Hey y'all! It's been... ummm 3 years? Yikes. I'm so sorry to leave this unfinished. It was never my intention to drop this story, but life happens. To be completely honest, I've grown up and grown out of LotR, and while it will forever hold a special place on my heart, I no longer have the time or the motivation to finish this. I will say, reading through this has made me appreciate how my writing style has matured and improved! It's terrible how embarrassing some of these chapters are XD.

I want to thank Lady Viola Delesseps and tweetzone86 for investing so much time into helping me with this story. Also for their friendship during that time. I'm truly grateful to both of you, and while this most likely will be the last time I log on to FF, your friendship and mentoring will not be forgotten. Thank you!

Also, thanks to everyone that favorited, followed, and commented on this story. You put up with my poor writing quality, irregular updates and still took the time to make me feel appreciated. Thank you SO much.

Alrighty then! This story is permanently on hiatus. For now I will leave all 3 stories up, but I may be taking them down in the future.