Well here I was. I sat in my car, a dependable Volkswagen Tijuana, gripping the steering wheel tightly. I had just moved to Portland, Oregon from Ohio and was now staring at the front door to my new house. I had driven, a total of 2,485 miles and about 36 hours (so I didn't drive straight through of course), and it was worth it. I had found out more in the past month than I had since I discovered what I really was and I had needed every hour to think things through. I thought back to the life I had left in Ohio.

I was born May 20th, 1989, under a full moon. A Taurus who fit the description of the bull-headed sign to a T. I had been the captain of every sports team during my school years. Popular too, with two best friends I trusted with my life, not to mention being the top of my class. I sighed again when I caught a glimpse my heart-shaped face reflected in my rearview mirror. I studied myself, going over my familiar features. My long, graceful neck and small rounded chin. My same straight nose, barely curved at the bottom and dusted with freckles. My unforgettable eyes, almost black with flecks of gold and silver, framed by dark lashes. Auburn hair reaching to my mid-back with natural gold and brown highlights as well as full red lips. I appeared the same but on the inside, I was very different.

I found out I was Wesen a few days after my 18th birthday. Now I'm not a monster from somebody's nightmares. I don't have fur and claws. I look, smell, and seem totally normal, even to other Wesen. People like us look like average people. But most Wesen (unlike me) have the ability to woge. This surge allows them to show their creature side. Some do grow fur and claws. Others scales or wool. It all depended on the species. This surge happens when the person is emotional or purposefully trying to induce a woge.

So now you might be confused. Wesen grow up knowing they are Wesen right? Well not me. I'm a Seelenbinder. It roughly translate to soul binder. Seelenbinders are born to human parents and live the first 18 years of their lives human. Then, on the full moon after our 18th birthday, we can see Wesen. I thought I was nuts but thankfully Helen and Selena, the best friends I mentioned earlier, found me and were able explained everything. Unfortunately, I have never met another Seelenbinder. According to Helen and Selena, we are extremely rare and are one of the most powerful Wesen out there. Sucks I have no idea how to use my supposed powers, or What they even are. And Seelenbinder don't have a woge as far as I know. When I was first able to see other Wesen when somebody would change I would gawk at them and they would run screaming that I was a Grimm.

But again I'm different. The one power I do have is sensing Wesen. By simply closing my eyes I can 'see' a Wesen presence in the room. Almost like a built in radar, a certain colored blip meant a certain kind of wesen. It had taken me awhile to master the multitudes of colors and I'm still learning every day. And I can 'see' a Wesen's mood. This took a lot more practice but now when touching a Wesen I can visualize their creature spirit. So if I were touching a Blutbad, I would see a wolf, a Seelengut, a sheep, etc. By looking at what their Wesen spirit is doing I can decipher their mood. For example, if the Wesen was about to have a woge, the spirit prowled around, looking for a way out. If their woge is dormant, so is the animal. And then there was the 'soul mate' ordeal. I dispelled my thoughts with a shake of my head and got out of my car.

I walked up to my front door and unlocked it. 'My' front door. That word just tickled me pink. My mood changed dramatically and I almost started giggling from sheer giddiness. As I walked inside, I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I smelled the slight musk of an old house mixed with dust. I smiled, then sneezed and started to almost dance through all the rooms, totally immersed in thought. I'd have to buy some paint, that was for sure. The kitchen was in need of some new appliances too. I had the perfect idea for the living room...

My cell phone rang in my pocket startling me out of my daydream.

"Hello?" I asked, not bothering to look at who had called.

"EMMA!" two voices screamed into the receiver.

"HELEN, SELENA!" I cried, relieved to hear my best friends' voices.

They were identical twins, both beautiful, but with very different personalities. Helen was bold and courageous, outshining her sister with her popularity and outgoingness while Selena shone differently, with quite and gentle ways and good-naturedness."What's going on?" I asked suddenly worried, "Is everything okay?

Helen spoke first in her loud sing-song voice, "Oh everything is fine, we just-"

"Wanted to know if you were home," Selena finished drifting off in a feathery light murmur. I had to laugh. They were still finishing each other's sentences.

"I'm home and waiting for the movers to arrive and unload all my stuff."

"Meet any cuties yet?" Helen asked suddenly with a teasing tone.

"Stop it!" I yelped, "I'm not looking for a relationship. You know that. Plus after what your parents and the book said about-"

"You will find him soon," Selena said in a prophetic monotone cutting me off.

Oh no. Selena was never wrong when it came to visions or prophecies otherwise. Now I was worried. Thousands of questions raced through my mind until Helen interrupted them with, "Oh brother!"

We continued talking for a while but I couldn't shake off what Selena had said. I'll find him soon. My soul mate? I shook my head as Helen rambled on, I eventually promised that sometime this week, I would go out. I hadn't been out much since my dramatic identity shift and they wanted me to check out the guys for them.

"I have to get going. Love you Helen. Love you Selena."

"We love you too!" the twins replied in harmony. "This time, try not to attract the most D&D Wesen in the place!" Helen added. D&D was Helen's abbreviation for drunk and dangerous, typically what I attracted when I went out. That was just my luck.

"Hey! That wasn't my fault the guy-"

"Bye Emma."


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