Day 4: Birthday

Yeah, I have some sins to atone for. But really, I don't know how other people saw "nightmare" and thought cutesy-cuddliness? I don't know, I like to think I'm edgy.

So now back to your regularly scheduled fluff...with a little bit of sauce?

It was difficult to tell some years if Elsa was really celebrating her own birthday or using it as an excuse to spoil Anna.

Though the occasion was humble for a royal birthday (only one ballroom, a small band, and only five guests) the things that were extravagant seemed more tailored to Anna's tastes than Elsa's; namely, the food. There was a spread of every kind of pastry imaginable and enough imported chocolate to bankrupt a small country, Elsa had frozen the floor of the ballroom-with piles of snow for snowman-building-and there again was the guest list, which included only herself, Anna, Kristoff, Sven (it had been difficult to get Kai to allow him in the castle, but she'd insisted) and Olaf.

She'd always say something like, "it's good enough for me to see you happy" or outright deny any accusations of pandering. The only difference between their birthdays really was that on Anna's Elsa went completely overboard-and the god-queen of a prosperous nation like Arendelle going overboard was truly something to behold.

Anna knew, though, that Elsa had no interest in large parties. On the other hand she had an immense interest in chocolate and teaching Anna to ice-skate, which were both conveniently incorporated into the affair.

The ice-skating wasn't so much her thing.

"Elsa-whoa, whoa, I think I'm gonna fall-" Anna squeaked, almost hitting the ice again before a cushion of snow appeared. Elsa glided over and pulled her up, hands lingering on her forearms.

"I think you're starting to get the hang of it," Elsa laughed primly, and Anna pouted.

"If by that you mean…like, not falling down immediately, then yeah," Anna clung a little harder to Elsa all of sudden, dangerously close to falling over again.

"That's progress, then," Elsa chirped, "Olaf will be around to help once the party starts."

It was a good thing Elsa had always been incapable of sarcasm.

Olaf, very much a product of his creator, was surprisingly graceful on the ice. Anna had tried practicing with him a few times to impress Elsa, but Olaf wasn't capable of pulling her back up when she fell and he didn't have the finesse that Elsa did. Or the perfect face and hands and everything. Anna smiled awkwardly.

"Yeah, Olaf. He's uh, great with the ice. Considering."

Elsa kissed her forehead, then squeezed her hands affectionately. She hummed in response. Anna giggled.

"What was that for?" she asked.

"Nothing in particular," Elsa grinned, and began pulling her along again. It always worked out a lot better this way, with Elsa spinning her around as if they were dancing and smiling at each averted stumble. Maybe a part of Anna kept failing at ice skating so Elsa would keep teaching her; that was more comforting than the idea that she was just awful at it.

Despite the dizzying, happy little moment, Anna remembered a couple of things, then, one of which was something she'd neglected to say.

"Happy birthday, Elsa," she said, quietly, "by the way." She leaned over to press a kiss to Elsa's mouth, the steam of her breath dissipating-Elsa kissed her back, her eyelashes fluttering against Anna's cheek.

Suddenly everything was unstable.


Elsa had apparently been so caught up in the kiss that she had lost her balance, and seeing as Anna had none they both plummeted to the ground.

Anna grunted on impact, realizing quickly that Elsa had cushioned her fall, not with snow this time but with herself.

Elsa just groaned. She hadn't been knocked unconscious, at least.

"Ah! I'm so, so sorry, Elsa-are you okay?" Anna fretted, squashing Elsa's face between her hands and checking her pupils for whatever it was that meant she had a concussion.

"I'm not dead or anything," she mumbled, muffled by Anna's palms, "as far as I know-"

Anna pressed a thumb to Elsa's mouth before she could continue.

"If you say anything about dying and going to heaven I'm gonna slap you."

Elsa seemed to sink into the ice, somehow.

To be fair, if Anna didn't look frantic and if Elsa didn't look like she had a pounding headache, it would be a compromising position to be in; Anna was sitting squarely on Elsa's waist and since Anna was clutching her aching skull for her Elsa had her hands on Anna's thighs. A little warmth bloomed in her chest.

"Oh right, the other thing," Anna mumbled. The second remembrance was

"What did you say?" Elsa squinted blearily.

Anna cursed at herself, profusely. Elsa probably had a concussion and Kristoff would be there in less than an hour with Sven and Olaf. Completely the wrong time.

Elsa looked up at Anna in confusion; she was glaring in the direction of Elsa's face looking scarily determined. Was she blushing?

Against her better judgement Anna went in for a second kiss, and when Elsa didn't protest (more like when Elsa whimpered softly into her mouth) she bent over to press herself to her, flushing harder at the onslaught of heat in her belly and the noises Elsa had started making.

"You know," Anna said, between open-mouthed kisses that never hit Elsa's lips at the same angle, "I had forgotten something." She almost bit down, but instead her lips brushed Elsa's chin and her jaw clicked. She felt Elsa squirm underneath her.

"Uh, what...? E-exactly?" Elsa asked. Her hands clenched Anna's arms sporadically.

"Your birthday present," Anna purred.

Elsa gulped as Anna's hand snaked up her leg, inching tortuously closer to her-

"I might not know a lot about it, but I'm pretty sure that's not how you ice-skate," Olaf said.