory that he was visited a bar and drunk his liver into oblivion he wasn't surprised.

"I... I don't remember... It's not that important anyway" Sam finished with a shake of the head like he was trying to shake off his thoughts.

"Don't bullshit me... you're not the only stubborn Winchester you know" Dean said with a smirk.

"I know… I just… look man, I have always felt different, you know that… and when everything happened with the apocalypse and Lucifer… how do I NOT believe what everyone else does, when that's all I hear?" Sam asked.

"Sam, I never said you were a monster" Dean said trying to remember if he had ever said it.

"Yes, you did Dean... twice actually" Sam replied

"No I didn't... wait, I wasn't... I didn't mean... that's not what I... look Sam, I was angry... I felt betrayed and at the time, I wanted to hurt you… but I see now that it was just another slap in the face for you and maybe it was the last straw for you… and me saying that was the last push and I feel really guilty about that…"

Sam watched his brother turn away and when he looked like he was going to start pacing again he decided to break the tension. "That whole time… was not… I'm not proud of what I did or said. I kind of wish I could go back in time and just change every decision I ever made... when you decided to let me back into the fold as it were, I didn't feel worthy… In fact I almost wanted to stay in the mental hospital we did a job in…" Sam paused to see his brother watching him and looked away as he continued. "I don't blame you Dean… for anything you did or said back then… I let you down… I'm still doing things that let you down so… I wouldn't blame you if you still feel that way…" Sam was fiddling with the seam on the sheet that covered his legs by the end looking down and avoiding his brother's eyes. "I know that things are different now but there are still… a shit load of stuff that I need to atone for" Sam could feel the weight of all his mistakes every single day.

"No Sam you don't… whatever you think you need to pay your dues for, you have done that a million times over… going to the pit, for all those ungrateful bastards out there…" Dean paused as he pointed out the window, meaning everyone outside in the world. "Going there for me…" He pointed to himself and felt his throat close up when he saw how vulnerable his little brother looked "All your mistakes are wiped crystal clean… do you understand me Sam?" Dean asked, voice cracking.

Sam sighed and looked toward the half closed curtain covering the small window, watching the dust particles floating around inside the rays of sunlight shining through the window, his mind began to drift, memories of dust and rock coming down onto his head, suffocating him, crushing his body, pain and agony ripping through his veins burying his alive. He was suddenly brought back to reality by his brother's big, warm hand on his shoulder. "Sammy?"

"Wha?" Sam replied still a little disorientated from his nightmarish daydream.

"What was that all about?" Dean asked "You sort of zoned out... it was like you were having one of those absence seizures or something"

"Oh ah... no... It was... just a… ah... nothing, it was just a nightmare" Sam closed his eyes in shame. The memory of his nightmare still fresh in his mind.

"That must have been one heck of a nightmare... it was more like... one of your... wait... It was a vision wasn't it?" Dean asks seeing his brother's evasiveness for what it is. Fear that Dean would finally see Sam as a freak and leave.

Sam wanted nothing more than to just disappear, because it was easier but with everything that had happened still hanging over them he knew he couldn't take the easy way out. . He didn't understand what was happening but he knew that he couldn't figure it out on his own. "I... I don't know for sure... It felt like... like it was either a vision or a... a memory... it was very familiar... but... it doesn't make sense" Sam questioned, he felt a jumble of questions roll around in his head.

"Ok, so… firstly, let's just calm down alright. It could be any number of things… a witch, a curse, a ghost trying to reach out... or... it could be a memory or flashback, in which case I can help you through it... we'll do it together" Dean said

"I know…. you're right… " Sam said in reply.

"It's fine Sammy… considering everything, I would be surprised that you didn't have some sort of splash back so to speak... let's not jump the gun though" Dean said patting his brother on the shoulder, feeling the tension fade.

They sat in silence for a while, both comfortable in each other's company. "Are you going to tell me what you saw?" Dean asked gently.

"Well… I don't know but… It felt like I was suffocating… like I had been buried alive and being crushed all at once. But I'm not 100% sure it was just a memory... I don't remember everything that happened in the cave, especially not when it first happened... I just don't know" Sam spoke really softly, dean had trouble hearing him but he got he general idea.

"Okay… so to me, it sounds like some of that is residual feelings from being in the cave. That will definitely mess with your head" Dean replied matter of factly. "Sometimes when you try to recollect what happened in a stressful situation, everything gets muddled"

"That's what I thought… it just seemed so real" Sam said with a shiver. All his memories were right near the surface ready to come out and take him right back to that dark lonely cave.

"I know Sam... but I'm here now... You don't need to figure all this out on your own" Dean said hoping to relieve his little brother fears. "I know... I haven't exactly been understanding in the past... or even all that sympathetic to what you were going through" Dean paused to see his little brothers face flash with emotions. "I know we have a lot of muddy water under the bridge and a lot of things we wish never happened... but Sammy, above all else... I never stopped being your big brother"

Sam was about to say something in return when he heard a loud banging in the door. The two brothers jumped out of their bubble. They glanced quickly at each other then went into hunter mode, Sam unfortunately was unable to move away but he grabbed the demon knife that had been placed under his pillow.

Dean moved slowly towards the door, standing in a defensive manner, he crept forward glancing at Sam again checking he was armed and when another knock came from the other side of the door, Dean took his gun from behind his back and took a breath, then turned the door knob slowly but yanked it open to see a startled nurse standing there. They looked at each other, stunned, then Dean crept forward with his hand extended, touching the handle and turning it slowly, so as to not make any noise, then after a beat, he yanked the door open and as he opened his mouth to speak to whoever had been knocking, he was pushed aside as someone came into the room and closed the door. "You two have really got yourselves into a pickle now haven't you?"

The boys looked at the intruder, stunned and relieved. "What? What the hell are you doing here?" Dean asked moving toward their guest smiling widely.

"I couldn't let you go through all this on your own... besides you couldn't survive without me" Jody said smiling at them both and moved forward grabbing Dean and giving him a hug.

"How on earth did you know we were here?" Sam asked from his spot on the bed.

"Sam... when I heard someone had been rescued from a collapsed cave, I thought you two would have to be involved somehow..." She said as she leant forward and hugged the youngest Winchester. "How are you sweetie?" She asked as she moved back so she could see his properly. Taking in his tired and pale face and the bandages covering his unusually, dull, pasty, lifeless skin.

"I'm... doing ok... but I have a long road ahead... unfortunately I may not be able to recuperate for as long as I would like" Sam said shooting a glance at his brother who was standing beside Jodie with his arms crossed, obviously not over their conversation.

"Yeah... I'd say so Sam... You look like you've been through the wringer" Jodie was giving Dean a questioning look as she patted the youngest Winchester on his shoulder.

"A few wringers actually... and the idiot thinks he can go through a few more... I mean he can hardly stand, his legs were half crushed for god's sake..." Dean said in an angry huff.

"Yeah, I don't think so cowboy..." Jodie said in a motherly way, she turned and pointed at Sam "You mister, are going nowhere and doing nothing but sitting on your ass and figuring out the Sunday crossword puzzle until your brain turns to mush... You get me?" She would not take no for an answer.

Sam sat in his place on the bed with both his brother and Jodie ganging up on him. "Hey, I know I SHOULDN'T be doing anything but I HAVE to... there are demons after me... tell her Dean... tell her that I have to do it" Sam asked

"Sam..." He shakes his head at his little brother. "Sam is being targeted... yet again... Even though he was buried under tonnes of rock and has multiple broken bones... and after all that... now the idiot wants to go right into the hornets' nest to kill the King hornet" Dean said with every piece of disapproving big brother he could muster.

"Well... that's not happening... It's suicide" Jodie said

Dean smirked at Sam, finally he had someone on his side. "See Sam, I told you it was suicide"

"Dean... It's not like I want to go anywhere but... I'm sick and tired..." Sam swallowed the lump in his throat. "Of these bastards coming after me... What else do they want from me?" The youngest Winchester said frustratingly with his fists clenched.

"Alright Sammy... I get it" Dean said grabbing his little brothers hand, finally realising that Sam's plan wasn't because he was still feeling suicidal, but he wanted it all to end.

Jodie watched the brothers and smiled to herself as they reconciled. "You boys... are killing me here..." She said pretending to wipe her eyes and laughing.

"Hey!" Sam exclaimed as Dean extracted his hand and stepped back, then in a show of masculinity he crossed his arms.

"Jodie... It takes a real man to show his emotions you know?" Dean said defensively

"Oh yeah, I know" Jodie replied sarcastically, patting the eldest Winchester on the shoulder and smiling.

The moment of light-heartedness was broken by a loud explosion from the hallway, suddenly all the lights flickered then went out and a second later, the emergency lights turned on leaving the hospital room in a dim yellow glow. "What the hell?" Dean asked as he crept slowly toward the door and peered outside, seeing nothing but dark shapes of rubble "What was going on out there Jodie? Did you see anything?"

"Well, I didn't see anything out of the ordinary but the corridors were uncharacteristically quiet" she said trying to remember if there was anything she may have missed.

"They must have everyone holed up somewhere... Jodie, did you see any nurses or any of the medical staff?" Dean asked

"No actually, just the clerks downstairs who told me which room you were in" Jodie stated looking worried. "I did pass a guy who was going into the lift as I as coming out... he looked at me strangely"

"Strangely?" Sam asked

"Yeah, like he knew who I was but I've seen him before and he certainly didn't say anything" the boys looked at each other as Jodie moved to stand beside Dean at the door. "Should we have a look outside, see if anyone needs help?" As if she was never really off duty.

"They may not be your usual civilian Jodie, you may need a little hunter assistance" Dean warned.

"Dean, I'm not sure I like the fact that they are using innocent people to get to me... I don't want anyone else to get hurt because of me... Maybe I should just give myself up now" Sam said, he wasn't completely surprised when Dean scowled at him.

"No way, not until we're ready" Dean replied. "We still have to get you out of here and standing up right... somehow, you don't have the rune ready, we don't have a plan B if this all goes to hell..."

"I have a plan Dean, I'm not going into this completely half cocked" Sam replied

"Let's just get over this hurdle first Sam, then we can revisit your plan okay" Jodie said bring the two Winchesters back to the situation at hand.

"Right..." Sam said looking down at his legs and picking at a loose thread. "What are we going to do?" He asked after a minute of silence. He knew at this point he was useless.

Dean looked through the blinds for a few seconds then looked over at his injured brother. "Do you remember what we did in that sheriff's station before my deal came due?" The eldest Winchester asked, knowing that his little brother would remember exactly what he was talking about.

Jodie looked at the youngest Winchester with a questioning brow lift and knew from the look on his face that she wasn't going to find out what that was all about any time soon. "Um, yeah" Sam replied grimly. "How could I forget?"

"Well, maybe we can do the same thing here... we'll have to find an intercom and one of us can recite the exorcism to smoke all these guys back to hell and then we can regroup and get you the hell out of here" Dean stated.

"I think the nurse's station has an intercom, they use it to page the doctors" Jodie said

"I can do it... unless you've been practicing" Sam asked knowing his brother had never been good at languages.

"No... that ship has sailed" Dean replied laughing, he knew he was good at the physical side of hunting but the research, spells, and language translations had always been his little brothers strong suit. That was why they worked so well together.

"Okay... I'm going to need a wheelchair though" Sam said with a little embarrassment. He wasn't fooling himself, he was nowhere near ready to get up and walk around. He had trouble sitting up for long periods.

"I'll find one... are you sure you're up for this?" Dean asked shaking his head

"No... but I have to do it... so..." Sam stated sighing out a nervous breath.

"Hey, it's alright, you'll get there..." Jodie said confidently.

"Once all this is over, you're going to stay in bed until I say so... well... until the doctor says so" Dean stated in his big brother mode.

That made Sam chuckle, then groan when his ribs protested.

"Careful Sammy, we haven't even tried to get you out of that bed yet" Dean did not like seeing his brother in pain and was trying to get used to the fact that he will be in a lot of pain until all this was over.

"He's right Sam... So maybe we should get this done sooner rather than later, who knows how many people have been injured out there" Jodie shook her head and made an unhappy noise.

The boys looked at each other and silently asked each other if they were ready. With a nod of the head, they moved into action.

As Sam slid into place beside the microphone and pressed the button to begin the exorcism he took stock of just how much pain he was in. He realised that after all his talk about how he wouldn't let anything get in his way, perhaps the only thing really standing in his way was his own body. His back was throbbing, the pain in his pelvis and legs were like lava and his head was swimming. As much as he would like to be the man who can fight through the pain, he didn't think he would be able to last much longer and he had been in the wheelchair for only half an hour.

He could hear demons trying to break into the small room from the outer door and even though it was locked he knew it wouldn't take them long.

Sam started to recite the exorcism and when the sprinklers came on he heard screams coming from the hallway. Once he had said the last word of the exorcism he waited for the screams to stop before moving back to the hallway. There were people waking up, they were disorientated and they started asking questions. He wheeled himself back towards his room, hoping to see Jodie or his brother.

When he finds the room empty, he moves further down the hallway and just as he opened his mouth and was about to call out for either of me he hears a grunt and a small sound coming from behind the nurses station. He pulls out his demon knife and moves slowly towards the sound. As he gets closer he sees a foot in a familiar boot and a small denim clad leg, he knows exactly who it is. He puts the knife down on his lap and moves quickly towards the body. "Jodie?" He whispers and when he gets another grunt in reply so he wheels himself closer and when her head is visible he notices that she is gagged. He leans forward and pulls the material out of his friend's mouth. "Jodie, are you alright?" He whispers again.

"Oh thank god! I was so worried about you Sam" Jodie replies with an uncharacteristic quiver in her voice and tears gathering in her eyes.

"I'm fine Jodie... what the hell happened... where is Dean?" He asks with a shiver of fear. He had finally come to the realisation that he would have to ask for help and that his brother may have to be the one to execute his plan.

"Shit Sam... I'm so sorry... I don't know how to tell you this but..." Jodie was on the verge of crying but was trying not to for Sam's sake.

"What?" Sam whispered, fear running through his veins.

"I'm so sorry Sam... but... they took Dean" Jodie looked at the youngest Winchester's face as shock threatened to overwhelm him.

"What?..." Sam shook his head at the fact he didn't even remember being knocked out let alone a bunch of demons taking his brother. "Shit" he whispered.

He looked away from Jodie's expectant face for what felt like hours but was nearly a few minutes, his mind was a rocky sea of emotions and thoughts, each fighting for a place to be expressed. He thought about everything that had happened and all the things his brother had said to him and realised, he didn't want to be a victim, he didn't want to let all his doubts and fears to run his life, when determination cross his features Jodie smiled and put her hand on his shoulder. "So... Sam what are you going to do?" She asked.

"I'm going to get him back..." Sam said vehemently. "But... I'm going to need your help... I have to make the Rune and... write the spell... we have to finish this... we have to get him back" Sam's voice cracked at the end, his emotions were all over the place, he felt like a part of him was missing. "I can't do this on my own… can you help me Jodie?" Sam asked, his big eyes wide and trusting, not caring how weak he sounded.

"Of course Sam… sweetie, anything you need" She replied. The mother in her had always loved the softer side of Sam's nature, he was tall and strong but underneath all that he was quiet, soft spoken, self-depreciating and felt better when he had discussed a problem or expressed his feelings about something.

"I'm stuck in this wheelchair… for now... and I can't change that…but I'm going to need your help… because without Dean I just…." Sam couldn't finish the thought.

"Alright Sam... it's alright... what do you need me to do?" She asked not knowing what to expect but for seeing a lot of grunt work in her future.

Jodie in her motherly, no nonsense way, packed Sam up, with all his medication and orchestrated the 'great escape' from the hospital during a shift change and was able to get him into the car, with his wheelchair without so much as a pause.

She had him squared away in a wheelchair friendly hotel room, with a good meal and everything he needed.

Hours later Sam and Jodie had completed the extremely time consuming and intricate work of etching the hybrid symbol on a smooth river stone that Sam had collected on one of his father's many survival training camping trips. This particular rock was smooth as silk, was as black as onyx and was one of his favourites.

He had translated and rewritten the spell from a little know Ancient dialect into a more modern Latin, changing the language to specifically target demons. Jodie had been right there to pass a book or look up something in one of Bobby's dusty books. He wasn't surprised how well they worked together but he had been surprised that Jodie had been suck a quick study and was knowledgeable of spells, witchcraft and ancient languages, which made Sam's job of translating the spell a hell of a lot easier. In the end Sam was very grateful to have Jodie's assistance.

The youngest Winchester was also grateful for Jodie's help on the more personal, day to day tasks that he now took for granted. As much as he was embarrassed that someone had to help him to get in and out of bed, prepare his food or even to get dressed. He was mortified that Jodie had to help him go to the bathroom and all that entailed.

Sam sighed a breath in painful frustration, he had always prided himself on being independent, perhaps that was the problem, he was too proud to ask for help and too weak to deny it. He had wanted to show Dean he was worth it, that he could be his partner, that he was more than just his little brother, that he was more than just the researcher or the backup but with his injuries, he was nowhere near the partner that Dean deserved. The pain he was in was constant and unrelenting, his whole body hurt and his head was pounding but his brother needed him and any pain or weakness he felt would have to be out on the back burner.

He sighed again and shifted to get comfortable, his thoughts moved to his brother and what the demons could be doing to him. He had seen his brother die multiple times but hell had always been a sore point with Dean, he still had nightmares about it and what he had done there. Even his visit to purgatory had brought up memories from his stint in Hell. The thought that Dean was right now being tortured yet again, made Sam's stomach churn. Suddenly a hand landed on his shoulder rousing him from his thoughts with a jolt as he tried to move away from it.

"Whoa! Sam calm down, it's just me" Jodie said with hands up in a none-threatening manner.

"Shit... I'm sorry Jodie" Sam said wiping a hand over his face then covering his eyes with the same hand taking a few deep breaths as his doctor had shown him to calm his erratic heart and ease his still fragile lung.

"It's alright honey..." Jodie said rubbing his back, she could tell that if they didn't get Dean back soon, the youngest Winchester was going to lose it. "Sweetie, I think we need to get going... Dean's counting on you... are you ready?" she asked.

Sam looked over at the woman that had been nothing but supportive, gentle and kind. "Yeah Jodie..." Sam sighed and rubbed a hand over his face. "I'm ready" the youngest Winchester moved his wheelchair around so he could get ready to go and he bumped his legs on the solid wood side table beside him and pain shot up his legs, causing white hot pain to pulse through his cracked pelvis. He cried out, his still healing bones not appreciating the abuse.

"Hey, hey, hey... be careful... your brother will kill me if you hurt yourself on my watch... c'mon, let me help" she gestures to the hand holds at the back of the wheelchair for a second before pushing Sam away from the none wheelchair friendly furniture.

Sam once again feels like a burden but when he thinks about his brother being tortured by demons and what he could be going through at this very moment he pushed it aside. "So... I'll grab the Rune and the demon knife... and we can go" he says matter of factly.

"Wait... are you sure you're going to be alright doing this?" Jodie asks, she already knows the answer but feels it is part of her job to ask.

"Yeah... well... have to do be... Dean... I have to do this..." he pauses and shakes his head. "Dean would stop at NOTHING to get me back... so... I'm not letting me being in this 'chair' stop me from doing the same" Sam said adamantly.

Jodie smiled at the youngest Winchester's fierce protective nature, she wondered if his brother knew that it wasn't just a big brothers prerogative to be protective. "Alright... so let's get out of here and bring Dean back..." she chuckled softly "I'm sure he's annoying them all for burgers and onion rings"

"Or his stomach is grumbling so loud they can't wait to get rid of him" Sam chuckled himself and with a small smile on his face thinking about how hellish his brother was probably making his captors lives. "You know... while Dean was in Purgatory, I... found myself missing all the things that Dean did that used to bug me... he would head messy spicy chicken wings and wipe his hands all over everything, he would flick through TV channels so quickly you couldn't even seeing what was on, he would tease me relentlessly, about my hair, about what I eat, about the coffee I drink... I missed it all. I found myself eating greasy hamburgers and chicken wings, having black coffee... I would even tease myself, so I could feel like he closer to me... it was SO hard... and when he came back... all he could see was my failures, he didn't want to listen to me... but now... I get to prove myself... that I can do the right thing… that I can save him" Sam was close to tears by the end but he swallowed them down.

"Well Sam... I never had a doubt in my mind that you were going to save Dean... with a little help from me of course..." she said with a mother smile.

The two friends gathered their supplies and moved towards the car. With Sam in the passenger seat and Jodie driving the eldest Winchesters baby, they drove off. Jodie wasn't looking forward to Dean's reaction that she had been driving the small family's classic black Impala. She was ready to defend the decision, knowing that he would grumble about someone else driving his baby but would be more that grateful that at least it was someone he trusted.

As Sam looked out the window from his usual spot in the Impala he realised that he missed being right here. Even before the cave, he hadn't really felt like he belonged or was welcome beside his brother. The whole time Dean had been in Purgatory, Sam had tried desperately to find his brother and when he had failed in every way, he tried to settle for a quiet life away from hunting, away from his failure as a hunting partner and as a brother.

Coming back together had been both a blessing, after coming so close to ending it all and a curse, as he tried to explain his absence and perceived abandonment of his brother.

Now he was right back in the impala, doing what he had been trained to do, the only difference was that he was doing it with possible retirement injuries and a desperate need to fulfil his part of their hunting partnership.

As much as he's been trying to be positive, he knows that if he is unable to perform his brother/partner duties, his brother will leave without him. He could never ask his older brother to retire and settle down with him, it was too selfish and he was not going to be a burden, not any more.

Pulling himself out of his dark thoughts, he noticed the car was slowing down and as Jodie pulled off the main road, Sam realised he had zoned out, they were finally going to get Dean back.

He looked around and when he caught sight of the abandoned, boarded up mechanics garage, he steeled himself for what was about to come. He wasn't sure what state his brother was going to be in and he wasn't sure if his brother was even alive at this point.

He opened the car door and when Jodie pushed his wheelchair into place, he hoisted himself out of the passenger seat and into his chair. He took a moment to look up at the building again and put his hand in his pocket, rubbing the Rune between his fingers. Feeling the ridges and grooves of the symbol that was going to destroy the demons from the inside out. "Okay..." he said and looked up at Jodie "You wait here, keep a look out and if I don't come back... well..." he looked away for a second then looked back at his friend "Jodie you know what to do? If I don't..." he asked hesitantly.

Jodie looked at Sam and thought about all things he had done, all the things he had been through, how strong and brace he was and at that moment, he looked like a worried, scared little boy. "Oh Sam... don't you worry. I know what to do... I may even have a few surprises up my sleeve"

Sam nodded his head, gave a small smile and gathered his gun and the demon knife, his courage and wheeled himself up the path towards the front door. He knew there was no way he could sneak in, reason one being that he was in a wheelchair, it would be impossible for him to get into the building in his usual manner.

Knocking on the door he waited for this nightmare to begin. It was silent for a moment when the door was yanked open and three burly men stood like a mountain blocking his entrance. "Hi guys... um... I think your boss is expecting me" Sam said, kicking himself for his less than confident start.

"I don't think so crip" one of the trio said in a deep voice that was supposed to me imposing but made Sam shake his head.

"How about you just go and tell him Sam Winchester is here" he said not letting these idiots stop him from getting in there. He watched as all three men's faces dropped and went white. They obviously knew his name and unfortunately he had a reputation that proceeded him.

"I'll um... I'll go get him... sir, I mean Mr Winchester." Sam blinks at him and sits there waiting, not sure how he should feel about the fact the demons seemed scared of him, all these years later he hoped that the whole 'boy king' thing was over after they killed Azazel and the whole apocalypse debacle was put to bed.

Then suddenly the door was opened and he was ushered inside and once he crossed the threshold he felt the change in atmosphere, he was sure that there were spells protecting or shielding them.

He looked around and took note of the number of demons around him. He was officially in the eye of then storm. He mentally reassured himself that the plan was going to work even though deep inside he was a little worried that that plan was going to go to go down in flames.

He was left alone in a large, opulently decorated office and he moved his hand to touch the rune that was waiting impatiently in his pocket. Suddenly a tall, greasy haired, moustache wearing demon with an air of superiority came sauntering into the room. "Samuel Winchester, it's an unexpected pleasure" he said in a smarmy British accent and an unimpressed sneer.

"I'm sure it is... it's not like you gave me much of a choice" Sam said

"You always have a choice Samuel... you just have to make the right one" the demon smirked and Sam felt his blood run cold.

"Cut the crap... where is my brother?" Sam asked not giving him the opportunity to continue playing games with him.

"Hmm well I guess your brother isn't the only one without manners... you know he really doesn't know when to shut up" he said while two demons dragged his beaten and bruised brother into the room and unceremoniously dropped him to the ground.

"What the hell?" Sam banged the arm rests on his wheelchair and would be on his feet and using his height to his full advantage. "My god, Dean!"

"Like I said, he didn't know when to shut up... he's got a smart mouth and let's just say, we didn't like what he was saying" the demon said sarcastically

"I don't care what he was saying..." Sam was frustrated that he couldn't down with Dean and check his injuries. When one of the hoops kicked his brother making him groan in pain. "You leave him the hell alone!" He yelled and was rewarded with the demon flunky punching him in the face.

"What exactly where you expecting Sam? That you would come in here and be welcomed like the prodigal son?" He asked and laughing menacingly. "You killed Azazel, you stopped our apocalypse, you caged our king, you aren't exactly the golden boy you used to be" he replied his voice growing louder and more hostile by the minute.

"And I'm ok with that" Sam said with a snarky smile, the cut on his lip making blood run down his chin. "I'm not on your side, I'm not going to do anything to help you, and I'm not going to be intimidated by you... I've fought bigger fish than you and won" Sam hoped he wasn't pushing too hard.

"Look at you... you think that's going to scare me?" He asked stepping even closer to the youngest Winchester. "You're in a wheelchair, I could kill you right now and you wouldn't be able to do anything about it" he laughed evilly and when Sam suddenly felt his through being crushed he gasped. "You're no threat to me Sam..." he said leaning forward, the invisible force squeezing just a little harder, he was invading his space, his hot, rancid breath on the youngest Winchesters face, his vision swimming.

"Giii mmmeeee nnnooopppp eeee ikk ha bbrrret" he gasped out.

"Sorry... I missed that?" The demon joked and loosed the pressure minutely and leaned even closer, then Sam took his opportunity, "I said... I may not seem like a threat, but looks can be deceiving" he growls out as he drops the Rune into the demons pocket and almost immediately he started screaming in shock and pain.

"What the? What is happening?!" He screams.

Sam watches in shock and awe as the demons body begins burning and turning to ash around the edges, his body flashing like lightening, he can't take his eyes away as the demons screams turn to anguished screeches, suddenly he hears more screams coming from the whole building as all the demons were sent back to hell.

He looks down at his injured brother with a relieved smile. "It worked Dean... god, I can't believe it actually worked" the only reply he got was a groan as his brother started waking up.

"Mmmnnnn oh god... "Dean mumbled

"Oh thank god!" Jodie exclaimed and walked into the room with her service weapon out and at the ready. Then bent down to check on the eldest Winchester.

Dean opened his eyes and looked at Jodie blankly, then looked over at Sam and furrowed his brow. "Who are you?"