If you know me well of enough, than you would know that I'm a nutcase with a addiction to angst and heartbreak. Mostly all my stories are sad or down right fucked up...and might leave you crying or really pissed off. The reason I am saying this because the story I have in my head is beyond the lines I have crossed with rage and fire. So I am warning you all, I don't know what or why this percise plot came to mind but I can't stop thinking about it until I have it written down on paper. If you haven't notice...I am a little fucked up in the head to write such pain filled stories that has little to no happiness.

So if you are up to it...I am happy to take this dark journey with you.

A Bella/Rosalie Story

Rated M

(I do not own shit but my fucked up imagination)

Summary~ Rosalie and Bella has grown up in the same foster care program, even as little girls...they knew they would be best friends for life. Violently ripped away from each other at a young age, one sold and taken as the other adopted. They meet again thirteen years later...how can a Mother and daughter save a woman who is on the brink of losing her humanity?

Hope you like it. :)

This will be told in Rosalie POV all throughout...until the last three chapters of the story.

"Rosalie help! Don't let them take me! Please Rosalie you promised!"

"Shit" I hissed as the cold wet pillow hit my warm cheek, look like I have been crying in my sleep again. Waiting for the pain to subside, I threw the covers away from my sweaty frame and sat up rubbing my hands down my face. It was a routine that I have mastered throughout the last ten to eleven years, waking up in tears barely breathing as my body was soaked in tears and sweat...sometimes urine if I didn't always wake up in time. Her screams were like clock work, soon as I closed my eyes...I was pulled back to the nightmares. It never missed a beat, like it was enjoying my fear of seeing them take her away from me. It would replay in my mind over and over, her screams getting louder and louder. Throwing a glance at the clock, I sighed heavily knowing that I wasn't going back to sleep anytime soon. Quickly running a warm bath, stripping myself from my clothes. The water was steaming, but it didn't faze me as I lowered myself in the scolding hot water.

Nothing seems to bring me pain anymore...I was numb to it

Lying my head back and closing my eyes, I relaxed my body and drifted off in my own world that I have created against her screams...against the bad memories.

Running through the small gated backyard, I suddenly tripped and skinned my knees. The pain was undeniable as I pulled my knees to my chest. I felt smalls hands on my shoulders, some how the hands made my pain disappear. Looking up through teary eyes, I saw a small girl with brown hair and brown eyes looking down at me.

"Are you okay?"

Her voice was so soft and soothing that I forgot about my bloody knees and stood up. Brushing my dirty hands on my now holey pants, she smiled and grabbed my hand.

"I haven't seen you here before, are you new?" She asked walking us inside the house, she knocked on a big brown door and a tall woman walked out.

"What is it?" The woman says angrily glaring at the brown haired girl who still tightly had a hold on my hand. The girl glared back with just as much anger, I was scared that she was going to get in trouble because of me.

"She fell and skinned her knees...she is bleeding" The woman cursed under her breath and walked back in her room. The brown haired girl just shrugged and smiled at me, seconds later the woman came back with a white box and tossed it to the girl and slammed the door hard. The girl shook her head and pulled us in the bathroom. She helped me up on the counter, we struggled for a minute until I was seated. She was so small, I towered over her.

I wonder how old she was?

"You didn't answer my question, did you arrived today?" She asked cleaning the blood and dirt from my knees.

"Umm...Yeah I think, My brother told me he will come back for me in three days...I want my mommy" She froze for a second but relaxed and continue to tend to my knees. I was confused as to why my brother would leave me with complete strangers but he pinky promised to come back. mommymommy

"What is this place?" I asked curious to why so many kids were running around, she put two band aids on my knees and smiled at me. It felt much better and I hugged her and said thanks. She showed me her room, her room was the only kid room that had one bed and one dresser. I really didn't know where my room was, the lady never showed me when I arrived here three hours ago. It's a good thing though, my brother Jasper was coming back so it didn't matter. She showed me her book collections and barbie dolls. We stayed in her room all day until night when suddenly a loud bang was heard. She flinched violently but smiled at me when I gave her a scared look as I watched the door knob slowly turned.

"Don't worry...it's just James the father of this foster care family" She says in a shaky voice but her smile never wavered. My first impression of James was that he was taller and bigger than my brother. He had the same blond hair as me but his eyes were this dark almost cruel blue color.

He was scary

"Bella time for dinner, bring Rosalie with you...don't take all day you know how angry I get if I have to wait to eat" She quickly stood up and nodded with her face down and eyes casted down at his shoes.

"Yes James" He gave her a smirk and touched her chin lifting her face to his, it was a brief kiss to the lips that I barely caught it, he walked out and she turned to me.

"Ready to meet the family?" her voice cracked but her smile never left her face, she reached out her hand to me.

"You never answered my question...What is this place?" I asked taking her hand, she walked us to the door and she grabbed the knob but stopped. She gave me a sad look that broke my heart but scared me non the less.

"You're name is Rosalie...James called you that? Well Rosalie you are in foster care...an orphanage for kids with no parents." Orphanage? I don't understand, that's a big word for a seven year old to know. I looked at her and shook my head.

"No...My mommy is with my Daddy on a trip, my brother told me and he said that when they come back he will come back to get me" She didn't say anything but opened the door and pulls us out and down the hall.

"Rosalie! Open the door, Rosalie can you hear me...It's Alice sweetie open the door please" I shivered jumping out of the now cold water, reaching for a towel on the rack I walked over to the door and opened it. My sister came bursting inside with red puffy eyes. She grabbed my towel and opened it, scanning my naked body with fear stricken eyes, she sighed in relief when she didn't find any newly lines of cuts that already covered most of my body. I looked at her and felt a little pinch of pain at how scared she looked, I hugged her to me as she blew a breath out.

"I promise you I would never do that again...don't you trust me?" She held on to me so tightly, Alice was my older sister. I had two older brothers name Edward and Emmett. They all were triplets, Esme and Carlisle were my adoptive parents and they all were my family. It took me a long time to be comfortable around them...especially Edward and Emmett. Alot of patience and love, I finally opened up and slowly let myself care for them.

"I do...it's just I get scared when you do that, I hate it when you lock yourself in the bathroom and we don't hear from you for hours" I rubbed her back, she was scared for me and I couldn't blame her. The last time she found me in my bathroom, I was under water bleeding from both of my wrists.

"You know it's the only way for me to have some type of peaceful sleep when I'm in water...She can't get to me there"

"I know, come on let's get you dressed and we can go to my room and I can run my hands through your hair until you fall alseep" I smiled grateful because I didn't want to go back to my bed. Quickly throwing my pj's on, we made it to her room. I crawled inside her big comfy covers and smiled, I always did love Alice's pillow top bed...it was like you were sleeping on clouds. She smiled and got under the covers with me, I didn't waste time in cuddling up to her as her fingers ran through my hair.

"You know you're getting too old for this Rosalie, I can't always be there for you when you get a nightmare. You're Twenty...turning twenty-one in a couple of months" She says softly

"Alice I can't function in this world if I don't have an anchor holding me here...And you are my anchor, you are my sister...so it's your duty to keep the bad dreams away" I let my words sink in, she wrapped her arms around me and sniff. I made her cry again! I'm always hurting somebody in this family, I was never good enough to be a Cullen anyway.

"Go to sleep Rosalie...I will be here when you wake up" I stuck my pinky out to her, she smiled and curled her pinky around mine and kissing them both.

"I love you"


"Bella I'm scared...I want my mommy" I whispered through the dark room, Bella had argued and whine for them to let me share a room with her after my little episode a couple of days ago. It's been a whole week and my brother broke his promise. It was a heated argument because, Bella never shared a room according to Jessica because James forbid it...her room was off limits. The mom finally broke and allowed me to share a room with Bella, James was furious but kept his anger at bay. So now here we are, I always slept with my unicorn nightlight. The dark always scared me, and now wasn't any different. I could hear her moving as I felt her body next to mine, she wrapped her arms around me and I snuggled into her chest. She cuddles just like my mother.

Oh how I miss her...I have been here for a week now, I was getting nervous that they forgot about me.

"Bella how old are you?"

"Nine" she says sleepy, she tighten her hold on me as I closed my eyes and felt my body relax. Then suddenly we both hear the door open, I felt Bella's grip on me tighten as She looked at me.

"Rosalie I want you do me a favor okay?" She asked as I saw tears start to weld in her eyes. I nodded and jumped when James voice came through the room.

"Let the little bitch sleep and get your ass over here now" his voice was much colder than normal. He never came in here at night...so why now? What was he going to do?

"Rosalie I will need you to close your eyes and think about a happy day with your family. But you have to keep your eyes close for me...Don't open your eyes until I tell you okay?" I quickly closed my eyes and nodded, I felt her lips on my forehead and then nothing. I wanted to open my eyes so badly but I promised her I wouldn't. So I did exactly what she asked and dreamed of a happy day with my family...

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