Never let it be said that I let my readers down. Some of you wanted to see the wedding, so here you go. And I couldn't help adding a little mystery to the day, as well. This fic is going to be a series of odds and ends stories, some taking place behind the scenes of "The Memory Keeper," some in the year Emma spent apart from everyone else, and one special bonus set ahead in the future. I hope you enjoy them! Now let's go get married!

"You know, Emma, this would go a lot faster if you'd stop fidgeting," Snow said, trying her best to keep a smile on her face. "I still say we should put it up."

"Killian likes my hair better down. And so do I."

"Hmmph." Snow said, around a mouthful of pins.

"Do I really need all this crap in my hair? Really?"

"It goes with the dress," Snow said, with a touch of exasperation. "Now hold still."

"And this dress is so...white. I mean it's practically blinding. Really, really white." Emma frowned down at herself. "I feel kind of weird. I'm on my second kid with two different men and you're marrying me in white?"

"First of all," Snow said, with a bit of exasperation, "It's ivory, not white-white. And it's not 'blinding' it's just sort of...shimmering."

"I'm just saying that I don't think I'm as qualified for the white dress as you were, that's all." Emma pointed out.

Snow was suspiciously silent, looking off to the side.

"Mary Margaret?" Emma's mouth parted in shock. "Are you telling me that you and David...?"

Snow gave a delicate shrug.

"He besmirched your honor?" Emma said with a wide grin of surprise. "Really?"

"My honor - and his - were completely intact, thank you. Since when do we measure honor in such antiquated terms?" She pushed Emma back around and busied herself behind her, jabbing pins into her head. "Honestly, Emma, just because you read about us in fairytales doesn't mean we're not progressive." She finished with Emma's hair and then turned her toward the mirror.

"Whoa, no! No." Emma's jaw set stubbornly. "No tiara. I am not getting married like some fairytale princess."

"Emma, please..." Snow entreated. "I know the tiara's not your style, but - " She bit her lip, blinking back some tears. "It was my mother's, and her mother's before her. And the kingdom would love to see you in it, even if it's only this once. Please?"

Emma gave her mother a dark look. Snow knew she wouldn't be able to take the tears.

"Okay," She grumbled. "But just this once." Emma looked at herself carefully in the mirror, still having a hard time believing what she was seeing. She did look like something out of a fairytale. The long-sleeved,shimmering ivory gown came off the shoulders, with a fitted bodice that ended in a low vee at her hips. The jeweled detailing on the front of the bodice featured a mix of diamonds and sapphires in alternating patterns that sparkled and glimmered with every shift of position. The gown was backless, ending in a long, sweeping train that flowed back a good seven feet.

"How did you manage this dress on such short notice?" Emma asked, turning back and forth.

"You'll have to thank Regina for that." Snow said, walking around her to give her a good once-over. "She's all about the wardrobe. The shoes were a gift from Princess Ella."

"Cinderella gave me shoes?"

"Yes. And Aurora sent the bouquet, Belle sent the garter, and Mulan gave you this golden cricket charm to pin into your gown. Ariel took care of the decorations. See? We fairytale girls know how to get things done!" Snow dusted her hands together with a wide smile.

"Yeesh. This was supposed to be a simple ceremony."

"Knock, knock!" David called from the other side of the doorway. "Emma! Snow! It's time!"

Snow grabbed both of Emma's hands in her own. "One minute!" She stood looking at her daughter, unable to speak for a moment as the tears coursed down her cheeks.

"Oh, Emma. I've always dreamed of this day."

"Bet you never dreamed I'd be marrying a pirate," Emma said with a wry grin.

"No, of course not. But I did dream that you'd find true love, and that's the dream I really wanted to come true for you." Her voice broke on a sob. "More than anything." She swiped at her cheeks, trying in vain to wipe away the tears.

"Stop, you're going to get me blubbering.." Emma said, blinking hard and failing to keep her own tears in. "Mary Margaret, even before I knew you were my parents, I wanted what you had. And I never thought I had a prayer of getting it. If it weren't for the two of you, I would have never met him." Her jaw trembled at the thought. "Thank you just doesn't seem like enough, y'know?"

Snow put her arms around her, and they stood hugging for a long, long moment until another impatient knock sounded at the door. They broke apart with a laugh.

"I'd better go." Snow gave Emma one more approving nod, then opened the door for David. She gave him a kiss, choking back another flood of tears and walked down the hallway. He stood watching her for a moment, shaking his head fondly.

"She's a mess," he said, smiling as he stepped into the room. He lost the smile a moment later when his eyes landed on his daughter.

"Oh," He managed to say, glancing around wildly. "I need to sit down." He found a chair, and half-fell into it, burying his face in his hands.


He shook his head, unable to answer her. Emma dragged another chair over and sat down next to him, putting her hand on his back.

"You okay?"

He finally looked up, rubbing his hands across his face.

"Yeah. Yeah, just...give me a minute." He took a deep breath in, then rubbed his eyes and cleared his throat. He looked over at his daughter. "You look beautiful, Emma." He bit his lip, hard, but the tears fell down his cheeks anyway.

"Thanks," She said, smiling as she wiped his face for him. "And I'm going to tell her you were just as big of a mess as she was."

David gave an explosive laugh. "She'll never let me live it down." He gripped her hand in his. "Are you ready to do this?"

"Ready as I'll ever be." Emma said with a shrug.

David stood, helping her out of the chair. "You know, it's not too late to change your mind..."

"David! I'm not changing my mind." She looked at him like he was nuts. "I thought you guys were buddies now."

He put up a hand to calm her. "I have no problem with Hook and you know that." Emma gave him a look, complete with raised brows. "Okay, okay, the truth is nobody is going to be good enough for you. But he's growing on me. I just think maybe you two could wait a little while longer...maybe stay here while you do..." His voice trailed off, but the entreaty was clear in his eyes.

"If we wait much longer, I'll be giving birth in this gown," Emma said.

"Let's not do that," David agreed. "We don't need a surprise birth messing up your mother's big event."

He took her hand, and together they made their way down the stairs, then out to the waiting carriage. Fifteen minutes later, it pulled up to the dock and Emma got a good look at Ariel's handiwork. The Jolly Roger was decked out in flowers from bow to stern, with a flowered arch made of hundreds of intricate knots on white rope stretched across the wheel deck where the ceremony would take place. A sapphire runner set the aisle between the rows of chairs and bluebirds circled the masts, tweeting in harmony with the string quartet that provided the music from the deck below.

David helped her out of the carriage, and they stood at the bottom of the gangplank, waiting for the signal from Red as she handed Emma her bouquet. The music started, and one-by-one, Red, then Regina, and then Snow started up the aisle, each wearing a shimmering, backless gown in shades from deepest blue to sapphire to a dark aquamarine. Their bouquets looked like seaspray - carefully chosen blooms of blue and green shot with white flowers that were so delicate, they looked like foam. The bride's bouquet was a more elaborate version of this, with additional gem accents that made it look like she was holding the ocean on a sunny day.

The music swelled and Emma looked up at her father. David gave her a nod.

"Time to walk the plank," He said, with a sideways grin.

She rolled her eyes, and up they went. A collective gasp broke from the crowd when they saw her, and Emma's step faltered for a minute. She was suddenly terrified. What the hell was she thinking? Someone like her didn't just get married! David was right. Maybe they should just see how it went - make sure nothing was going to screw things up. They didn't need to rush. She began taking shallow breaths, and spots were swimming in front of her eyes. She could feel her feet moving forward, but she kept her eyes on the silken runner so that she didn't trip. She leaned heavily on David's arm, and she could feel her bouquet trembling in her hand.

They'd reached the steps to the wheel deck, and David stopped, leaning down and kissing her cheek. Then he urged her forward and up the steps, still holding her hand. When she reached the top he relinquished her hand, and Emma felt a moment of pure panic. She was about to call him back when another hand reached out, warm and strong, helping her take those finals steps. She'd know that hand anywhere.

She looked up into Killian's eyes, and the world righted itself. He stared down at her with a grin tugging at his lips that said he knew exactly what she'd been thinking.

"Hello beautiful," He whispered under his breath. She gave him an appreciative glance, taking in the sapphire-blue velvet of his waistcoat, and smiling when she noticed the scarf tucked inside the collar of his shirt.

"You're good and caught now, Swan" He whispered, quirking a brow.

"I wasn't going to run," She whispered back stubbornly.

"Good," He said with a cheeky grin. "I'd hate to have polished my hook for nothing."

He led her up to the wheel, where Jiminy, who had been newly sworn in as an alternate ships' captain, prepared to do the honors. Hook took his place next to Henry and Neal, with David stepping up to the deck to join them.

He and Emma read their own vows, each promising a lifetime to each other, promising to love, and protect, and cherish. She vowed to always tell him what was in her heart, and to never lose faith in the man that he was and the woman he'd helped her become. He vowed to make every day they shared an adventure, and to always be her safe harbor, no matter what storms the world sent their way.

They exchanged rings, and then Snow and David walked up, binding their joined hands loosely with a length of rope from the lashings, sprinkling it ceremonially with sea water. David wished them fair winds and calm seas as they sailed into a new life together.

Killian pulled her in, and before they kissed, he couldn't help but echo that word.

"Together," He murmured, looking down into her eyes.

"Together," She said, smiling up at him.

And then he kissed his bride, as the deck erupted in cheers.


Two hours later, Emma was standing in the grandly decorated great hall of the castle with Belle, looking longingly at the bar.

"God, I'd love a drink," She said. "It's been dignitary after dignitary here and I just want a cold beer."

"Well, it's not every day the kingdom sees a princess getting married, you know," Belle reminded her with a coy grin. "I can't believe she talked you into the tiara."

"It's an heirloom," Emma sighed. "Any idea where my husband went?"

"I believe Neal mentioned something about getting him good and drunk for your wedding night." Belle said with an apologetic grin.


Belle set her drink down on a nearby table. "Who's that with Rumple? Do you know?"

Emma looked over at the dark-haired woman. She looked vaguely familiar, but Emma couldn't place her. "Search me. I don't know half the people here."

Rumple gave Belle a nod from across the room, then turned his attention to the young woman he'd just stopped. He lowered his voice.

"Is it wise for you to be here?"

She started visibly then gave him a nervous nod. "I'll be careful," she said. "I just wanted a look." Her eyes moved across the room, settling on Hook with a smile.

"He's quite handsome, isn't he?"

"He's a rogue and a scoundrel of the highest order," Rumple assured her. "But yes, he is blessed with a face than an angel would envy."

She smiled softly, looking over at Emma. "And she looks like a princess."

"Well, this may be the only time that'll ever happen. Best to enjoy it while you can." He looked at her a moment longer, as if coming to a decision. "Would you like to meet her?"

"What?" The girl was startled. "Really?"

"You'll have to be careful," Rumple warned.

"Oh, I will." Her face lit up. "I promise."

Rumple offered her his arm, and escorted her over to where Emma and Belle were standing.

"Belle, Emma...I'd like you to meet -"

"Mary." She interrupted, extending her hand. "I'm visiting."

"Nice to meet you, Mary," Emma said with a nod. "Be sure and have some rum cake, but only if someone else is driving you home."

Mary laughed, a spontaneous sound of pure joy that made Emma smile in reaction.

"I'll do my best to keep my wits about me," She replied.

"Your eyes are remarkable!" Belle said, with a good deal of awe. "Really - they're just amazing. I don't believe I've ever seen eyes your color. They're quite lovely."

"Thank you," Mary said, ducking her head. She risked a glance up at Rumple, who was looking none-too-pleased with the direction of the conversation.

"Once again, thank you for your hospitality," She stammered. "But I really must be going." She dropped a quick curtsy, and second later she was lost in the crowd.

"Was it something I said?" Belle asked, a bit perplexed.

"Some people just can't take a compliment," Emma said with a shrug. She watched the girl make her way across the dance floor, very nearly getting knocked backwards when she whirled to get around a twirling Neal and Tink. The girl was off-balance for a moment, but a firm hand grasped her elbow, setting her back on her feet again.

"Thank you," She said, with a sound of relief. "I was nearly flattened for a moment there."

"Always a pleasure to help a lady in distress," Hook said, giving her a charming smile. She stared at him, mesmerized, until it became somewhat uncomfortable.

He gave her a short bow. "If you'll excuse me, I need to collect my bride and be on my way. I've a honeymoon to get to."

The girl snapped out of her reverie. "Of course. Of course - I - I'm sorry," She stammered. "I'll just let you go then."

As he turned to go, he heard her voice call softly from behind him.

"Have a wonderful life together."

And then she was gone, through the crowd, out the door and into the night. Hook made his way across the room, shaking hands, smiling at well-wishers until finally he was where he wanted to be.

"How long do we have to wait before leaving, so as not to be considered rude?" He asked her under his breath as he slid his arms around her from behind.

"Do we give a damn?" She whispered back, looking up at him.

"Not bloody likely."

Emma smiled. "Have you figured out where we're honeymooning yet? Now that the morning sickness has passed, the sky's the limit."

He turned her in his arms, kissing her lightly. "I say we go wherever the wind takes us."

"Sounds like an adventure." Her eyes narrowed, but you couldn't miss the spark in them. "Does that come with the package?"

"That," He said, touching his forehead to hers and grinning down at her. "And a nice, soft bed."