Rated M

Years went by as most of the kids here came and went, Bella was getting older and distant. Her moods were all over the place, one minute she's happy and she's doesn't want to be bothered. She told me I will go through this change as well. Sooner rather than later, at the age of twelve I crossed over from being a girl into a woman. I personally hate it. It was evil, with it's cramps and appearing and disappearing act every month. The good thing about it all...Bella and I got it around the same time, so it wasn't so bad. I wish I had my Mother for this, I always ask Bella do she miss her Mother...Her answer is always the same. Bella was becoming more quiet and to herself, something was up and I didn't know what. James stop abusing and touching Bella, to both of our surprise...he was being nicer. He would lose control every now and again, but he don't hit her like he use to.

It was reserved for me now

Last year we was forced to have our own rooms, I had to move out of Bella's and into one of the empty rooms. Bella threw the loudest bitch fit that ended up getting us beat and sent to our room without dinner. That first night sleeping without Bella was thee most scariest, horrible night ever. Luckily the door to my room had a lock, but after a few nights...that lock was broken and taken out. It didn't take long, Bella tried her best to keep me safe from it...but it was evitable. Like a thief in the night, James took the only thing I held dear...Once a innocent little girl, was now just like the rest. I couldn't look at Bella after, that next morning I stayed in bed and cried. Later that night Bella had held me to her and we both cried to we fell asleep. Bella was confused as to why James took my virginity and not hers, it was a question we all had...until we all got the answer in a form of a knock on the door one Monday morning...

That day was horrible

Bella screams were so deep down, like she was pulling it from the pit of her stomach. It was heartbreaking, she was trying her best to keep our fingers locked as the two men with mustach was pulling her a place I didn't know. I could still feel her nails digging into my flesh of my hand as she tried to hold on. Tears were both running down our faces as we yelled and screamed. I suddenly felt James arms around me and that was it. Bella hand left mine and she was gone.

Just like that...I lost my best friend

Walking aimlessly around Forks trying to rack my brain on what Vicky told me she lived, so many alleys that it was hard trying to find the right one.I decided to back track from last night when I was running after Bella, when I finally saw the duct taped card broad, I saw that it was empty. Feeling hopeless, I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Rosalie you should't be around here" Vicky said, I turned around and gasped. The left side of her face was black and purple, her left eye was closed shut. My veins went hot as blood flooded my cheeks angrily, I softly touched her cheek.

"W...Who did this to you?" I asked, but I think I had a sneaky suspicion on who could have done it. She shook her head, and walked off. Quickly following her as we walked for about ten minutes until we reached another alley, There was Bella and her baby girl. When she looked up, Bella quickly went into protective mode. I didn't blame her, I did take her kid and run.

"Cool it Bella...She's just wants to help" Bella shook her head and pulled the sleeping girl in her arms, I looked at Vicky and back at Bella.

"How haven't the cops took her from you guys?" Vicky glared at me, I dropped my glaze to the ground.

"Luck I guess, Bella is very good at hiding thing. I do think about just taking her to a local hospital but that little girl is all Bella got. We don't know who her father is but that doesn't matter, Bella loves the girl" While Vicky talked Bella never let her eyes leave me, she was watching every move I made.

"Why don't you guys come back to my hou-

"Thanks but no thanks...we can't be in a house where evil is, and your brother is the sickest evil I have ever met." I wanted to tell her he had nothing on James but I chose to keep quiet.

"What did he do?" I asked watching Bella cuddle the girl in her blue cover.

"Let's just say...he has a sick fetish for blood and sex, only reason I give in to him because, it's good money and he gives me drugs" Swallowing the fire that was boiling in my throat, I wanted to kill my brother. He was fucking sick and Angela...Poor Angela nine out of ten don't even know about the man in her bed. It was sick, and I felt sick. Then as slowly as it could, my eyes got fist balled up in fury.

"Have he ever touched Bella?" I don't know why I felt so protective but the rage firing inside at the thought of him touching her...damn near had me cripple.

"Once...but Bella didn't like the blood spill, He tried forcing himself on her and she bit him severely on the tip of his dick, I swear I thought she bit the little fucker off" She chuckled, In my head I was picturing all the ways I could kill Edward.

"But my question to you, how do you know Bella?" She asked, I looked at Bella and smiled

"Bella and I was froster kids at the same foster home on the outskirts of Forks, The last time I seen her was when I was Twelve years old" We both could hear the pain in my voice. Vicky smiled and spoke.

"I met her three years ago, actually right where you're standing. She was badly beaten and barely breathing, It took her a week to even speak because she was beaten pretty badly" I felt tears but I didn't let them fall, Bella been through so much and I wasn't there to save her.

"We been together ever since, we looked after each other you know. It's hard living the way we do, not knowing if you're going to eat, not knowing where you're going to sleep. It's dangerous out here but more so for two woman and a baby. We make ends meet sometimes but Bella stopped after the incident with your fucker of a brother. I am in utter fear for his girl friend" I knew on some level Edward was weird but I didn't know how intense, He has become my most hated person in the world along with James. They have hurt and abused Bella and I can't live in a house with someone like that.

"Look...What if I get an apartment, I have money saved and you guys wouldn't have to worry about anything anymore. No Edward, no danger" I suggested, Vicky looked at Bella and the baby and shook her head. Suddenly a red car pulled into the alley, Vicky gave the driver a head nod and turned to me.

"Rosalie I know you have good intentions, but Bella and I are far too damage to save. The streets are our home, we fuck for money and eat out the garbage. We're nothing more than alley rats trying to live...and personally we don't need snotty ass rich people to take us in like stray cats" She grabbed Bella's hand and hauled them both to the four door sedan, I wanted to stopped them but it was too late.

Years too late

Vicky don't want Rosalie's help, But the question is...does Bella? What would it take?