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"Holy Rome."


"Holy Rome."

"No. I vould rather die zhen go in your house, you kidnapper!"

"Ok, first thing, I did not kidnap you. I am your bruder. Second thing, it is snowing outside so you should stop being un-awesome and come inside. Unless you want to freeze to death."

"Did I not just say zhat I vould rather die?"

After a strenuous struggle, Prussia had finally managed to coax his little brother back to his house (that sounds pedophile-ish doesn't it?), but the young boy was being awfully stubborn and was still convinced that he was being kidnapped. Figuring that he would eventually get cold and come running inside, Prussia shut the door and pretended not to notice his brothers absence as he sat down on the couch.

However, after 10 minutes Prussia grew worried and opened the front door. Unsuprisingly, Holy Rome had run off, and Prussia was in full panic attack mode. He quickly ran over to the phone and dialed the only lodgical person he could think of, Hungary.

"Gilbert. What do you want you idiot?" Hungary's angry voice snapped.


"Prussia, I can't understand a word you're saying. Please try taking a deep breath and then explaining to me what's going on?"

"Right. Sorry about zhat. Anyways, I vas with Holy Rome and he did not vant to come in because he is a brat, so I just closed zhe door.. NOW HE IS MISSING!"

"Is there any footprints in the snow?"

"... I vill check. Be right back."

Elizaveta waited for a few seconds before Prussia's obnoxious voice once again returned.


"Calm down. I'll be over as soon as I can. Just keep looking for him.. He couldn't have gone far." She reassured.

"Thank you so much, Liz. I owe you so mu-"

"Gilbert?" She said, cutting him off.


"I swear to god, if you're lying about this to get me to come over I will personally murder you with my frying pan." She ended the conversation with this rather terrifying remark.

Minutes later, as Prussia was searching under beds and in closets, Hungary showed up.

"Gilbert?" Her voice rang out.

"ELIZAVETA THANKS SO MUCH IMSOWORRIEDWHEREISHE-" He yelled back, running down stairs to meet her.

She glanced over at the couch and began laughing, because sitting upon the cushion was Holy Rome. Just sitting on the cushion. Eating Chips.

"Found him." She said, laughing.

"Vhat? Holy Rome... How long vere you zhere for?" He asked, feeling his panic fade away.

"Zis whole time. I vas cold after a less vhan a minute so I came in, but you didn't notice me. It vas funny to

watch you run around." The young nation replied, looking quite amused with himself.

"I-but.. you-were... I didn't even notice..." Prussia trailed off.

Hungary laughed as she walked into the home that her and Austria shared. She couldn't believe Gilbert lost his brother after 5 minutes.

However, her laughing was cut short as a young Italian nation clung to her leg.

"Ve~ Miss Hungary! Help me!" He said, clearly in distress.

"What's wrong, Italy?" She said worriedly, pulling Italy into a hug.

"There is all these creatures... They're stuck in the big box over there!" He said, pointing to the TV on the wall.

"Oh, Italy. Don't worry they're okay."

"B-But they're stuck! I've got to free them!" He said while tears streamed down his face, "Ve~ Don't worry, I'll save you innocent civilians!" He continued, running towards the television.

And, before Hungary could stop him, the young country had successfully thrown the living room lamp at the TV, shattering it into pieces. Hungary's first reaction was to pull the nation out of the way of the wobbling television, which fell to the ground seconds later, exactly where Italy had been moments before.

"I did it, Miss Hungary! I freed the people! Ve~! Now maybe they'll realise Italy is the best country!" HE said fist pumping the air, his smile wide.

Hungary was speechless, she stared at the mess that laid before her and watched as Austria came storming into the room.

"Italy! What did you do now? I already told you Hungary will be back soon, she just went to help-"

He stopped when his eyes fell upon the mess off broken glass that was sprawled across the floor.

For the readers sake, we will stop here, as the following scenes contained coarse language.

Lets just say that the next morning, Italy was left in the care of Spain and Romano.

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