What happened? My head hurts. I look around; I'm in Emma's bedroom. Why am I here? I try to think back, but the last thing I remember is getting up to go the bathroom. Oh no. I must have fallen under the moon spell. I try to open the door, but it's locked. I'll have to wait for one of the girls to come and unlock it. My phone is still in my pocket, there's a message from Nate. My heart sinks, what if I did something to him last night.

'You should have told me' That's all he sent

'What?' I send. While waiting for a response, Emma comes into the room.

"What did I do last night?" I ask.

"Are you and Nate close?"

"What happened?"

She sighs. "He knows about all of us now. You went to Nate, wanted to take him to the moon pool. And you splashed us."

"Oh no. I never wanted Nate to find out about you guys. I should have told you that he found out about me. Then we could have figured it out together."

"He seemed very angry last night after we got you somewhere safe. We're worried he might tell someone."

I put my face in my hands. This is bad, so very bad. "What did you tell Nate?"

"Not much. Explained the moon spell a little. Told him who was mermaids. As far as he knows only Luis knows about us."

I can feel the tears running down my face. "I want to trust Nate I really do, but I lied to him to protect you guys. Now he might not trust me. I'm so sorry."

Before Emma can say anything, I run out of her house into mine. I go to my room before Cora or Mom would notice I'm crying.

My phone buzzes. A message from Nate, 'The girls tell me you won't remember.'

'I'm sorry I didn't tell you.'

The wait for the next message feels like hours, though it was probably only minutes. 'I didn't think you'd lie about it. Do you not trust me?'

'I trust you. They don't. I know you won't tell anyone.'

He doesn't respond. Emma comes, and we go off to Rikki's. We are both more silent than usual. Both not sure what to say to the others.

Zane walks up to us and turns to me. "Nate seemed pretty upset when he was here. Bolted when you guys came in. You two break up or something?"

"Or something. Please leave me alone." I think about getting up and leaving.

"Go talk to him," Zane says, "I know he can be a pain, but whatever you did he'll get over it."

Emma says, "It's not about what she's done. It's about what he'll do." Emma tells Zane what happened last night.

"You definitely should go talk to him, Melody."

I was about to agree, but Rikki walks up to us. "We really need to talk."

I get tense. Zane looked worried but walked away.

"Does this have to do with Nate?" I ask.

She shakes her head. "About our dads." I relax. She continues, "I talked to my dad about it all. He said that there is lots he could teach us. He also has lots of things he could tell you about your Dad."

I smile. "That's awesome."

"We could go now."

I think about Nate. I sigh. "I can't just yet." I stand up. "See you guys later." I make my way towards Nate's place.