I turn around so that my mom can see me. "Oh Maddy! You look so grown up!" she says through tears.

I am standing in the hall, in front of the mirror I got for my 9th year ceremony. I am wearing a sky blue strapless dress that I got at the ceremonial dress store. I am getting ready for my 17th year ceremony. This year the society will give me, and everybody else in my year, the name of the person that they will live the rest of their lives with.

I go down stairs to let my father get a look at me. He turns around and exclaims "My baby girl is growing up!"

I just blush and step up and give him a kiss on his forehead. Then I hear the bus coming down the street so I grab my purse, give my mom a kiss on the forehead, like I did to my dad, and headed out the door.

I board the bus and go straight to my seat, which is the very back one, because my last name is Zander. I am the last one to be picked up so we go straight to the Village Building. The Village Building is the building that we hold all of our special meetings in, like the year ceremony, or the city meeting that we hold once a year around October.

I go in and sit down in my seat, and turn to the side to talk to my friend Sander. His last name is Young, so he sits right in front of me on the bus and right beside me in almost all of my classes in year school.

"So are you excited or scared to get your match?" I ask Sander.

"Both, I think!" he exclaims quietly. I laugh and turn around, because the head official is starting to go up the stairs toward the podium that is placed at the middle of the stage.

"Thank you everyone for coming!" She exclaims into the microphone. "We will start with the 18 and work our way down to the 1st years."

She makes her way down the list of 18 years, and calls them up to the stage so that they can receive their certificates for completing year school and giving them their job requirements. Then she finally makes it to the 17 year's. She goes through all of the names and all of them got matched and sat down beside their match all there was left was 3 people. Sander, this other girl named Sarah, and me. Then I remembered that our class and the class of 18's both had an odd amount of people, so that meant that one from each year would be paired up together.

The head official says "Sarah Whitler your match is Zander Young!"

Then everyone became quiet, because they knew what was coming next. The Official exclaims "Madison Zander your match is Kyle Zaic! He is from the 18's, because both of your years have an odd number of people in your years!" Then I turn and realize that I know him.