"Unggggg" I moan at my alarm clock.


"Okay I'm up." I tell myself slapping my alarm, efficiently shutting it off. I sit up and stretch as the events of last night slowly come back to me. I widen my eyes at the memory of giving Monroe a kiss. What's wrong with me!

So you might not see anything wrong with this picture. Girl meets cute guy and flirts. But I'm not a normal girl. Seelenbinders only have one person in the entire universe they are compatible with. Their called soul mates. Destined to find each other and fall in love. I had given up hope of finding my soul mate. I was only 25 but how, out of the whole world, would I find one person? I shook my head. I have had relationships before but nothing that had lasted very long. I just didn't FEEL anything when I was with them. I loved my friends dearly but anything else, nothing. I shook my head back and forth vigorously, trying to expel Monroe from my mind. But part of me didn't want to. I sighed, defeated. I had a class at noon and needed to get ready.


The doorbell rang. I sprinted silently to the door and opened it, a big faux smile on my face. Mrs. Anderson and her tiny daughter Madeline stood on the porch.

"Hi Maddie!" I greeted the child warmly. She looked adorable today. Decked out in pigtails, a poofy pink tutu and her tiny ballet slippers. She hurriedly hopped from foot to foot, her face screwed up like she had eaten something sour. Mrs. Anderson was on the phone, per usual, and distractedly handed me money and Madeline's ballet bag and pushed her through the door, mouthing me a thank you. Mrs. Anderson had brought Maddie to my ballet classes once a week for over a year now. And when she found out I was moving, she found a job in Portland because I was the only one she trusted with her daughter. And I'm pretty sure Madeline threw a fit and Mrs. Anderson had enough money to never have to say no to her baby girl. Once the door was closed I turned to Madeline.

"Did your mom put your slippers on wrong again?"

She nodded furiously and begged me to carry her because her feet hurt. After a few seconds of pretending that I wasn't going to, I picked her up and dipped her head towards the ground causing her to squeal in delight. After carrying the light-as-a-feather girl to my studio, I sat her down on a small bench in the corner. The studio wasn't much a studio yet. I looked at Maddie's feet and burst out laughing. Her shoes were on the wrong feet. Maddie crossed her arms and pouted, giving me her best glare. I took off the slippers and tickled her feet, breaking her straight face with a fit of giggles.

"Stop!" She begged laughing. I stopped and slid the slippers on the correct feet.

"You know how to tie them," I said seriously "why do you keep letting your mom do it?"

"You do it better," She giggled. I rolled my eyes. I deftly wrapped the outside ribbon around her Achilles tendon twice, then the inside one, then tied a tight square knot and tucked it under the ribbon. I repeated the process with the next foot. Maddie sat smiling like the cat that ate the canary.

"Come on you silly girl, we have to get started."


"Maybe Monroe is only half Wesen ," I thought to myself. That would explain why he was on my radar. But shouldn't I have felt a weak Wesen presence in him? Madeline had just been picked up and I was in the shower, unable to get Monroe out of my head. Or what if he was a Grimm? I felt slightly unsettled as I lathered shampoo in my hair. He couldn't be a Grimm, he was too kind looking and open to be a Grimm. I recalled one of his numerous clock stories. Definitely not a Grimm. I rinsed out the shampoo and replaced it with conditioner. Or a Kehrseite-Schlich-Kennen. That made sense. But I did feel something when I felt for his creature part. Plus, wouldn't I have seen that before? I washed the conditioner out and moved onto body wash. He could be a That wouldn't work either. I wonder what would happen if I just asked him. I stood under the spray for a few more moments before turning off the water and stepping out. I dried off quickly, pulled my hair into a bun and threw on some comfortable clothes. Yeah. Asking probably wasn't a good idea. The doorbell rang suddenly. I ran to the door and opened it. The delivery people were here.


About 2 hours later all my new appliances were installed and ready to go. I didn't have any use for them yet, I had enough fruit to last me a while. I sat down on the couch and turned on the TV.

"...Robin Howl was found by detectives Nick Burkhart and Hank Griffin." An image flashed on the screen of Monroe's friend carrying the girl out of a small cottage. What! He was a cop? "Here is a picture of detective Burkhart carrying the girl to a near by ambulance." And wasn't he just attacked by somebody? "If you remember, he was the detective that, just a week ago, was attacked near his home by this man" A picture of an average looking man replaced the news woman. I shut off the TV and leaned back into the couch. That's so weird. His friend was Wesen. Anyway I think he was Wesen. But, like Monroe, I still hadn't figured out what he was.


I had a few, very rare books on Wesen, written by Grimms and Seelenbinders. They had gotten the idea to write books of their own from the Grimms. On occasion, Seelenbinder powers were helpful to them and a temporary partnership was formed. I don't know why being able to see a creatures mood and type was useful because Grimms could see them anyway. Seelenbinder were repaid by receiving Wesen books, written by the Grimm they helped. I got my books from Helen and Selena. They had searched far and wide for my meager collection but the books are very helpful, and amazingly almost all in English. My fingers danced across the worn leather cover and I opened the first book.


Hours later I was defeated, exhausted and found nothing worth noting. I sluggishly got ready for bed and sat down with a different book. It was written by a Seelenbinder and Seelenverwandten was written in gold lettering on the worn leather cover. I sleepily opened the book but the words might as well have been Greek. I skimmed for a few minutes, not really paying attention. I yawned and put the book down. I was too tired for this. I curled up in Monroe's comforter, deeply inhaling the sent. I smiled and made a mental note reminding me that I still had to give it back.


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