This is a short heart-breaking drabble for the Tekkiters. I hope you enjoy guys, I enjoyed writing it! :)

Leaf had invited all of the Tekkiters around her house to say goodbye. It was her final day in England, and most probably her last. She had always wanted to move but when the time had come, she didn't want to leave her friends. However, her friends were no longer her friends, they were her family. You can replace friends but the one thing you can't replace is your family.

The Doctor (as some of the Tekkiters called her) waited anxiously at the bottom of the gloomy stairs for her guests to arrive. The container had come a few days ago to collect her things, and what was once a beautiful, warm home, had now become an empty space full of memories.

Finally, there came a knock at the door. Leaf shot up from the stairs she was sat thinking of all the amazing memories she had on, and slowl opened the door.

"Yo!" she said, already nearly bursting into a flood of tears.
The whole of her huge 'family' were stood there just looking at her, just staring at her freckly face for the last time.
"You going yet?" Swift laughed trying to cover up her tears - Swift would have denied her tears but Leaf could already see them welling up.
"You want me to go already Swift?!" she replied, going along with the joke.
Just then, she realised that one face wasn't there... Blu!
"W...Where's B...Blu?" she said, this time letting her sadness rule her.
Suddenly, something shot out from the crowd of people, and leapt towards Leaf.
"I...I'm!" Blu sobbed, hugging the now sobbing girl about to leave forever.
Leaf couldn't say anything, so she closed her eyes and withinh a minute, the whole Tekkiter family had joined the cuddle. PIAM began to speak softly.
"Don't forget us, don't EVER forget us Lea-" she said, unable to finish her sentence.

Outside, the Taxi beeped it's horn and signalled for Leaf to get in. Leaf's mum, dad amd bros raced out the door and jumped into the waiting Taxi.

"Leaf! We're going!"
"Yes mother, I'll be there in a moment!"

One by one, Leaf hugged her 'family' before picking up her bags ready to go. She left the house and locked the door.
These were her last words:

"You guys were the best friends I've ever had. You were my family, the ones I could rely on, the ones to always be there for me. I can't thank you enough for everything. There's just one thing I need for you to promise me..." she said, half sobbing. "Have an absolutely fantastic rest of your life!" With that said, she trotted off towards the car and waved a final goodbye. Leaf got into the car, before it finally drove off towards the airport.

That was the last time any of the Tekkiters saw her again...