New Horizons: Chapter Forty-Three

By Annie


She was practically leaning on him, laughing so hard that she was crying and he was laughing at her laughing as he supported her with one arm around her waist, keeping her from tumbling to the ground as they slowly made their way home from the restaurant.

"Then.then what did you do?" she gasped, trying desperately to control her laughter but her mouth was already twitching as he smirked and said:

"I left."

She stared at him and then she started up again, shaking her head and wiping her eyes as she finally was able to get a hold of herself and then she looked up at him, still smiling widely.

"I never knew a hell dimension could be so much fun," she said and he smiled.

"It's only that fun if the people you're around are that bloody stupid," he answered her and she giggled, feeling on a high just by having him so close; finally, so close to her again.

She sighed, still smiling, and leaned her head against his chest, letting her left arm travel up his back and he looked down on her.

"Did you like the restaurant?" he asked and she turned her head to meet his gaze.

"Not really," she said, shrugging, but he noticed the teasing glint in her eyes and he smiled as she continued: "The food wasn't as good as I thought it would be, the music was awful and seriously what was UP with that waitress of ours, did she come on to you or WHAT?"

At the last statement he furrowed his brow slightly.

"Jealous, huh?" he asked and she raised her eyebrows.

"Well, I just think that if I'm out with a guy I should at least be able to eat a nice dinner without him being ogled by someone who constantly HAS to interrupt our conversation to pick up our plates or ask how everything is," she answered him and then smiled brightly. "Yeah, a little jealous, maybe," she then added and now HE raised his eyebrows.


She was still smiling when she pushed him a little in the side with her elbow and said:

"I loved the restaurant, EVERYTHING was perfect and the waitress was nice, even though she did ogle you a bit much."

He smirked at that and she laughed.

"What?" he asked and she shook her head as they turned right and walked up the stone path to her front porch.

"Nothing." she said, still smiling to herself as they mounted the steps and stopped in front of the door, releasing the grip they had had on each other as she started digging through her small purse for her keys. "I just feel.I don't know," she now grumbled silently.

Spike observed her for a moment and then took a step forward, she could feel his body gently lean in on her from behind and she closed her eyes as his hands slid up to her waist. She drew an unsteady breath and grabbed a hold of the keys, bringing them out and sticking the one of the front door in the lock she took a step forward, twisted the knob, pushed the door open and walked inside.

Her whole body was on fire and she tried to ignore it as she turned to him in the hall, he stepped in through the door and closed it carefully behind him, smiling a little. She swallowed, smiling back.

"So." she said slowly and he couldn't help but smirk.

"Don't tell me this is the awkward part when we decide if we should kiss good night or not," he mumbled, his eyes in hers and the need for her body growing stronger with every shaky intake of breath he could hear coming from her.

Buffy swallowed again, twirling the strap of her purse between her fingers and licking her lips a little, trying to think of something to say that wouldn't sound stupid.

"Well, no one can call me old-fashioned, but I believe I will take you to your door, Ms. Summers," he then said with a small smile, walking up to her and stopping before her, gesturing towards the stairs when she just stared at him questioningly. "Up we go," he added and she turned her head to see what he was referring to.

God, if he comes up there and if he kisses me good night then.

But he had already started up the stairs and she began to ground her lower lip as she slowly followed him, her heart beats starting to get heavier, harder, pumping slowly in her chest as she watched him turn on the top of the stairs and wait for her.

Spike tried to beat down the urge to just grab her and pull her close and then love her with every single fiber of him until she couldn't help but beg for more. He pushed the thought out of his head as he watched her take the last steps of the stairs and smile a little at him when she reached the top. Then she walked past him and started down the hallway, he followed her, watching her exposed back and the muscles of it casually move underneath her smooth skin. He licked his lips unconsciously and then met her eyes as she stopped in front of her door, turning to him.

"Undoubtedly this was a great evening," she said, her voice sounding a little hoarse and he smiled slightly.

Don't worry, Slayer, I can sense it on you, question is.

"'Undoubtedly', eh?" he asked and she smiled at that.

"Yes," she said nodding slowly and then suddenly averting her eyes.


"Good night?"

"Why are you so nervous?" he asked quietly, taking a step forward and diminishing the distance between them to practically nothing.

She looked up, into his eyes, and leaned slightly against the doorframe behind her as his face moved closer.

"It's not like I've never kissed you before," he murmured and she closed her eyes as his mouth brushed against hers.

She parted her lips, her hands moving on their own, up his arms and into his hair as she pulled him closer, kissing him deeply and he moaned in surprise, his arms sliding around her and pressing her to him.

She reached back, finding the knob to her door and twisting it, pushing the door open, her mouth still hot against his as she walked backwards through it and he moved easily with her, reaching out one arm to close the door behind his back before letting the hand of it position itself on her back again.

She got the jacket off his shoulders, but before it even fell to the floor her fingers were swiftly and impatiently working on the buttons of his shirt. She finally got it open, her hands gliding across the muscles of his stomach, up his chest and back into his hair as she seemingly tried to get her still dress covered body as close to his as possible.

Then her mouth left his as she let it travel down the side of his neck, gently kissing his collarbone and moving down to his chest. He closed his eyes, his hands in her hair, and he felt shiver after shiver of pleasure run through him as her tongue gently slid over his stomach, kissing his navel she pulled up again, looking into his eyes she smiled a little and then reached up to pull his mouth down on hers again.

He slid his hands down her back, grabbing the light material of her dress and liking it too much to tear it off he pulled away from her slightly, slipping it over her head instead and she smiled again before wrapping her arms around him and pressing her naked upper body against his bare chest.

He couldn't help but groan again as her lips found his and he put his arms around her, pulling her even closer.

Buffy was getting a wee bit impatient and her hands traveled to his shoulders, tugging the shirt off him and throwing it on the floor before they went to work on the button of his trousers.

"Now, why is THIS so familiar?" he mumbled, lips still on hers and she started laughing, her mouth still against his as her hands fumbled with the not cooperating button.

He smiled, one hand sliding into her hair as he pulled away a little, looking down at her. She met his gaze, still trying to stifle her giggles and then she grew silent, still smiling and her hands growing a little steadier, allowing her to get the button to work with her.

He bit his lower lip, smiling as well, as her hands ran along his waist and started pushing the trousers down. He stepped out of them and pulled her back up to a standing position, her eyes meeting his before he bent down and kissed her again.

Her breathing was getting heavier as she once more wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing herself against him and then turning him around, pushing him to stumble backwards and sit down on the edge of the bed. She walked up to him, stopping before him, and he reached out his hands, gently pulling down her panties as his eyes didn't leave hers for a second. She smiled again, bending down to get her eyes in the same height as his and letting her lips meet his softly.

Then she deepened the kiss and he put his arms around her, pulling her down on top of him as he leaned back, lying down.

He rolled over, her legs parting and he pulled himself up a little, resting his weight on both arms and hovering over her as she looked at him, her chest heaving, her eyes glowing with desire and her lips parted slightly.

Then he smiled a little and she immediately returned it, squirming slightly with impatience as she reached out a hand and let it slide up his left arm to his shoulder, down over his chest and stomach and over his waist to his back as she gently pushed down on his hips, bidding him to move forward.

He bent down, his body weighing in on hers as though it belonged there and she moaned with pleasure as he gently slid into her, wrapping her legs hard around his waist as they started moving together.

Her nails dug into his back as he felt the first tremble go through her body and she was gasping for breath, burying her face against the side of his throat before starting to kiss his skin, her hands sliding up into his hair again and grabbing it as the second tremble shook her. She moaned again, pulling her head back and he opened his eyes, meeting hers.

She looked at him, eyes hazy with pleasure just as his before she put her head up and kissed him, her tongue not needing to part his lips as he met it with his own and she clung to him hard as she felt the build up again.

The third orgasm made her almost see stars and she had to pull her head away from him not to bite his tongue off, her hands leaving his hair and flying up behind her head as she grabbed the sheets.

She felt his hands slide up her arms and into hers, locking their fingers together and she thought of his bedroom in London lit up by candles and him showing her how much he loved her.

How much he loves me, she thought and tears started rising in her eyes as she bit her lower lip, his body gently scraping against hers with every new movement of his hips and his skin cool and comforting.


She looked at him and he met her gaze, she could see that he was close and then the forth build up started and she felt her whole body start to tense in anticipation, looking into his eyes as it finally rocked her body and clamping down hard on his hands with her own as she clenched her jaws together and then feeling the beating of her heart, the shaky struggles to catch her breath and the after math of the pleasure he had just in stored in her.

Spike was trembling, his whole being was trembling, and he didn't know if he would ever stop trembling as he looked into her eyes and saw something he had never seen there before, not like this. She had looked at him kindly, supportively and in England at times almost warmly but the soft fire in her eyes as she looked at him now was something entirely different.

Then she suddenly smiled wide before letting out a soft giggle. He stared at her and she started chuckling before all of a sudden she was laughing, releasing her hands from his just to wrap her arms around his neck and trying to silence her attack against the smooth skin of his shoulder.

He smiled, then his mouth started twitching and soon he was joining her, even though he wasn't even sure what the hell for he had a feeling that it was something good. Her body still sleek with sweat against his and her lips and breath against his skin as every part of her seemed filled with the uncontrollable emotion couldn't be anything BUT good.

She seemed to finally obtain some kind of restraint and laid her head back against the mattress as she met his gaze. He was still smiling widely and so was she. He shook his head a little.

"What was THAT all about?" he asked and she let her hands gently start to caress his back.

"I'm just relieved." she mumbled, moving her hips a little and he swallowed as the movement had the desired affect.

"Relieved?" he asked, eyes questioning and she smiled as she nodded.

"Tonight was amazing," she whispered and he smiled a little, moving his head and letting his lips meet hers gently.

"It's not over yet," he mumbled and she smiled back as she shook her head, kissing him gently back.


"God, I hope we weren't too loud," she whispered and he smiled, his head getting heavier with sleep every moment and the feel of her warm skin against the length of his body as she rested in his arms wasn't doing much to help the matter.

Or maybe that was what it was doing. helping him fall asleep.

"I'm sure that Lil'Bit has seen enough TV not to be shocked," he mumbled wryly and she turned her head to look up at him, frowning, but smiling all the same.

"Yeah, where? At your crypt?" she asked and he opened one eye to meet her gaze.

"Is that how little you think of me, Slayer?" he asked and she grinned at him before moving her head and placing her cheek on his shoulder again.

"No, I don't think anything about you is little," she said and now he laughed as he pulled her closer.

"Thanks for the compliment, love," he grumbled and she smiled widely, her hand starting its usual manner of sliding across his chest and stomach, enjoying the feel of his muscles, his skin, him.

She sighed a little, closing her eyes.

"Don't worry about Dawn," Spike mumbled, the pleasant shivers her fingertips sent through his body making him even sleepier. "Remember this morning, how she reacted.?" he added and Buffy smiled, eyes still closed.

"Yes, but that was different. If she HEARD."

"Don't worry about it, Buffy," he interrupted her, shaking his head a little. "Really."

She nestled her face a little against his throat, moving her head to kiss it and then smiling a little to herself as she felt the slight heaving of his chest as he was falling asleep.

"You always breathe when you sleep, Spike," she stated in a low voice.

"Hmh," he murmured.

She moved her head and placed it on his chest.

This is the way we were supposed to be all along, she thought, smiling to herself again as she slowly started to drift off.


Buffy stirred, feeling the soft grip of his arms she smiled to herself before easing her eyes open.

The light falling in through the window was gray and she squinted a little.

She turned her head and looked at the alarm clock and saw that it was close to ten, concluding that they had been sleeping for almost four hours. She smiled again, putting her head back where it had been and thinking about the incredible evening and night she had experienced with him. She moved her head again, this time to look up at him a little and suddenly feeling shy.

He was lying there sleeping in her bed with his strong arms around her and she felt more relaxed, happier and surer than ever that she loved him.

"I love you." she whispered, pulling herself up and putting an elbow up to support her head as she leaned forward and let her lips brush against his ear. "I'm in love with you."

Spike heard the words from far, far away, but when they hit him he was awake in the blink of an eye, turning his head to look at where the words had originated. His lips brushing against hers before she pulled her face back a little, her eyes growing but with a calm expression in them that made him start to tremble.

He stared at her and she looked back, then she suddenly smiled a little and bent forward, kissing him on the mouth before pulling back again. He couldn't get his lips to form any words, but his throat probably wouldn't have been able to carry them anyway, his vocal cords couldn't have made the sound of them.

Buffy looked into his shocked gaze and felt the love inside spread its wings fast, starting to tingle her entire body as she drew a small breath.

"I'm in love with you," she repeated, the words ringing clear and true in the thick silence of the room and his eyes grew a little more.

Then he shook his head slowly, but she retorted by nodding firmly and he stopped his movement.

"You.can't." he said, voice cracked and dry and now she smiled widely.

"I love you, Spike. I love you!" she exclaimed with a laugh, throwing herself on top of him and putting her arms around him in a tight embrace.

It was such a relief to be able to say those three words, to tell him how she felt, to let him know, finally, exactly what he meant to her.

The realization was slow in its progress but at the sudden touch of her against him, relaxed and so incredibly full of life, her words started to get through the paralyzed state his thoughts were in.

"Spike, you're shaking," she whispered as he carefully put his arms around her, closing his eyes and still not believing what she had just stated.

How long had he waited, how long had he dreamed and kept the hope alive, how long had his love for her been strong enough to endure everything she had put him through just for this moment and still his mind couldn't grasp it.

Buffy held him closer, her mouth against the curve of his neck and her heart beating hard in her chest as she felt his body gently quiver in her arms.

"I love you more than I can even tell you," she whispered and his grip tightened.

Then he suddenly pulled her up, her face landing in front of his and he kissed her, the passion rising as his hands started to glide over every curve of her body and she groaned when he rolled her over on her back, her arms around his neck.

She loves me? She loves me? his thoughts asked over and over as he felt her body respond to him, her back arching to get closer, her legs parting and her thighs tight on his waist, her tongue playing a harsh game with his own as her hands were pressed, palms down, flat against his back.

He was inside of her before he even knew what he was doing, his hands still caressing her; every last corner of her body: her hips, her thighs, her waist, her breasts, her arms, her shoulders.

She pulled her mouth away, gasping for breath and then moaning as her hands bore down on the muscles of his back even harder. She grew louder as the wave rose and couldn't help but give voice to the trembling pleasure shaking her entire being and this time he couldn't hold himself back for her to reach that top more than once as he exploded into her.

They were both shaking now, her breathing deep and hard because she had to, him breathing deep and hard because she did, his brain not entirely connected to his body or so it seemed, and both almost crying.

"What.did you say?" he asked between intakes of air and she looked up, into his eyes and smiled before drawing a breath.

"I'm in love with you," she answered in an almost hushed voice, smiling a little, and he swallowed as he rested his forehead against hers, closing his eyes and taking in the softness of her hot skin against his cool, her arms heavy around his neck, her breath gentle against his face and the scent surrounding her absolutely intoxicating.

He had never sensed love before, he hadn't even been sure if he could sense it, at least not the way he could sense dark and rooted evil. But he could feel it reach out to him now, and it was completely overwhelming him.

She had closed her eyes too and now she was smiling a bittersweet smile to herself, thinking of all that time she had spent sleeping alone in this bed, walking around like a doll and having him be the only one who could make her feel and think and even try to see anything at all, and still she hadn't felt or thought or seen the right things. She had put a thick blind fold on herself because she had been so scared of what her feelings meant, what her falling for her sworn enemy could possibly mean other than trouble and heartache and pain and death.

Never once stopping to think about the possibility of him truly loving her, never once trying to feel anything but hate and shame with herself and blaming it on him when all it had to do with was the lies she was telling herself over and over, never once getting the blind fold off to see the expression in his eyes, see the incredible love in his gaze, see the heartache and pain and true death she was making him go through time and again.

She opened her eyes now and met his.

"I'm in love with you, Spike," she said again and he met her gaze with one that was starting to sparkle.

She smiled, finally she had put that expression there herself.

Suddenly she heard the sound of distant tapping and she turned her head towards the window.

"Oh my GOD!" she exclaimed, rolling over so she was on top and then pulling them apart as she sat up, he moaned slightly, his head still buzzing with the sentence she had just repeated for him more than once, the expression in her eyes.

Buffy smiled a little, getting off the bed and starting to pull the first piece of clothing on that she could find which just happened to be the dress she had worn the night before and then grabbing his jacket off the floor and pulling it over her shoulders as she turned to him.

"Get up," she said with a wide smile as she grabbed his trousers in one hand and threw them at him. "Hurry, before it goes away!" she added and now he stared at her, not understanding what the hell she was babbling about. "It's raining!" she squeaked with such delight that he grinned at her before sitting up.

She stared at him for a moment as he started pulling on his trousers and then she smirked, turning around and grabbing the door knob she tore the door open and yelled over her shoulder:

"Catch me if you can!"

Then she ran out of the room and flew down the stairs, giggling loudly as she heard him running after her. She got the front door open, not hesitating she ran straight out into the heavy droplets and didn't stop until she reached the street.

There she threw her arms out, bent her head back and drew a deep breath of the crisp air, growing rich with the scent of surprised flowers, lifting their faces to welcome and drink of the heaven sent water, and the scent of moist earth and asphalt and grass.

Spike stopped by the top step of the porch, watching her for a moment before taking the steps and starting to walk down the stone path towards her, dressed only in his dark blue trousers, and the moment he stepped off the porch starting to drip and drizzle with raindrops, he was quite a sight when Buffy slowly lowered her arms and turned to him.

Her hair was drenched, her dress was growing see-through and he couldn't decide if it was a good thing that she had put on his jacket to cover herself up from prying eyes, or a very bad thing since his eyes were far from prying and he had a feeling they would've gotten quite the kick out of watching her body emerge from under that thin fabric.

He swallowed hard as her words hit him again.

She loves me.

She can't love me!

She loves me.

He shook his head a little, a smirk growing on his face and she smiled back before her eyes slowly wandered over his chest, her heart starting to beat harder as she once more met his gaze and he took a few steps off the sidewalk and towards her. She got moving as well and soon her arms were linking themselves around his neck as she pulled herself to him, his hands gliding in under the jacket and onto her back as he closed his eyes and held her tight to him.

"What happens next?" he mumbled and she smiled.

"Probably another apocalypse," she grumbled and he smiled as well, nestling his face in her wet hair and pressing her closer.

"I really don't care," he said and she laughed a little.

"Me neither," she stated and pulled away to look up at him.

She was still smiling as he moved his head a little forward to let his lips meet hers.


Across the country and on the other side of the Atlantic at that particular moment a phone rang on its hook.

A hand reached out leisurely to pick it up before bringing it to the ear of the man of whom the hand belonged.

"Rupert Giles?" a distant voice asked and the hand seemed to grow slightly unsteady before a soft voice, clearly British, answered:

"This is he."

The other line was silent for a moment before saying:

"It is done."

The hand grabbed a tighter hold on the phone before the click of the other line signaled that the caller had hung up. The soft tone following made the hand's grip loosen slightly and then it reached out and put the phone back in its cradle.

Giles stared into the remaining glow of the fire in the fireplace and then he frowned slightly.

"Buffy." he mumbled, getting to his feet and walking into his library.