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"You bloody frog! Never touch me again!"

"Get off me, you tomato bastard!"

"Do they serve pasta here? Ve~"

"I'm the hero, listen to me!"

These were the all-to-familiar sounds that echoed through the many halls and corridors of the large, busy building. Although they were loud and awfully disturbing, the UN workers were very much acquainted with these arguments, and many newcomers to the building would try to block out the yells, and shoot puzzled expressions at the closed door with its sign flashing, "Meeting in Progress". Many people laughed at this sign, finding it ironic that they would actually call that fiasco a "meeting".

Luckily, the disturbance generally lasted no longer than 10 minutes, until an unmistakably german voice would shout out angrily, "EVERYONE. BE. QUITE. SINCE YOU'RE ALL IMMATURE CHILDREN I WILL BE TAKING CHARGE OF THIS MEETING. IF YOU WISH TO SPEAK, RAISE YOUR HAND. YOU HAVE EIGHT MINUTES EACH AND NO LONGER."

He would then mutter a small "thank you" at the rooms sudden but relieving silence. It was the same thing. Every time.

"This totally blows. I should totally do something epic, to make the meeting a little more exciting..." America thought, drowning out Finland's voice, "After all, I'm the hero and it's the hero's job to rescue people when they need help, and everyone is gunna die of boredom if I don't help them..."

After a few minutes of decision making, America decided that stealing Russia's scarf proved to be to difficult and dangerous of a task, and settled on a much different plan.

He was going to steal England's wand. And do magic.

So, directly in the meeting of Prussia's presentation on his self-proclaimed "awesomeness", America jumped out of his seat and tackled England to the ground.

The countries were all in shock, they found themselves temporarily paralyzed as the watched the scene in front of their eyes unfold, unable to move an inch.

England struggled against America, but failed. America successfully grabbed the wand out of his right pocket.

"Aha! The hero has won!" America announced as he stood up, placing his hands on his hips, looking proud of his accomplishment. He then stretched out a hand to help England up, but England slapped his hand away and demanded his wand back.

"You git! Give me that back!" The britishman yelled, reaching for the wand.

"Nu-uh!" America shot back, laughing at the situation.

What happened next made every nations jaw drop. America tossed the wand from his hand, and it landed at the other side of the room, next to Germany and Italy. Suddenly, the wand made a horribly loud, deafening bang. The room erupted in smoke, and cries from certain nations could be heard, as they struggled to see one another.


"Iggy! I'm sorry! Is everyone ok?"

"Spain, you bastard! Help me! Where are you?"

"Ouch! You stepped on my foot, aru!"

"Lovvvvvi~ Don't worry! I'm coming for you!"

"Ah! Belarus where did you come from?"



Similar cries could be heard from every nation, except Italy, of course. Oddly enough, the usually loud nation was not crying out for Germany.

When the smoke cleared out, the countries could be seen scrambled around the room in distress. Chairs were knocked over, and certain countries were clutching on to one another. However, still not a single word could be heard from either Italy or Germany.

That was until a child's voice rang out from the very same side of the room Germany and Italy were.

"Ve~ Where are we?"

But, when the nations turned to see where the voice came from, they were surprised to see two young children who looked about eight years old replacing the two axis countries.

The one who had taken Germany's place wore a very old fashioned uniform, it consisted of black boots, a black cloak, and a black hat. His blonde hair was pushed back, and his bright blue eyes seemed full of determination and power. He. Was. Adorable.

The little girl who had replaced Italy wore a small maids dress, with little white boots. She had short brown hair with a very prominent curl sticking out of her head. She was clinging to the boy next to her tightly as if she were a damsel in distress.

There was a long silence, which was broken minutes later by Prussia's voice.

"Holy Rome? But... West isn't holy rome... That doesn't make sense..."

"Italy?" Austria looked at the small girl with a confused expression on his face.

China laughed and turned to face Austria. "Italy's not a girl, aru. And Germany was definitely not Holy Rome. It's simple, these aren't them, aru."

"Well, actually Austria thought Italy was a girl when we were younger..." Hungary said, smiling. "That's definitely him."

After hearing the familiar voices of his old caretakers, Italy darted forward grabbing Austria's legs.

"Mr. Austria! Where are we? I was just cleaning and next thing I was here. Why do you look older ? You don't look like a teenager anymore... And you too Ms. Hungary! Everyone looks much older, I'm confused!" He wailed, looking terrified.

"Oh my god. Germany was Holy Rome..." Prussia thought aloud, looking shocked.

"How's that possible? How would you not know that about your own brother?" Spain questioned his friend.

"Well, we found Germany when he was about 9, right after Holy Rome was pronounced dead. He had no memory of who he was or anything. But we knew he was my brother... He was definitely german... ." Prussia responded, gaining the attention of the entire room, " I always thought it was odd that he looked so similar to Holy Rome, but I never actually believed he was him..."

"Wow." France said.

"You got that right." England said, actually agreeing with France.

"Well, now that we know who they are, can we please try to figure out how to get them back to their original age?" Romano said, bitterly.

"Aww, but Lovi! They look so cute!" Spain said, patting Holy Rome's head.

Holy Rome looked taken aback by being touched like this and drew his sword, pointing it straight at Spain's neck.

"Vhy are you touching me? Vhere am I!? I demand to know! Vhy have you kidnapped me?" The young boy yelled, alarming everyone.

"Yup. He's like totally definitely Germany." Poland laughed.

This comment only managed to make Holy Rome even more angry. He was frustrated at having his questions ignored and yelled once again, "Vhere am I? I vill kill you! Who is zis "Germany" you speak of?"

"Nothing, don't vorry." Prussia said, pushing away the boys questions.

"You're from somewhere near me. I can tell from your accent, it sounds like mine. Do I know you?" Holy Rome looked at Prussia, examining him.

"Vell, sort of." He responded, figuring it was too long of a story to explain.

"I don't think there is a way of getting them back to their normal age." England suddenly spoke up, bringing everyone back to the important topic.

"What? Why not?!" America questioned.

"Well I suppose I can try, but I don't know exactly what spell you used, which means I don't know the counter spell."

"Vell, you'll figure it out eventually. Won't you?" Prussia asked, concern lighting up his face.

"I can try."

"Holy Rome! Get back here!" Prussia yelled, chasing after the small blonde.

"Never! You kidnapped me! I'm escaping! Ugh- let me go!" He screamed, as Prussia finally managed to grab the small nation by the waist.

"Wow. I never thought I would say this, but Italy's like totally behaving better than Germany." Poland commented

"Let me go! I hate you!" Holy Rome continued to scream, trying to squirm out of Prussia's grasp.

Tired of his annoying wails, Hungary walked over to Holy Rome, and grabbed his hand. She had known him when he was younger, and figured he would like to see a familiar face. This worked very well, and he immediately calmed down and embraced her in a large, unexpected hug.

"Hungary!" He said happily, "I'm so glad you're here! I want to go home, but this annoying guy won't let me!" He said, pointing to Prussia.

"Ouch. My heart!" Prussia said in a sarcastic tone, dramatically clutching his chest.

"He's so cute!" Hungary squealed, looking at Holy Rome's annoyed face.

"He'd be a whole lot cuter if he didn't give me all these bruises..." Prussia mumbled, examining the marks upon his left arm.

"Who's going to take care of them for the time being?" Austria asked, with Italy happily asleep on his lap.

Nearly each country in the room volunteered to take care of Italy, since he was so polite and well behaved. However, when no one offered to take care of Holy Rome, Prussia spoke up.

"I guess I vill have to take care of Holy Rome. After all, he is mein bruder."

"And Hungary and I will take care of Italy." Austria said.

"He is sooooo cute!" Hungary cooed, grabbing Holy Rome's cheeks and paying no attention to the meeting.

"Vait! Italy and I aren't going to be together? I don't vant to stay with you!" Holy Rome yelled, pointing at Prussia angrily.

"So, we'll all meet again tommorow at 9 am. Don't. Be. Late." England said, glancing at America, who was notorious for late appearances.

"But duuude! Mine is soo early!"

"Good luck Prussia." Hungary said to the Prussia, who was struggling to get Holy Rome out of the door.

Suddenly Holy Rome bit Prussia's arm.

"Ja. I'm going to need it.."

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