"Fiona..." Imogen sniffled as she finally came back to herself after all the tears. It seemed like she had done nothing but lay in her bed and cry for the past two days. She then stood up and approached the older girl. "Do you really mean all that?" She asked, being sure not to psych herself for anything. Inside, she was still grieving for her dad, but even the sight of Fiona made her feel just a little bit better. She was here, she was opening her heart to a grieving person, and she was doing so well with everything. It reassured Imogen that someone besides her mom actually cared about her, and that fact that it was Fiona, made her heart beat a little faster. Maybe deep down inside of her, she actually still had bits and pieces of feelings for Fiona.

"Of course Imogen..." Fiona said softly. "I may not be your girlfriend anymore but I still care about you." She confessed, because she knew that even after all this time, she still had a soft spot for Imogen. It made her heart flutter just a bit, and it made her weak in the knees. Even after all this time, Imogen made her heart warm up, and it was a blissful feeling. Imogen then sat back down with a nod, and patted the spot beside her on the bed for Fiona to come sit down beside her. Fiona didn't want to admit it, but even back in Italy, she found her thoughts drifting to Imogen quite often.

"You know..." Imogen started once Fiona joined her to sit down on the bed. "I was afraid you'd be angry with me after the break up... Because you wanted to much for us, and I just threw it all away. I'm sorry." Imogen said and Fiona nodded in understandment. What distance wouldn't scare a couple? Now, Fiona understood everything. "I feel better, now that I've gotten to apologize. It feels like I've just been walking around with that weight on my shoulders, and it feels good getting it off." She admitted with a forced smile.

"I'm not angry Immy..." She said in a gentle voice. "I'm just really worried about you... You know your mom told me everything Imogen, and she's worried about you too. Why haven't you told anyone about your recent behavior?" Fiona started to say, and suddenly, Imogen felt hostile again. She did not want anyone's pity, especially not Fiona's. Fiona was the one who left her to go to Italy, so she did not want her feeling sorry for the girl. Imogen didn't feel so good anymore, in fact, she felt ashamed for acting the way she has been acting for the past few months.

"I don't want you to worry about me." Imogen spoke, her voice more bold this time around. She didn't sound so weak anymore, and she even sounded a bit angry. "I don't want you to feel sorry for me, I just actually want to be alone." She said as a matter of fact. Fiona was taken aback by this, though, but somehow she understood what Imogen was going through. This was probably a lot to digest in just a short amount of time. She had just arrived back in Imogen's life after almost a year, with her dad's close death that happened a mere day ago.

"I understand Immy." Fiona said with a nod. "I'll leave you be." She said and got up to leave the room. Imogen didn't mean to make her mad, it was just the way she felt, and she was only expressing her opinion. Wasn't that what you were supposed to do when someone upset you? She just felt rocky with Fiona, and she didn't know how to fix their broken relationship. Could they even be friends again? Fiona was the only person here for Imogen, and Imogen was going to take advantage of it fully. She had missed Fiona so much.

"Fions?" Imogen asked just as about the fashionista was about to head out the door.

"Yeah?" Fiona asked as she turned around to look at the younger girl once again.

"You'll be back tomorrow, right?" Imogen asked, almost child like. After all, Fiona just walked back into her life, and Imogen wasn't going to let her walk out of it again. She needed Fiona like she needed air to breathe right now, especially in this situation.

"Anything for you, Immy." Fiona said and exited the room. She then made her way downstairs where an impatient Natalie was waiting for her. She started bombing her with all kinds of questions, and Fiona didn't know how to answer them. All she could say was that she was trying, but nothing was working. "I think I should go get rested up." Fiona suggested once Natalie was done hounding here.

"You're welcome to stay here." Natalie offered.

Fiona thanked her but shook her head no, "I've still got my condo here." She answered which was a good thing, because in the end, if she decided to stay in Canada, she'd already have a place to stay. A nice, decent roof over her head.

"Alright." Natalie smiled. "You're coming back tomorrow, right?" She then asked, a desperate look in her eyes. This made Fiona little bit confused.

"Yes, for sure." She answered. "Why?" She asked suddenly. Of course she knew Imogen would need her, but why was Natalie so urgent for her company. Surely she couldn't do that much of an improvement on Imogen. Suddenly, Imogen made her way down the stairs slowly, hearing every bit of their conversation. She had decided to come down because she was hungry and hadn't ate all day.

"Because tomorrow's the funeral." Imogen spoke again, tears brimming her eyes, taking Fiona and Natalie both by surprise.